Open Thread for Personal Stuff: September edition

Hugs if you want them.

Hugs if you want them.

This is a continuation from here.  A thread to discuss personal issues and provide support for one another. No trolls, no arguments.

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  1. Actually, I did that speech in my last semester of community college. =P I was pretty awkward, although the class seemed to like it. My main problems with the speech were that I asked the class to support the HRC (before I really understood why so many trans* people (rightfully) hate that organization) and that I was feeling very melancholic because the speech was personal to me. It was about the ways in which trans* people are oppressed and how trans* people can be supported. Fortunately I seemed to have no problems with eye contact.

    It’s probably true that they won’t think “Ah, so [Ally] is trans*!” once they see it, but they will be suspicious. And I really don’t want to cause any suspicion because that’s very dangerous for me.

  2. “It’s probably true that they won’t think “Ah, so [Ally] is trans*!” once they see it, but they will be suspicious.”

    Should be “It’s probably true that they didn’t think “Ah, so [Ally] is trans*!” once they saw it, but they might be suspicious now.”

  3. This may be a very strange thing to vent about, but…

    I seem to have damaged my short-term memory permanently via marijuana usage. I’ve smoked since the age of 15, and for the past few weeks I’ve been smoking almost every single day. Since I don’t have access to therapy and I often want to get my mind off of stressful things and just relax, marijuana has become something like a means of coping for me.

    I’m not addicted to the substance in that I don’t suffer from any harmful withdrawal effects when I stop smoking for a while, but it has damaged my short-term memory. For instance, I now find conversations in general more difficult, even while sober, because it’s harder to keep track of everything – although it’s not severe in any way.

    Sometimes even when I comment here (and I’m sober) I forget some of the things I said previously. So I just want to say that I’m very sorry if any of my comments seem incoherent, inconsistent, or overly repetitive from time to time.

  4. Ok, so… I’m really thinking about creating a blog full of all the manboobz recipes.



    Links to previous recipe threads?

  5. Although I might totally steal this name… ;^.^ Assuming there’s no objections.

    Baking with the Tears of Oppressed White Men

  6. Doooooiiiiitttt

  7. Argenti Aertheri

    SittieKitty — as the creator of that name, go for it!

  8. I need links to old comments though. If anyone has any handy…

  9. I vote for a kitchen-themed title, or “make your own damn sandwich”. Then the tagline could be something like “recipes for freeze peach and the tears of oppressed white men”.

  10. SittieKitty, I just posted one on my blog, and I know I saved one more. If you create this blog, I will link to you in my blogroll. Since I get thousands dozens of hits a day month, this should send a ton of very little traffic your way.

    Also, try searching in google: “site recipe” and see if you get anything.

  11. cloudiah, it was your blog that gave me the idea! And since i love to cook/bake, I figured it would be a great way to start some kind of blog that actually had content. Since I’m terrible at coming up with content myself.

    There’s nothing on it but I’m making LBT’s vegan chocolate cake as my first entry right now.

  12. Haha, *awaiting moderation* oops, sorry David, I forgot I changed my email ;-.- This is the one I’ll be using from now on.

  13. omg, first entry is up, and tasty if I say so myself.

  14. It’s “ recipes” that you need, I think. I’ve fairly sure the site:[url] part is the secret to that trick.

  15. *I’m

    Long day. I got roped into doing inventory at the shop and am apparently the only one who can work a tape feed calculator.

  16. SittieKitty, I’ll link to you on my blog too. I have all of 32 followers!

  17. Goody, something new to add to the More Manboobzy Fun category!

  18. i will link people back! assuming i figure out how to do that ;^.^

  19. Go to your dashboard, there should be a “links” um, link, where you can add sites for your blogroll. :)

  20. At least they’re 32 nice people. I’ve got a few more followers but the only people who ever comment on my blog are total wankers. Sometimes I think I’ve been doused in troll attractant.

  21. katz – For some reason everyone who comments on my stuff are either from here or they’re people who agree with me. Maybe I should be happy that no trolls has seen my blog yet?

    kittehserf – Also, adding on, there’s also a “links” widget, so if you want to put things into different categories, then you can just put in the links to the category you want, then set the link widget for “I want x category, which shall be my widget name!”.

  22. Alice: I see you attracted genderneutrallanguage, though :/ Banned-troll runoff is a special form of torture.

  23. katz – Oh yeah, that. Said person hasn’t really bothered me too much though.

  24. mildlymagnificent

    Getting to personal, personal stuff. Our Pearl is no longer with us. She had another seizure and was very weak and staggery. But was quite keen on food and drinking her water so I thought she might recover as she had from the first one. Then as she got stronger – she had trouble walking straight. Twelve hours later and she was constantly walking in circles. Poor little thing couldn’t even sit down to give herself a rest a lot of the time.

    Took her to the vet knowing that this was really it, but secretly hoping that something might fix it. It turns out that even if you could fix the underlying cause for seizures in a cat – like a brain tumour or a fever or toxins from kidney or diabetic disease – any disastrous consequences tend to stay disastrous.

    So she’s now buried in her garden.

  25. I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet fur-baby.

  26. I’m so sorry to hear that mildlymagnificent :( hugs if you want them

  27. mildlymagnificent, so very sorry to hear about dear Pearl. Jedi hugs.

  28. :( I’m sorry to hear that. *offers hugs and cookie butter*

  29. Hugs, mildlymagnificent, I am so sorry Pearl has left you. :(

  30. Aww, I’m sorry about Pearl. I offer hugs and *whisper* you can rummage my Halloween candy *whisper*

  31. @ mildlymagnificent – I’m so sorry. :(

    I have to apologize – I haven’t read the entire thread, but again I have some personal/therapy related stuff to vent about, and no one in real life to talk to right now. Please feel free to ignore this post.

    The good news: Today I met with a new counselor at the local GLBT center. She seems really awesome. I told her I have avoidant personality disorder; she told me she has it too. I’ve never seen a therapist who has the same diagnosis as me; it makes me feel really happy and hopeful.

    The not-great news: I have a long history of substance abuse, and could use some help quitting (again). My new therapist told me the center has an outpatient program for that exact issue – but apparently they require you to have 5 days sober before you can join. I need help quitting, but I need to quit on my own before I can get help?

    I mean, I know I can do it. I’ve done it before, after all. It’s just going to suck a little. Sorry, I’m just whining.

    To contribute something to the thread, here’s a baby elephant throwing a tantrum:

    Thanks for letting me whine!

  32. That’s not whining, toujoursgai.

    Yay for your new therapist, and ??? about five days sober before you can get into the program. I guess I can see their reasoning – to show someone’s serious – but it’s not like serious about getting sober = being able to do anything about it alone, even for a few days.

    Love the elephant pic – and the comments! Wouldn’t a True Facts About Baby Elephant Tantrums vid be the best?

  33. @ kittehserf – Thanks for the kind words!

    I think the reason for the 5 days rule is that they’re not equipped to deal with anyone in physical withdrawal – they’re a small center and they can’t afford an in-patient program. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about bad physical symptoms. It’s just frustrating.

    I haven’t seen any of the True Facts videos. Time to look them up!

  34. mildlymagnificent

    Thanks all.

    We’re pretty OK really. I think the earlier seizure, which scared the living daylights out of us, had set us on this path. Just as much for us as for her. So we were already prompted – if not readied.

    I think it will just get a bit lonely after a few days of not being yelled at – for food when we get up or after hearing someone crash through the cat flap.

  35. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, mildlymagnificent. :<

  36. I’m sorry about Pearl, mildlymagnificent.

  37. Finding all these recipes, holy crap! I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about figuring out food for a very long time… You are all quite prolific recipe givers.

  38. mildlymagnificent, so sorry about your kitty. That’s rough, even if you know it’s coming.

    toujoursgai, wish I had some good advice! Sending beams of support your way.

  39. mildlymagnificent, I’m so sorry to hear about pearl.

  40. Sorry about your cat, mildlymagnificent.

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