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About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Myths about male rape: not specific to child rape, but the systemic issue means that we’re talking about a continuum not separate incidents:


  2. Secondly, if the vast majority of case are never brought to court, and when they are men receive harsher sentences, how do men have greater “greater access”?

    It’s hard to know because the problems of lack of reporting, but IF the majority of cases reported are by men, not women, then odds are the majority of cases not reported by men (I guess I’m not prepared to believe on blind faith that a huge percentage of women raping boys and male teenagers, although I suppose NWO and other trolls would claim it’s possible or even probable).

    And if you want acknowledgement that women are treated differently in their favor in terms of child rape, then you need to ackowledge disparity in sentencing in other ways: i.e. black men more likely than white men to go to prison for same or lesser charges (see,, especially, cocaine disparity sentencing), and women who kill husbands get harsher sentences than men who kill wives.

    So it’s not a single issue, but a systematic and complex one.

    And trust me, when I talk about creepy fan behavior, I’m not talking about ogling and drooling, but specific boundary crossing actions including internet and offline stalking.

    I don’t see ogling as that major a problem or that creepy….

  3. How do you write a comment wherein you refer to yourself 35 times and not notice? How did he give that the once-over and decide “yeah, that one will probably make it through! I should definitely hit ‘post comment.'”

    Maybe Brandon does not understand the Brandon Challenge?

  4. Brandon’s way of answering the Brandon challenge is to post the same way he always does and just assume David will let it through, because he’s Brandon and everyone can see how important he and his thoughts are.

  5. hey y’all, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope everyone has an awesome night and an even better year!!

  6. Doyourownresearch

    And the nomination for the biggest Mangina Troll is….

    David Lol

    You creepy weirdo’s have a happy New Year!


  7. Hey, everyone! If you’re a loser home alone on the Internet tonight, I’m holding a New Year’s Eve party in the Manboobz chattybox! Come along, we’re all very nice.🙂

  8. Wait, we have a chat box?


  9. You creepy weirdo’s have a happy New Year!

    Perhaps you should do your own research on punctuation.

  10. Where’s the chat-box? Not that i am the loser-home-alone-on-the-Internet-tonight, I am off to a party in an hour. I heard there will be swords!

  11. Lauralot: Yep, it’s attached to the Manboobz forum! Constantly full of excitement, wonder, and Minecraft discussions! xD

  12. Tough choice. I finally went with NWO because he seems to be capable of being vile on any subject, while Meller is pretty one-note – or at least has been since his attempted geography lesson failed so badly.

  13. And the nomination for the biggest Mangina Troll is….

    David Lol

    I’ve found at least three people called David Lol – which one do you mean? It would be embarrassing if the award was given to the wrong one.

  14. generally you have multiple nominations and then one winner. but apparently our dear host is such a quaking mangina that none can compare???

  15. Well, I had to go with NWOslave because he’s just so batshit crazy.

    He kind of reminds me of the Krug from Dungeon Siege, a humanoid race that never figured out fire and watches humans from the wilder parts of the land. They’re generally harmless but are prone to lashing out occasionally.

    Similarly NWOslave seems to realize that logic, reason, and evidence are good things but just can’t figure out how they work. He lashes out from time to time, but just can’t seem to find an actual target, since his methods of determining truth are woefully inadequate. He ends up looking like Tyler Durden, fistfighting an imaginary opponent in a parking lot.

  16. The question is: how do you troll your own blog?

  17. Well, if being annoying is a trait required for a troll…I guess to annoy yourself you’d have to post lyrics to a song you hate or something?

  18. I might stop by, ozy – Ben has a really loud gig tonight, and I couldn’t face a party full of drunk people, so I was planning an evening with waffles and a CSI marathon. Party in the chatbox sounds good!

  19. I might stop by the chat, our plans got all blown to hell.

  20. Anti-Moron's-Rights

    I have some time on my hands before we head out tonight, so I will say hello again to the Man Boobz crew.

    I popped by the “Hooking Up Smart” site just a bit ago to check out what was going on. It looks like more of the same over there – shaming women who actually enjoy sex, claiming that no woman who’s had casual sex will EVAR be “acceptable relationship material,” and denying that any woman could enjoy having sex for sex’s sake. I added my own thoughts to this post: http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2011/12/19/hookinguprealities/hookup-culture-rightly-laid-at-feminisms-feet/, with a few of my personal details tweaked for privacy’s sake. Frankly, I was surprised I got waved through at all.

    Basically, my point was that just because people on that blog deny the existence of sex-positive women does not mean we don’t exist. What I didn’t write was that we avoid MRAs, fundies, and 50s fetishists like the plague because we know we’re just going to be shamed, belittled, mocked, and generally treated like trash at every turn. Sex-positive people date sex-positive people, and repressive 50s fetishists likewise seek their own.

    Oh well. Back to my R.E.M. Nothing sets a Shorter’s anger meter off more than an openly bi guy making a ton of money off of writing and performing great rock n’ roll songs. I’m feeling like some “Pop Song ’89” right now. Yee-haw!

  21. I might stop by the chatbox, Ozy – I don’t think I have the energy to go out tonight.

  22. Anti-Moron's-Rights

    The problem with NYE is the same as Valentine’s Day – it’s thoroughly overrated.

    I don’t expect this to go away anytime soon, though, what with the stores putting out Halloween stuff in the summer, and Christmas stuff by back-to-school time. One of my largest Web and software clients was one of Fortune’s largest private companies, and whatever holiday it was – and however minor the holiday – we had to help them promote the heck out of it months beforehand.

    IMO, that kind of takes the fun out of the anticipation and the holiday itself. It makes it less special, and more like this overblown, overhyped, commercial bonanza, with the underlying message of “If you’re not MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS HOLIDAY, YOU SUCK!” This is why I avoid most big-box stores and such like the plague! Well, that and the Muzak. Muzak is one of the worst modern inventions in the history of mankind, ever.

  23. I know what you mean about the long build up to holidays. I have friends who put their christmas tree up when the shops do (beginning of November) and take it down on christmas day!

  24. The chat doesn’t work for me, for whatever reason, so I will hang out on the site.

  25. lauralotttt you need to have an account on the forum to log into the chatbox. (if you already know that sorry. I am just making sure you know because otherwise you can’t log into the chatbox)

  26. Brandon update!!!

    Apparently the terms of the Brandon Challenge — post some comments in which he did not refer to himself — were too degrading for him, so he flounced. Here’s his final comment:

    @David That comment was 1) before I knew about your little game and 2) directed at Pencunium.

    Otherwise, happy new year. So not playing your childish games.

    This raises an interesting question: how did he know he was on moderation, yet not know about the Brandon Challenge, since the comment in which I explained the Brandon challenge was the very same one in which I announced he was on moderation.

    I guess we’ll never know!

    Brandon: The first troll to have banished himself from Man Boobz due to his refusal to stop talking about himself in every single comment!

  27. That is so awesome.

  28. “Your little game”?

    I can’t tell if he thinks he’s doing some Bond-style witty quip or if he’s imagining himself as a super villain.

    Either way, and ignoring his lie about not knowing, why exactly did a post “directed at Pencunium” need 35 references to Boringdon? Whatever the reason, 2012 is starting off on the right foot.


  29. Bye, Brandon! You won’t be missed.

    I’ll be very surprised if he actually sticks the flounce. They never do.

  30. The real question is, what name will he use when he comes back?

    “Ashley” is too obvious, even for him, but he’s not witty enough for something like “Blandon.”

  31. Curbing his solipsism for one comment is far too childish for Brandon! Seriously, David, bravo, this is, like, one of my favorite “bannings” ever. It’s like a story about a wizard mod, and how he stopped the vile Dude Who Caused A Black Hole Effect Around His Own Ego… Or something😄

  32. I seem to be banned from the chatbox.

  33. Orion, do you have a manboobz forum account?

  34. I suspect his thinking was 1: He was defending himself against my comments, which were full of, “unjust accusations, which required him to refer to himself, as it was in direct response to comments made directly to him, about himself.

    2: Because it was a direct response it ought to be exempt from the requirement that he post a comment which didn’t use direct references to himself.

    That he referenced his being on moderation does seem to put the lie to his not knowing about the challenge. I suspect he figured the rule wouldn’t apply to things which were an attempt to defend himself against the defamations being hurled at him; which defamations he has been forced to deal with since his earliest appearance; as his MO hasn’t changed a whit.

    He may also have figured that his long silence in responding to my comments would get him a pass, “just this once.”

    But really, all he had to do was wait, make some comments that passed the “not about me” test and then he could have done what he liked, but no, that would have been admitting he wasn’t in complete control. Better to be silenced than to make the least concession; even one that was fleeting and didn’t require any admission of wrongdoing.

  35. Lauralot, he’ll probably come back with another brotastic name like Josh or Evan. Not that it matters, because I doubt he can sock effectively.

  36. David, I attempted to get an account at the forum about, oh, two months ago and it never worked. Operator error? (I hope.)

  37. Sniper, not sure what happened, sign up again and I’ll approve it.

  38. Curses, I was on the train. Alas.

  39. Who ever said that female anime fans weren’t creepy sometimes? In fact, I believe the creepiness of some yaoi fans was discussed here fairly recently. Certainly I work with a lot of the bands that the very same female fanbase follow, and yep, they’re sometimes super creepy.*

    In terms of sheer numbers, though, the dudes win. Both in terms of the volume of product produced and consumed and in terms of the sheer level of creepiness. There’s a lot of yaoi that I think is creepy, and I think shota is repulsive, but I don’t think any otaku-focused product for women has yet to hit the sheer level of wtf-is-wrong-with-you of, say, RapeLay.

    *There’s also a lot of fetishising racism going into that particular creepy behavior, but that’s a conversation for another day.

  40. BTW, Happy New Year, everyone! I’m going out for a bit, then back home, then out again, but I’ll be around. NYE is amateur night – I’m not going anywhere near the main party zones, lest I have to deal with crowds of people who don’t usually go out much getting way too drunk and puking on my shoes.

    In terms of the Boring One and his flounce, meh. I give it less than a week before he’s back.

  41. I have a forum acct but the chatbox doth not work for me. (I don’t post often but lurk sometimes.)

  42. Anti-Moron's-Rights

    This is a site that I recommend adding to the “Boob Roll” blogroll, as this post will tell you everything you need to know about the author’s views:


    It’s authored by a woman who “admires Roissy” and who shames (while simultaneously denying the existence of) women who actually have sex for the pure enjoyment of it. She attracts tons of self-righteous MRAs, as well as women who hope to get into her good graces by hating on other woman. One female commenter persists in telling everyone that a woman with double-digit sex partners is mentally damaged and has serious issues with her judgment. If that’s so, then why was I out there having fun in my youth, and why is she wasting hers on the Internet, worrying about and judging what others do with their genitalia? For not existing, I have a pretty powerful effect on her, and women like her.

    Now I’m off to a club full of people who believe gender is a social construct, and are going to work hard to vote all the Shorters out of office this coming year. Happy New Year, everyone, and down with the Tea Party!

  43. @David Futrelle

    Thanks! I’m in.

  44. I did not real the previous 400 comments, I just want to say that I almost died laughing at the new (or maybe I just didn’t notice it?) category “TROOOLLLL!”.

    I love it! (And yes, that movie was hilarious!)

    Also: crap I missed the vote but it seems like it will be about as necessary as voting against Romney will be next year. My pick of the year won, um, handily.

  45. Okay, so, the chat keeps telling me I’m disconnected. Is there some plug-in or something that I don’t have?

  46. @Anti-Moron’s-Rights – David’s done posts on Walsh before. I agree she is an excellent candidate for the Boob Roll.

  47. @Lauralot. Log in through the forum–then click the link to go to live chat.

  48. Oh… to be fair to him… he could, easily, know he is being moderated, without initially knowing why. If a post is moderated one is told when one submits it.

    But, all things being being equal, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t ego-surfing for replies, because it’s something people with a normal desire to see how others have reacted do things, so it’s probably true he does the same.

  49. @Pecunium: I think that was the first post he made since David put him on moderation, though. Or at least David didn’t mention if he tried any others.

  50. Lauaralot: It was at least the second, since he knew, when he posted in response to what I had said, that he was being moderated. I can give him the benefit of some doubt, in this case, because if he hadn’t gone to the polling post, he had no reason to know the why of it.

    But, as with the issue of the hypothetical relating to his child, and the child’s mother, he’ll cut off his nose, to spite his face, if he thinks he isn’t being given the respect he deserves; not realising that he has, for longer than most, gotten more respect than he deserves, and far more than he has earned.

  51. Anti-Moron's-Rights

    @theLaplace: Thanks! I’m still pretty new to Man Boobz so I will make a derp now and then.

    So pleased with the results of the Troll Poll. Heh heh heh. *Cackles like Mr. Burns.*

  52. Brandon’s gone?

    Parting is such sweet . . . bliss, actually

    *does the Muppet Happy Dance*

  53. “Brandon’s gone?”
    He could come back if he finds the strength to say “this article is funny/stupid” without adding “which is why you should all do like me and never marry. Stop telling me to marry, and how dare a woman give me her opinion! Bye, I’m off to have kinky against-the-wall sex with my girlfriend, which mean I’m a great person. “

  54. @Kyrie

    The question is: how do you troll your own blog?

    See: Cole, John. Re: Baloon Juice😉

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