Saturday Morning Cartoons: MGTOWers in their own words, part 1

I made a video! Is it wrong that I love these stupid Xtranormal cartoon dudes and their robotic voices?

Anyway, here’s AussieSteve, from, offering some opinions about the bitches of today.

Here’s the quote in boring non-animated typed-out word format:

Hey girls, you were told motherhood was slavery and you could do anything a man could do. I guess you’re feeling pretty betrayed by your feminist sisters now aren’t you? Well tough shit, actions have consequences – deal with it. One thing’s for sure, I aint bailing you out. I actually LIKE watching you suffer, it’s called justice. As it turns out it’s ME that doesn’t need YOU!! And further to the point, you’ve revealed your true colours and I don’t like them. Never been a fan of bile green myself.

Now fuck off and buy a cat, it’s the only thing that will put up with your crap. I’m outa here – bye bitches, you’re on your own.

If you all find this little cartoon even vaguely amusing, I will make more and better ones.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. The message of “the clock is ticking” is “marry someone and have babies or you will be failure as a woman.” Bee pointed out that message is meant to benefit people (to use the term lightly) like AussieSteve.
    The woman who is not enthusiastic about a relationship with a single 40 yr old man who has never had a relationship is questioning whether the person be able to adapt to considering and accommodating a partner. The question is meant to benefit the woman.Two different things.
    Marriage and partnering are considered the norm in our society. Therefore, anyone single is un-normative and makes everyone uncomfortable. We need a single movement, like the gay movement.

    Laughing my head off at “Factfinder” asking for evidence the Daily Mail is unreliable. Yep, he finds the facts, alright.

  2. So now we have Mythic Alphas xD Still waiting on those Dire Alphas xD

    This is good card fodder tho :3

    I should be cardfinder xD

  3. New alias? Or is it aMias?

  4. David K. Meller

    Some good points, though a bit dated. Many women started to see how feminism–and the “education” fitting them for the feminist lifestyle–was hurting them in the search for men, families,and relationships as early as the late ’80s and early ’90s. What we are seeing today is the deserted wreakage of what were once women, tryting to come to terms with being to masculine to be useful or appealing to men, and too feminine to be good feminists and ‘modern women’!

    Your point about them getting cats to keep them company bothers me a little bit. Cats can be very nice creatures, It is a form of cruelty to animals, surely unintended on your part, to suggest that these sleek, beautiful, and quite interesting creatures enduring the company of bitter, stupid, noisy, opinionated, narcissitically self-absorbed, and just plain REVOLTING feminists! Except for the lowest form of alley cats, most of the pretty kitties are really too good for modern women!

    Let ’em keep company with cockroaches, rats, or others on their level!

    David K. Meller

  5. Jill the Spinster

    Are MGTOW allowed to keep cats ?

  6. I just asked my cat if she had a problem with my feminism, and you know what she said?

    “Meow purr purr purr purr *rub against hand* purr.”

    I think she’s okay with it.

  7. My cat just ignored me. but then, that’s his opinion on everything

  8. Why am I not surprised that DKM loves pussies and hates the women who own them?

  9. Summer_snow has just won the internet!

  10. Ellish, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Generally, when I’ve received the “ticking clock” comments they have not come from men but from women. Now, women are quite capable of internalizing misogyny and policing gender norms. I don’t mean to assert otherwise. But, in my experience, the women who’ve pointed out to me that I’m “not getting in younger” have almost always been the ones who complained the most about the burdens of motherhood. Confirmation bias? Quite possibly. I just know that the women I know who seem happy to be mothers always say things like, “Oh, you’ve got plenty of time. If it’s going to happen, it will happen.” Things like that.

    Other than the MRA types online, some of whom seem to think that any woman over the age of 25 is well into her crone-dom, I can only think of a few occasions in which a man has tried to shame me about being single and not having children.

    And the example I gave was not of a woman expressing reservations about a man who’d never been in a relationship. I spoke, specifically, about a woman passing negative judgment on a 40 year old man who had never been married or engaged. Is it possible that such reservations are reasonable and well-founded? Sure. But I can’t really cosign on an exclusively charitable interpretation that kind of prejudice. I know that there are women in their 30s and 40s who have never been married and aren’t in some way defective; unable to consider and/or accommodate a partner. The same is true of men.

    People are people.

    I do agree that one of the benefits of feminism is the challenge presented to these ideas. And we are definitely still living in a culture that views the single with everything from pity to animosity.

  11. A whole internet just for me? Yay! I’m going to keep it next to my copy of The Matrix!

  12. Use it wisely, young grasshopper

  13. @Nobinayamu I have to agree w/ you xD Outside of the PUA/MRAs (who are ridic obsessed w/ this it seems xD ) it is mostly women who say that:\ esp the ones who insist to you when you say you dun want children that when you reach near 30 you’ll change your mind, and etc >_> The Atlantic had a particularly bad opinion piece by a woman that was like this I remember xD

    Of course I always laugh when ppl tell me about my ticking biological clock xD


    New snarkling list is up btw!😀 (I’ve been getting some demand to do another, so me, Trish and Zhinxy finally got together to do a part 2 xD )

  15. Wait, wait — what am I supposed to be suffering from?

  16. I agree, Ami and Nobinayamu, but just to clarify, what I was saying and eilish was commenting on wasn’t whether the “shriveled up uterus” discussion usually comes from women or men in the RL; but rather what AussieSteve’s specific interest in perpetuating that trope was.

    Ami: I said it on the forum, but I love the list.

  17. I have a kid. I don’t care one way or the other whether some dude wants to go his own way. But, I believe that there are two kinds of people, those that had kids, and those that didn’t. I’ve seen women change substantially on issues once they became mothers.

  18. Oh, BTW David,

    I am in NYC, and reflecting upon the sad fact that you watch Sex and the City.

  19. Nobinyamu said: I’ve gotten all of the “Still single? No children? You know you’re clock’s ticking,” type stuff.
    eilish said: The message of “the clock is ticking” is “marry someone and have babies or you will be failure as a woman.” Bee pointed out that message is meant to benefit people (to use the term lightly) like AussieSteve.

    I’m not seeing where we’re at odds on this one.
    Should I have added “because the single woman is then meant to rush off and marry the nearest available man, which might make Aussie Steve happy, but I doubt will be good for her because he doesn’t seem like very much fun” ?

    Nobinyamu said: I’ve heard women say, “I mean he’s nice and everything but, forty, never been married, never been close? I just don’t know girl…”
    I see where we’re at odds here.
    You read this as a negative statement based on his gender? As I said, I read it as a friend saying “he might be difficult to live with, as he hasn’t had much practice.” A question about that particular individual: not a statement of fact.
    You say “people are people” meaning “how individuals turn out is an accident, not affected by gender”? I believe it’s not an accident: and we are socialised to turn out in particular ways. I think people are taught to be people, and we get taught differently according to our gender.

    Any person who has never been in a personal relationship will find it difficult to adapt to compromise and accommodating. I believe women have been socialised to be accommodating, and men have been socialised to be accommodated.

    How many of us come from a culture where mothers and sisters serve and care for the domestic needs of the men in the family? What’s the proportion now of boys and men who have been raised to share domestic responsibilities as a matter of course?
    It’s better: but gendered domestic expectations are hardly extinct.

    Sorry about the lack of blockquotes: I know there’s /] end quote involved but i’ve forgotten the order.

    I wonder if we could highlight the bits of our posts that show how we are considering what the other is saying and discussing the points each other raises, as a How To guide for our pet MRAs. Not that they would: but it would really annoy them.

  20. Thanks, Bee!

  21. enduring the company of bitter, stupid, noisy, opinionated, narcissitically self-absorbed, and just plain REVOLTING feminists!

    If you feel that way about feminists, I can’t imagine why you’d hang around here. Are you a masochist?

  22. If you feel that way about feminists, I can’t imagine why you’d hang around here. Are you a masochist?

    Picture a 10-year-old Davey Meller sneaking over to Old Man Futrelle’s house and setting fire to a bag of dog shit on his porch.

  23. Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel

    I’m cousins with the Mythical Alpha Cock Carousel. Its ornate carved wattles are exquisite.

  24. “Picture a 10-year-old Davey Meller sneaking over to Old Man Futrelle’s house and setting fire to a bag of dog shit on his porch.”

    While yelling, “PEACE AND FREEDOM!!!!”

  25. Eilish, (and I’m sorry, by the by, for misspelling your name) we’re still in disagreement but I think I understand why.

    AussieSteve may well be representative of the kind person who would tell a woman that her “clock is ticking” but that isn’t borne out by the comment used for David’s cartoon. I presented that trope as an example of one way in which a single woman might be judged. And I pointed out that while I have received that kind of judgment from men, I’ve received it, mostly, from women. Some of those people may very well have meant “You should get married and have children otherwise you’re a failure as a woman.” Some of them may have meant, “I wonder why no one wants to marry and have children with you?” And some of them were trying to see how I felt about marriage and children. And some of them had miserable marriages and/or felt tied down by their children and were actually giving me a backhanded compliment.

    My point is not to parse the motivations behind that sort of statement. There are too many. My point is that this is but one of the ways that a single woman, ostensibly of childbearing age, may be judged. And in our culture, we judge single people, regardless of gender.

  26. I say what I mean. So when I say, “People are people,” you don’t have to try and figure out what I “really” mean. And you certainly don’t have to mistranslate me altogether. I didn’t say, “how individuals turn out is an accident, not affected by gender” and I don’t think that anything I wrote provides a basis for that inference.

    People are people; with all that entails. Whether it’s a near universal desire for companionship, romantic or otherwise, or the fact that none of us are exempt from our cultural conditioning. People are people and as a result, we are all subject to and guilty of prejudice. I believe that single people –regardless of gender- past the age of… let’s just call it 30 – are routinely judged because, as you pointed out, marriage is considered a “norm” in our culture. Some of that judgment is positive, some of it is negative.

    If a man of 40 is being judged because he’s never been married or engaged (and please, once again, I didn’t say “never been in a relationship”) then absent of any other considerations, he is being judged on his single-status. You feel that there are valid reasons for that kind of judgment. I don’t.

    I think it’s bull shit to make a variety of baseless assumptions about a woman purely on the basis of her being single, 40, and not having children. And I think it’s bull shit to make a variety of baseless assumptions about a man purely on the basis of his being single, 40, and not have children.

    What I appreciate about feminism is the challenge it presents to the gender norms and cultural expectations that form the basis of those kinds of judgments.

  27. Nobinayamu: I am sorry to have offended you.

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