The False Rape Society is shocked — shocked! — by a fraternity’s “who would you rape?” survey.

The False Rape Society is shocked and stunned that frat boys would joke about rape.

So you may have seen the story yesterday about the University of Vermont fraternity that was suspended for sending out a charming little survey that allegedly asked, among other things, “If you could rape someone, who would it be?” (FWIW, the frat now says it was the work of an individual frat member, not the chapter.)

Reading about this incident, I’m guessing that you probably didn’t ask yourself: “I wonder how the guys at the False Rape Society will use this news to push their own agenda?” Heck, I didn’t even think to ask myself that question. But while doing the rounds of the MRA blogs I’ve discovered the answer to that question, and here it is: FRS head honcho Pierce Harlan described the survey as “perhaps a poke at feminism’s fascination with rape,” then denounced it as “indefensible,” then ranted about the evils of false rape accusations. I guess that isn’t really shocking at all.

First, Harlan offered this take on the “who would you rape” question:

I assume the survey was sick humor, a crude satire of the fratboy culture, and perhaps a poke at feminism’s fascination with rape.

Yes, because any time men make rape jokes it’s probably because, you know, feminism, and its wacky obsession with rape.

Then Harlan went on to suggest that rape was no laughing matter – especially when it comes to rape that doesn’t happen:

Whatever it was intended to be, ultimately it is indefensible, because trivializing the word “rape” is no laughing matter, whether it’s a joke about the rape of male prisoners, or the fantasy “rape” of women, or a false rape claim intended to get a guy in, or a woman out of, trouble.

Well, that was quick. Let’s not talk about the trivialization of real rape. Let’s talk about the epidemic of “false rape accusations” that Harlan has convinced himself is the real problem here.

With nary a pause, Harlan moved on to complain about hypothetical feminists making a big deal out of this survey instead of joining him on his crusade:

There most certainly will be an outcry in the feminist blogosphere over this isolated incident

This what incident?

and it will be cited as proof positive to support the myth that ours is a  “rape culture.”

Yeah, I wonder why casual jokes about rape would possibly be considered as part of “rape culture.”

A “rape culture,” of course, not only would tolerate but would condone such a puerile survey.  Our society does neither. The only “rape” jokes our society condones concerns prison rape — and that’s because society actually encourages prison rape as a sort of “added bonus” punishment for any hapless male who lands in prison.  It is ironic that actual prison rape does not garner the outrage that this this sick fratboy humor is generating. Go figure.

This from a guy who doesn’t seem to have ever even bothered to mention the leading anti-prison rape organization, Just Detention, on his web site. (See here for more on the issue on Man Boobz.) Though he does offer three links on his main page to information about the statute of limitation for rape charges, in case anyone reading is worried about getting caught being falsely accused for something they did didn’t do a long time ago.

Meanwhile,rape jokes — and not just prison rape jokes — are everywhere. Harlan, I assume you are at least somewhat familiar with a little site called Reddit, where people not only laugh at rape jokes – they laugh at actual rape!

Meanwhile, in the comments on Harlan’s article, some False Rape Society readers don’t even bother to pretend that the “rape survey” bothers them. According to the commenter called “bad,”

We should be celebrating young men who stand up against misandry. We should be celebrating the frat that said “no means yes” and we should be celebrating the frat that created this survey, if it’s a real story.

An anonymous commenter takes it a step further:

I do not condemn this action,

in fact, I wish I’d thought of it.

It is a brilliant and very appropriate response to the way young men are being treated by college campuses.

When the answer to “who would you like to treat like a rapist” is “all college men”, I think that asking them who they’d like to rape is more than fair.

But it is Harlan’s response to these comments that is the most revealing:

By the way, I read the reaction of Bad and others as a natural backlash … against the unconscionable PC culture of misandry on campus. I happen to disagree with those who suggest this was acceptable, but their remarks should not be construed as evidence that we live in a “rape culture.” Like Steve, I read their comments more as an affirmation that we live in a false rape culture–a culture that more and more men are finding intolerable.

I, on the other hand, doubt that these young men have the first clue about misandry, feminism, or how colleges run roughshod over the rights of young men. I am always amazed when we hear from falsely accused people who “had not idea this goes on.” My guess is they were just being being “funny.” I would, frankly, love to find out I am wrong, and that not only would they never call for a woman to be actually raped, but that this was a protest against the pendulum swinging too far. In that case, I am still not sure I could find it acceptable but it would initiate an entirely different dialogue.

So the survey is “indefensible,” yet a totally understandable reaction to, and protest against, an “unconscionable PC culture of misandry.”

Got it.

EDITED TO ADD: Harlan has written a response, of sorts, to this post. It is a bit — what’s the word I’m looking for here? — zany.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. There’s a simple way for you to prove that Zhinxy is lying and doesn’t believe in Libertarianism btw NWO.

    A very easy way :3

    She’s alrdy offered it to you and you ran away remember? xD

    So I’ll offer it again😀 And you can take it or forever hold your peace xD

    She challenged you to a Libertarian debate before…

    the challenge is still open…

    You claim to be the expert, you claim that she’s lying and therefore you must have reasons why you think she’s lying, reasons you can readily show (since they’re apparent to you :3 )

    So.. expose her.😀



  2. Yeah, seriously, NWO, if it’s this obvious I am pretending, I should be easy to expose, right?🙂

  3. Be careful my Dark Sister, NWOslave is more clever than he appears.

  4. “Be careful my Dark Sister, NWOslave is more clever than he appears.”

    Well, that’s not exactly difficult.

  5. How about the right to use words (expression) ! If you infer that the Frat guy is pro- rape, he has that right.

  6. “And how on earth can you possibly tell if a woman actually, for real, wants to have sex with you? It’s not like you can ask her directly, because she has the power of speech, or anything like that.”

    And women say men are terrible communicators. Yes, there’s absolutely no way for women to give a signal they want to have sex without being directly asked. Next time you want to ask a man why he didn’t call, use this logic. Why didn’t you directly call him and ask him to call? Doesn’t really work doesn’t. When looking for signs of the other person’s affection and not getting any, the response “well you didn’t ask” really doesn’t work.

  7. Nice. You’ve got a new subscriber!

  8. billy williams

    Ok,He didn’t use it as an opportunity to preach about the awfulness of a false rape accusation he used it as an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of those who cry out against rape,But look the other way when a FRA happens. Let’s go through these one by one ok:

    It was a poke at how much feminist attention it was getting

    He was simply saying that NOTHING that has anything to do with rape is funny,Well wouldn’t that include false rape accusations?

    The incident at this university has had nothing to do with any other events involving frat boys so it’s isolated from the rest hence the term “isolated incident”

    Cruel jokes don’t mean that there is an epidemic of people condoning rape,There are jokes about murder yet i never hear of a “murder culture”

    But prison rape really doesn’t get the same attention as other rape jokes do.-”Don’t drop the soap” would have to be the biggest rape joke of all time & the only one where you never hear people upset about it. & his website is about false accusations,Not rape so why would there be links to anti rape websites,That’s not what his websites supposed to be about,It’s about FRA’s as well as the hypocrisy of those who ignore them.

    First,That was not the official stance of FRS just a reader/commenter. Second,I believe what that person was trying to say is that it is good for people to stand up against what is wrong & what they feel is wrong is treating everything like it is a sign of rape culture when it isn’t & this was just meant to poke fun at that.

    As young college men are often treated like rapists(or potential ones) the second they get through the door the reader was saying that it would make sense that if you treat all men like animals,We might as well act like one.

    The point was that while the survey was not appropriate,It was seen as something possibly meant to counter the culture of misandry on college campuses,As if to say “You think I’m an animal? Well then i might as well act like one!”-The right way to do it? Perhaps not. Maybe it was the wrong thing,but at least someone did something.

  9. Sneak troll found! Target locked!

  10. So, doing something bad is better than doing nothing? Mmh, that open so many doors in terms of moral reasoning. I was hesitating between stabbing someone or staring at my ceiling, I guess I know what’s better… Doing SOMETHING.

    Try to do a “drop the soap” joke on a feminist blog or website. The reaction might surprise you.

  11. Wow, Billy, it took you 5 months to come up with that response to the original post? I would have expected something a little more polished. But hey, thanks for posting the exact same link to the FRS blog that David already included. That was helpful.

  12. Actually the tread was resurrected 3 times since 2011. That’s sort of impressive.


  14. cloudiah: yeah, but that’s the FAQ, it’s kind of atemporal, that’s the one thread you can access at any moment, no matter where you’re on the blog.

  15. billy williams

    No, i didn’t mean doing something bad is better than nothing, but in this case, if the fraternity really believed they were doing something good by countering misandry, i understand it. That at least people were trying to help fight against it. Again, if that’s what they were doing. Also, i posted the exact same comment 5 months ago, but no one seemed to notice it so i thought I’d try again.

  16. billy williams

    @cloudiah I hope it was helpful, i hope so😉

  17. Except there weren’t trying to “fight misandry”. There were just having fun and laughing at the idea of raping people. Nowhere in the universe does that qualify as an attempt to fight anything, except maybe decency and respect for humans lives. Not by any standards.

    And someone treating “like an animal*” is no reason to act like that. Not legally, not morally.

    *my apologies to non-humans animals, who are actually way less cruel than that.

  18. Note to Billy: If you feel you’ve been misunderstood, feel free to explain what people are misunderstanding and what you really meant.

  19. billy williams

    They could have been trying to fight misandry,-perhaps a poke at feminism(like harlan said). I don’t know but it could have been.

    And i’m not saying it was the right decision, just that if they were trying to fight misandry, i understand, that’s all.

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