Music Video Friday: A quintet of duos

I just feel like posting videos today.

Can you guess the underlying theme here?

Well, I kind of gave it away with the title, huh?

Enjoy the videos, or not, as you wish, and consider this an open thread.

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  1. I feel like Gaiman’s work reads like it’s targeted at children even when it isn’t specifically targeted at children. It has that vaguely condescending tone that a lot of children’s TV has, and I couldn’t stand that tone even as a kid.

  2. I happen to have just started reading The Graveyard Book and I find it kind of annoying that he keeps referring to the “33rd President of the United States” and “the famous writer Victor Hugo” every time he refers to those characters. But other than that I’m not passing judgment yet.

    I did really enjoy Neil Gaiman’s non-fiction book about Douglas Adams and the HItchhiker’s Galaxy some years ago, well before I knew Neil Gaiman was known for doing anything else . . . makes me think I should read his non-fiction book about Duran Duran . . .

  3. Could be worse, it could be Carlyle on the French Revolution. It isn’t just “sea-green incorruptible Robespierre” the first time he mentions him, it’s every time (at least according to Helene Hanff).

  4. Robespierre was sea-green?

  5. It was a closely guarded secret. He spent SO much money on makeup.

  6. @Fibinachi

    Thanks, Fibinachi! ^_^

    This part stuck out to me:

    Finally, here’s some other nattering advice (there’s that voice thing again) – consider the alternative: You need be no more, or no less, socially active than you, at any time, feel is appropriate for your current personal ability. It’s just as okay to say “NOT TODAY!” as it is to say “Everyday, including today”. There’s thousands and thousands of people. You will meet ‘em.

    Yeah, I think you’re right – taking things easy in the way you describe is a good thing for me since the very thought of trying to make friends is daunting, and pushing myself to make friends as quickly as possible isn’t going to make that impact me less.

    And yay for rhyming! I almost feel honored in a way.

  7. kitteh – there are occasional bright spots in the gloom. If the last 11 booths are even remotely like the 92 already counted, it’s goodbye to Sophie. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving loser.

  8. didn’t nreally know where to post this but knew some of you folks would appreciate this. @Sazza_jay on Twitter posted a link to Askmen’s “top 10″ flirtatious lines (for men to say to women, obviously, cos they live in their own little binary gendered heteronormative world). Prepare to cringe at their suggestions.

    ‘cos none of us have ever heard any of these lines before. Or felt harassed by men saying these things. /sarcasm

  9. Wow, titianblue, that may be the worst list of “tips” I’ve ever seen. And WTF is that about vacuuming?

  10. “And WTF is that about vacuuming?”

    I know right. I HATE vacuuming- try not to do it if I can help it. Does this mean I don’t ovulate?

  11. I wonder if that’s the real reason my cat hates when I vacuum so much. He knows it means that I am ovulating and he is scared a human baby is going to come along and replace him in my affections.

    This makes as much sense as the rest of the idea.

  12. [Content note: sexual harassment, stalking]

    Ugh, if anyone tried to use those horribly invasive “tips” on me, I’d be pissed off. Maybe I’d laugh at the vacuum one for a little bit, but I’d still be upset.

    I was sexually harassed when I was 11. My sister’s ex-BF joked about me learning to have sex with another 11-year-old. And he described it in the most degrading, invasive way he could. I don’t even want to repeat it here. He made me feel disgusted at myself and unsafe, but of course he fucking laughed it off because he was just pulling my leg or something.

    Let’s just say that if your flirting tips remind me of the time a man sexually harassed me when I was a kid, you’re most likely doing something wrong. Just saying.

  13. I got so many weird pop-ups and script warnings when I went to that askmen link that I refuse to read it out of anger at POOR WEB DESIGN, DUDES

  14. mildlymagnificent – yup, I’m looking forward to that horrible specimen having to concede.

    Also good news: Adam Bandt of the Greens retained his seat of Melbourne despite the exit polls saying he wouldn’t.

  15. Ha! I have the website all to myself! I can do anything I want!

  16. tries too hard to be with all of those lists. At least Cracked is occasionally funny or insightful.

  17. Not wanting to put this in the open thread where people are talking serious stuff, so here’s a knitting update. I’m doing a jacket that’s essentially the same pattern as my brown tunic. Only real structural differences will be the front being open and the sleeves being wide. The main yarn is Noro Silk Garden #309, which despite the name is mostly mohair and scratchy as hell, so the back yoke/collar and edgings are Adorn Silky Merino (aka the leftover wool from the tunic). I’m thinking of calling it the Mick Aston Jacket in memory of my favourite stripe-clad archaeologist.

    This is the stage it’d reached on Thursday night; I’ve done a good bit more since then. I should really go and do some more now!

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