Um, what?

I found this illustrating a typically incoherent rant about “The Aphrodisiac of the False Rape Claim” on What Men Are Saying About Women, the blog of the infamous MRA double period. Whoever made it needs to stop making Demotivational posters because he doesn’t understand how these posters are supposed to work. Or how to communicate a coherent message to other human beings using language.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Sometimes surveys are an intrusion that people just want to piss on, and not take seriously.

    All you have to do is say ‘no thanks’ and any reputable survey company will say, ‘No problem, thanks for your time and have a great day.’ If people are pushing you to participate in market research, hang the fuck up, because good research depends on voluntary cooperation. I did outbound market research for a living, and one of the things I loved about it was that we never had to pressure a respondent. In fact, anyone who did would probably have found their asses turfed out so fast they left skid marks.

  2. They are notoriously unreliable for a number of reasons, from how the questions are asked, to the subjective motivations of the respondents.

    I can’t answer for respondent bias, but I will say that one of the thing my boss was VERY strict about when doing research was neutrality. Our voices had to be as neutral as possible when asking questions, because of how people react – you’d be amazed how much tone of voice can influence a person toward one answer over another. If someone got the number of a friend or relative, they were not allowed to call that number, and for the most part, people who worked in research and marketing were excluded from participation. A good research company will always be careful to keep results as unbiased as they can – it’s what they get paid for, and the research community is small enough that if you tilt research to fit what your client wants, your ass will be blackballed.

  3. Wearing hessian, putting people into pigeons…chuckeedee is quickly becoming my favorite new troll because he’s Captain Malaprop.

    He really hits the nail on the button.

  4. Captain Bathrobe

    Wearing hessian, putting people into pigeons…chuckeedee is quickly becoming my favorite new troll because he’s Captain Malaprop.

    How dare you assign him an equal rank to mine! 😛

  5. Sergeant Malaprop?

  6. Lieutenant Malaprop.

  7. katz: Don’t even think of making him an NCO.

    How about, ряадавой (Private, in Russian it means, literally, “one who stands in the line”).

  8. Crap… рядавой I accidentally added a letter.

  9. You guys, chuckeedee has a day job. And we shouldn’t, for example, mock him about it with Lockhorn comics:

  10. I like “Private Malaprop” because of that hint of alliteration.:)

  11. Pecunium: Здорово. Уважаю. (Кстати: рядовой)

  12. Private Parts? Corporal Punishment?

  13. Actually, I like Second Lieutenant–callow, arrogant, just out of OCS and thinks he knows everything.

    Of course, my rank is Superhero Captain, which is closer to Navy Captain than Army Captain. Sorry Pecunium. :)

  14. CB: Superhero Captain is closer to Kentucky Colonel than to Army Captain. Sorry CB.

  15. Well, as long as I get to wear the white suit and sport the goatee, then I’m good.

  16. You also get to kick and and make pithy one-liners (drinking of juleps, mint or otherwise is completely optional).

  17. I’ve heard of bell hooks. I’ve been a big fan ever since I discovered her back in 2002. A big influence on my developing feminism as well.

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