Do feminists hate mass murderer Anders Breivik … because he’s a white guy?

Another beleaguered white dude.

So here’s the strangest response I’ve seen so far to the massacre in Norway. On Sofiastry, an antifeminist blog that seems to be broadly sympathetic to the “alt” (that is, the “intellectually” racist) right, blogger Sofia complains that feminist bloggers – she cites me and Hugo Schwyzer – are talking about the blatant anti-feminism and misogyny of mass murderer Anders Breivik.  “The mendacious corollary they are trying to construct,” she writes, falling into the purple prose Alt-Righters seem drawn to like flies on bullshit, “is that all those opposed to feminist principles must be in league with all sorts of unsavory radicals.”

As I’ve already noted, this is not actually true;  Sofia is being, well, mendacious. Yes, I pointed out the similarities between Breivik’s noxious misogynistic beliefs and, well, the noxious misogynistic beliefs of an embarrassingly large number of antifeminists and MRAs. But at no point did I (or, for that matter, Hugo) suggest that these people supported his despicable actions.

After purporting to be shocked – shocked! – that anyone would connect Breivik with the antifeminists of the world, Sofia offers an appreciation of sorts for Breivik’s awful manifesto. Waxing pompous yet again, she writes:

[A]lthough his actions were cruel beyond belief, and committed by a delusional, psychopath driven by his delusions of political grandeur, there is lucidity and sense in much of what he writes. He never seemed to explicitly advocated for a genocide of Muslims within Europe, but superficially claimed that he just wanted to sustain European culture.

So, let’s weigh Breivik’s  pros and cons here. CON: He murdered 76 people in cold blood, motivated by a hateful ideology. PRO: He didn’t explicitly call for actual genocide?

Here’s where it gets weird. Really weird.

I feel that Breivik is being tried for more than his cruelty within the feminist community. The fact that he belongs to the privileged group of the white male makes him hate-worthy along with every other privileged white male who might sympathize with his ideology, even if they don’t happen to be psychotic. Breivik exemplifies White Men, even though Osama Bin Laden to the very same liberal ideologues did not represent Every Muslim.

It’s another symptom of our culture that feels it is OK to hold white men to higher standards of political correctness, self-flagellation and martyrdom whilst simultaneously relentlessly berating and mocking them on a cultural level.

Yep, that’s right. We hate Breivik … because he’s a white dude.

She continues on in this vein:

The subtle manifestations of an anti-white male agenda could be expounded upon for some time, even in the sexual sphere. In porn, the genre of cuckolding usually involves black men fucking white women to the dismay of her white husband. Something tells me this wouldn’t be acceptable if a black man were to stand helplessly by while a white male was sexually coercive with a black female.

Somehow we started off talking about mass murder and ended up talking about … cuckolding porn?

What. The. Fuck?

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. “You might want to think about applying for a dual Ph.D in psyc and anthro, if you’re that good.”

    Thanks, friend! I’ve already got the one, not just need the other.

  2. no more mr nice guy

    I can’t think about this incident without also remembering how 2000 Muslim women in France have been robbed of their legal right to freedom of religious expression. And please don’t give me that racist crap about France being a secular country that is trying to ‘rescue’ the poor, darky women from their brutal menfolk and cultural practices. This is nothing but a territorial war between men of one tribe and men of another tribe fighting it out on the backs of women whose rights are crushed into the ground by a country that prides itself on democracy, liberty and brotherhood – B*ll*cks!

    The Burka is a political symbol, not a religious one, in the past in Muslim countries outside Saudi Arabia, women were not wearing Islamic veil or Burqa. It’s the reason why it’s banned in Muslims countries like Turkey.

    Check these family pictures that were taken in Iran in the 1960s :

  3. “The Burka is a political symbol, not a religious one, in the past in Muslim countries outside Saudi Arabia, women were not wearing Islamic veil or Burqa. It’s the reason why it’s banned in Muslims countries like Turkey.”

    Precisely what I’ve been saying all along. Coming from a country that has a large Muslim population, maybe even the largest in the world, at least in the top 5, that is for sure, I have seen radical changes take place in just my short lifetime.

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