Remember that velocepede-riding-lady pic from a couple of posts back? Kate Beaton made a cartoon about it!

And it is awesome! Here is a link.

Everyone buy her new book!

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  1. Funny Funny…………..!

  2. Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel

    That rox

  3. Kendra, the bionic mommy

    That lady on the bicycle is the mental image I get when DKM talks about sweet old fashioned girls, except she wouldn’t be riding a bike or having a smoke. Anyway, that was a very funny cartoon.

  4. It’s so beautiful…

  5. The Victrola on her shoulder is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  6. Check out the authentic pearl-clutching editorial she links to.

    People have been freaking out about “the new woman” as long as women have existed. I bet a lot of Lascaux paintings are just cartoons comparing then-modern women to Megaloceras.

  7. I love this over and over and over again. Kate Beaton is just too good to be real.

  8. Monsieur sans Nom

    People are able to accept even the most obvious as well as the most hidden and sophisticated trolling as truth if it vibrates in the same frequency as their twisted desires.

    Tis true! However………….since he spilled the beans about his intent he’s pretty much doomed for failure. I would really like to see an intelligent, witty, feminist satire site though. :-P

  9. (psst hey you’re in the wrong thread)

  10. I love the “New Woman” cartoon. Oh, the horror of a cycling woman pulling a child in a stroller…. like I see all the time when I walk in the park. RUIIIIIIIIIINED!

  11. Why are there mice looking up at her?

  12. katz, this was before television. Mice had to watch something to entertain themselves.

  13. Hahaha!!! this is awesome. LOVE Kate Beaton. Never did I think I’d ever see a comic strip about Ada Lovelace. And her “Ooh Mister Darcy A Fanfiction” strip and it’s parodies never fail to make me LOL.

  14. I met Kate Beaton at New England Webcomics Weekend. It was pretty awesome.

  15. Bought her book – hilarious and surprisingly historically accurate.

    Quackers, are you familiar with the Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage?

  16. @Magpie

    I am now, that is awesome! :D

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