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Men’s Rightsers fall for obvious bullsh*t, part ten million and two

Heh heh heh. No, really, just click.

Heh heh heh. No, really, just click.

Hello, and welcome to The Man Boobz Fiction Workshop! Today we will learn my foolproof two-step method for writing believable fiction. It’s as easy as pie — well, easier, since pie can take a bit of finesse — and it is absolutely GUARANTEED to work.

Here it is.

STEP ONE: Write believable fiction.

STEP TWO: If step one fails, write a story that makes a woman look evil and foolish, and post it to the Men’s Rights Subreddit as a true story.

If you don’t believe me, check out this little story from a fella calling himself the-final-word — a Redditor for less than two weeks, with only one previous comment to his name — in which a highly successful gentleman happily humiliates an ex-girlfriend trying to steal his money with the old “baby” ploy.

the-final-word 47 points 1 day ago.  I had one daughter with my first wife in my early 20s and we divorced when she was 6. I was shocked to find out just 3 years later when I was being checked out for a prostate infection that I had become completely infertile since then (yes, daughter is mine, I had a dna check done to be sure). Doc said that sometimes the factory just shuts down and there's no good reason.  Fast forward 10 years and I'm getting pretty damn successful at my job and the bank is adding up. One day there's a knock at the door and there stands a tearful and angry ex gf with a toddler in her arms. You can guess the story she rolls out. I didn't want to ruin your life, its been so hard, he has your eyes blah blah blah. After about 20 mins of standing in my door and her blathering on she stops and looks at me angrily and says "why are you just staring at me with that look? Dont you realize how serious this is?".  So I replied "Oh, well.. I've been completely infertile since I was 27 and have the medical records to prove it. So I'm really just trying to decide whether it was your boss or your ex bf you were fucking while we dated. He looks more like your boss to be honest".  Believe it or not that actually stunned her into complete mouth-haging-open style silence. So I just closed the door in her face and went back inside to finish the game I was watching. My then 19 year old daughter sticks her head around the corner from the kitchen, where she'd overheard the whole thing and said "Seriously Dad. You have GOT to stop fucking crazy bitches.... like SERIOUSLY".  Never heard from that woman again, but I heard from a friend that she tried to pin the kid on her ex bf after that but he got a paternity test and it wasn't his either.  I have to confess, I fell asleep grinning that night!

Take a look at the thread itself to see how eagerly the Men’s Righsers eat up his tale of victory over evil womanhood!

That is the beauty of my two-step method. If people don’t believe your bullshit, find a more gullible audience. And there are few audiences in this world more gullible than Men’s Rightsers.

I should note that I had nothing to do with the-final-word’s story, nor did I sneak into the Men’s Rights subreddit to give his story 47 upvotes and a bunch of positive comments.

Thanks to hackattack92 in the AgainstMensRights Subreddit for pointing out this wonderful example of shitthatneverhappened.txt

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Equal pay: A Secret Lady Plot to Steal Men’s Money and Make them Fight Lions, or Something

Eventually, women won't have to do anything, and men will just carry them everywhere.

Eventually, women won’t have to do anything, and men will just carry them everywhere.

These women clamoring for equal pay — what’s their game? I mean, obviously they don’t want anything as straightforward as equal pay for equal work. What woman wants to work?

Happily, the smart lads in the Men’s Rights subreddit have it all figured out.

HilscherFarms 33 points What's the end game of "equal pay?"  What happens if a feminist's wet dream comes true and the 'pay gap' is closed through legislative fiat, with men working 25% longer hours and never taking a day off just to make the same salary as a woman? Not all men can or ever will drop out, so where does this inverse pendulum fall down and settle at?  I can't see how that works, but it seems like it's going to happen even on this side of the pond with the destabilization of American politics. The SCOTUS, Senate, and Presidency are now probably permanently out of the grasp of one side of the political spectrum and feminism has a heavy dominance of the remaining party. We could be in for another 'era of good feelings' in which those good feelings trample the rights of men even more than they already have.  I don't see how such a state of affairs could even be economically possible, but if it's attempted anyway, what happens? IcarusLived 51 points The end game is to force men into the difficult and dangerous manual labor jobs because they've been discriminated against heavily in education. Then when women are working the easy and safe air-conditioned jobs they will demand that women receive the same pay for the easy jobs as men get for the difficult jobs.  This will effectively transfer men's labor and resources to women without women having to give anything in return. This was the goal of Feminism all along.

Clever girls!

I do feel bad for all the fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit, none of whom presumably work in air-conditioned offices. They probably all have to wrestle lions for a living, with their bare hands, in coal mines, blindfolded. (Them, not the lions.) It’s kind of amazing they find time to post on the internet at all!

h/t to TheBluePill for pointing me towards this manly wisdom.

More #Fidelbogenisms from @Fidelbogen, brave Counter-Feminist Tortoise-Fighting Ant Warrior of Truth

This is actually the picture of himself he uses for his YouTube vidoes.

This is actually the picture of himself he uses for his YouTube vidoes.

I know I just wrote about it, but our Counter-Feminist pal Fidelbogen’s Twitter feed is turning into the funniest thing on Twitter next to 80sDonDraper.

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Google is Censoring Men’s Rights Searches and These Totally Not Fake Screenshots Prove It [CORRECTED]

Man Boobz Internet Research Lab

The Man Boobz Internet Research Lab

CORRECTION: New evidence suggests that the AVFM screenshot discussed in this post and elsewhere was not a forgery but the result of a glitch. I offer a correction, and an apology, and a discussion of the implications, here.

I feel a little guilty. Men’s rights hate site A Voice for Men had to “withdraw” one of its posts earlier this week after I demonstrated conclusively here that the site had used a fake screenshot to try to back up the article’s strange claim that Google searches for “violence against men” in fact returned mostly results related to violence against women.  (It doesn’t. Try it.)

Thing is, A Voice for Men had been hoping to use that post to boost its claims that Mens’s Rightsers, and men in general, are being “censored” and otherwise stymied by feminist-dominated Internet power players like Google and Facebook.

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Red Pillers: Hey Ladies! That visceral disgust you feel in our presence means you want us. Bad.

Ladies love men in groups.

Ladies love men in groups.

What do women want? Dudes. In groups. Especially dudes who hate them.

That, in any case, seems to be the conclusion drawn by a blogger who calls himself Hipster Racist, and who seems to be a white supremacist of some kind. Anyway, he’s written a little post about the rise of Reddit’s  Red and Blue Pill Subreddits and how they illustrate the Mannerbund Effect, a theory that helps to explain just why it is that the ladies allegedly like getting up in men’s business so much.

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How to score RED PILL ALPHA DOG points by harassing your waitress


PROTIP: After you use GAME to get a girl’s name, you can move forward to NAME GAME.

Now, some WEAK ASS BETA MANGINAS think that you shouldn’t deliberately annoy waitstaff  because, you know, they’re human beings like you and me simply trying to get through their work day, and why the fuck would you want to deliberately make their lives worse for no good reason, that sounds kind of pointlessly rude, I mean what the hell’s wrong with you? Heck, even I used to think that. But that was before I discovered the RED PILL subreddit.

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A Voice for Men declares itself too important to bother to write about me, then writes about me

Man Boobz Minion disguised as female MRA.

Man Boobz Minion disguised as female MRA

I was a little saddened to read recently that A Voice for Men — the self-proclaimed “Men’s Human Rights” site that has posted an open call to firebomb government buildings in its “activism” section — will no longer be writing about little old me.

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Mea Culpa: It turns out that women really DO hate short men



I didn’t realize it, but as these panels from a Doll Man comic book make clear, women really don’t like short men. Or at least really, really, really short men.

I would like to apologize to Doll Man, and, indeed, all Doll Men, for being insensitive to their tiny little plight.

(Now back to reading the 900+ comments in that PUAhate thread.)

Lords of their Dingalings: Men’s Rightsers outraged at Time writer for noting the lack of female characters in The Hobbit

Can you find the woman in this picture?

Can you find the woman in this picture?

Uh oh! It seems that some woman is offering some opinions about Tolkien!

Over on, Ruth Davis Konigsberg has a brief personal essay reflecting on the almost complete lack of female characters in the new Hobbit film, and in Tolkien’s ouvre generally. As she notes, it’s not until about two hours in to the nearly three-hour movie that “we finally meet someone without a Y chromosome,” namely Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel — and she was added into the originally all-male story by the screenwriters. Blanchette’s is the only female name out of 37 named in the cast list – though there are a couple of unnamed female characters who make brief appearances.

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Off topic: Yes, the pie-throwing angel bassist is wearing roller skates.

Turns out not all men are bad! For example, Roy Wood is a man, and he did this.

If you can’t get enough of this Wizzardry, here’s another performance of the same song. And yes, the bassist is wearing angel wings and roller skates in this one too, though the guitar-playing gorillas are nowhere to be found. Also, no backup singers. I’m beginning to suspect that there might be some lip-syncing going on.


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