A Voice for Men boldly opposes respect for women

Hardly a controversial message, you wouldn't think.

Hardly a controversial message, you wouldn’t think.

If you live in New York state, you may have seen the poster above plastered on a bus shelter; or you may have seen it posted somewhere on the internet. The message is pretty simple, and it’s sad that it has to be said: kids are pretty impressionable, so teach your sons to treat women with basic respect.

The purpose of the ad campaign, sponsored by the New York state Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, is pretty clear as well: teaching boys respect for women lessens the chances that they will abuse women as adults.

Numerous studies have found that men with sexist attitudes towards women are more likely to try to control their wives or girlfriends with physical abuse. Indeed, one recent study even found that brief exposure to sexist jokes made men more inclined to brush off violence against women, at least amongst men with sexist attitudes to begin with.

Speaking of which, the sexist jokes over at A Voice for Men have unveiled a hilarious new “meme,” which just happens to be inspired by the “awaiting instructions” PSAs we’ve been discussing. And here it is:

From A Voice for Men. I've blurrred the women's faces.

From A Voice for Men. I’ve blurrred the women’s faces.

The logic here is airtight: because some women get drunk and urinate in public, women don’t deserve respect.

I guess men never get drunk and urinate in public, or ever do anything vaguely embarrassing that gets caught on camera?

Is it really asking too much to respect people as people, foibles and all?

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  1. I mock my boyfriend (from Melbourne) every time he pronounces castle with a short a.

  2. RE: Kiwi Girl

    I’m scratching my head over that one as NZers are well known for our “lazy vowels” (and high rising terminals, I’m soooooo guilty of that). In that, when we say “beer”, “bear”, and “bare”, they’re all pronounced “beer”.

    Maybe it was a regional thing? All three of my housemates did it, and we were all in Welly at the time. But unless all three of them were having me on, they were pretty insistent on it.

    I can tell various Southern accents apart in the USA, but I’m about useless for anything north of the Mason-Dixon line. I can tell Boston from New York though!

    Outside my country… heh, forget about it. When living in Welly, I pretty much lost all ability to tell apart accents, even other US ones. I can USUALLY tell an Australian from a Brit by their vowels, if I’m paying attention, but a lot of the time, I’m not. And NZ from Aussie was kinda a lost cause.

    I am the worst linguist. It is me.

  3. Suicide is when you kill someone named Sue.

    Fratricide is when you kill someone at a frat party.

    Genocide is when you kill someone named Gene.

    And parricide is when you kill a parrot.

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