Men’s Rights Classix: The Age of Consent is Misandry

If it weren't for this guy, there would be no pedophiles.

Today, a trip down memory lane to revisit an until-recently lost classic of modern misogyny: Jay Hammers’ “The Age of Consent is Misandry.” The piece, originally published on Jay Hammers’Men’s Rights blog, inspired some heated discussions amongst MRAs online, with some harshly criticizing the piece as an apologia for pedophilia and others hailing it as a “politically incorrect” masterpiece. Stung by the criticism, Hammers ultimately took his blog down. But the piece has since been resurrected on the Human-Stupidity blog – another blog that seems rather unhealthily obsessed with the supposed injustice of men not being allowed to fuck underage girls.

Here are some of its highlights (that is, lowlights); the headlines are mine.


The arbitrary age of consent is not about protecting women/girls. It is about valuing females and their virtue over males and their freedom. The intent of the laws is to stop older men from having sex with younger women and that is how it is enforced. It was never intended to stop younger men from having sex with older women.


Age of consent laws are designed to punish beta males. A beta male in his 20s, unsuccessful with women his own age who are infused with a sense of feminist entitlement and deride all but the top alpha males who take interest in them, who seeks companionship with a younger, sexually mature female who desires him, should not go to prison for acting on that which is normal male sexuality.


If we are to treat women as children then we should be consistent. Young women who have sex with older men are as much victims as women who have sex with a pick-up artist after meeting at a club. In both cases, feminists are angry because the woman has been “fooled” into having sex with a less than ideal mate in terms of value. …

This is what makes feminists angry and this is why age of consent exists still today, because it is assumed women are not mentally mature enough to give consent AND because older women want to limit men’s options to increase their own value in the sexual marketplace.


Older women …  are generally not of a much higher intelligence level than teenage girls. The big difference between the two is that older women are less attractive and that is what makes them so damn angry. …

Females generally do not significantly mature mentally past puberty so it should always be illegal for any woman to have sex or it should never be illegal for any woman to have sex. There is no arbitrary age where females suddenly become self-aware, realizing the consequences of their actions, and stop seeking out alpha males. Thus there must not be an arbitrary age of consent for sex.


If anything, it should be illegal for women to have sex with men until men have been educated on the truths of women, Marriage 2.0, Game, feminism, and men’s rights.




About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Holly, yeah, that definitely rings a bell. I’ve also seen that behavior from people who at least don’t identify as needing psychiatric help. It seems fairly common — but that could just be the situations I choose to put myself in.

  2. @Sarah:

    If you paste the youtube link as plain text, it will embed the video. Just FWI🙂

  3. On the subject of MRAL and sympathy: yeah, I think there should be a reasonable limit. My empathy for his dissatisfaction with his body isn’t going to erode my impatience with his faulty reasoning regarding teh evil fymynysts. And if he ends up refusing help, or chooses to deny that he has an illness, then my sympathy’s at an end. I just don’t want to push someone over the edge.

  4. I just want to point out to NWO, etc. that this set of interactions with MRAL, puts a bit of kibosh on the, All Feminists Hate Men.

    We apparently don’t even Hate All MRAs.

  5. oh! Thanks Kirby, that’s really easy!

    Ok, night everyone. I’m really tired.

  6. PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth

    Goodness people…next to impossible to keep up with the responses and I so totally wanted complain about how people assume I am taller then I am because of my bombastic personality. (Plus use the word bombastic.)


    Still funny even after all of these years.

  7. “it’s ugly and disgusting and I can NEVER NEVER NEVER Skype or do video chat because it looks so bad I can’t concentrate and I want to throw up looking at it and my school IDs and photos and drive’s license and random candid pictures make me want to vomit it’s uglier thn anything I’ve ever seen and I want to kill myself when I see that. I can NEVER let people take candid pictures of me because I want to literally barf and then destroy that picture because it looks fucking awful.It’s so fucking weird thought because it doesn’t look quite as bad in the mirror for some reason, so I beat myself up not knowing what it looks like at any given moment, all day, all the time.”

    Oh MRAL your comment made me so sad, even tho you have been a dick to everyone and insulted us. I could have written this about myself, obviously with appropriate changes.

    I have BDD and it fucking sucks, I especially identify with the fear of video chat and photos, staring in the mirror and thinking you don’t look so bad, but seeing a picture and it just ruins everything again. I know what it’s like feeling sick with yourself and therefore self-destructive (I’m a self-injurer). I know exactly what the anger at people you percieve as better looking or whatever feels like. It’s tempting to hate people you envy.

    It’s not ok to react that way, tho, and it’s certainly not REAL. I might hate the way I look, but that hate isn’t real, it just comes from inside me, the same way you hate yourself. I have obsessed about getting a nose job for most of my life, never been in a financial position and since I’ve been having therapy I have realised my nose being changed wouldn’t change how I felt about myself. There will always be another flaw to find in yourself, another reason people overlook you, another reason guys/girls don’t think you’re hot (even if they do).

    You’ve been duped into believing some awful shit but it’s easy to come out of. I can’t call ‘troll’ on you because this would be a fucking realistic performance of BDD. Please remember it is NOT REAL, NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOU.

  8. Ami, only just scrolled back and read your comment. Thank you for being so cool and unpacking things for me, either that I don’t understand or can’t express. Your comments are always so beautiful and wise, even full of smilies! :’)

  9. *Sigh*

    I’ve already explained at length what “male privilege” is, and of course, it fell on death ears. So I’ll try a slightly different approach.

    Ion, the fact that you have a right to vote doesn’t make you privileged. However, the fact that I have a right to vote means that I am privileged.

    The fact that you, as a man, are considered a whole person regardless of your relationship status doesn’t make you privileged. However, I, as a woman, am clearly being privileged if I am treated with respect and consideration without regard to whether or not I am married, what my significant other does for a living, or what I’ve done in my bedroom behind closed doors.

    You, as a man, are not privileged in that your right not to be violently assaulted and penetrated against your will does not hinge on the cut of your pants, the degree of attractiveness that you exude, your habits with respect to drinking, swearing, or laughing at bawdy humor, or the number of sexual partners you have had. However, the fact that it is illegal to fuck me with a baseball bat and then murder me even if I am wearing a short skirt and even though I lost my virginity outside of wedlock means that I am clearly privileged and not being held properly accountable for my actions.

    The fact that you can walk out on your family for the price of leasing a Toyota Camry, sleep with scores of women and burn though both your and your wife’s savings for the sake of getting you toys you’ve wanted all your life without much social condemnation doesn’t make you privileged. However, the fact that a married woman with children can have a career without everyone shaming her as a cold, selfish bitch (how dare she provide for her family!) means that she is privileged.

    The fact that you, as a man, can talk loudly and express opinions strongly without people questioning your attractiveness or your sex life, or calling you “shrill” or loudly wishing you went back to preparing hors d’oeuvres already doesn’t make you privileged. The fact that it is now considered neanderthal to call me shrill and tell me to shut up and go back to the kitchen means that I am privileged.

    That fact that your screw-ups in the workplace are not held against your gender doesn’t make you privileged; the fact that a male co-worker’s screw-ups aren’t held against you doesn’t mean that you are privileged. However, if I, as a professional, am considered competent despite the fact that my company’s female receptionist is dumber than a box of hair, that means I am privileged.

    The fact that you are considered a good father merely for living under the same roof with the mother, and doing nothing else, doesn’t make you privileged. The fact that I am considered an equally good parent despite not changing EVERY SINGLE diaper, preparing every single meal and cleaning up every single mess, without exception, means that I am privileged.

    The fact that it is understood that you are a human being with flaws and imperfections and therefore deserve happiness, civil rights and a chance at political participation doesn’t mean you are privileged. The fact that I am “permitted” to pursue happiness, enjoy civil rights and have a chance at political participation despite not meeting some utterly ridiculous standard of perfection in the areas of morality, intelligence, professional and trade skills, as well as attractiveness, means that I am unfairly privileged.

    The fact that you enjoy certain rights and benefits without anyone saying that you are “permitted” to enjoy them doesn’t mean you are privileged. The fact that I am “permitted” to enjoy certain rights and benefits (vote, get an education, have a job, wear a bikini) means that I am privileged.

    Basically, it’s like this: if civil rights and social and political freedoms are seen as birthrights, then obviously, people who enjoy them don’t perceive them as privileges. By contrast, if a person is believed to be without such birthrights, and to have a role of merely serving another, then that person will be seen as “privileged” if she enjoys even a fraction of what the other group of people takes as entitlements.

  10. Amused, that was wonderfully said.

  11. Amused – That does seem to be a good summary of how MRAs see privilege. In some ways it’s a kinda subtle concept. Being privileged doesn’t make one an asshole. Not spontaneously SEEING privilege doesn’t even make one an asshole.

    What’s makes a person an asshole is when that person has their privilege pointed out repeatedly and repeatedly denies the existence of it, fights all efforts to even the playing field so that others can have the same privileges, or acts like it is something they deserve because they are actually better people than those who don’t have it. THAT makes a person an asshole.

  12. I am so behind on this thread, but Ami, thank you for being you. I’m glad you’ve gotten to a good place.

    And you’re gorgeous, BTW.

  13. Wow, I can’t keep up with this thread to save my life.

    I think one of the biggest differences between MRAL and someone like, say, Ami or Bee or myself, is that when we do choose to share something personal about our lives it is usually a) in the context of a discussion where that information is actually relevant, or b) in a thread/discussion that is specifically about personal stuff. Whereas MRAL talks about his life because he thinks everything has to be ALL ABOUT HIM ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE. It’s really great if someone offers me sympathy when I bring up something that I have gone through, but that’s not why I brought it up.

    MRAL, I know that you’re young and you’re going through a really hard time, but trust me, with some time and effort you will reach a point where you realize that not everything is about you, and people aren’t thinking about you, talking about you, staring at your or “spitting” on your all the time. And once you realize that, your life will be so, so much better. Trust me.

    And Ami, you are beautiful and awesome, and I’m really happy that you’ve managed to get to a better place in your life.

  14. Awww *hugs Brett and Hellkell* ❤

    you're both awesome too :3

  15. I have a couple of thoughts skimming through this thread, particularly after encountering some of NWO’s predictable rantings:

    One, any man who refers to 18-year-olds as “older women” who are just bitter about their waning attractiveness is a pedophile and deserves to be heaped with shame. This conclusion is cemented by the reality that girls become sexually mature as young as 9. A 9-year-old “woman”? Move to KSA, man.

    Two, when discussing the age of consent, MRA’s always twist it around and claim that men are prohibited from desiring underage girls or falling in love with them. Age-of-consent laws have nothing to do with love or desire. You can desire whomever you want, have whatever image excites you in your head when you are beating off, and you can fall in love with a 2-year-old, if you wish. What you can’t do, is have sex with someone younger than 18. Them’s the breaks: you don’t get to have sex with whoever you want just because you want to. And by the way, in the “good old days” that you are pining for, when 60-year-old men married 12-year-old girls, you couldn’t have sex with whomever you wanted either. In fact, having sex with the wrong woman of any age — consensual sex, mind you — could easily get you killed and your property confiscated.

    Three, I love these arguments based on how some 12-year-olds supposedly “shake it like grown women”. Grown women don’t “shake it” at the general public or strangers. If an adolescent girl is acting in an overtly sexual manner, that is proof that she is, in fact, emotionally and socially immature, a child who is suddenly wearing an adult’s body and doesn’t quite know yet how to handle it properly.

    Four, all that whining about a lot of girls under the age of 18 being supposedly mature enough for a sexual relationship is a red herring. Bright-line rules like this make it easier for men to determine who is or isn’t okay to bed, without a painstaking and ultimately vague determination of whether a given woman is mature enough. Clearly, children can easily be taken advantage of by adults, even if they “shake it”. Although different people mature at different ages, society determined, through consensus, the age below which most people are not mature enough to make reasonable choices and to resist coercion. That’s way better than everyone being potential “jail bait”, and having juries determine on an individual basis whether this or that person is an adult. If you fall in love with a 14-year-old and she’s mature enough for a serious relationship, great! Just wait 4 years. It’s not a big deal.

  16. Let there be jars of warm oiled rags while waiting too.

  17. @Kave,

    I am so sorry to hear that! If the MRM actually cared about men…

  18. Amused, actually in most states it’s 16 years, so the guys in love with 14-year-olds only have to wait two years.

  19. David K. Meller

    For those critics who used the observation that there is ‘little difference between the judgement and rationality of a nine year old and a thirty year old (for many, if not most women) there were some WEIRD questions of what to do to govern sexual contact between women and (predatory) men?

    I suggested that men who were responsible for the well being of women (husbands, fathers, court appointed guardians, or maybe even older women of the community (of the grandmothers’ generation) et al. may make such decisions for her–and him. I admit that this isn’t perfect, and perhaps someone could think of something better, but it WOULD clearly and permanently solve the “age-of-consent conundrums made inevitable by women’s–fundamentally infantile and irresponsible–impulsive and manipulative nature on one hand, and ungoverned male lust on the other…

    David K. Meller

    PS–I wasn’t thinking of Saudi Arabia, and I am not sure that the Kingdom has all the answers, but I would wager that e.g. they probably have lower levels of out-of-wedlock pregnancies than we have in ‘God Bless America. Maybe they know something that we don’t.–DKM

  20. Meller: Your entire argument depends on the question begging in your statements: i.e. that women are intellectually inferior to men, and don’t ever get more intellectually developed past the age of roughly 14.

    Since you’ve not proven that, the rest of your drivel is… well drivel.

  21. David K. Meller, congratulations. You’ve gone from tedious and wrong to wrong and gross. Women are not children, children are not sex toys, and neither women nor children are property.

    As far as using Saudi Arabia as a model for human rights/women’s rights policy — I am not surprised that this is your solution, but GOD I wish you weren’t so stupid. What a waste. Or, in case this is the problem: I wish you were a person who cared more about women being killed by their fathers, husbands, and employers, and less about out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

  22. David K. Meller

    My suggestions are an imperfect answer for imperfect people in an imperfect world. I DIDN’T use “Saudi Arablia as a model for human rights/women’s “rights” polcy! I even acknowledged that they have some problems too, but what we have in the west–from millions of baby-killings (abortions) per year, to slut walks and ‘human trafficing”, from widespread family breakdown (70%+ of children born out of wedlock in afro-American communities) and an ongoing, obviously insoluble problem of underage sex,..could well be worse!!.

    It is embarassing to have to mention this again, but as far as women having the mentality of children about 9-11 years old (for much of their lives, at least until they undergo menopause and become grandmothers etc, I suggest you simply look at all of the posts by women here on,, compare them to men’s posts, not to mention the idiot-box daytime entertainment which caters exclusively to women and children(and their “minds”) as often as you can stand to. Then get back to me and tell men that you think that women are comparable to men in intelligence, judgement, or capacity for rational thought. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

    What are your answers, except for consumption of more of the same poison that has crippled our society, economy, and law in the first place? I am stupid? I am not the one who is blindly committed to endlessly failed policies and ideologies like you all, I am even willing to acknowledge that my recommendations (properly UNDERSTOOD) still have shortcomings, and am willing, even happy, to listen to other ideas, even critical ones.. I am NOT willing to accept mor e of the same loathsome war-of-the-sexes, egalitarian (or female dominance) bilge lunacy that I have–along wwith countless other men of good will–have suffered at YOUR hands for the past half-century or longer! Some ideas on the, in Mala Fide, AngryHarry and other male-positive websites and blogs may be a little “over-the-top” but they at their worst are still examples of luminous wisdom and goodness compared with your wretched and accursed “equality” feminism, and MISANDRY! You have NO RIGHT to call your critics either “stupid” or “widked” given the inevitable HARM that feminism–and the politics of equallity and democrazy generally–inflicted upon every institution in every society which tried it–often under the guidance of their best and brightest men! You all made too much of a MESS!

    I may be wrong in certain ways. But you and your kind of cretinsl are the ones who set policies, initiatives, and standards (?) in the courts, the schools, the armed forces, trade unions, corporate business, the (mainline) churches, and certainly entertainment and the media, both press and iidiot-box, set the norms and standard–or what is left of them, in ALL public association of men and women for the past century or so, and certainly since the 1960s! Even when you have been shown to be utterly wrong, both in theory and in policy, you do nothing else but intenisify the original policy–along iwth a coverup of evidence that demonstrated the failure–call it “reform”, and go on from there.The bloody mess of paedophilia, rape, familiy breakdown, the infestation of workplaces and universities with women, runaway drug and alcohol abuse, etc, is the inevitable result of YOUR ideas and policies carried to their logical conclusion. YOU have blood on YOUR feminsit paws, not me and mine! I am offering suggestions backtrackng from a course that is destroying what is left of western civilization. Any failures or scandals in the contemporary world, at least in its formerly Christian parts, are yours, not mine, not critics of feminuttery and gender egalitarianism run amok, and certainly NOT Moslem fundamentalism or the KIngdom of Saudi Arabia! The most extremist “male chauvinist pigs” couldn’t have done any worse than you people have, even for women and children since c.1914!

    David Meller

  23. Meller: You don’t actually offer anything.

    I’ve read the comments here. I’ve read your comments. You have no substance. You say, “Oh me! Oh my!, the sky is falling, it would be better if we were more like Saudi Arabia (which is, and has been for centuries, a thriving hub of advancement… you betcha) because they treat women like dirt and don’t have out of wedlock children (unlike backwards Iceland). Mind you, if a woman is raped, they kill her. Is that one of the “problems” you see needing to be fixed?

    But you can’t even answer the specific questions you get asked. Instead it’s like dropping a penny in the arcade and seeing a motion picture show on flip-cards. I’ve been in that Army you say is broken. It’s pretty damned functional. Like I said, I’ll take any of the women in uniform, any day of the week, in a situation where the chips are down and clear, level-headed thinking is required.

    Why? Because I know they can do it. I’ve seen it. I’ve actually put my life on the line in trust of it. I’m still here to tell the tale.

    You… You whine too much. You say stupid shit like, “If properly understood you would see I am right”, which is question begging. Because I don’t see you as being right, I therefore (QED) don’t (as you keep trying to argue) properly understand you.

    But I do. You think women are stupid (which I have seen to be wrong, time and again. I never had to go fish my female troops out of bars in the middle of the evening. I didn’t have them getting in trouble with DUIs either. None of them got pregnant by mistake (the same, to hear them tell it, was not true of my male soldiers. Somehow they weren’t able to take care of something as simple as asking if their new best friend was using contraception… if the guys are so smart how did it slip their notice? How could these adult men, so much smarter than the women, fail to avoid this thing the female soldiers managed?).

    You look forward to the days of sexbots and slaves.

    You are pervert.

  24. DKM,

    Apparently, sanctimonious twaddle is all you’ve got to offer.

    And it’s not even entertaining anymore.

  25. Traditional western civilization began to fail as soon as a group of colonists decided that there was no divine right to rule. Everything that followed was just the peak before the inevitable decline.

    Get over yourself.

  26. It is embarassing to have to mention this again, but as far as women having the mentality of children about 9-11 years old (for much of their lives, at least until they undergo menopause and become grandmothers etc, I suggest you simply look at all of the posts by women here on,, compare them to men’s posts, not to mention the idiot-box daytime entertainment which caters exclusively to women and children(and their “minds”) as often as you can stand to. Then get back to me and tell men that you think that women are comparable to men in intelligence, judgement, or capacity for rational thought. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!
    As a woman, I… I feel like the very fact that I’m responding to this kind of disproves it. I don’t even have to get into famous women’s accomplishments in science and leadership and whatnot. The fact that I’m writing in full sentences pretty much covers it.

    But congratulations, David K. Meller, you have crossed my personal Troll Line. I’ll tell Eoghan why he’s wrong. I’ll tell MRAL. I’ll even attempt to tell NWO. But you’ve just crossed the “wow, there’s no talking to this person” line.

    …God, ew, you think women are like nine-year-olds and you still want to fuck them?

    Pecunium – Don’t lump us nice perverts in with his kind! :p

  27. ..not to mention the idiot-box daytime entertainment which caters exclusively to women and children(and their “minds”)…

    Action. Movies.

    Many movies and TV shows that are directed at an adult male audience are really, really bad. I don’t extrapolate from action movies that all men are hence unintelligent (this would be sexist) – instead I speculate about how Hollywood caters to the lowest common denominator, and about how masculinity is being constructed such that men are encouraged to express themselves through violence and to show little emotion.

    As for your claim that women writing on this blog do not write as well as men – I disagree. Have you read *any* of NWOslave’s posts? MRAL’s? Grammar, punctuation, logic and making sense – not a strong point of theirs. By contrast, I enjoy reading darksidecat, Holly Pervocracy, Nobinayamu….the list of women (and men) and genderqueer people who comment eloquently here is ridiculously long.

  28. Holly… that’s why I corrected. I didn’t want him to think I’d meant to say, “You’re a pervert”, instead of You’re perverted (as in twisted, wrong, made over to something unnatural).

  29. Actually, Meller: If women are so stupid, how in the name of all that’s right and proper did they convince men to let them out of the nursery/bedroom/kitchen?

    After all, if the meanest intelligence can see how foolish and silly they are… how is it they managed to win the battles of persuasion required to get the vote, etc.?

  30. Hey David (not that you respond to things): Here’s a description of X-ray crystallography, the method Rosalind Franklin used to discover the double helix structure of DNA.

    Let me know when you even understand that article, mkay? (I’ll freely admit that I don’t completely, but that’s my problem for not studying it; my point is that women have not only studied but pioneered technologies on this level.)

  31. Ack! Please don’t refer to him as “David.” We don’t really consider him part of the David community.

    Does no one else find him as funny as I do? I mean, come on, this is golden:

    The bloody mess of paedophilia, rape, familiy breakdown, the infestation of workplaces and universities with women, runaway drug and alcohol abuse, etc, is the inevitable result of YOUR ideas and policies carried to their logical conclusion. YOU have blood on YOUR feminsit paws, not me and mine!

    Also, HE SIGNS HIS!!! It’s freaking adorable.

    I think I may have to do a “Best of David K. Meller” post some time soon.

  32. David, I’ve already gone on record as finding Meller kind of refreshing. Quaint actually; like long-winded Archie Bunker. I feel bad for saying so, but I think he’s funny.

  33. “The infestation of workplaces and universities with women” sounds like something from a Sherlockian short story.

    And “paws”? WTF, DKM? Did Lady Gaga make it legit with “put your paws up”?

  34. He’s gone down to 9 now? xD

    I’m going to try my best not to make a David K. Meller, Desirer of Children card xD

  35. I love how Meller spends an entire screed advocating sex with nine year olds and then blames feminism for pedophilia.

  36. Also that bit where I apparently will become “wise” after menopause: “women having the mentality of children about 9-11 years old (for much of their lives, at least until they undergo menopause and become grandmothers etc”

    Though, since I started out with the brain of a 9-year-old child, I’m not sure how much of an improvement this is.

  37. Molly: I had to start with the brain of an infant, so you were ahead of me.

  38. I wonder what my brain is according to Meller?o_O

    Hey Meller! What’s the maturity of my mind!? xD

  39. Oh, in Meller world I’m pretty sure trans people don’t exist. Or only exist because of the evil feminism that undermines binary gender relations. I *could* go to his site and have a look, but really, life is too short!

  40. Hey… Meller… Can you adjust the timing and headspace on an M-2?

    How about PMCS your POV?

    What sorts of computer repair are you good at?

    What’s your fascination with AK-47s (and do you know the difference between an AK-47 and an AKM? If so which would you rather have?).

    Can you design an engine? Change a clutch (and if so on what vehicles)? If the clutch is dead can you “perfect shift”?

    Do you sharpen your own knives?

    Balance your own tires?

    Deck your floors? Hang your own doors?

    In short, what kind of man are you?

  41. @Pecunium:

    One that waits for several days before posting on a long dead thread, speaking in generalized terms without mentioning or responding to any one individual, speaking about how great men are and how childish women are, then disappearing again once people actually call him out on his bullshit?

  42. The kind of human being who equates having sex with a woman with *having sex* with a nine-year-old girl?

  43. I finally read that screed (out loud on skype to friends cuz it was too good not to share xD ) fully… wow he rly loses it towards the end xD (besides that he keeps forgetting to close brackets and quotations and his spelling falls apart xD ) I love how he puts “women in universities” in w/ rape and pedophilia as social ills xD AND he forgot his middle initial in his signature xD

  44. Well… he seems to make a hobby out of running around the web talking up Ron Paul… so we have a pretty good idea that he’s not completely coherent on his ideas of how the world actually works. Perhaps he needs to take a vacation.

    Then again, the list of things he thinks ‘men’ can do, that women can’t… is precious.

    Is being a man supposed to be having to read a worthless, defamatory, and FEMINIST piece of tripe from the likes of one more over-educated yahoo who no doubt passed his ‘womyn’s studies’ courses with flying colors, but who wouldn’t know how to tie his shoelaces, much less design a automobile engine, clean and assemble an AK-47, repair a malfunctioning computer, or even know the difference in chess between a Kings Gambit and the Ruy Lopez openings!

    So I have to wonder if Meller knows how, and when to use “The Polish Opening”, or why gambits are weak ways to open a game of chess, much less the counters to someone opening with Two Knights?

    Since the AK series of rifles (even the AK-74) are hideously inaccurate I wonder at his choosing them instead of a member of the M1A family (and I’d wager he can’t guess why I mentioned the M1A family, not the M16, though if he prefers that is is a fan of the Z-sear or stepped)?

    He also probably can’t explain why the economies which were off of metal standards recovered more quickly from The Great Depression than those which were still using specie.

    He’s more than just a nutter on women/equality.

    The politicians (and their kept “news”media) LIE about everything, from historic events like FDR’s complicity in Pearl Harbor to “weapons of mass-destruction” before the Iraq war to their notorious “lone nut” explanations of major assasinations of modern times, e.g. John and Bobby K. and Martin Luther King Jr.

    They lie about phony crises like so-called “global warming”, they lie about the causes of economic disruption like “deregulation” causing investment bubbles and business greed causing the price rises during Central bank induced inflation of the money and credit supply. Tney lie about their wars, and they lie about false-flag “inside jobs” like the atrocities associated with 9-11!

    Like a stopped clock he is sometimes right (see his comments on WMD), but I suspect a stopped clock to be more useful, as it may be attractive on the wall (as a piece of art), but even with a way to keep him from talking I don’t think someone as insensible of the facts of life as Meller is would be good for much of anything. Not docile enough to have as a lackey, not pleasant enough to keep as a pet, not tractable enough to hire as an employee.

    So, pretty much useless in every way.

  45. “Let’s just quote a bunch of stuff without any analysis or refutation! Ha! We win!”

  46. Ananomis: If you fail to see anything wrong in those quotes then I’m afraid you either fail basic reading comprehension, or fail at humanity. The idiocy that is quoted speaks for itself. What do you want? An in depth-analysis on how adult women are not children?

  47. This is necrotroll digging number how many now?

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