Reddit MRA: My eminent businessman friend who is totally not made-up refuses to be alone in a room with a woman

This seems like a completely reasonable course of action:

Oh, by the way, I know a guy who’s a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and he can fly and turn invisible.

Not at the same time, though. When he forgets and turns invisible while flying, he plummets to earth.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. You were saying?

    Did you notice that the definition you’re trying to flog completely erases transexual people, intersex people assigned at birth to being women, and others? No, of course not. Did you notice that, although according to the dictionary it works, your word choice, even if it were not a giant red flag that you were an asshole, would still be ugly, and fail to connote what you wanted (‘certainly not a smart lady‘)? No, of course not, you don’t possess the capacity for thought on that level.

    Stop digging yourself further into stupidity.

    ….In the spirit of the next point…
    “Stop digging yourself deeper, you look stupid enough as is”

    But for reals kid, when you can’t raise a single objection on content, and are stuck trying to say “You like kid’s stuff”, “Your avatar is stupid”, and “The dictionary vaguely justifies an ugly-as-sin word choice that also will infallibly mark that I am asshole”, you are not in a very strong position to be telling others that they look stupid; the people who are least likely to be concerned with your opinion are those who are your superiors in every way. I might be concerned about your opinion of me as a person, if you could actually refute any point I’ve raised prior to your ill-conceived attempt to show those uppity wimminz.

    You know what else might make your opinion valued? If you could coherently voice any of the stale, inane thoughts that float around in your head; if you could actually display a fraction of the genius you seem to think you have, I might be concerned. But no, even if you possess the potential to be what you think you are – which I highly doubt – you waste it. You’ve slept through too many classes, and think you know it all. Kids always do. Seriously, this?

    But seriously, how old are you for liking children based conceptions? I’m intrigued.

    Even if you had a valid point with this, it only marks you a fucking cretin. What has english done to you that you feel the need to mangle it like this? I’ve heard potheads who display more respect for it in their ramblings than you do with your faux intellectual routine. It’s fucking pathetic, so as a favor to the english language…

    “How old are you, you who still like children’s entertainment?” (Little pompous, but still works)
    “You still like kids’ shows? How old are you?” (Vanilla language constructions are vanilla because they are actually serviceable!)
    “You like entertainment for children? Of course you do, how droll.”

    The question you actually asked me is “How old does liking child-based concepts make you?”, to which the only reasonable answer is “0, because ideas don’t age people”. You suck utterly at language. Mind, everyone does at your age, so there’s no great shame in it, but you’re not ready for the big leagues. Speak normally, and while you may fail to impress a few overly arrogant high school kids, you won’t make a fool of yourself. You can distinguish your language a bit after you’ve learned the basics, not before. Which you means you need to stop fucking sleeping through your classes.

    And for god’s sakes, if you can recognize a Mismagius from that tiny picture you like Pokemon as much as I do, you’re really not fooling anyone.

  2. Please also note that even with two kids who love Pokemon, and having seen a great deal of the movies (oh SO MANY MOVIES OMG), I did not recognize the Mismagius until others pointed it out.

  3. And for god’s sakes, if you can recognize a Mismagius from that tiny picture you like Pokemon as much as I do, you’re really not fooling anyone.

    I know thats the funniest part, its pretty clear he is a fan himself.😄

  4. Dude. I’ve bought Happy Meals at McDonalds and asked for the Twilight Sparkle toy because I already have enough of Pinkie Pie.

    Damn, that is in fact something that makes me regret my “No-TV” policy. I’da caught a commercial for that if I watched TV. Well, probably.

    Please also note that even with two kids who love Pokemon, and having seen a great deal of the movies (oh SO MANY MOVIES OMG), I did not recognize the Mismagius until others pointed it out.

    That’s *exactly* what made me notice the tiny resolution is a factor (On Facebook itself it is pretty visible, I am pretty sure, though I don’t really use Facebook anymore).

  5. @Amnesia, I’ve been meaning to ask if your avatar is Fuu-chan ever since I started watching Rayearth a couple weeks ago. It really is awesome😄

    Yep. Actually, my favorite character is Ascot, but it’s hard to find good Ascot icons. Fuu-chan’s still great, though. I call my laptop Mokona.
    One thing I love about MKR is how they were clearly inspired by RPGs and make reference to that, but just the fact that it stars three girls and has a black woman as a character automatically makes it more diverse than just about any other actual RPG at the time.

  6. Joe: “False accusations affect vanishingly slim proportions of the populace, even men. You are, no joke, more rational to fear random murder sprees from your employees than a false accusation of sexual impropriety. Even if you were the victim of one, it would be vanishingly unlikely for anything serious to occur from it, also. ”


    Rape is prosecuted at an appalling low rate, and has; relative to other crimes, a pathetically low rate of conviction. The idea that there is a, “shitstorm” of false allegations of rape is not supported.

    To have that be the case you have to posit the media (which loves a scandal, take a look at the News of the World phone hacking mess), is colluding; across the board, to hide it.

    All it would take is one paper, of any repute, to decide to blow the whistle, and the entire house of cards comes crashing down.

    Any man falsely accused of rape/pedophilia can expect to have his career destroyed, will be unable to find alternative employment, if married he is much more likely to be divorced, more likely to suicide, will be on the sex offender’s registry for life,

    Accusations = registration? Being accused destroys careers and marriages? Be sure to tell that to the Kelly, the reporter who was accused in New York last month. He’s still working.

    Or Strauss, who was accused with no charges filed. He’s still married. He’s also still in politics.

    Romsn Polanski was such a pariah after he fled from the actual rape he committed (against a child).

    The list goes on. Even in the high profile cases, where the accused makes the papers..

    Quick, what are the names of the Foothill College Baseball Team who were accused of gang-raping a 16 year old at a party… by witnesses other than the 16 year old?

    Never even heard of it, did you? How about the Duke Lacrosse players… I’m sure you can recall their names?

    No… why not.

    Because your little diatribe about how horridly permanent the effects of being accused are, is all story-telling, which you can use to justify making rape easier.

    Newsflash: Men don’t care. The downside of a false accusation is SO huge, (up to and including death), that your rants, your anger, fines from some footling law are inconsequential by comparison.

    Men are so freaked out about this issue, whether you think it’s legit for men to be freaked out or not, that:

    Newsflash, men seem to think women ought to care that men are all pissy about women being concerned that a man they don’t know (or don’t know well) might be a rapist.

    Women don’t care; neither do intelligent, and/or empathetic men.

    Expect to see more and more examples of men outright avoiding women and children in the Anglosphere. Don’t expect your anger about that to make men feel you are any safer to be around.

    Cry me a river. Not the least because I don’t see any real dearth of people helping other people, and the dudes who are complaining about, “The anglosphere”, and “the sheeple”, are the sort I’d rather not have around, certainly not when there isn’t anyone to prove that they attacked me before I beat the snot out of them.

    So… Joe… who are you? Because sheeple, and “anglosphere” and the like are USian usage, but you are in, so we are told, Great Britain.

    @Holly Pervocracy – gosh, if I was looking for help for men who suffer from rape in prison I certainly wouldn’t turn to this crowd. Look at the responses in this thread! I can’t imagine anyone of you giving a shit about any man*. So yeah, that’d be why you only hear about it in the form of a point in an argument.

    That would be because when you go to a place and start to talk you drag out tired tropes, and then impute things which weren’t said (not even mentioned) to the people whom you are berating.

    Then you whinge about how badly you were treated and how the women all hate the menz.

    Manboobz tried to claim these men don’t exist. Yet even idon’trememberherhandle said she witnessed a bunch of men expressing their fear about this, and discussing their tactics to protect themselves from it.

    No. We posit the “FOF” in the OP is just that, a convenient fiction to justify an unreasonable fear, which we admit some men have; unreasonably.

  7. Rutee Katreya

    While I may have forgotten a single comma, the sentence was actually fine form of English. No, I never recognized any character.

    I didn’t know you were a [transphobic slur redacted –DF]. Sorry, that is transphobic. Thanks for letting us all know that your a man–oh–sorry a “woman.” (even though you don’t have the additional X chromosome sorry).

    You want to know what I learned in class? Just because you stick a feather up your ass does not make you a chicken.

    A [transphobic slur redacted –DF] who like Pokemen, thinks that when people attack “her” they have no actual argument, doesn’t even know how the word “female” can be used, and then after getting owned tries to change her stance altogether.

    I’m off. But, here. I’m sure this will make your blood boil.


  8. While I may have forgotten a single comma, the sentence was actually fine form of English

    See, now you’re just fucking up on purpose, and that doesn’t have the same ring of undeserved arrogance. Poor writing has to be combined with hubris to really draw comment.

    I didn’t know you were a [transphobic slur redacted –DF]. Sorry, that is transphobic. Thanks for letting us all know that your a man–oh–sorry a “woman.” (even though you don’t have the additional X chromosome sorry).

    Nice try, but no. Trying not to suck with other forms of oppression is not identical to suffering them.

    doesn’t even know how the word “female” can be used

    Well, I was kinda assuming you weren’t *trying* not to be a jackass. Clearly, mistakenly, given the reckless abandon with which you are now throwing around trans slurs to try and hurt me😄

    thinks that when people attack “her” they have no actual argument,

    Not everyone, just you. Joe had an argument – it was uninformed, wrong, and stupid, but he did actually engage on content. You did no such thing.

    I’m off. But, here. I’m sure this will make your blood boil.

    Not really at all. If you had just sucked naturally at the english language, that’d do it, though😄

    Seriously, kid, pay attention in school.

  9. Oh, tredg! Just because you suck at the English language doesn’t mean you gotta suck at life too.

    Hm. And he seemed so friendly. Buh bye, tredg! Don’t cry yourself to sleep tonight because you’re a stupid, bigoted little fuck with no redeeming value or anything!

  10. Baaaah~ “Kinda assuming you were trying not to be a jackass”

    Ah well, I guess I went too far for subtlety on that point, in retrospect. You may crow victory all you like, though, if you really, really need to think “HAW HAW I KNOW HOW TO USE FEMALE BETTER” to feel better about your utter failure as a human😄

  11. “Female” as a noun always makes me want to ask “Which species?” on account of spending much of my life in imaginary worlds where even “woman” doesn’t necessarily imply “human”, so a “female” is most likely one of the dog-people or bird-people or dragon-blooded, rather than the naked-monkey-people.

  12. Big guy eh? showing up at some blog and attacking someone for liking something and being trans despite not being trans? You really showed her! /sarcasm

    Remember when you can’t contribute something logical throw random slurs and complain about things people like! That will really show your group is not a hate movement!

    I’m off. But, here. I’m sure this will make your blood boil.
    He is like a kid I swear. “This will make the teacher mad tehehehehe.”

    Oh keep telling yourself you don’t like pokemon, we all know you do. ;P

  13. Crumbelievable

    An MRA who’s also incredibly transphobic? Why, I never!

  14. Joe: I am well aware that men are something like ?6 times? more likely to suffer violent crime (in general) than women. Here’s the thing about the threat of criminal violence against me. Criminals are nowhere near as powerful as the police.

    Unless those criminals are women… then the police collude to make the innocent man she targets a pathetic shell of his former self before they get tormenting him for her pleasure.

    I could fill endless books with stats (99% of combatant deaths = men,

    Question begging: if women are non-combatants then they can’t be listed in the rolls of combatant deaths. If, however, you look at non-combatant deaths, (we can look past the two recent large scale wars… and go back to the Thirty Years War, which was continental in scope) and see that women suffered at least proportionally to men and (more to the point) non-combatants suffered more than combatants.

    1: Combatants have the means to defend themselves, and 2: they are also able (and encouraged) to leave the area. Non-combatants have to stay put and the armies get to take turns trashing the place.

    So that combatants (who, in the main, got to choose to be combatants, the draft, as understood today not being created until the French Revolution, and not catching on until the 1850s… prior to that things like fyrds were an obligation of free men, and limited in duration/distance, but why bother your pretty little head with pesky things like facts), faced less risk, overall, then the non-combatants near them.

    But it was a nice try at diversion.

  15. Treglodyte: In the real world, you would be mocked and shamed, along with your manboobzers, who feel (in their isolated mother’s basement) they are noble by helping society by shedding light on “misogyny.”

    Got anything better than non-sequitorial ad hominem with no payload (well, I suppose, Neener neener I’m insulting you, might be the intended “argument”, but if so, concision is the soul of wit).

    It’s not as if you are, with your email generated avatar behind a nom-de-net, in any position to be crowing about someone who has the self-respect to generate an actual image to go with a persistent presence.

    You… are just another drive by, wanking in your self-perceived perspicacity and bitingly bilious hyperbole.

    I hope it was good for you, and that you washed your hands when you were done.

  16. Quacker: @Holly

    Have you really? not sure if serious or being sarcastic lol….if its true that’s pretty neat.

    I was having dinner with someone and quoted something Holly said, and the person I was having dinner with knew who she was. He was an FOF.

    In another context someone I was dating had someone I’ve never met, nor had any online interaction with gush about my political writing (esp. as it relates to torture). The world is small.

  17. Treglodyte: While I may have forgotten a single comma, the sentence was actually fine form of English. No, I never recognized any character.

    a fine form. Perhaps you meant to say it was finely formed English.

    Both are, debateably (because euphony is part of the finess of a phrase; Churchill for one should most probably have decried it as muddy.

    What, one wonders, is a “children based conception”? Were you saying children created it? I suppose, but then it’s an act of precocious intelligence, and deserving of adult praise.

    So that can’t be it.

    Were you saying it was based on children? Again, that steals the sting… Peter Pan is based on children, so too is Narnia, and Harry Potter.

    They may be argued about, as to literary merit, but none of them have been ever thought of as something purely for children, no matter that they appeared to be about children.

    If, as I believe, what you meant to say was, “How old does it make you thatt you are interested in a childish creation, then you have an actualy insult in the sentence.

    But you didn’t, which means (if we are correct in the contextually defensible determination) that you meant to make an insult, and failed, which means it wasn’t a very fine piece of English at all, no matter that grammatically it was diagrammable.

    The meaning was lost, it was muddy, and trite.

    But, if you can stick the flounce, you can crow your, “victory”, and be reasonable certain your cheering section will not come here to see the actual carnage.

  18. *watches offensive movie*

    I just love reactionaries.They have such incredible thinking skills and they have such deep intuition. They are such creative and original thinkers, clearly transcending the fear and ignorance deeply ingrained in the minds of us all. Their charity and kindness are just as boundless. They are truly capable of understanding and appreciating people as they are as complex human beings as opposed to distastefully harping on people who don’t conform to their narrow ideologies.

    Oops. I had a sarcasm.

  19. Tregd, love, Rutee is cis and not an asshole; actually she is kind of an awesome person. I realize you may be unfamiliar with this concept.

    I, however, am trans all over the place. Not only that, but I have my own weird pronoun, “zie.” AND I’m childish! I adore My Little Pony! You can attack me!

    Rutee: The Happy Meals thing is still going on, I think, so if you want to get one…

  20. This conversation is making me wonder if my Dad still has the ET glasses that we collected from either McDonalds or Burger King when I was a kid.

  21. @Ozy

    Oh…oh my God…are these it??

    I know where I’m going to shamefully go for lunch tomorrow. Hope the bronies didn’t get them all first…ugh. How is it they look better than the toys that you actually have to pay for with the shitty hair mane?

    Also this will be my exact reactions haha

    and on the topic of being a geek…my bedroom is full of toys, artbooks, manga, graphic novels, plushies, plushies I’ve made etc. It’s who I am and that’s how I likes it😛


    It must be a part of the six degrees of separation thing. I find it really fascinating, particularly about blogs like these or anything pertaining to gender issues, but that’s most likely my own bias getting in the way since no one in my group really cares about these things. Unless they’re hiding it.

  22. I can just imagine the McD’s employees confusion when all these adults are demanding ponies, how many are left, etc😄

  23. Why did I get so far behind on this thread? After all, I’m a trans person with an anime icon and an anime inspired nym.

    The thing about academic culture that one of the trolls posted earlier was rather hilarious. I’m FAAB and was a philosophy major in undergrad. My faculty adviser was a guy, I met with him alone in his office, like the other students (maybe a bit more, actually, I debated hard whether or not to go to grad school, he tried to get me to consider applying to their department). I was also the only non-male regular member in the philosophy club until my senior year (which had the same professor as an adviser). I’ve been to male professors houses with groups of students. I’ve had coffee with male professors and other students.

    I’m thinking that if having one of the students you advise in your office or talking to you in a coffee shop over coffee is suspicious, it’s because there is either something untoward going on in the specific situation (or a suggestion of such), a history of problems with the professor, or the university has already had massive issues with sexual harassment and professors behaving inappropriately as a part of their general university climate.

  24. I know things have moved on, but I just wanted to say that I had totally interpreted that avatar as a purple dragon’s head… with the head facing left… Now that I know it’s not I’m still having a hard time seeing the actual picture… like when you look at the classic “two faces/chalice” picture and can only see one of the images… weird!

  25. I still see it as someone peering out, sidewise, over her shoulder, from under larger, but not huge hat.

  26. Pecunium: That’s basically it exactly, except it’s a pokemon and not a person. How pokemon got nice hats, I’ll never know, but!😄

  27. RE: Kate

    I’m with you; that’s what I thought Rutee’s icon was.

    RE: Everyone

    Aw man. I’m trans and that troll actually managed to upset me a bit with the slur-slinging. I’m kinda disappointed in myself; you’d think after my own dad told me I’d never fit in male society, I’d have gotten a thicker skin…

  28. Rutee, yeah, but when i see it I see the hat only letting one eye show, sort of as The All-Father is described in norse myth.

  29. Awww, I wanted my bullshit diagnosis dammit! C’mon back Troll #259!!

  30. @LBT – Oh, I’m sorry if you were upset! The transphobic stuff the troll posted was really disgusting (I can’t believe that advert he posted was actually a real advert that someone thought would be a good idea! Really?!). It’s all very well and good to say “Well, if you get upset you’re just giving them what they want” but that doesn’t magically cancel out your feelings, does it? I hope you’re OK🙂

  31. The advert isn’t exactly ‘real’. It’s based on a real ad though, for tampon libra. They did a “I am sorry you’re offended” apology, but at least they stop using it.
    But the internet being the internet (ie there are plenty of terrible people on it and almost nothing disappear) someone added on the image all the implied stuff. (the text and voice are not in the initial ad)

  32. Even the slogan is different. It was “libra gets girls” (strongly implied REAL NATURAL CIS !!!!!!1!!!!eleveven!!) I seems bigots are also morons (shocker) if they need to insist so much to make the offensive part obvious.

  33. RE: Ponkz

    It’s okay, it was just a brief sad. The whole reason I comment here is to learn to deal with assholes and trolls, so it’s all part of the experience.

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