Gucci Little Piggy: Sandra Fluke is a lesbian pirate because one of her fingers is longer than the other

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Leave it to the manosphere to further elevate the national discourse about Sandra Fluke. On Gucci Little Piggy, a blog loosely aligned with the alt-right/racist/PUA wing of the manosphere, blogger Chuck Rudd suggests that Rush Limbaugh might have been wrong to call Fluke a slut. Sounds good,eh? Not when you hear the, er, reasoning behind it:

I think the term “slut” is too arbitrary to have much meaning in a political context, especially when we don’t actually know anything about the so-called slut’s sexual history.  It doesn’t fit Sandra Fluke anyway as we don’t know for sure that she’s heterosexual.

Go on.

Fluke is not a “slut”, nor is she a “good citizen” which is what President Obama called her in a press conference held today.  Based upon readily observable behavior and on her beliefs about what she and her favorite groups have a right to grab from tax payers and employers, it’s best to call her what she is:  a pirate

Uh, what?

Apparently, in Chuck’s world, putative lesbians who suggest that insurance should pay for birth control that they personally don’t need to prevent babies, though they or people they know might need it to treat other medical conditions, are pirates.

Later in the post, Chuck links to a review of a book that suggests many pirates engaged in sodomy. Which is evidently proof in his mind that lesbians are pirates, or at least that it is hilarious to call them pirates.

Anyway, the best part of the piece is how Chuck, using the magic of SCIENCE, proves that Fluke is gay:

[P]eople who have a longer ring finger (4d) than index finger (2d) have more testosterone and, some argue, a higher sex drive.

Pointing to a news photograph that appears to show that Ms. Fluke does indeed have a long ring finger, Chuck concludes:

her ring finger is quite a bit longer than her index.  It’s almost as long as her middle finger.  In general, a low 2d:4d ratio in women indicates a greater proclivity towards homosexuality or bisexuality and greater tendency towards aggressiveness and assertiveness.  So, yeah, pirate fits.

Thanks, Chuck.

Most of the commenters to his article seem to agree with his basic thesis.

Stickman writes:

forget the fingers… shes got strait up MAN HANDS. But look on the bright side, if she survives the up coming second dark ages, I’m sure she will do a fine job of pulling a plow.

Note: The “coming second dark ages” is a familiar trope among manospherians; the idea is that men will get so fed up with the gynofascist matriarchy we evidently all live in today that they will stop working, civilization will crumble, and the ladies will be put in their proper place, behind pulling plows.

SOBL1 adds:

As a fellow Cornellian, my guess is lesbian. Cornell has a decent les population.It also speaks more to a les to demand free birth control as a hand out from the government speaking on behalf of all women when she has no shot of getting pregnant. That’s just the thing lesbians like to do: consider their opinions the worldview of all “womyn”. At a minimum, she was a LUG [Lesbian Until Graduation]. Her face and hair are so masculine, she could pass for a male supporting character in “All the President’s Men”.

Did he mention he went to CORNELL?

One free-thinking fellow actually challenges Chuck’s analysis. Nick digger writes:

This finger length analysis from candid photos is nonsense. There are too many knuckle-bends in all directions, combined with skewed camera position, to get an accurate measurement. There has to be some standard for this, such as hands pressed flat against a flat surface, with all fingers together, or each finger extending in a straight line from its source carpal (or metacarpal, whatever it is).

Having said that, she looks like a fat, ugly cunt — which is what Rush should have called her, as it does not imply sluttiness. He’s entitled, because libs call him a fat ugly cunt all the time.

Such is the nature of the discussion amongst some of the internet’s most steadfast advocates for the rights of men.

Chuck himself adds a few parting thoughts in a comment suggesting that Fluke’s biggest crime was that she didn’t ask for birth control coverage nicely enough:

When you ask for something from someone you don’t demand it and then demonize someone who doesn’t cave in to your demands. You ask and the other person chooses whether to reciprocate. All of this is akin to someone asking a stranger for a hitch across town and then screaming and yelling when rebuffed

It’s true. In the past, activists have always been extremely polite about their demands requests. You may recall the famous anti-war slogan: “Heck no, we would prefer not to go.”  The “Excuse us, fellas, but we would also like to be able to walk around at night” marches. And of course, Martin Luther King’s famous, “Guys, would any of you like to hear about this dream I had” speech.

All Chuck and his friends are asking is that fat ugly dyke cunts stop being so darn rude when they call on insurance companies to provide certain kinds of medical coverage. Is that really too much to ask?

I’d better put that blinking

gif here, just in case.

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  1. Rush is kind of a butthole, sure, but I think we need to focus on the real victim here: not Fluke, not young people, not women, but me.

    And that, my friends, is MRAL in a nutshell. This ought to be his slogan or his motto.

  2. @ Darksidecat:

    The articles you linked to seemed to were about demonstrating how heterosexist the assumptions made by the media and, to a certain extent, the original researchers in presenting the correlation between finger length and sexual orientation.

    This heterosexism is definitely a problem and something that needs to be called out, especially when it’s found in scientific research. I’m very glad that these people are criticizing the heterosexist assumptions in both the mass media and in scientific works.

    But while heterosexist assumptions are definitely at work in the presentation of the finger length – sexual orientation correlation, that doesn’t mean that the correlation itself complete pseudoscience. The articles you linked to didn’t show that the statistics presented in support of this argument were incorrect. Just that the presentation of those statistics was heterosexist.

    I suppose I should note that I realize that this correlation could be presented as pseudoscience. For instance, if someone were to argue that digit length ratio causes sexual orientation or that the correlation is universal, that would be pseudoscience. (Simply because people with different sexual orientations and genders are more likely to have a certain digit length ratio doesn’t mean that one causes the other or that the correlation between digit length ratio and sexual orientation is true in everyone. As a straight woman whose ring finger is definitely longer than my index finger, I should know.) I’d argue that Chuck Rudd’s interpretation of this correlation and attempt to use it to argue that Sandra Fluke is a lesbian is certainly pseudoscientific. But I don’t think that the correlation itself is necessarily pseudoscience.

  3. I live in Canada and Nicaragua. In Canada you can’t walk around with a gun, in Nica you’d never know people walk around with guns until you see them checking them in when they enter the bank. Nica’s don’t talk about gun control, they talk about getting people fed.

    I honestly believe that North American culture can be summed up by saying when people have noting to complain about they will find something to complain about.

    This whole Limbaugh craziness just has me shaking my head, what a way to come back to Canada.

    It should have never been news or at least not the headline news. There are people with real problems besides what some crazy right-winger says.

    What bugs me most is apparently this man has made HUGE racist remarks in the past without sponsors leaving. That really bugs me.

  4. Rule utilitarianism is a recent development in ethics theory

    If by “recent” you mean “at least as old as utilitarianism itself”:)

    I will read your links about 2D:4D digit ratio when I get home from my Thursday activities. It seems like Anathema has already read all of them, though, so maybe I will just read your response to their post.

  5. There’s the theory Hamilton raised the excise taxes TO incite rebellion, and draw Washington out to act and increase federal power, but that’s probably too conspiracy theory even for Hamilton.

    Yeah, he worked to raise taxes to pay for the last rebellion or something. Hamilton may have been a cheating ass, but he did know his finance.

  6. Quick note… the comment was not that Ms. Fluke would be behind the plow, but in front. Dragging it, as a beast of burden.

    I’ll be back after I do the shopping for supper. I’m going to try doing a charbonnade, with leeks and mushrooms, and then baked into loaves as individual pies.

  7. @Anathema, what statistics? The only ones I have seen are a single British study with plenty of methodological issues, and a few small scale studies done by a single homophobic, racist, sexist fingerlength obsessed quack. The correlation thing is a highly suspicious claim (given the long history of similar attempts to pathologize queer bodies) with extremely weak at best support. At best, you have that among a self selected group of participants at a streetfair in the UK, there was a slight correlation found, even setting aside the homophobia of the researcher of that study as at huge risk of having contaminated the results.

  8. Chuck, my question got lost up thread, but I’m really dying to know your answer: advocates for the mentally ill have worked long and hard to achieve parity in mental health coverage–usually through government mandate. Are the mentally ill pirates?

  9. @ Chuck Rodd,
    Birth control pills need to be covered because PCOS and endometriosis,( two conditions which are typically treated with birth control pills as a first resort) lead to complications which can be fatal. PCOS for example, causes severe anemia and can cause abnormally large cysts to grow and burst. Those bursting cysts can cause internal bleeding leading to death. Endometriosis can grow on any abdominal cavity tissue including the pancreas (which can lead to the development of diabetes), liver (which can cause liver failure) intestines (which can cause intestinal blockage) uterus and Fallopian tubes (which can cause ectopic pregnancies, an often fatal condition) and on and so forth. Every other option to treat these conditions are far more expensive, invasive, time consuming, and come with a much higher chance of risk.

  10. More from PZ on the actual stats from Manning And he doesn’t even go into Manning’s homophobia and sexism.

  11. @Anathema, what statistics? The only ones I have seen are a single British study with plenty of methodological issues, and a few small scale studies done by a single homophobic, racist, sexist fingerlength obsessed quack.

    Your first link was to an article criticizing a Nature article that claimed to have found a statistically significant different between the digit ratios of straight and lesbian women. The article you linked to noted that in the original paper, there was no statistically significant difference between the digit length ratio of straight and gay men. The article also criticized the original paper for its use of heterosexist language and for arguing that the difference in digit length ratio between gays and straights was caused by prenatal hormones. (A difference which, as your article noted, the study itself admits might not even be found in men, given that they only found a statistically significant difference in digit length ratios between gays and straights in women.) But that article did not dispute the original study’s finding of significantly different digit length ratios in straight women and lesbians. It seemed to accept that. But it could well be that that particular article just didn’t focus on any methodological flaws, but that others have.

    By searching PubMed I was able to find some other studies done on the subject that are not by the fingerlength obsessed quack John Manning. But I haven’t read them and couldn’t speak to their quality. It could be that they are significantly flawed or written by cranks as well. And there weren’t very many studies either.

    You are probably right about it being pseudoscience.

  12. And of course, there’s Patrick Henry’s famous “I’d Like Either Liberty Or Death, Please, Whichever’s All Right With You.”

  13. Chuck: She’s pretty manly looking, no? And on what grounds can Fluke demand birth control?

    No, she’s not. And the grounds she can demand it are that she’s paying for health coverage, and this is a basic coverage issue.

    Simple enough for even the meanest understanding, one would think.

  14. Wisteria: I had a kidney stone about 6 years ago. For four hours in the ER (a Sunday morning), the charge was about 8,000. That included an overbilling for meds I wasn’t given.

    Because I didn’t have insurance the entire bill was due. If I paid in a hurry, in full, less than 21 days, I’d be allowed to pay half price. If I’d had insurance the cost to the insurer would have been about 2/5ths.

    That’s the way the game is played. Insurers demand “rebates” so the uninsured pay more than the going rate. Because I was poor I was given a pass, so the out of pocket was only about 1,200 bucks (the $500 they demanded at the door, and fees to the CT scanning company).

    I’m so glad, since I had another one a couple of months ago, that I’m now getting socialised medicine (Veteran’s Administration; because I’m a disabled vet), and it was thank you very much, and home I went.

  15. Chuck: Why should she, as a customer be demanding a service if she’s paying for it?

    I don’t know… because she’s a customer?

    Why should the gov’t be involved? Because the insurers are granted certain exemptions and a limited monopoly, and so are subject to considerable regulation of what is a service plainly relevant to, “promoting the general welfare” and which, per the various rulings of the Supreme Court (some written by members of the moset common present majority) the Gov’t, per the Commerce Clause, has not only a right, but a duty to so regulate, and this falls inside that purview?

    if birth control is mandated to be carried on all insurance policies and if it has zero co-pay, do you think it is free? this is a crucial question.

    Only if the insurance isn’t charging the women any premiums.

  16. Our founders thought the militia was the paragon of military organization. To be fair, if you’re going to be isolationist hermits, it works.

    It works, so long as everyone else is willing to let you be an isolationist hermit. Britain won the land battles in the US during the War of 1812. The militia wasn’t able to stand up to regular troops.

    There’s the theory Hamilton raised the excise taxes TO incite rebellion, and draw Washington out to act and increase federal power, but that’s probably too conspiracy theory even for Hamilton.

    I don’t know, Hamilton was a deep cove.

  17. Not a very good shot, though, more’s the pity.

  18. velveteenhoodrat


    These guys couldn’t get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if they smeared their bodies with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.

  19. CB: He was a good shot. He didn’t believe in duelling*, and he didn’t realise Burr really wanted to kill him.

    *Social customs caused a lot of men who didn’t believe in it to engage in duels. It was a stupid time, in a lot of ways.

  20. Upchuck, I hope you get a rare disease that makes you slowly shit out your own intestines, and you have no way to pay for it and end up penniless, in mountains of debt and agonizing pain, and with absolutely no one to help you out except your fellow MRAs.

    That okay with you? I mean I didn’t say “I disagree with your ideology,” after all.

  21. Boggiworms, I am stealing this… will credit you if you insist. thanks.

    That’s because America is a soft fascist, capitalist, imperialist, materialistic theocracy. That’s why we can’t have nice things

  22. It should say, “SOBL1adds, “I WENT TO COLLEGE!” Like what Plankton yelled during the early Spongebob episodes.

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