MRA headline of the day: The More Affective We Are …

It’s a good thing that the guy behind the blog What Men are Saying About Women doesn’t actually speak for all men. Because this headline, well, it doesn’t exactly make me proud for my gender.

Let’s set aside the spelling for a moment, and turn instead to those mysterious two dots at the end. WHAT ARE THEY?!! A period is one dot. Ellipses, three. NO LANGUAGE ON EARTH USES TWO PERIODS FOR ANYTHING.

UPDATE: He “fixed” the headline by correcting the spelling of “louder.” But he kept “affective.” And the two dots are STILL THERE. Is he just fucking with me? Bastard.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Stop screaming David! He meant the more effective in making you scream. Mission accomplished. I have a feeling this isn’t the end though. QUAGMIRE.

  2. The only time I find two dots acceptable is when a sentence ends in an abbreviation, such as etc.. Last I checked, “scream” is not a fucking abbreviation.

  3. Let’s set aside the spelling for a moment…

    Or the choice of words, “affective”, for example. I thought that it was only women who were and are more heavily influenced by emotion, but I guess I was wrong, and I’m glad that the guy behind that blog has set me straight with that headline.

  4. ..

    now that MRAs know this bugs David, they should do it all the time, like xD for us xD

    It’ll be a war of the ,, vs the xD

  5. Soon spoken language will be completely replaced! xD

    Feminists and MRA arguments will go something like

    MRAs: ..

    Feminists: xD

    MRAs: ..!

    Feminists: xD?

    MRAs: ..

    Feminists: xD

  6. lol, ur doin’ this to piss off Eww me right?…right?

    Well my joke (at your expense) was more aimed at the entire manboobz ‘community’.
    A way to poke fun at the double standard.
    The fact is most of you folks DO react to poor grammar in MRA anti-fem writing as if you’ve just refuted relativity. (And while this may be a good way to SUPPLEMENT an ad hominem attack on someone you guys really should only make it the crux of your argument if your intention is to win the esteem of 5th graders.)
    It is also a fact that none of you would EVER do that to a person fighting on your side.
    You simply presented me with an opportunity.

  7. Either he was overexcited and pressed the “.” key twice, or just too damn lazy to add the third “.”. I bet on too lazy, seeing as how I don’t even know how the hell you can confuse or mistype an “a” for a “u”.

    Of course, we’re feminists, so naturally we oppress men with our insistence on clarity, spelling, and grammar. Don’t you know that men are the naturally innovative ones who buck all traditions, including many social, language, and internet traditions?

  8. Don’t you know that men are the naturally innovative ones who buck all traditions, including many social, language, and internet traditions?

    Yeah, and feminists aren’t even aware of all internet traditions.

  9. Listen, sometimes I just don’t have time to type all three dots..

  10. Also, the noun loader doesn’t agree with the verb screams. It should either be “the loader it screams” or “the loaders they scream”.

    I suppose he explains in the post why MRAs displaying affect causes loaders to scream. They sound like pretty wimpy loaders if you ask me.

  11. Ah, I like affective men. How sweet! But I don’t really understand why that would lead to screaming by people who pack things up for transport.

  12. Well, I searched youtube for “affective loader screams”, and ended having to remove “affective”, but loader screams got me this

    Maybe it all has to do with bulldozers and front-end loaders…?


  13. Hmm.. Vat Hy lek iz dat dey capitolize randumly..
    Eet mAkes deM seEm mor ReasonAble..
    Hy haven’t hez eeny Loaders scream sinz Hy looked dem in de truck effder de feenished..
    Vat?? De tink Hy trust dem to showz up wit my schtuffs??

  14. The fact is most of you folks DO react to poor grammar in MRA anti-fem writing as if you’ve just refuted relativity

    Okay, fella, let’s just back up a second. Take a glance up at the page header. Go on, we’ll wait.

    The second line up there? The slightly smaller part of the title? What is the verb there?

    This is mockery. Arguments are down the hall. Second door down is being hit on the head lessons. Here’s a coupon, knock yourself out.

    Poor grammar and bad spelling just makes the MRA movement look stupider. Most of us are fully aware that most of you trolls are resistant to all forms of logic and good-faith arguments. Mockery, however, riles you right the hell up. And, coincidentally, makes you funnier. Not in a “that was a joke, morans” kind of way, but more a “Sideshow Bob stepping on rake after rake after rake” kind of way..

  15. I’d like to add: The author changed the header so that “loader” is now “louder”, but they’re still “affective”. And the url is still the same, so.

  16. It’s an umlaut that fell down.

  17. Screams,”The loader!”

  18. Grammaer Nazis and spelling marmism is the weakest kind of argument.

  19. or maybe that should have read “are”

  20. Grammaer Nazis and spelling marmism is the weakest kind of argument.


    Again, Arguments are down the hall.

  21. If dey vant us to take dem seriously, dey kould at least use proper grammar und schpellink.

  22. Filet, also, the two dots are still there. WHY OH WHY DOES HE TORMENT ME SO?

  23. im declaring a new punctuation mark- the mrallipsis. two dots represents, i know my argument is hopeful horseshit, but if i get enough positive replies, it’s almost like it’s true.

    example: MRAs really appear to be moving from a negative focus on women to a positive focus on men..

  24. It would be almost cute if the two dots went over their eyebrows.

  25. Some years ago there was this especially dopey-looking and severely cross-eyed cat who used to hang around our house to get fed. His girlfriend kept coming by and dumping kittens on us, and he would hang around because we fed her and her kids (fixed and took care of the kids but never got her). At first he was just “her freeloading boyfriend,” and then eventually his name became Loader.

    So when I read this headline … well … I’m still not sure what it means. I suppose “they” could be a gender neutral pronoun. (I hate using he/she.)

    Maybe like, the more the MRAs have SAD, the less they want to leave their homes because they’re so depressed, so they stop putting out cat food and Loader starts screaming, “NOOOOO I NEED FOOOOOOOD!” Something like that. And the extra period is backup in case the cat eats one of them (because he’s soooo hungry).

    I’d like to lock in this answer.

  26. David,

    This says more about you than him. Spending time to write a 300-500 word post about some guy misspelling “louder” as “loader” is just banal and inane. It makes you look petty, immature and that you can’t “see the forest for the trees”.

    I never got why feminists are always pointing out spelling errors. I recently saw one guy draft up a very reasonable solution for updating alimony and child support laws. Not one word of him hating on women or being a misogynist. At the very beginning he used “is” when “are” was more appropriate…and there was a slew of comments calling him a dumbass (or what’s the new feminist insult….jackwaggon?). They completely disregarded his ideas even though his proposal was pretty damn fair for everyone…not just men. I guess to a lot of feminists, using “is” instead or “are” is the equivalent of saying “OMG R U a Sk8er!!!!”

  27. spellchecking your headlines takes all of 30 fucking seconds, and if youre not will to put that much effort into your posts, why should anyone assume you’re putting effort into your ideas

    also, i recognize that banal and inane are the insults du jour of the unimaginative, but maybe you should refrain from deploying them until youre certain theyre the best words for the situation

  28. Brandon:

    Do you have trouble counting? My original post was maybe 75 words long, not 300-500. Then I added a couple more sentences.

    Your comment looks like it’s about twice as long as my post.

  29. @Sharculese: Yes checking spelling is an easy fix, but dismissing someone’s ideas because of bad spelling is even easier. I could see if someone was using “R” for “are” and “U” for “you”, however, I will not dismiss someones idea solely because they used “there” instead of “their”. Those are very minor errors that most people make (even professional writers).

    So I notice an observation about a lot of feminists dismissing someone’s POV based on a few spelling errors, and somehow I became this unimaginative person. Starting the insults early I see. Inane = Silly, stupid or insignificant…which is exactly what this post is. If you don’t like banal, you can substitute it for insipid, vapid, lackluster, pointless, superfluous.


    Does it really matter? I am not going to count the words one by one. Hell, I am not even going to copy the text into Word and use the word count feature. The point is you missed the point.

    I was mentioning the practice of feminists picking out the most weakest point of someone’s writing and using it to mock or otherwise marginalize the person. You know. the whole idea of dismissing an argument based solely on a few grammar mistakes.

    And lo and behold, you fell right into it. You didn’t give your opinion. rebuke my observation or otherwise address my comment…you just attacked me because I put 300-500 instead of 50-150…oh you got me….good debate! (you will also see that I added 4 dots to that last break…I gave you more ammo to fight the good fight) Missing the point…I mock it.

  30. Brandon: So you make a post about how lame it is to make a long post about someone being lame.

    You exaggerate the length, and then spend even more energy defending your self for being wrong.

    That’s lame.

  31. lmfao. you broadsided david as ‘banal’ and ‘inane’ and now you’re whining about me ‘Starting the insults early’. do you think about the things you say before you say them?

    neways, ya dismissing someone based on their total inability to check what they wrote is an easy way to dismiss someone. there’s only so much time you can spend reading things, and if someone isn’t going to put effort into their arguments, those are the arguments you can dismiss easily. what is the problem there?

  32. @Pencunium: It’s not really the length of the article that is the point…it’s the fact that pointing out someone’s spelling mistakes in a blog post is petty.

    I would have used a lot less energy if I didn’t have to keep clarifying my original point…that this blog post is really stupid and it makes David look petty.

    @Sharculese: Can you separate criticism about a blog post from the author who wrote it? This blog post is banal and inane…I don’t know David personally, so I can’t say if those words apply to him as well.

    You implied that I was an unimaginative person because I used the words “banal” and “inane”. That seems like an insult to me. Also, I never insulted David, I just think this one blog post is stupid. There is a difference between “David you are stupid” and “David, this blog post is stupid”. I did the latter and you are accusing me of the former.

  33. I was about to give Brandon the “You must be new” speech, but I see Zombie beat me to it upthread.

  34. You’re one to talk, Futrelle, with your inappropriate use of the word “gender” when you should have used “sex”.

  35. @Brandon

    Futrelle IS petty. The whole point of this blog is petty insults and mischaracterization of a movement for justice.

  36. @Things Are Bad: I have noticed this to a certain extent. On one hand, it is nice that he points out some of the crazy crap MRA’s say. But the other hand, he is constantly posting the dumbest shit he can find MRA’s say on his blog. ManBoobz is basically the Jerry Springer of gender relations.

    It would be nice if he actually had a post about some of the reasonable point of views men’s rights supporters have: Alimony and child support payments, divorce laws, shared parenting, etc…

    When MRA’s start thinking that all women are manipulating bitches, I stop paying attention to them. Some of them attack women when the real threat is a government policy or law that is anti-male. They blame women for the state of marriage when they should blame the courts for not enforcing marriage contracts and society as a whole has made marriage trivial and pointless. So they bitch and bitch about it…when all they have to do is not get married. If they don’t get married they wont be subjected to divorce courts or alimony payments. These men need to take action and stop talking about it. Marriage is a bad deal for men = don’t get married…not let’s whine about it for eternity. If enough men refuse to get married, then 1) the system will dissolve or 2) the system will change to accommodate men.

    If you want a non-gender example. I wouldn’t bitch and complain that my money was getting devalued because the dollar is losing value…I would just take all my disposable income and buy something that wasn’t losing value (gold, silver, etc…). If the game is rigged or not in your favor, you don’t have to play it. Just sidestep it so when it all goes bad, you don’t get hurt.

    Ok, now I just proved David right…sometimes I write way to much.

  37. I blame Liberals for the general illiteracy and stupidity of the modern (faux) Conservative crowd.

    There. I said it. It’s Liberals fault that MRAs are a bunch of illiterate asshats.

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