Feminists are all the same woman. And that woman is Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a little exchange from Reddit Men’s Rights subreddit that shows what exactly we’re up against here. By which I mean: complete dunderheads.

To properly enjoy the exchange below, you need to know that the “Sadly… yes” link leads to a video of Gloria Allred.

Superior male brains at work in r/mensrights

Here’s the video of Hillary Clinton Gloria Allred:

Well, hey, they do look sort of similar, if you ignore the name “Gloria Allred” in giant letters at the start, and sort of squint your eyes, and disregard  the fact that her voice is not actually that of Hillary Clinton, but of an entirely different woman. Gloria Allred, to be specific. I mean, heck, Hillary Clinton’s only been on the national political scene for, like, twenty years; it’s not as if anyone could be expected to know what she looks or sounds like, or that her name isn’t spelled “Gloria Allred.” And it’s not like Gloria Allred is ever on TV or anything.

But the important thing is, even though Gloria Allred is not Hillary Clinton:

Kragmoor’s point still stands!


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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @Polliwog with regard to the hate directed toward Hillary, I agree that it is completely overblown, and in this case The Family Entertainment Protection Act was co-sponsored by Joe Lieberman, Tim Johnson and Evan Bayh and they didn’t get nearly the level of rage that Hillary did.
    I personally just find it tiring because it smacks of the moral panic BS that has popped up ad infinitum in the past with comic books, rock and roll music, motion pictures, bicycles, etc.

    As far as the video games versus movies thing, quoting myself to keep thing in one place:

    Well, basically the theory of how MPAA ratings are enforced is they say to theaters “If you don’t follow our policy, you won’t be able to show any MPAA rated movies” and thus are able to control the (former) main distribution channel. In practice I haven’t found this to be terribly effective; it’s ridiculously easy for minors to get into R/NC-17 movies. The ESRB/ESA, on the other hand, doesn’t have tightly controlled distribution channel and can’t enforce their ratings in exactly the same way.

    The home video market is far more similar to the video game market and I haven’t encountered any DVD/VHS retailers (aside from Walmart which has the same policy about MA games) that have an ironclad policy about selling R rated DVDs to the 17 & under set.

    An addendum to that, GameStop, the self proclaimed “world’s largest multichannel video game retailer” has an official policy to not sell MA gamet to those 17 & under. Unfortunately, it then falls on the actual employees to enforce the policy and, as with movie theater employees, they often fail to do so.

  2. Have you got a picture of them? Because that sounds…awesome.

    hell yes i do. gonna post ’em one at a time so i don’t get stuck in moderation

  3. Sharculese, those are AWESOME.

  4. Sharculese, those are beautiful to behold. Do you have some DIY ties to go with them?

  5. “HOOT”🙂🙂🙂

    I can honestly say those are the best owl shoes I have ever seen.

  6. thanks yall

    Do you have some DIY ties to go with them?

    lol, i wish. sharpie on canvas is about the limit of my abilities

  7. I think the beach owls are my favourite owls. But they’re all pretty great.

  8. That… that is so cute!

  9. Apparently the NY Times has trouble telling HIllary Clinton apart from other women also, as the photo caption here suggests:

  10. Wow. That’s . . . kind of painful, actually.

  11. I think the beach owls are my favourite owls. But they’re all pretty great.

    everyone loves the beach scene the best, which is funny because it wasnt part of my original plan. one of my roommates at the time was way into hula hooping, and she wanted to see an owl in a hoop, so i built a scene around that

  12. LOLERS! Well hey, he can always claim to have Prosopagnosia. That way his point can still stand.

    I do have prosopagnosia, and I can tell that’s Gloria Allred. The words “Gloria Allred” floating in front of her are a big help with my disability.

    You can tell that the Men’s Rights Reddit is one of the more intellectually advanced MRA sites because one person a) bothered to look at the video, and b) noticed the glaring absence of any current Secretaries of State. If this were the Spearhead it’d pass entirely without question, and a couple of weeks from now NWO would be here railing incoherently about how Hillary Clinton is plotting with the U.N. to inject him with flouride.

  13. “Nobody heard me, but it didn’t matter – I’d made my point.” – Alan Partridge

  14. Oh boy, another MRA rumpus has been planned!


    I can’t wait for it to fall through.

  15. Hyberbole about Hillary aside, the hilarious thing is that the guy isn’t willing to own up to his mistake.

  16. Oh, and I bet 5 bags of Dorittos that the MRA rumpus won’t follow through.

  17. @Crumbelievable:

    From your link: “The regional theme I have picked for this year is “Overcoming Misandry through Introspection and Positive Personal Action”.”

    Since when has the MRM been about personal responsibility for overcoming misandry? Wouldn’t that be “victim blaming” from their perspective?

  18. i didnt listen to the jade michael song, but wasnt it just straight up butt rock? whats introspective about that?

  19. The Jade Michael song was basically I, Jade, am still butthurt about the fact that I failed my audition to get into Warrant in 1987, and somehow this is women’s fault.

    PS Don’t tell my wife that I’m promising not to marry other women in my lyrics.

  20. I, Jade, am still butthurt about the fact that I failed my audition to get into Warrant in 1987

    sounds like butt rock to me!

  21. I doubt Jade Michael will get enough donations for this four-hour fun-filled family event.

    I’m a little surprised at the “bring the kids and family” bit. Guess he’s not performing his FTSU opus.

  22. I would think that all five guys should be able to make it to one place at one time for once.

  23. I just hope that none of these guys work in professions that require excellent planning skills, or diligent follow-through.

  24. Keyster even notes, “Be aware MRA’s can be notoriously challenging when trying to gather a quorum”

    You don’t say.

  25. So basically like herding cats, if all the cats involved were of the touch-me-and-I’ll-claw-your-eyes-out variety.

    (I apologise to all cats everywhere for this comparison.)

  26. @Sharculese:

    It was basically like this, but the comedic value was unintentional

  27. Wahaha! What’ll the excuse be when they stop though? X3

  28. Bagelsan, that owl sweater is beautiful! And very clever. Cable owls. I might make it for myself.

  29. Brandon, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a lifestyle that works for you. If your happiest working at a low paying job that pays your bills and leaves a couple bucks over, so what? What I’ve seen in several places in the manosphere are men who think its some clever plot to do so, because somehow that’s going to have a devastating impact on women in general. Which is why I, as a feminist, have come to the conclusion that some of the MRA are just silly.

    The whole idea of chivalry never benefited women like me, who could be demanded of to provide sexual services if I caught the higher ranking mans eye (and refusal meant terrible things would happen to my family). Under chivalry, the best I could hope for was to be invisible.

    The answer to feeling that society thinks you useless (which happens to just about everyone since capital and resources started getting consolidated into the hands of a few) isn’t to just throw your hands in the air. What’s needed is for people to learn to respect you for what you are contributing to society, however humble that may be. The manosphere wants to put it on feminist shoulders that men aren’t respected for their contributions, when in fact, that criticism would be more accurately laid at the historical forces that led to modern capitalism and manufacturing processes. Women had no say in how that history played out. We were still required to make sammiches and care for children at that point. For that matter, very few men had any pull in that scenario either.

  30. Brandon, I as a feminist would love to see a society where women were each given the knowledge to defend themselves, where women didn’t feel routinely forced to appeal to men for protection. The ship sinking thing….seems to me that better planning and co ordination was needed to save more people, so that no one would be trampled under foot in a panic. And the captain is being shamed because it was his duty to see to the welfare of everyone on board ship.

  31. The funny thing here is that MRAs as a group don’t like the idea of women defending themselves, earning a living, etc, at all. I guess we’re just supposed to starve or be helpless and defenceless unless some man happens to feel like marrying us. Why would women find that idea so offensive? Sigh. Ladies are so unreasonable.

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