I’m giving a talk at Northwestern University on Monday. Topic: How to hate women and have terrible sex

Hot sex talk

Just a little heads up for any of you in the Chicago area: I’ll be speaking at Northwestern University on Monday, as part of its annual “Sex Week.”

My topic? “How to hate women and have terrible sex: Misogynistic sex myths, and how they ruin sex for everyone.” Nice Guys, Friend Zones, and the Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel will all make appearances.

The talk will be at 8 PM in Room G02 of Annenberg Hall on the Northwestern Campus in Evanston.

(Here’s a map.)

There will be free condoms and lube. (Apparently.)

For more about sex week, see the official website, or take a look at this piece in the Daily Northwestern.

Sex week is sponsored by the College Feminists; I’m talking at the invitation of Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault.

I’ll be writing the lecture over the weekend, so please feel free to offer suggestions as to which misogynistic sex myths I should talk about.

EDITED TO ADD: The Spearhead has discovered that I’m doing this talk. W. F. Price writes about it with his usual objectivity, by which I mean that his piece is filled with lies and weird projection.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Now Jane just needs to construct a ballad asking me some gosh-darned ungoogleable questions!!!


    That second one wasn’t even a limerick. *envy*


    Funny enough, I got my username from playing SSB. I played kirby all the time until the second game when the up+B sword got nerfed. Then I switched to Ness. ^_^

  2. No luxury car and no mansion
    Can give Pell a talent for scansion.
    His skill’s not in rhyming,
    Nor humorous timing,
    But alias quota expansion.

  3. Missed all the fun. Again.

  4. RE: Kirbywarp

    Learned Smash Kirby due to Kirby being the first vidya game character we ever played. (Kirby Dreamland 2 on Gameboy, YEEHAW!) So nostalgic value.

    RE: Falconer

    Yeah, that’s no fun. Items are great to play with!

    My brother was a big fan of playing DK and pulling the suicide move of grabbing Kirby and just jumping off the edge with him. Hugely obnoxious on someone who has more lives than you and can afford to waste one just to mock you.

    Since I never played Smash on my own, only in groups and in short bouts, it was always fun to play for me. (Y’know, once I accepted that I was likely to lose 7/8 times. Once I accepted my title as Likely Loser, I was able to have a lot more fun.)

  5. Dammit, now I’m imagining the MRA being infiltrated by Deadpool, who doesn’t realize they’re being serious.

  6. My favourite moment on this thread remains:

    Everyone was very nice when Pell got creepy and uploaded videos of cute animals, after which,

    Me: I will one day have a menagerie of my own.

    Pell: That’s no substitute for a real man honey.

    khantron: Eww…man honey. Why can’t Pell just call it santorum like everyone else.

  7. @Alex That moment was my favorite too.

  8. @LBT: My Dearly Beloved loves to play Yoshi, park on the edge of the map, and send people flying off the map as eggs. She doesn’t do it often (that is, all the time) but she indulges about once a session.

    One time playing SSB Melee we got a Pokemon that turned the entire screen black. We were both playing Kirby at the time and we both taunted at about the same moment.

    If we ever needed any confirmation that Our Love Is Pure, that was it.

  9. @Falconer

    My Dearly Beloved loves to play Yoshi, park on the edge of the map, and send people flying off the map as eggs

    Your Dearly Beloved is clearly a badass among badasses, and, should we ever meet, will be the recepient of multiple fist bumps from yours truly

  10. two of my roommates used to play all night long, always link vs. falco. every map, every condition, link vs. falco. they ended up making it the name of our router.

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