MRAs: Most inept propagandists ever?

Someone posted this image in the comments at A Voice for Men. As far as I can figure it, it depicts brave MRAs pulling down the allegedly evil Violence Against Women Act, which for some reason is represented by the Venus of Willendorf. Because women are fat? Or is just feminists who are fat? Or battered women?

Is every supposed MRA cause really just an excuse to talk shit about women?


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. No, NWOslave is right. A woman legally killed me a little while ago. That’s why I haven’t been around much.

    Sorry about that. I really should go reverse it but instead I will eat some peanuts. Dieting sucks by the way.

  2. I am forced to conclude that Holly is in some sort of quantum state, where she both is and is not falsely accusing someone of rape.

    I’m in the quantum state of:

    “I can attack this woman for being a false rape accuser!”
    “I can attack this woman for being a rape survivor!”

    Too NWO, both of those possibilities are so juicy he couldn’t pick just one.

  3. And NWO goes on permanent moderation for being a permanent shitstain.

  4. Uh, emotional abuse ISN’T A GENDER THING, NWO. There is no statistical difference between the number of men and the number of women emotionally abused.

    And, yes, EVERYONE should refrain from, say, using the fear of your disapproval and anger and having one’s identity outed to manipulate someone into doing whatever you say and never disagreeing with you.

  5. Also, I don’t think sodomy should be taught in schools. Being cruel to poor people and rude to guests, while probably making you successful in life, would make a TERRIBLE lesson plan.

  6. “Maybe that’s why you advocate sodomy being taught in schools. Breaking the will of young boys will surely make them more docile when they reach adulthood.”

    See, here, ‘sodomy’ breaks the will of young boys. Elsewhere NWO will argue that being gay makes you a pedophile rapist.

    Stay tuned to the NWOshow for more magical properties of buttsex. Where ‘coherency’ is a dirty word.

  7. NWO, in addition to putting you on moderation, I’m also giving you a time-out, until I feel like letting you comment again.

    In the meantime, I will only let through comments from you if they consist of nothing more than links to cute kitty videos on youtube.

  8. Awwwwwwwwww.

    I wanna see what he thinks sodomy is! Hint: not what it is in the Bible.

  9. I don’t think he’d ever come out and say it, but I’m starting to suspect that the only thing NWO sees as rape is when dudes have sex with each other. Even if it’s consensual.

  10. Yeah, he’d still blame women for THAT too. Under the reasoning that women force men to have together to humiliate them or something.

  11. Seriously, NWO? Fucking seriously?

    I would say more but I am on my breaking point already (my roommate’s latest bullshit of the day is claiming that “[My] talking about [her] while [she’s] not in the room” is somehow far worse and “more personal” than the racism my other roommate faced at work yesterday (“Could that nice white boy in the kitchen [not my roommate] make my sandwich?”)) and I’m sure the shit I would like to say to you would earn me a banning of my own.

    Eat shit.

  12. The “shit I say about her while she’s not in the room,” for reference, was asking if she was home. Apparently I have also talked shit about her behind her back about her not washing her hands after using the bathroom, even though I haven’t, and if I had, it would have been MONTHS ago.

  13. Wow, Lauralot, you really are in an unenviable housing situation.

  14. It doesn’t help that the good roommate, for some reason, decided to show me the horrible one’s Skype rant about me. The highlights was, and I quote: ” I seriously want to punch her so hard in the mouth everything about her makes me want to punch her including the sound of her voice.”

    Yeah, fucking try it.

  15. Damn Lauralot. These people suck.

    It’s so nice to see that our trolls are still the hairy assholes of humanity. I’m glad David’s not in the mood for your bullshit today, NWO.

    Lord knows I’m not. We had to put our big old Tobycat down today, so please do send cat videos.

  16. Well, you know how it is… rape victims are all lying and, besides, they deserved it.

    Yeah, it really seems that’s pretty much how his line of thought is going.
    She wasn’t really raped, but if she was, she is still a bitch for not going to the police and being practically responsible for every rape that guy may have committed after her. Still, she is probably still lying, so if she DID go to the cops she is a false rape accuser who needs to be punished.

    I can’t even… that’s some serious brain acrobatics.
    It seems it will be the victim’s fault,no matter what *vomits*

  17. Damn, Lauralot, that’s really shitty. *hug*

    …and I seriously don’t know how a man like NWO can live for so long without, like, exploding.

  18. This is kind of off-topic, but I really, really HATE the word “sodomy”:\
    While about a hundred years or more ago, it did mean “any kind of intercourse besides PIV in the missionary position”, in Germany the word for sodomy (“Sodomie”) stands for “intercourse with animals”, so I always cringe when I read about it on English sites, especially since so many fundies like to use the argument of “If we let teh gayz marry, what’s next? People marrying their pets?”

  19. Poor old Tobycat.😦 *hugs*

  20. I’m sorry to hear that hellkell. It is hard to lose a pet, no matter how it happens.

  21. I’m sorry, Lauralot😥
    That’s some fucked up shit. Your roommate sounds like an absolute asshole.
    I hope the good roommate is supportive, at least.

  22. Hellkell – I’m sorry about your kitty.

    Lauralot – Wow. Is the “Throw this jerk out the house.” option available at all? No one should have to put up with that shit.

  23. Ack, I’m so sorry, Lauralot :'((
    *gives many, many hugs*

  24. Lauralot, I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can get out of there soon, or get rid of the gross roommate.

  25. Argh I meant hellkell in my last reply, but maybe Lauralot likes a cute kitten vid, too!

  26. Kitties vs. Daleks

  27. Lauralot, that is really a shitty situation. So sorry.

    hellkell, that’s a touch position to be in. A good friend had to put one of her cats to sleep recently, after 17 years.

    Meanwhile my cat’s barely eating anything; when I took her to the vet earlier in the week I discovered she’d lost an enormous amount of weight, and I was really worried that she had something incurable. After the blood tests came back, turns out she has hyperthyroidism, which thankfully is treatable.

    But I still can’t get her to each much of anything, or drink more than a little bit of water. I’ve been giving her every kind of the stinkiest, fishiest kinds of cat food i can find, going through like 7 cans a day just trying to find something she’ll eat some of. I may have to take her back to the vet just to get some liquids into her system.

  28. David, thanks and I hope your cat is OK. Toby went fast–we didn’t know there was a problem until Tuesday, when we noticed that his normal not doing much was taking place in a different spot and that he wasn’t eating. The vet told us not to beat ourselves up, because cats are really, really good at compensating for and hiding any illness.

  29. I’m so sorry, David😦 I hope your kitty will be alright!
    My best wishes!

  30. I hope your kitty feels better, David.😦

  31. Hellkell, that’s rough. Cats are really good at hiding symptoms.

  32. Unfortunately, there’s no way of throwing her out. But I am graduating/leaving the apartment in May, and the other roommate is my best friend, so it’s not completely awful.

    Hellkell, I’m so sorry about your cat. And David, best wishes to you and your kitty.

  33. After the blood tests came back, turns out she has hyperthyroidism, which thankfully is treatable.

    That’s what my kitty had. She did well with medication for a good long while, but then she developed severe anemia, which may or may not have been related.

    I hope your kitty does okay.😦

  34. When my cat wasn’t eating, the vet recommended chicken baby food. Toward the end it was the only thing she’d eat.

  35. Lauralot and hellkell, so sorry about your respective situations. And David, hope the kitty does better and starts eating. My own sick kitten is now on the road to recovery, thanks to antibiotics! (And they will only eat the stinkiest of stinky fish-based foods!)

  36. More roomba fun

  37. Thank you all for the condolences and videos. Now I have a burning need to get a Roomba, just to see what the remaining cats would do.

  38. And just one more (no Roomba!):

  39. Lauralot:😦. What a terrible, unfair roommate situation. My support and sympathies.

    hellkell: I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye to your cat. I hope you and the other kitties are doing okay.

    David: I’m glad it’s treatable. It breaks your heart when they won’t eat, but I’m sure you’ll find something kitty will take. She’s lucky you’re taking such good care of her.

  40. CassandraSays

    Sorry to hear about Toby, hellkell. *hugs*

    David, have you tried Weruva in the pouches (the tuna in pumpkin one seems to appeal to almost all cats), or the Fancy Feast appetisers? Those were the only foods my cat would eat towards the end, and they’re both very wet too so that helps with the dehydration issue.

    If kitty likes stinky fish foods you might want to try Tiki Cat too if you haven’t already.

  41. Wow, it’s like NWO was saving up all the bile and just couldn’t hang onto it anymore. Ugly, ugly.

  42. Hellkell, belated condolences, and David, I hope your kitty gets well.

  43. I don’t know about all cats, but my roommate’s cat loooves vanilla ice cream. Likes it more than tuna. (It’s a little gross sometimes–I’ll set a cup of ice cream on the counter, turn around for a second, and then the cat will have her face buried in my ice cream. Which is sorta cute, but man, that’s the same tongue she licks her butt with.)

    It might just be that cat’s weird quirk, and I’m sure it’s not at all nutritionally appropriate for a cat diet, but it’s something to consider if the cat won’t touch fishy foods, just to get its appetite going again?

  44. Cassandra, we tried the Tiki cat for Meg, because Lilly would bully her out of the dry food bowl, and we were both repulsed by that mess. She wouldn’t eat it, and now I know what Jello with fish chunks looks like.

    Yeah, David, if there some kind of treat your cat likes, might be worth a shot.

  45. David; having 13 cats we adopted all within a year or two 15 years ago, means we’ve been having a number who fail to eat for various health reasons–one of the BEST products we’ve found to get them to eat is Purina’s Fancy Feast Appetizers —

    chunks of fish or meat, and gravy they love (we also have to have one of our elderly gentlemen in regularly for subcutaneous fluids which helps as well).

    Good luck!

  46. Sorry to hear about your cat, Hellkell.
    And good luck with yours David, I hope she starts eating again.

  47. CassandraSays

    My old cat’s favorite thing in the world was cookies and cream ice cream. I know cats aren’t supposed to be able to taste sweet things, but I don’t actually believe it because, in addition to the ice cream, that cat would come running from the other side of the house any time I opened a bar of chocolate.

  48. My cat will only drink milk when it’s had blueberries in it. (I put frozen blueberries on my cereal.) She also drinks my cold chamomile tea leftovers.. [Patented two dot ellipsis.] Anyway, cats are all totally idiosyncratic — it’s just good that David’s kitty has someone who will take the time to figure out what’s tasty! Mine like the brands that have no grains in them — Avoderm is their current favorite. Best of luck to David’s kitty!

  49. What the hell? They came out of a Big Little Book* to collectively hang a Venus of Willendorf cozy?


  50. It really drives misogynists nuts that rape is starting to be taken seriously as a crime, isn’t it? Even if they aren’t rapists themselves, they love the idea of being able to threaten a woman with rape if she gets out of line.

    Ding ding ding

    NWO is a malevolent pile of rabid bat guano and I don’t think he should be allowed to post anything besides kitten videos ever again.

  51. It really drives misogynists nuts that rape is starting to be taken seriously as a crime, isn’t it?
    Starting to? I’ve seen lynching photos which suggest rape was taken seriously for quite some time.

  52. I haven’t been able to find a brand of food my kitty likes, including the grain-free ones. Does anyone have suggestions that I could try?

  53. @IR: Not only misogynist as all get out, but racist as fuck and stone ignorant of history.

    The causes of lynchings

  54. Yep, ithiliana, it’s also worth noting just who was making the accusations and how they were happening even in rape accusation cases. It wasn’t all that uncommon for the purported “victim” to explicitly say they were not raped and had consented, or for a person who had consented to go along only to prevent being raped and murdered themselves in addition to their lover being murdered. Rape and murder of white women who admitted to sleeping with black men as a form of social punishment is historically common in the KKK, though these de facto lynchings and gang rapes tended to be a lot less public than those perpetrated against black people and immigrants. Likewise, KKK murders of queer people and rapes of queer women tended to be fairly common but less public. Because of the way USians tend to view power relations and public-private divides, the more public lynchings tend to get counted more than the more “private” assaults and violations (including numerous assaults, rapes, and murders of black people and immigrants as well)

  55. I realize that in my sick snotty state, I really did phrase that last paragraph poorly in a lot of ways, I apologize for that. What the bulk of it should have said was something to the affect of “there were large amounts of both public and private violence against people of color and immigrants, and there was also not an insignificant amount of private violence in regards to sexism and homophobia as well.” I did not mean that the private sexist and homophobic violence outweighed either the public or private violence against people of color and immigrants. I apologize for phrasing it in a way that might have implied that.

  56. I fully expect everyone who’s criticizing Rush Limbaugh for being fat and possibly gay to now criticize Rosie O’Donnell for being fat and actually gay.

    IR: I am pretty sure the KKK also objected to consensual black man/white woman sex.

  57. Wait, first sentence was on wrong thread. >.>

  58. katz, mine eats Wellness.

  59. Dracula: Guys, I think I may have figured out where NWO comes up with this bullshit. He doesn’t believe in equality. Not only does he not think it’s desirable, he doesn’t think it’s possible. Like, it goes against the laws of nature or some shit.

    Hate to rain on your parade, but NWO has said precisely that. One group must have it’s foot on the throat of the other, and he wants the stomping gender to be male.

    His “theory of escalation” is how he thinks it should be brought about. He isn’t as “in the future some men will rise up if women don’t bend the knee to men.” He’s more, “Men have to beat women into submission, because if they don’t, men will themselves be beaten into submission.”

    He’s delusional.

  60. NWO: Ever gonna cite the passages you are so adamant about existing? The one’s where yelling at women is defined as abuse, but yelling at men is made legal?

    Or the section which says it’s legal for women to murder men?


    Didn’t think so. Must be nice to go to church on a Sunday and think of all the false witness you’ve borne.

  61. And I see that my trip to Calif. co-incided with the banning of another dirtbag. I”m going to miss him less than I don’t miss Brandon.

  62. Yeah, I know he’s said that. I was just trying to illustrate my point, that this belief of his is the only reasonable explanation for where he gets his “facts” about the VAWA.

  63. “Is every supposed MRA cause really just an excuse to talk shit about women?”

    That and providing the impetus for Tea Party anti-women legislation.

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