Meet the Enriching Vibrants (and a bunch of plain old racists).

Then In Mala Fide may be right for you!

I took a look at the always reprehensible In Mala Fide today, and ran across a very strange post indeed, written by someone calling himself Finndistan. Entitled “The Unfuckables,” the post started off by recounting a conversation that allegedly took place in the real world — the same real world, dear reader, that you and I live in.

Three guys sitting, good looking girl passes by, easily a nine.

“She’s beautiful man,” says one.


“That one. But she likes enriching vibrants.”

“I’d rather fuck an orc as now that looks more attractive to me.”

WHAT. THE. FUCK. is an “enriching vibrant?”

I look through the rest of the post. The strangeness continues:

It seems that fucking and enriching vibrants is becoming a fashion. Fine.

The only thing is this, I am an immigrant. Neither do I enrich, nor do I vibrate;

For me, and for many other men, Finnish, Western, non-Western, these women are undateable.

For me, and for many other men, these women are…


Once you let your pussy be enriched by a vibrating man’s rod, you radiate that. You shine in the dark.

You are an enriched vibrant-fucker.

You are unfuckable.

I look through the comments and find at least one reader as perplexed as me. Ferdinand Bardamu, the terrible human being behind In Mala Fide, steps in and clarifies that “vibrants = immigrants.”

That doesn’t really clarify very much, as Finndistan says he’s an immigrant, too. Nor does it explain all the “vibrating” nonsense.  I return to the post, and find Finndistan working through a labored comparison with a Japanese nuclear disaster:

Fukushima was enriched. It was full of enriched plutonium. Then the earth vibrated.

My utmost respects go out to the men who sacrificed themselves to keep the disaster in check. Their debts will never be repaid. Not by a society that has alienated its men to the point of men dropping out of society in the millions.

What I am talking about is Fuckushima.

Fuckushima was enriched. It was full of enriched spermanium. Then the bed vibrated.

Fuck me if I sacrifice myself for that.

Ok then.

Setting aside Finndistan’s  bizarre visions of nuclear spermageddon, I’m still perplexed as to why some immigrants – sorry, vibrants – are evil and “enriched” and “vibrating” while others – like Finndistan – aren’t?

 I go to Finndistan’s own blog in an attempt to make some sense out of whatever the fuck he’s on about. I find a post entitled “The Fashion of Fucking an Enriching Vibrant – The Curse of The Unfuckables.” It starts out with this:


We foreign men have a problem with The Unfuckables.

The women who got vibrated by enriching cock.

The women who got enriched by vibrating cock.

The women who got enriched by a vibrant.

The women who got vibrated by an enricher.

That’s no help. I go to another post in which Finndistan purports to explain his strange terminology. Entitled “The Unfuckables – A sensible explanation,” the post offers anything but that.

An Unfuckable is a woman who has gotten fucked by an enriching vibrant. Out of love, passion, of fashion, it does not matter.

Intimate contact, any kin[d] of penetration, and any kind of fluid exchange suffices.

Ok, then, I ask again: WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. AN. ENRICHING. VIBRANT?

If I go into so much detail into The Unfuckables, I should go into some detail about enriching vibrants, enriching vibrating cock, vibrating enrichers etc.

I will call them vibrating enrichers, as this is the term I like most.

Being a vibrating enricher is a choice, so it is not something you are born with (cough cough), or something you cannot grow out of (cough cough)…

Before we go into choices, let’s go into what is not Vibrating, or what is not Enriching, thus what is also not supported by the state, the humanists, the multicultists, the diversity lovers.

Finndistan then lists a bunch of “acceptable” immigrant types, including:

The indian looking kid dressed in a smart business suit apparently having an after meeting beer with his Finnish colleague also dressed in a business suit. …

The middle eastern kid married to the same woman since I met him, who sired two kids, and is an honest working man.

The black dude who speaks perfect BBC english sitting on the table with two clearly high class Finnish girls. It is highly possible his clothing is tailored.

And then, on to those dastardly “vibrating enrichers.” Another list, including:

African kid coming over and immediately adopting to the American Gangbanger style.

The kid who’s wearing the saggin’ jeans with golden “Thug Life” embroidered throughout his ass

The middle easterner with the fake Armani shirt, pluched eyebrows, designer shapes shaved into his hair and make up on his face. …

The guy who’s choosing the gangbanger, the apaci style, over having any decent style, even including the Jersey Shore Douchebaggery.  …

Basically anybody who is enriching the culture with their radioactiveness, and vibrating the culture with the vibration that made their homeland a place worthy escaping from.

So any woman who, er, exchanges fluid with any “enriching vibrant” man thus makes herself, in Finndistan’s eyes, an unfuckable.

Amazingly, the regulars back on In Mala Fide are able to get the gist of Finndistan’s rants without going to all the trouble I did. Ryu, the dude behind  a blog titled White Nationalist Think Tank, comments:

Ah. So you’re talking about mixers – women who sleep with blacks, mexicans or muslims.

It’s just a step above beastiallity in my book. Her race and people are on the ropes. Enemies everywhere. Demographic crisis in the waiting. Then to show off how hip and tolerant she is or worse, to satisfy her own libido, she beds down with a protected group.

They are traitors, some of the worst offenders. The most beautiful woman in the world loses her charm after mixing. She’ll sleep with anything. Included are Heidi Klum, Nicole Kidman, and many of the people adapting negro babies.

Aleph Null adds his completely non-racist opinion:

I’m not a racist, except in the sense that anyone who recognizes reality in the USA is branded as a racist. And besides, I’m married.

But I have a very pragmatic reason for not wanting to bed a woman who “enriches vibrants.” African-Americans have 20 times the rate of Gonorrhea infection compared to whites, and 9 times the rate of syphilis and chlamydia. Blacks are 14% of the US population but accounted for 44% of new HIV infections in 2009.

The phrase “I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick” comes to mind.

PA, easily adapting himself to Finndistan’s odd lingo, adds

I find white women who slept with well-tanned enriching vibrants viscerally repulsive. Even if she’s a 9, I wouldn’t fuck her. There is something vile and unclean about her aura.

This is no offense to enriching vibrants — I wouldn’t feel that way about a non-white woman who is otherwise attractive, but who presumably has previously slept with her own kind.

A fellow with the oh-so-clever nickname Eugenick shares his racial and sexual fantasies:

I would love to enrich some Japanese, Korean or Chinese chicks myself. I could pass on my White genes for independence, individualism and creativity, while they would contribute a high IQ mean for the future generations to revert to, as well as a better predisposition for working hard. Maybe such hybrids would be the new master race. After all, marvels like Hong Kong and Singapore have emerged from the combined efforts of Asians and Whites.

Sadly, I live in a Eastern European country where the main vibrant minority are low-avg-IQ Gypsies, and Asians are close to none.

Marcus Marcellus helps to clarify what is implied when Manosphere dudes talk semi-euphemistically about the evils of women who choose “thugs” over “nice guys” like them:

To me, any white girl who kneels before a black American and puts his cock in her mouth is completely tainted trash. There’s a level of submissive degeneracy that I cannot cross. It’s a very dark, quasi-rape issue actually. …

 Today, a good 10% of these Millennial sluts are actively chasing their negro a la Hollywood star, except instead of adopting one they sleep with one…until he murders them – or just beats them badly.

A whole treatise could be written on the psychology behind the current phenomenon, one that would not please feminist women as it would reveal the masochistic element in women’s sexuality. Personally, I’m only dating girls who don’t complain when I occasionally use the “n-word.” It’s a way to vet them without doing some creepy background checks. I do not hate blacks; I just don’t want to breed with them.

I would think almost any woman would be overjoyed to discover that men like these consider her “unfuckable.”

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I do hope this means they will leave my half Chinese kids the hell alone. I have taught my daughters to never spend time with anyone who uses racial slurs, so there is that kind of protection.

  2. @ marc2020

    I’ve been thinking it over and I really don’t think it’s accurate to call this guy an MRA any more as he’s seems to have transcended that little niche into something that I feel genuinely deserves its own classification, anyone got any suggestions?

    Can we call guys like this unfuckables?🙂

  3. Enriching vibrant, I think, comes from liberals saying something like “Immirgants enrich our culture and make it more vibrant”.

    Or was this obvious to everyone?

    So then the Fuckushima (and dude, inappropriate, and far, far, faaarrrr too soon) analogy is actually more tortured than it seems at first glance? Good to know. Because like Cassandra says, vibrate and vibrant are not the same word; also I was in Tokyo for that quake and allow me to tell you what you already know: not a goddamn person in the world describes that event as ‘the time Japan vibrated too much.’

  4. @Maya: you’re not wrong. I always found that a very intriguing angle. I’m half German and half Russian, and I met quite a few Russians on my trips there who expressed a deep admiration of Hitler and told me that they are the last pure white race left. Usually at this point I start to explain that not only would their hero not consider them white, he thought of them as subhuman. Racists are odd, odd, odd people.

  5. That guy finnawhatever is annoying.

    This is much nicer to look at:

  6. I wish my cat would take on a watermelon.

  7. Yeah, I didn’t even want to touch his nonsense about Fukushima. There are apparently some elderly people who volunteered to help with the cleanup, because they figure that they’re going to die soon anyway, and if they help then maybe that will spare some younger people from radiation exposure. Those people are old enough to remember when the bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and they’re willing to sacrifice themselves to save others even knowing very well what radiation can do to a person.

    Meanwhile, MRAs are pestering the European Court of Human Rights about hard chairs. Perspective, assholes.

  8. Mags, why would you want to hang out with people to whom you have to be “deferential”? And get violently angry when you aren’t, according to them?

  9. My aunt was in Tokyo when the quakes were happening. When she visited last year we asked her how the city and country were doing. She shrugged her shoulders and said “We are Japanese. We’ll get through this.” I think it’s pretty clear why we adore her.

  10. This Finnzjfslekglrh guy is a real Turgid Logorrheic (Logorrheic Turgidizer (Tumescent Logger (Tulgey Logarithm (Terrible Neologist)))).

    Also, he freaking ridiculous.

  11. Oh, Fukushima is a terrible clusterfuck of fuckedness. All that decimated farmland, the switch back to fossil fuels, I’ve heard of people who are still living in areas that they know they shouldn’t be because they’re basically trapped by mortgages, which kind of makes my brain explode a bit. And the relationship between Tepco and the government – well, just because no one’s staging any public protests doesn’t mean they’re totally happy with how the situation is being dealt with.

    So yeah, children are gonna get cancer but please, Finndistan, let’s hear more about how your lack of a sex life has left you with no time to look up how earthquakes actually work. You could maybe look up some of the Tohoku earthquake footage – there’s a documentary that I won’t watch that is basically just all the clips collected from people who were there.

  12. I’m tempted to send him videos of the water rolling into Sendai and ask how he thinks any of the stuff he’s complaining about is comparable in scope to that.

    (I know for most people it’s pictures of kids that really get them during coverage of natural disasters, but during the Tohaku situation it was all the footage of people in their 60s crying because they couldn’t find their parents that really got to me. The idea of a lot of elderly people trying to survive in that situation was just horrifying.)

  13. @kysokisaen

    I was traumatized just listening to the stories, I don’t think I have the fortitude to watch any more footage than the news stories I saw.

  14. @kysokisaen

    My friend is in Japan right now (and was there during the earthquake), teaching English and he says there are some public protests going on. Since I don’t speak/read Japanese, I had to take him at his word that this is footage of one of the rallies. His description: “The speakers are from Fukushima; among the things they said are that they are glad that people have not forgotten about them, the government is still failing them in its words and deeds, the radiation levels outside the exclusion zone are dangerous, especially to children (including in Koriyama, the site of the rally).”

    He says there are some interesting anti-nuke art collectives that have sprung up too.

  15. @FelixBC – by deferential I mean that in real life I tend not to be confrontational. I also am not really a leader, and tend to take direction rather well. I tend to hang around people that don’t mind that.

  16. I was expecting protests in Tokyo for the one-year anniversary. There were memorials, but no angry protesters that I ever heard of. People directly affected by the disaster figured out which way the winds were blowing when Tepco tried to tell them they needed to fill out a 60+ page compensation application every few months in a transparent ploy to disqualify as many elderly claimants as possible through legal technicalities. Farther out we’re seeing higher prices for food and -soon- power. It will be interesting to see what will happen if the rallies in the Sendai area can keep their momentum up and spread out. I think the government has misread the Japanese ‘we wil persevere’ as ‘we will sit quietly and deal with whatever bullshit you hand out’ and that might not be as true as they’d like. Certainly down here people know they’re not supposed to badmouth their own government to gaijin, yet they just can’t seem to defend the current situation with any enthusiasm.

  17. How I love Oglaf! ‘Flat bears’, anyone?


    I’m just going to go ahead and slap a NSFW on this.

  18. A Finnish emigrant

    Right. I can offer some explanation to the terminology used here. The “enrichers” is a jab at certain pro-multiculturalist folks in Finland, who used to speak a lot about immigrants from various foreign countries “enriching the culture” (direct translation) by bringing bits of their culture to Finland. The anti-immigration block adopted this lingo and started using it especially when discussing crimes done by immigrants, or in other negative connections. I will need to think of the “vibrant” bit, I’m not entirely up to date with the recent developments of the various dialects and trendy expressions of my first language, having spent some years out of country. Will return to that later.

    Sorry for repeating if someone already posted this. Reading this on the phone and thus didn’t bother with the comments at this point.

  19. With a term like, enriching vibrants, you’d think it was a comment; having a vibrant personality that is enriching. But honestly, what is their problem with black people in particular anyway?

  20. A Finnish emigrant

    Ahha, I read up on the comments now and saw Hertta already comment on the lingo. But I have to say I’m not sure if the “vibrant/vibrate” bit is as simple as that. I’m trying to recall popular phrases used in the media (in Finnish) and “vibrant” I don’t recall used in the same context as “enriching”. It’s obvious to me that the guy picked the words from a dictionary, btw, and isn’t very familiar with English expressions that might have delivered his message accross better; his text is a direct translation from Finnish which makes it sound very funny. That makes me suspect he has mixed up the meanings of vibrant and vibrate, and that he picked either word from the list of synonyms offered by the Finnish to English dictionary. So the question is which of the various possible meanings in Finnish was he trying to express. It might actually be “vibrate” and intend to refer to immigrant men he doesn’t like as giant living vibrators, which is an expression I’ve heard being used often as derogatory. It’s intended to insult both the woman.who sleeps with a “living vibrator” for having a libido, as well as to objectify the (usually black) man in the traditional way of describing him as an animalistic “sex machine”.

    Garbled text blame goes to my phone. The screen goe bonkers with longer text in the typing field and thus making corrections often causes more errors elsewhere.


  22. So…this means my sister is unfuckable to these men? Thank the Goddess! One less thing to worry about! How about crushes? Do they count? I hope so; that way I get to be unfuckable too.

  23. @ A Finnish Emigrant
    There’s no obvious Finnish translation for vibrant or vibrate in this context. I think Finndistan is just playing with the words and not doing it very well. But google “vibrant cultural enrichment” and the first hits you’ll get are for pages like Jihadwatch. They even attach a ™ to the expression. So it’s not entirely a Finnish phenomenon. I guess racists just think alike all over the world.

    But “enricher” really is something they commonly call (especially African) immigrants here. “Rikastuttaja.” I hate hate hate it. It shows they dispise the decent people who try to make life less shitty for immigrats almost as much as they hate black and brown people.

  24. Yeah, Hertta and others have already touched this topic. This is basically poorly translated Finnish dog-whistle for racism, and over here, racism almost always seems to bundle up with misogyny. If you hear them saying racist things, scratch the surface, and you’re likely to find a misogynist as well. Worse, chances are even higher that they’re bigoted towards existing minority Finns (Swedish-speaking minority, Sami, Roma, Tatars), who really aren’t that different from them and who have solid roots in this land.

    You just have to listen to racists talking: talk about “them” “taking” “our” women, and “them” “outbreeding” “us”; women are chattel and strange Others are a threat to them. Their bigoted use of language reveals insecurities to such degree that you can play bingo with it.

    Even so, this surface-floating scum makes me ashamed; I know this place is full of smart people who won’t think of it, but I’m still compelled to apologize on their behalf, and add that we Finns are really not like this, that it is only a stinking small chunk of populace who revel in foul attitudes like this and ruin it for everyone else.

  25. A Finnish emigrant


    No it doesn’t make any sense. But this is so much fun! I actually went to Hommaforum (a Finnish anti-immigration site) to find answers, and I did find another possible explanation. They use the phrase “etninen värinä” which translates literally as “ethnic vibration”. So it could mean “värisyttäjä” or “someone who vibrates/causes vibrations”. It seems obvious to me now, but I think the expression’s real meaning is lost intranslation. Better way to pu

  26. A Finnish emigrant

    @ Hertta

    No it doesn’t make any sense. But this is so much fun! I actually went to Hommaforum (a Finnish anti-immigration site) to find answers, and I did find another possible explanation. They use the phrase “etninen värinä” which translates literally as “ethnic vibration”. So it could mean “värisyttäjä” or “someone who vibrates/causes vibrations”. It seems obvious to me now, but I think the expression’s real meaning is lost intranslation, it sounds a bit archaic. People tend to use “vibe” for this specific meaning of thre word.

    But still, the expression “enriching vibrant” deserves a prize for the sheer WTFness of literal translations with zero original jargon context explained

  27. CassandraSays

    Can’t believe no one posted this yet…

  28. Ok, I didn’t know they use the expression “etninen värinä”. I see they even use “värisijä”, a direct translation of “vibrant”. Looks like some well meaning liberal used to word “värinä” once in a column about immigration and multiculturalism and they adopted it as a derogatory term.

    I’m glad someone finds all this fun. I stay as far away from Hommaforum as I possibly
    can. I get so depressed. They think the worst threat to this country are people who make up less than one percent of the population. They are obsessed, hateful and just plain mean. And the misogyny doesn’t come as a surprise. They are a lot like MRAs but more mainstream.

  29. This illogical and unreadable idiocy is from the type of guy who thinks that having a penis gives him more ability in “logic” and “clear, unemotional thinking”. Funny.

  30. @abeegoesbuzz:

    Because the Amazons are using them to kill us!

  31. A guy who runs a blog called White Nationalist Think Tank uses the name Ryu? I suppose he thinks the Japanese are honorary whites, or something equally stupid. Or he’s just an idiot.

  32. “The thing is, I am an immigrant. Neither do I enrich, nor do I vibrate.”

    Wait, by this does he mean – I’m an immigrant but unlike those other immigrants I don’t contribute anything useful to the country, nor am I an interesting or fun person.

    I wonder how he feels about the replies, given these are people who don’t think women should be sleeping with him. If this wasn’t posted yesterday I’d have assumed it was an April fools joke.

    I find the idea of men who vibrate vaguely intriguing.

  33. Because the Amazons are using them to kill us!

    Ahahahahahahaha, that was a joke. j/k!!

  34. @Tim

    I’ve seen his comments at the Spearhead, they are usually racist too and the Ryu name struck me as weird as well. Asians are exempt from their racism, or at least the women are since most MRAs have Asian fetishes due to the stereotype that they are submissive. Or maybe he’s a Street Fighter fan.

    MRA stupidity knows no bounds either way.

  35. This is no offense to enriching vibrants — I wouldn’t feel that way about a non-white woman who is otherwise attractive, but who presumably has previously slept with her own kind.

    In other words, it’s about race traitors.

  36. @Pear_tree

    I find the idea of men who vibrate vaguely intriguing.

    It seems to be a Kal El meets yellow sun type effect

  37. “Once you let your pussy be enriched by a vibrating man’s rod, you radiate that. You shine in the dark.”

    Is it wrong that I found that …hot?
    Had to look this up.

  38. Oooh, Mr. Lebanon! *fans self* And that dude in the weight room with the fingerless gloves!

  39. Another Finn here. As others explained, it’s an anti-immigration dogwhistle. Supposedly pro-immigration folks want to “enrich” the western cultures with worst possible gangstas and welfare bums rather than decent working people. However, when you scratch the surface, you’ll find that only white European people qualify as decent working people.

    As for why Finndistan identifies with white racists despite being an immigrant himself: He obviously sees himself as a decent working person or the “good immigrant”. He’s probably white European like many of our immigrants are, despite the stereotype being dark-skinned Muslim. He wouldn’t encounter so much racism himself and might be accepted as token in some anti-immigration crankery group. And like the White Menz, he is pissed that women won’t sleep with him like they supposedly do with “vibrant” types.

  40. Enriching Vibrants…

    A vibrating man who gives me money?

    That actually sounds pretty good. Also kind of like an MRA’s paranoid fantasy of what All Women Want, but I wouldn’t actually turn down Enriching Vibrant, if he existed. In fact, from now on I think I will boycott non-vibrating men! In the future, all the pathetic beta genes of men who don’t vibrate will be driven from the gene pool and the lonely old beta MRAs will be cast into the outer darkness, weeping, wailing, gnashing their teeth and shouting “WE TOLD YOU SO” while all the evil feminists ride their new improved VIBRATING cock carousel and stuff their pockets full of money, while cackling, like this…



  41. You know, the whole “Manboobz is always virgin/abstinence shaming…” thing might carry more weight if there weren’t so many guys showing up here to complain about how they can’t get laid so feminism is the devil. Seriously.

    Don’t get me wrong, we get our share of the conspiracy theory/Feminism = Nazism/women are inherently evil hypergamous whores stuff as well. But, Zarat is a dipshit and NWO… NWO is pissed that women use lotion.

  42. Whoops. Wrong thread.

  43. Maya Lovelace

    Some epic win comments.

    Male supremacism (I refuse to dignify these people by calling them “men’s rights activists”, since they don’t give a flying fuck about anyone’s rights; they’re about reinforcing oppression of women) is part of the exact same mindset as racism and anti-immigrant views.


    The common factor is billious, votriolic hatred – hatred of women, hatred of homosexuals, hatred of ethnic minorities – bigots like this seem to be in a perpetual state of rage fueled by the fact that their privilege is not as ironclad and unassailaible at they would like it to be.

    That maybe, just maybe, the days when they could treat women like disposeable subhuman sex-toys, demonise non-whites, and engage in casual homophobia in a bid to prove their ‘alpha male’ credetials with impunity, are coming to an end, and they obviously simply cannot handle that possibility.

    What worries me is that, when a concentration of these jerks get together, they feed one another’s delusions and paranoia to the point where the most far gone among their number might be tempted to act upon it.

  44. Maya Lovelace

    15 has it right. It’s far better to call these guys Male Supremacists then Mens’ Rights Activists. From now on the MRM will be known as the MSM.

  45. A Finnish emigrant (needs a new, better name after de-lurking)

    @ Hertta

    It is depressing, but some of these fools make it amusing. Entertainment fit for Manboobz.

    I actually find it very amusing that the term looks like it’s backfiring after translation since the original context is unknown to anybody outside the Finnish-speaking part of world and doesn’t carry the stigma it does in Finnish. Enriching, vibrating cock *does* sound like a very appealing type of cock… Maybe a word to adopt for use against the boobheads?😀

  46. …. wow

  47. Wha… what LANGUAGE is that? I am utterly perplexed!

  48. CassandraSays

    If the penises that are part of the cock carousel vibrate then that would explain why so many women are supposedly so interested in riding it.

    Thanks for the video, indifferentsky! Most of those guys are too buffed for me, but pretty nonetheless. Of course I grew up partly in the Middle East, so I already knew that.

  49. A new racist dogwhistle, oh joy. These guys just keep looking for new catagories to narrow down the women available to date them don’t they? I mean, if they didn’t they’d have nothing to whine about eh?

    Mags, being defferential is a pretty neutral thing. Why keep bringing it up as if its some sort of special virtue? All you’re doing is telling the wrong types of men that you’re an easy target for them to shit on.

  50. Speaking of racism, why are the MRAs talking about “grass eaters”? The MRAs seem to think they have a parallel movement amongst Asian men?

  51. AFAIK, Grass Eaters are a japanese thing, and they do think this, yes. They’ve confused being tired of bullshit gender roles with misogyny😄

  52. …O_o


    *surrenders to nonsense* I read a book about a haunted vagina last week (no, not that one) that made more sense than this.

  53. I showed this to my partner! He was extremely confused about what an “enriching vibrant” is.

  54. I read a book about a haunted vagina last week (no, not that one)

    “You have to get out of here!


  55. I suppose I should warn people that the link I left in my last post is NSFW.

    But you could all probably determine that for yourselves.

  56. RE: Falconer

    No, not that one. The OTHER one.


  57. It’s never a big surprise to find out that misogynists are also racists, but Jesus fucking Christ.

  58. XMX, about 25 yrs ago I met one of my dearest long term friends when we both worked in the same soil lab. He is male, hispanic and gay, I am white, female and straight, One day after we first met at the workplace, he just walked up to me and asked, “So do you date outside your race?” and smiled. My answer was came easily as it is the truth. “Well I have dated men from around the world, and I dont really care what color they are, but I prefer Americans” And he asked me out to lunch.
    Later on I asked him why he asked that way since we would never be romantically involved, what was the point? He says “Oh I just want to see if you were an a-hole or not”
    So really it can be that easy.

  59. No, not that one. The OTHER one.

    WHAT other book about a haunted vagina?! I thought some sad porno comic put out by a guy who had a Star Wars themed wedding wherein his wife was dressed as Princess Leia* and he was dressed as Darth Vader was the only thing to dare broach such a creepy and/or awesome subject.

    *I’m pretty sure it was chaste-virgin these-are-my-languishing-in-prison-clothes Princess Leia, and not nerds-are-going-to-fantasize-forever-about-this-creepy-power-game metal-bikini Slave Leia but it’s 11:30 and I can’t be arsed to check Chris Sims’ Invincible Super-Blog for the photo.

  60. Creative Writing Student

    I’m quite interested in hearing about the Haunted Vagina books. Part morbid curiosity, part ‘lets-troll-my-tutors’.

  61. Did anyone else think this was about vibrators? I’m so confused right now.

  62. @pillow
    Speaking of racism, why are the MRAs talking about “grass eaters”?

    Because they’re stupid?I’m always amazed that they can take some story about a handful of asexual boys in Japan and imply that this proves that there is some worldwide trend in MGTOW. They do this all the time. Take some weird story from around the world and use this to show that men are being oppressed all over and that it is rapidly spreading and that men are all going their own way and rejecting females. Then they’ll make some silly argument that it’s the liberals fault that women are out of control and then go on to say well it’s the conservatives who are just as bad. In fact in one way or another they can blame almost anyone for why they can’t find a woman who will have sex with them or why they’re failures in life. I’ve found that with most of these guys that they are not really very well educated. If a female has some Uni degree it’s really worthless because all females study is “women’s studies” or sociology at Uni according to them. Very few of them have ever gone anywhere and their knowledge of the world is erroneous where they believe that women in Asia or Eastern Europe etc. type places are all docile and just dying to meet some guy who works as a Walmart greeter in the US. I frequently point out to them that few Russian girls have any desire to live in the US and that every girl that I know in Moscow is highly educated compared to them and that if they’re a loser in the US then they’ll also be a loser in Moscow too, not to mention that Moscow is a very expensive city to live in especially compared to their hometown of Podunk. They lack all sophistication and claim that women only go for the thug types of men or are golddiggers. According to them all females want to do is shop for a 100 pairs of shoes and spend money on junk but yet there are many men, and they’re not gay either, who like to buy clothes to look good and also spend money on different things.

  63. Honestly, I’m still too confused to be offended.

  64. I confess, I’m not sure why these ace boys in Japan should be called “Grass Eaters.”

    No doubt it has roots in an enriched and vibrant cultural background of which I am completely ignorant, rather than being a slur or a label attached to these boys by outsiders.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t be called “Grass Eaters” if that’s something they came up with, I’m just not getting it because I’m a Yankee.

  65. Falconer: I’m not sure but I believe they named themselves that way. From what I know, being a “grass-eater” is not simply a matter of sex, it’s a way of life in opposition of the traditional Japanese one, based on competition, dedication to work and your company and seeking social status.
    I don’t think that it’s strictly a group of asexual men.

  66. After 10s of googling, I should add they’re also not as keen as other japanese men on spending money and starting family.
    And I am apparently wrong about them choosing this name. They’re not exactly a ‘group’ anyway, they don’t have meeting and an agenda. They’re more of a ‘trend’, in that media/society noticed that a certain number of men were acted in a certain way and named them. But they’re not more an homogeneous group than people who build tree-houses or nerds.

  67. Yup, my understanding of the grass eaters is similar to Kyrie’s. It’s not that they’re aces, it’s that they’re bucking the intense pressure of the Japanese norms of competitiveness and status-seeking.

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