The Men’s Rights subreddit works on its image problem — by reaffirming MRA’s sacred right to call women “cunts.”

What’s the best way forward for the Men’s Rights movement today? About the only thing I’ve been able to conclude from this discussion in the Men’s Rights subreddit is that it will more than likely involve heavy use of the word “cunt.” Men’s Rights redditors sure do love the word “cunt.” (See here for the rest of this particular discussion.)

This next bit follows directly from the above:

Yep, you heard it right:

To be classified as a hate group by such a large organization is the first step to gaining wider recognition.

If that’s the case, Men’s Rights Redditors, why are you so mad at the SPLC? Why aren’t you sending it thank-you notes?

Also, just a point of fact: The SPLC report didn’t actually classify the Men’s Rights subreddit as a hate group. It just pointed out that r/mensrights is full of misogynists. But apparently a lot of Men’s Rights Redditors want to take that whole hate group thing and run with it. You go, boys (and sometimes, oddly, girls)!

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Mr. Coltrane, don’t you have to go and butter up Boss Hogg now?

    That new Kansas bill sure is enraging. I can’t bring the funny.

  2. “…But some of the more radical ones are wearing the designation as a badge of honor, as David’s post illustrates.”

    It’s a testament to their pathos: “Life has denied me any real validation, so I’ll pounce on this and call it validation. It ain’t the real thing but it’s the closest I’ll get.”

  3. It saddens me that there are multiple concern trolls who have come here to make the “I can think of situations where it would be unclear if something is rape, therefore nothing is rape” argument.

  4. Proud misanthropes. Quelle surprise.

  5. The MRM can’t get off the ground because there’s no validity to their claims that they need more rights.

  6. @Ruby Hypatia (great name btw): More than that, they don’t really need/want more rights–a huge amount of what they want is predicated on taking women’s rights away, and there are very few “civil rights” or “social justice” movements that work that way.

  7. I too get the feeling they want some of women’s rights taken away. They tend to be vague so I’m not sure which ones they want to take away. Do they want fathers to be the owners of their children like it was a hundred or so years ago? Do they not realize there’s no chance in hell of accomplishing this objective?

  8. Posters on this site who are regulars have called out other posters on certain ways of expressing themselves–and as I recall, THOSE regulars don’t get called “concern trolls” because they aren’t.

    Yeah, I realized my post was stupid right after I made it. You’re right.

  9. @Ruby Hypatia: Well, just from my reading here (and I almost never click through to read the actual sites, shudder), and from being old and grumpy (just did a rant on a friend’s journal about how the current attempts to criminalize women’s reproductive rights have been going on since the 1970s, it’s not some sudden thing), yeah, they’re yearning for a non-existent Golden Age where women did not get educated; women could not work outside the home (except as prostitutes, controlled by male pimps); there are no affirmative action or non-discrimination laws; women cannot control reproduction; women should do all the child care and never argue, let alone want a divorce; women could not control their own money; women had the legal status of children (could not serve on juries, for example, which would remove all those “guilty” verdicts); where rape is “life” instead of a “crime,” etc.

    And they are Masters and Commanders of the Universe.

  10. Sheesh! Maybe they should convert to Islam and emmigrate to Saudi Arabia.

  11. @Ruby Hypatia: Tempting on the surface, but the racism and anti-Islamic sentiments are pretty high over there–and even those more conservative branches of it, like some of the religious fundamentalist Christian groups in the US, have some standards for men that some people on this site before have speculated would not appeal to these MRAS (i.e. adultery technically not a good thing in many religious communities, and some of these dudez seem to think they should get to sleep around with whomever and still have wifey waiting at home with clean laundry and a hot meal–and I grew up in just that sort of social context!).

    My perception of what they want is some bizarre crossover AU of John Norman’s God, “Leave it to Beaver,” and Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion.

    But that could be just me!

  12. So basically they want the Madonna and whore separated again, the two kinds of women?

  13. I suspect so–or even more tellingly, that’s how they think, and they want to force it on everybody else (DKM is the worst in that respect!). Their idea that somehow their ideology is new, and in response to the terrible feminazi oppression of the last mumble mumble years decades centuries is horrifyingly amusingly bizarre as well.

  14. What’s clockworkgirl21 trying to do? Help them? If they even took her advice, and they won’t because she’s a girl, they’d just be shooting for the same agenda but with more polite language.

  15. Hm, speaking of definitions of hate groups, I had this bookmarked from a while back:

    More specifically about PUA groups although it does touch on the MRM in general. Worth a read I guess.

  16. It’s like a black person trying to convince KKK members not to use the N-word.

  17. The Oppression Olympics grand champions are non-adults. In other words, chrdlien . Those who are under 18, or whatever the legal age of majority is, lack many rights that those who are legally adults possess.Among the rights denied to minors:1) They cannot vote.2) They cannot sign legally binding contracts, and are restricted in their right to own property and earn income.3) They cannot consent to sex, and are frequently prevented from accessing sexually explicit material that is available to adults.4) They are required to undergo compulsory education, and they are severely restricted in their ability to control its form.5) They can be legally subjected to punishments by private individuals that would be unconstitutional in the United States if imposed by a judge and which are illegal for one adult to force on another adult.6) They cannot consume or purchase certain substances that adults can.Of course, there are very good reasons for at least some of these restrictions, but they are, in fact, restrictions that, in general, would not be tolerated if imposed upon an adult.Oppression of various groups has often been justified by equating members of those groups with chrdlien: that they lack the decision making capacity and moral agency of normal adults, so they must be guided and controlled by those that do.With that out of the way why do we care, again?

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