Fuck your civil rights you lying whores: Yet more words of wisdom from Tom “Sexismbuster” Martin

Apparently Burger King is also a whore. The ultimate one, in fact.

Evidently I posted that last Tom Martin post too soon: the self-professed sexismbuster – who recently had his “anti-male discrimination” case against the London School of Economics thrown out of court — wasn’t finished telling us about how women are all a bunch of lying whores.  (Sorry: All but 3 percent of women, that is.) So here are few more pearls of wisdom from Tom, all collected from the comments here since the last post a couple of days ago.

As you read these, remember that Mr. Martin has been something of a cause celebre in the Men’s  Rights movement, hailed as a fighter for true equality.

Click the titles to see the full quotes in context.

The Gulag Whoripelago:

[M]ost women and feminists absolutely hate the idea of compulsory paternity tests.

Even though paternity tests would reduce male paranoia and controlling behaviour, as they’d have automatic verification the child was actually theirs, we can see my these reactions, women would rather perpetuate “the patriarchy” by perpetuating male uncertainty. …

If we tell women to find the father and get him tested and verified pronto – or face a huge fine and a six month spell of National Service – she’ll find the father every time.

Every time a woman has sex, she’ll be thinking I better get this guy’s details, or I’m going to the Gulag. She’ll get the details.

Compounded shite:

I pointed out in an essay on hard seating in a museum, that the discomfort for men is compunded by not only having smaller weight-bearing buttock pads than women, but by being heavier than women, so having more weight bearing down onto a smaller area – and that the problem is compounded further still, by people not taking the complaint seriously.

This inhabitants of this website are compounded shite trying their best to block equality wherever it might happen.

David Futrelle is a huge winner:

Remember, your leader, David Futrelle is a douche, who cannot or does not want to distinguish between a men’s equality issues and misogyny.

He made a judgment call with this article and got it wrong.

If its his job to get things wrong, then he is a huge winner.

Just sign here:

A pre-sex contract would …  go a long way to eradicating many false rape allegations.

It would also make people think about the consequences of unprotected sex, so reduce unwanted pregnancies and children in the first place.

It would also end the entrapment culture, where a women tries her best to get knocked up by someone rich then hit them up for huge child support payments.

It would also reduce instances of sperm theft – as there would be less incentive to impregnate oneself this way with an unwilling and financially inoculated against entrapment father to be.

It would also reduce women’s motives to lie about being on the pill when not – as less incentive for entrapment – so less unplanned pregnancies for men to deal with.

The pre-sex contract could be a simple, quick, application on a mobile phone which records the man and woman’s voice, or videos it, so eradicating fraud. It does not to be a four page document in triplicate.

It takes one word to establish when sex is not wanted, “No” so it need not take many more to establish whether in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, the protagonists agree to the normal financial and caregiving responsibilities and consequences or not.

Currently, because women have all the contraception options and men only one, it should fall on the woman to establish whether effective contraception is being used or not – where as, the current system says men should ‘keep it in their pants’ which fails to acknowledge that the woman equally fails to keep it in her pants, and has effective contraception and abortion and adoption options, where the man doesn’t. So, the woman should be held a bit more accountable than she currently is for unwanted pregnancies. It’s win/win (but whore lose).

What could possibly go wrong with giving the government video footage of all sexual acts?

[I]f you want to eradicate absolutely all false allegations, and eradicate the chances of acquaintance rapists getting away with it too, then you need an app on your phone which can record the sound and picture whilst people have sex, but which cannot be played back, as it is instantly scrambled, and sent to a central data agency, where it stays scrambled, and can only be unscrambled by a police investigator in the event of a false I mean in the event of a rape allegation.

If people don’t make a rape allegation within a few weeks or whatever, the scrambled data is automatically deleted anyway.

So, I’ve just cut the rate of false rape claims and the rate of rapists getting away with it.

Fuck your civil rights you lying whores:

We will only ever know the precise rate of false rape allegations when fMRI lie detector brain scans are administered on everyone who claims they were raped (which I am all for – fuck your civil rights you lying whores).

Rape’s real victims: the cops who have to listen to all those whores lying about being raped


Seriously, its so demoralizing working on a rape unit, that the cop who processes the rape claim now gets moved onto another case, so they don’t get corrupted by the realization that so many women are lying and then miss the odd real one due to overwhelming skepticism.

Fem whores will always resist anything that holds rape accusers to account.

They know.

The End … or is it?

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. If being compared to puppies is symbolic of the types of oppression that men face…

    I am surprisingly ok with that. ^_^

  2. I dunno, NWO is just way less fun when I can’t provoke him into calling me a slut.

  3. Bloody hell David… where did the original Tom Martin thread finish on the all-time long comment threads list? In the top 5?

    I’ve been wondering whether we need a Twitter campaign to raise awareness of Tom’s very important causes. Something like “I am the 97%” or #FuckYourCivilRightsYouLyingWhores. I’m sure Tom would approve.

  4. @NWO:

    City Education Department spokeswoman Marge Feinberg said that after Driscoll was arrested she was reassigned off campus to administrative duties. She earned $56,707 a year.

    This is your “middle management position.” Being reassigned to off-campus duties while the case went through. You know, what would be expected if a faculty member was charged but not yet found guilty? Meanwhile, after the case…

    A New York City schoolteacher from Bay Shore will be sentenced to probation and have to register as a sex offender after admitting Tuesday to having sexual relations with a 16-year-old male student a year ago, prosecutors said.

    Tara Driscoll, 33, of 17 Anna St., pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct. She will be sentenced to six years’ probation and must give up her teacher’s license effective at her next court date, May 22, prosecutors said.

    Again, exactly what you’d expect as a result of the guilty charge. So… what exactly is your problem? That she wasn’t cast out onto the streets immediately when the charge was brought?

  5. Semi-serious question: how did this guy get into the London School of Economics? Abhorrent opinions aside, he seems pretty stupid (“men only have one birth control option available.”) And his tendency to pull statistics completely out of his ass (97% of women are whores) is not something an LSE student usually does. Is this the real LSE, or did they rent the name out to some diploma mill?

  6. Hey guess what NWO

    I have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, an aromantic partner, and a fuckbuddy, and I might get another fuckbuddy soon. We’re planning on moving off-campus and taking care of my boyfriend’s cat and dog and having a DISHWASHER (<3). Sometimes I walk around naked just because I can. I have sex with people just because I think they're cute, or because I'm horny, or because I like the books they own. Doesn't that chafe your hide? Doesn't that fill your tiny mind with more hate than it already has? I don't think anything I could do could piss you off more than being myself and being happy.

  7. Also, Owly, if she DID get fired as soon as she was charged, wouldn’t you be yelling about FALSE ACCUSATIONS RUINING LIIIIIIIIVES?

  8. @ozy:

    Also, Owly, if she DID get fired as soon as she was charged, wouldn’t you be yelling about FALSE ACCUSATIONS RUINING LIIIIIIIIVES?

    Only if the accused were a man. *shrug*

  9. @ozymandias42

    Couldn’t find anything in the MSM could ya? Just backwater blogs. MSM blares messages out to millions and millions on a daily basis. Joe schmoe blogs, not so much.

    Ya like that little fact, dontcha? And it’s not my fault you’re a slut whose so emprty inside you need validation of all you sexual exploits just to know you’re alive. Try something other than posting hatred and sex. Is that the extent of your life?

  10. @kysokisaen

    Men give out free shrugs. Unless women find it offensive.

    I don’t know if this was a typo or intentional, but I’m going to go ahead and DIE. OMG. You’ve just killed a man NWO, you are the misandrisest of misandrists!

  11. I guess now we know the answer to “in what situation would NWO be not okay with statutory rape or child rape?” It’s “when the perp is a woman and the victim is a boy”.

  12. Try something other than posting hatred and sex. Is that the extent of your life?

    I think this is a good time for an old Sadly, No! mantra: It’s always projection.

    Well, maybe not the sex part.

    Tell me, NWOslave, what do you have in your life beyond hatred?

  13. Hey, wait a minute, NWOslave, didn’t you tell me that it’s impossible for a woman to rape a man?

  14. Grr, comment in moderation.

    Why, yes, I have many things in my life besides sex and hatred. Today, for instance, I learned about Greek, and I wrote an article for people who are paying me money, and I read an excellent Avengers fanfic. My life is wonderful.🙂

  15. NWO is just jealous that Ozy has hatred AND sex, whereas he has only hatred. Well, that and Star Trek novels.

  16. I’m posting from a writers’ group meetup so I have that in my life! Also couscous. There’s some couscous in my life right now.

    I suppose NWO eats but the “friends” and “hobbies” parts of this I’m not so sure about.

  17. Ozy has a great number of wonderful things that you do not have NWO, like love and empathy for other people.

    You have chosen to be alone and post about how much you hate everyone and everything and how much you wish you could beat up women and enslave female children. Why are we supposed to think you are a good person?

    Good people do not advocate for slavery like you do.
    Good people do not advocate for legalizing rape like you do.

    You call yourself a bad man, thinking you are joking or exaggerating, but calling yourself a bad man is the most honest thing you have ever written.

  18. Yeah, other than being male and being (resentfully) employed, what does NWO even think his selling points are? He hasn’t exactly given us a glimpse into the rich tapestry of his life.

  19. I wish I has couscous in my life. Pout.

    If we had comfy chairs it still wouldn’t be fair, since women could sit in the comfy chairs thus meaning they get two times the comfort of the men sitting in them. And so you’d need to have men only chairs and women only chairs. And send women who sit in a man chair to jail forever.

    If Mr. Martin wanted to make an actual good point about seating it isn’t some weird “these chairs are biased” but to talk to the school about the concept of accessibility for all in design. It’s a movement in design where, instead of making a one-size-fits-all product and then making minor variations so that people with certain physical impairments can use it, you instead try and design a product that gives people more options for choice. So, instead of designing the library with 10 tables and 20 chairs with one special table that is set at a height for someone using a wheelchair, you make all 10 tables and all 20 chairs different heights and styles.Someone in a wheelchair can use the height they feel comfortable with. A smaller person might select smaller seat or a higher chair. A taller person might choose in the opposite way. A person with one type of back problem might want a soft chair, and someone else may favor a harder one. The law library on my campus has done a good job of this. Lots of different seating options around campus from small one-person study areas downstairs to large couches and loveseats where you can lay around while studying. The benefit is that people tend to be able to find there special place that fits their needs instead of having to make do with the only option available.

    But that’s a different issue than “these chairs are against men” because it’s looking at creating a space where everyone is respected based on their individual needs and desires instead of dividing it up into men vs. women. I’m all for Tom Martin having a comfortable chair because it would be great if public spaces were designed in a way that allowed everyone to be comfortable, but that has nothing at all to do with gender. If we want to talk about gender in design then how about the courthouse that built a glass staircase without realizing that ladies can be lawyers now and sometimes they wear skirts. In fact, most women are strongly suggested to wear skirts when they are in court because there are still some judges, of both genders, who believe that it isn’t professional for a woman to wear pants.

  20. How disingenuous do you have to be to read a call for “compulsory paternity tests” from this guy–for EVERYONE, right? not just women who actually file a claim? and read it as anything but

    “punish the lying WHORES!”

    I mean, since he pretty much says that in so many words in EVERY OTHER SENTENCE ANYWAY.

  21. excuse me. specifically, punish them not for filing false paternity claims *which they may very well not do anyway*, but just for being big ol’ slutty slut slutbags. and, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES. if you can’t remember who the father is,


    just on general principle.


    you just can’t parody this shit.

  22. I think Tom should have a chair that comes with an special seat that ejects his whiny, hateful ass the next time he says “whore.” At 100 miles an hour.

  23. NWO, sweetie-pumpkin, you didn’t answer my question. Where are the pamphlets on female superiority handed out? Who hands them out? Understand, I’m asking only for administrative purposes; I need to know where to file this information.

    It’s very important, NWO. Think of the scholarship of future generations. Think of the children.

  24. Shaun: Non-PIV sex is still sex. So no, abstinence isn’t a form of BC.

  25. AntZ: You silly fool. Martin didn’t say, “fuck all civil rights”, which means he isn’t treating men and women equally.

    1) Compulsory paternity tests at birth = defending the rights of the child.

    And where did he make a big deal about testing men? About punishing them if they wouldn’t admit to knocking someone up?

    Where did he say that cops were demoralised by all the rapes they see (as opposed to lying about the statistics on false rape, even after the failures in the methodology of the report he was misinterpreting, on top of those methodology failures)? All I saw was him blaming women for everything that’s ever gone wrong in the world.

    He was talking about false accusers. Anger is justified for such a vile act.

    He was lying about false accusations. That, of course, isn’t something you think at all vile. Lying about false accusations is something you find laudatory.

    It was not 97%, it was 87%.
    It was not women, it was accusers.

    You’re lying again. He said 97 (at one point 98) percent of all women are whores. He said 50 to 90 percent of all rape complaints are false.

    And I don’t agree with him. The best data available supports that 40% of accusations are false.

    Care to back that up with a citation, showing why that’s, “the best data” (not just something that makes you feel good because it’s making rape harder to prosecute)? Or is just some more ass-candy?

    There is no such thing as a false accuser. There are false accusations. It is very different, in many important ways:


    Let me try this?

    There is no such thing as a liar, there are only lies.

    There is no such thing as a murdered, there are only murders.

    There is no such thing as a torturer, there is only torture.

    You might want to go back to school. Your understanding of how the world (and language) work seems to be deficient.

    Where did he say that men who aren’t have sex with anyone who wants them too need to taxed at the highest bracket and drafted first?

    If that’s how you define equally… I’m never letting you cut the cake.

  26. NWO: What is your fascination with the 9th Commandment? Can’t you find some other sin than False Witness to commit (oh wait, you covet other men’s wives… which you probably see as their property. Since you aren’t married that’s not the version of adultery Jesus was talking about, but if you were… whoo-boy!).

    I thought you said the lesson of, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” was to sin no more, and here you go, like a dog to his vomit, committing the same sin, again, and again, and again.

    Are you trying to get it right before you give it up?

    Now, about that list… it’s humor. It’s sad and pathetic humor, but so are all the, “this is why a beer/motorcycle/etc. are better than a woman jokes”, which I don’t see you making any complaint about.

    So it’s not that you are about the equality. You don’t care if a bunch of douchebag men hate on women; that’s just a reasonable response to women wanting to be equal, which must be met with beatings; and if needs be murder.

    So go back to being an automation guru, and brilliant inventor; one to stupid to work for anything other than a work for hire contract, and let the adults talk.

  27. NWO:

    Ozy is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met online and I’m glad ze gets what ze wants and needs in order to be happy. It’s just a pity you aren’t fortunate enough to have what you need to keep you from being a sour and bitter human being.

  28. @Kirby: Terminology uncertainly….how about “paternity uncertainty”? I know it’s sort of long, but it rimes, and hey, it emphasizes the important element (being uncertain about the sperm contributor is NOT the same thing as fraud!).

  29. I don’t have sex or hatred, but I have homemade chocolate chip cookies that are, if I say so myself, FUCKING AMAZING.

    It’s good to be me.😉

  30. I have a stir fry made with chicken, shiitakes, thai chillies, garlic, soy sauce, rice wine, and vinegar that I am having for lunch. Oh no! Better watch out for those evil misandrist mushrooms, lest they lead me down the wrong path.

  31. I have cake pops! That I made because I have the new, as seen on TV, Bake Pop pan. Because my kids caught me at a moment of weakness and asked me to buy it. The cake pops came out really well! I recommend the pan, just do not call the number or you will end up with 4 pans…get it at Walgreens when it gets there.

  32. Curse you, Bostonian. Now I want a tiny cake that looks like a lollipop.

  33. These would be the best trick or treat gift ever.


  34. Those are… so intricate.

    My eyes hurt just thinking of assembling them all.

  35. They are great though, and not like the nasty cake pops that are made of mashed up cake and frosting, but lovely fluffy little balls of cake enrobed in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles.

  36. This was the inauguration of my bake pop pan, and I will be making easter egg color cake pops for easter.

    The cake balls are also good simply enrobed in the chocolate with no stick.

    I also covered some with cinnamon sugar for something like a cake donut with less frying.

  37. They kind of remind me of a dessert from my childhood – snowballs.


    To make the Scottish version you cut the cake balls in half, spread strawberry or raspberry jam in the middle, stick them back together, and then roll in icing sugar and coconut. My mum used to have my friends come over and make these assembly line style when I was a kid, and then take them to school to give out in class.

  38. Oh I must try making those! I love coconut.

  39. Kids love them! Plus they’re fun to make, and easy for little kids to help out with.

  40. My oldest hates coconut though, so it will have to be for a group gathering.

  41. Because if I am left alone with that many coconut cookies, I will end up visible from space.

  42. Well, now I just want to enrobe something in chocolate!

  43. As a child someone once left me alone in a room with a large plate of coconut halwa. Only the thought that my mother might yell at me prevented me from clearing the plate.

  44. For those who have no idea what halwa is…it’s sort of like fudge? That’s the best comparison I can come up with.


  45. My work here is done.

    (not that being done will prevent me from posting)

  46. Well, now I just want to enrobe something in chocolate!

  47. Making desserts = prostitution, in the same universe in which wooden chairs are misandry.

  48. Well, it is 3 AM in London. So yeah, I’m guessing that Tom has had a few pints.

  49. Ah, I see Tom has gone for the minimalist comment. Good job Tom!

  50. Gerbils.

  51. gerbil whores

  52. I have no idea what this is, but it seems relevant somehow:

  53. what is a bake pop pan? where can i get one…in Australia?

  54. They are pans with hemishperes in them to make fluffy balls of cake to enrobe in chocolate.

    They are on Amazon right now, too. I will look for other sources.

  55. That particular seller ships worldwide.

  56. @Bostonian

    thank you. my ladybrain had forgotten the existence of such small online market places as Amazon and Ebay. i shall quietly drink my tea now.

  57. I am sorry that I did not think to mention other places to get it in the first place! I know very well that many posters are not in the US. I should be the one being quiet.

  58. they look great…our school canteen is always asking for cakes to sell and they look like a hit. can you just any old lollipop stick once you use up the ones that come supplied?

    i googled bake pop pan when i was reading about it and it was a complete FAIL so i came and pestered you rather than engage my brain. Thank you for your time!

  59. ordered it in a fit of whimsy! i have a feeling that the tempting and comical decorations on the front will harder to recreate in real life than i want to think about. also baking with kids was not the moment of fulfilling parenting i imagined. i had to really just let go of my perfectionist streak when i first started baking with the kids

  60. Yes, I was pestered into calling the damned phone number by two cute little girls who love the idea of cake lollypops. What can I say? I am a sucker for them. The three year old and I did have fun making and decorating them. We went simple with decorations. Mainly sprinkles of various colors and shapes, over chocolate.

  61. Someone needs to tell this guy that MRI scans as a lie detector aren’t a magic bullet.

    Well, people need to tell this guy a lot of things. But I think that’s a point you might actually win on: they’re not infallible. Far, far from it.

  62. For anyone who wants to know, the bake pops pan also works well with banana muffins. I now have muffin balls for the week. Not enrobed in chocolate, because my kids do not need chocolate first thing in the morning.

  63. i am just very excited by the whole thing. do you need to use their special sticks or can you use regular lollipop sticks?

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