Uteruses Versus Duderuses

Apparently a lot of ladies have these things living in their lady regions.

Today, more insight into the enigma that is ladies. Our topic? The uterus and its discontents. The uterus, for those who  have not heard of it, is a lady organ that ladies who were born ladies have down in their lady regions. It is used for two purposes: making babies, and oppressing men.

Some ladies, you see, like to trick men into giving up their sperm (or to steal it from them without their knowledge). The ladies somehow use this sperm to grow babies in their uteruses — I’m not sure on all the details here — which they then use to extract money  from men. As is well known, it really doesn’t cost anything to raise a child, and the ladies use most of the so-called child-support they get from men to pay for bon bons and Cadillacs.

It gets worse. According to a dude called Joe Zamboni over on The Spearhead, some of these uterus-having ladies are at risk of developing something called Golden Uterus Syndrome, or GUS. First described by Dr. Tara J. Palmatier, Zamboni notes,

Golden Uterus Syndrome (GUS) occurs when a woman thinks she deserves special privileges just because she has given birth to a child. … Supposedly all sorts of things (like a mother not taking a job, and instead staying at home) are for the benefit of the child, when in reality they are simply a cover for the woman manipulating others to get her way. … So many of these mothers just take, take, take — like parasites.

Even worse, Zamboni explains, is that some women deliberately infect themselves with Golden Uterus Syndrome, thus guaranteeing them a life of ease as a stay-at-home or single mother:

[W]omen all over world are blatantly getting pregnant so that they don’t have to work at a job, so that they can be supported by a man. I’m not going to act like I approve of their behavior to ensnare and enslave a man, so that this man is then forced to pay eighteen years of child support at the very least.

GUS is rampant in the United States. And it’s time for an intervention.

Mothers now enjoy many unwarranted preferences, and it’s time to reestablish a new and more equitable balance.

Luckily, Zamboni explains, we can combat many of the evil effects of GUS simply by acting like assholes.

The fact is that other people, be they men or women, owe nothing to mothers. As the recent Italian ocean liner accident (Costa Concordia) dramatically revealed, chivalry is dead. I won’t give my seat on the bus to a mother who’s standing, and I certainly won’t give my sinking-ship lifeboat seat to a mother.

The social contract between men and women is dead, and feminist women are the ones who killed it. Mothers in general don’t do anything for me (although I appreciate my own, God rest her soul).

Men shouldn’t feel guilty for treating mothers badly. Because feminism.

Once upon a time, there may have been good reason to protect mothers, to support mothers, etc. (I don’t know, I wasn’t there). But that is one hundred or more years ago. Today’s American women claim to be the equals of men, if not better than men. At least in this instance, I am pleased to give them what they say they want (equal treatment).

Motherhood is, after all, a choice, and men really shouldn’t be burdened by any of the costs of human reproduction.

The fact is that modern mothers have a choice to have a child or not. When they have a child, it is their own personal burden that they are taking on — it is their decision to have that baby. I had no part in their past baby making decisions (unfortunately even if I was the contributor of DNA material), and I do not now agree to allow them to off-load the baby-related responsibilities and costs onto me. …

This is fundamentally a question of self-responsibility, and women in general seem loath to take on true self-responsibility. A friend of mine calls it “congenital female selfishness,” but I think it is more like an acculturated selfishness, and a “pussy pass” so that they can get out of trouble, so that they don’t need to grow-up. As long as we men keep playing the mangina and white knight roles, as long as we keep giving all sorts of special treatment to mothers, going out of our way to protect mothers, doing all sorts of special favors for mothers, we feed and perpetuate the GUS fantasy.

And really, why should men have to pay just because some lady wants to take up babymaking as a hobby?

The fact is: the world doesn’t need more children. … Women don’t need to have children. They want children. Having children is a preference, and men are supposed to endlessly indulge women in the fulfillment of this wish. It’s time that the women-having-babies conversation was brought into the realm of public conversation, and then dealt with rationally and responsibly.

It’s time that men got a backbone and refused to endlessly indulge women in their desire for, and rearing of children. In large measure, it is the continued willingness of men to indulge this selfish female desire that has led to our overpopulation problem.

Exactly! It has nothing to do with governments and religious institutions campaigning against birth control and abortion, or any of that stuff. It’s female selfishness, plain and simple.

It’s time for all men to say “no” to women that selfishly keep having babies. It’s time for third party men to say “no” to providing support and protection to mothers who have quite clearly rejected any sort of partnership with a man. It’s time for all men to say “no” to the exploitative demands of these GUS-infected self-serving mothers.

Stirring words indeed.

Naturally, Zamboni’s argument found receptive ears over at The Spearhead.

“Great article Joe,” wrote Pendelton.

The living hell a man goes through where the golden uterus lives on his back and shoulders 24/7, also using his children to dump on and chump off him has got to be comparably unbearable.

And it’s always to be remembered that this type of woman, being a natural mercenary and hostage maker, has the legal violence of the law to back up her nastiness.

Why do people put up with these nagging hoyhums ?

Stonelifter added:

woman have the golden everything syndrome. They think you owe them for life if you had sex with you once; sex which they also enjoyed as well as you.

They make you diner once, you owe them for life

Admittedly, if a woman builds you an entire diner, I think you probably do owe her for that.

Durandal worked in a bit of “we hunted the mammoth for you” as well:

Women’s value is defined by what they have. Which is a vagina, uterus, and babymaking capability. Hence the self-entitlement and the probable evolutionary adaptation of selfishness and reliance on emotional solipsism and manipulation.

Men’s value is defined by what they do. Which is build absolutely everything, provide everything and advance civilization through their effort, rationality, intelligence, courage and sacrifice.

When our fiat monetary system falls apart and our economy winds down (and it will, if it hasn’t already), watch as government mandated entitlements for women from education & employment quotas to divorce court payouts go up in smoke and an immediate desire to reinstate productivity and real wealth (brought to you by patriarchy) returns for good.

Orecret also predicted the end of the world as we know it (and he feels fine):

Sometimes I wonder how much of the tension between women and men and the consequent breakdown of the social contract between them are due to overpopulation on the planet.

A greater population is no longer needed. Babies and children thus have a lower social value… as do WOMEN… and the male-female bond generally.

Women have gained more power due to prosperity and technology. They are currently experiencing what to them seems like a moment of glory. Only they are poised for a great fall as the effects of overpopulation on the planet become more acutely felt.

As elbow room becomes significantly impinged, men will find themselves even less inclined to take on any sort of partnership with a woman, especially where children are concerned. This effectively frees up men to use their time as they see fit as they are not to be burdened with the expenses and responsibilities of marriage, etc.

Men will act less and less in the public sphere. Corporations will have a hard time hiring men to jobs that they neither need nor want having been freed from the burden of family. Armies will shrink due to the lack of will the everyman has in protecting a society where the social contract has broken down much to the detriment of men everywhere.

The society will crash around us. Women will find themselves without male partners in an increasingly harsh social and natural environment. Life will become increasingly difficult for them and they will be (evermore) unhappy.

The MEN will be free and feral. Returned once again to a natural state where the majority of them are the happiest.

It seems a collective Wile E. Coyote moment is about to take place on a global scale.

It’s a good thing that THIS roadrunner has already gone ghost.

Each of these comments got dozens of upvotes on The Spearhead. Spearheaders know good sense when they see it!


There is some here.

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  1. …from my roommate’s “ha ha you autistic loser you’re just asexual because no one will fuck you”…

    Holy shit. That’s just awful. Sorry you had to deal with that.😦

  2. … and Brandon goes back into moderation. Or maybe just ban forever? Thoughts?

  3. I’m sorry, Lauralot😦 I hope you will be okay!

    Have another kitten video, if you like!

  4. @Lauralot
    And an adorable doggie

  5. I vote for banning Brandon. He’s never funny, just gratingly annoying.

  6. Well, I don’t think Brandon is even entertaining at all, so I don’t really think there is a reason to let him post again.
    IMHO he’s just tedious, boring and frustrating to deal with, nothing more Dx

  7. I say ban forever. It’s not like he’s even entertaining when he’s not being overtly horrible.

  8. Aw, thanks, everyone.

    The best part about this is that I’m not even diagnosed with autism: I’m undergoing testing to see if I’m on the spectrum at all and apparently that is something worthy of mockery.

  9. I vote for a bannination, with hammers and lightning.

  10. Bulldog puppy?

  11. I vote banhammer, for being a tedious shit and never being even remotely amusing or smart.

  12. I vote for a ban.

  13. … and Brandon goes back into moderation. Or maybe just ban forever? Thoughts?

    I’d vote for either “ban forever” or “ban until he posts a serious apology with a clear admission that his behavior was unacceptable.” So basically, “ban forever” either way.

  14. I vote ban. It’s not like Brandon has ever done anything besides The Brandon Shtick.

    He’ll probably come back with an increasingly worrisome set of socks, but oh well, that’s even more reason to ban.

  15. Brandon’s socks are like that one that fell behind the dryer when you were loading it and then you find it weeks later and it’s all mouldy and covered in lint.

  16. I object. That’s an insult to mold and lint.

    And for that matter, socks.

  17. Ban the fucker. He’s smarmy, obnoxious and boring as everyone has already mentioned as well as a disgusting person (well even more so) after what he just said.

    Also sorry you had such a shitty day Lauralot, wtf is with your roomate? that is rude and creepy as hell😦

  18. Then a ban it is. (I was leaning that way anyway.)

  19. @David

    Yay! I thought you would too, especially after that last thing he said.

  20. I have one other roommate, who is wonderful. We all moved into an apartment together from the college dorms and the horrible roommate has spent the past year acting worse and worse until I finally called her out on her bullshit, and then she said a lot of horrible things I can never forgive.

  21. It may be sacrilege to say but I thought the Ashley sock was amusing.

  22. It was amusing that he thought it would fool anyone, I’ll grant you that.

  23. I wanted to see the Ashley sock just to see how long he could keep the charade up xD

    I really do not understand the life of trolls. Like do they wake up, go online, check all the sites they’re trolling to see if people have shut up yet, get angry that people are still expressing their opinions, troll… then brush their teeth, eat breakfast, go to work/school, come home, check again, troll… eat dinner… check again… troll… go to bed? -_- Because a lot of them are here like ALL THE TIME… like how NWO used to troll us for almost an entire day despite his super long shifts and flying on an airplane all the time… I have no idea where he gets the time >_>

    @Lauralot *hug hug* I’m sorry😦

  24. I still think that when a lot of our trolls suddenly go “too far”, they’re doing it on purpose to be banned, because they know they’d never be able to flounce without coming back, and leaving a fight without the other side conceding is something they can’t do… so at some point, trolling us constantly gets to them a lot and they’re dealing with a lot of emotional stress and they want to be banned so they have an excuse to never coming back while feeling like they didn’t lose.

  25. I suspect a lot of them are about to fail out of their jobs or school, if they haven’t already. Being on line that much takes up time, especially trolling multiple sites. Their energy is focussed here. Not that that is a bad thing, I’m here tons, reading mostly. But so much negative energy being expended cannot be healthy to their lives.

    Ami–good insight, about getting banned. It must feel like free fall, all the sudden free time.

  26. Meh, I don’t think it’s that trolling takes so much more time than other hobbies–it’s just that you’re spending that time talking to people you hate and trying to make them miserable, and in the process making yourself miserable.

  27. Well that was quite the bewildering breakdown

  28. NWO or DKM, are so over the top I can’t take them too seriously, but I can’t stand Brandon the most because guys like him are truly evil in their ubiquity and banality.

    Agreed. Ban the banality of Brandon.

  29. I never understood why Brandon came here in the first place – why voluntarily hang around with a group of hostile people, all of whom without exception think that he’s not just obnoxious but boring with it? If I ever got that kind of implacable reaction, no matter how much in the right I thought I was, I’d have given up months ago.

    But then again, I possess a smidgen of self-awareness.

  30. I maintain that there is nothing on this planet cuter than a baby fenec!

  31. I’d say the punishment should fit the crime. Then again, I tend to think most people are redeemable. I’d put him a new challenge… an honest apology.

    It’s as good as a ban; he won’t do it, but it puts the onus on him. As with the last one the decision is his. Every time he thinks of posting here, he’ll have to decide that it’s too horrid to be asked to act like a decent human being, and apologise for being a shit.

  32. *hugs* for Lauralot!

    Supports Ban for Brandon: it was lovely while he was being off for being unable not to make himself the center of it all.

  33. Laura: Hugs, support. He’s an asshole. If I can help, let me know.

  34. Thanks again, everyone. The nice thing is this roommate brought a cat and a fish tank into the apartment against the terms of our lease, so I have a hell of a lot to hold over her head if she tries any shit again.

  35. Ugh. Your roommate sounds just *charming*. Sorry you have to deal with such an unkind, hateful person.

  36. I vote for a bannination, with hammers and lightning.


  37. I would have been for moderation until good apology, just for the lulz. But banning is second best.

  38. Your roommate is horrible Lauralot. Hugs if you want them.

    As for Brandon, wow, what an asshole. Like it has been mentioned already, either ban him or moderate him until he apologizes. Both options will basically have the same effect, since he seems to be incapable of acknowledging that he’s wrong.

  39. Aw, bye bye Brandon. Too bad for you that “but I didn’t mean it, I was just trying to make rape survivors feel bad!” is pretty much the worst defense possible for saying something horrible.

    Lauralot, what a terrible roommate. I hope your next living situation comes with less jerks >: -(

  40. I really have to wonder how old this guy is. I think he’s gotta be plus 50. And I suppose it also depends on where he’s from. But in my experience, women these days don’t want kids! Maybe it used to work like that in “ancient” days, but it is not so anymore. Not to mention, he’s completely ignoring all the men out there who actually want to have children. And how many men are now stay at home dads while mom goes out and works? Are they donating their sperm to their women so they can get taken care of? Anyways, if you want to make observations about people and society, how about you actually get accurate information and not think about what it was like when you were 20. Times change old man.

  41. This article completely denies the existence of men who WANT to have children. But I guess they’re a bunch of white knight manginas, so fuck ’em.

  42. But on other posts, MRAs have both implied and said outright that women are only useful as mothers and homemakers. But this Zamboni guy thinks mothers with young kids should have to get jobs. What does the men’s rights movement want women to do? Should we all sell Avon or magazines from home?

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