All you need is love. Also, misogyny, and a side order of homophobia.

Love is in the air! On The Spearhead, WF Price has penned a piece with the intriguing title: “What’s Wrong with Wanting to be Loved?” To that I would answer: nothing.

Let’s see what lovely sorts of things Price has to say about the subject:

[S]till we have people whining about “misogyny.” Young feminists whose most important concern is the ability to have sex entirely free of consequences, and who shamelessly raise their voices for the right to kill their children in the womb. Lesbian gender feminists who wreck families for profit and sex. Male feminists who boast about fathering children and shuffling their responsibilities onto some duped cuckold, and who malign their fellow men for a crack at college girls.

Huh. Not sure how exactly this bit of nastiness is supposed to advance the cause of love.

(Also, I think that last bit – the line about those “who malign their fellow men for a crack at college girls” – is supposed to be a reference to … me, and the talk I gave on Monday at Northwestern, to which he has added his own little fantasies, like he did in his original, highly fictionalized, post on the subject. The man is obsessed.)

In the comments, Spearhead readers offered their own thoughts on the topic of love.

Revver started things off with this lovely thought:

Having seen and heard a great majority of women, being “unloved” becomes lighter and lighter a burden with each passing year.

 How easily they make themselves look like fools.

Opus spat forth an opus; here’s an edited version:

Women judge men by pre-selection.

If you have been dumped, then a member of Team Vagina has deemed you unworthy, so as in Snakes and Ladders you start from the bottom again. There is simply no point seeking female solace, because the woman will see that you do not seek her, and thus, offended, accuse you of unsolicited attention, or alternatively act offended that you are not interested in her. (I speak from experience). …

Women as we know are programmed to get over even the worst relationship in no more than three months, whereas for a man (even when in hindsight it was Xmas come early) we are often talking decades, for to be ditched is to take away all that it means to be a man (provider, nurturer). …  Now, why am I betting that Futrelle did not mention these things last night – and why am I also betting he has not got one single phone number from any female at Northwestern Univeristy?

(You guys are really are obsessed. Aren’t you supposed to mention my weight as well?)

Greyghost managed to work the phrase “gina tingle” into his ramblings:

Men actually have the capacity to love. Only a man can write an article like that. Women just don’t have the capacity to love. Women gina tingle. …   

The big lie was and is that a woman can love. Romance is what men do women receive it. …

The MRM with women on board on not will never ever change the nature of women. No matter how much awareness of the pain men and even children are in, women will vote and demand what is in therir childish perception of their interest. ( It will always be uninhibitted status and hypergamy)

In a later comment, he added these creepy afterthoughts:

Women do not and can not love the way you do and can. The best a man can get is some good emotional gina tingle. Never ever forget it. It can be a very emotionally pleasing and soothing time for a man but a man can never forget he is a man and right or wrong is a keeper of civilization.

The emotional trauma brought down on men when the realization of the lie hits [is] off the charts. It is where murders and suicides come from.

Georice81 offered up a rather elaborate excuse for slut-shaming:

My observation is that when women have been sexually promiscous their ability to submit and be very loyal to a single man is very diminished. …  They can’t respect that one man that may actually love them since they are contemptous of a man that could love someone like them. Men in the 1950′s understood this and would not marry someone who was not a virgin since they did not trust those that were not.

We men can love and want to love. We also have a huge capacity to forgive. Modern western woman don’t seem to comprehend this because of their own hangups.

Binxton, for his part, seemed to be posting from an internet café on Gor:

Women are by nature emotional, self-centered creatures. Absent controls on their behavior, they lack both morals and objective principles. They are too easily manipulated by their environment to allow them to be free.

Ultimately, female emotional nature requires men to control women.

Women will love when they endure hardship and respect higher authority, i.e., patriarchy.

Western women must acknowledge a male-centered world where they can enjoy the labors of man only if, and when, they show due deference to male authority. Those who fail to do so must be disciplined and punished as examples.

Joe set forth some similarly, er, traditional notions:

Women are capable of love but there’s a reason St. Paul tells wives to “fear” their husbands. Because women are just much more like children in their moral reasoning and in their emotional “resilience” (or capacity for cruelty). So for a woman to love a husband is much like a child’s love for his parents. It is a love that is requires her to be in a dependent position. This is why marriage in a feminist society of independent and irreligious (I don’t mean women without superstition, but women without fear of moral judgment) women, cannot work.

I think I’ve had enough of The Spearhead’s notions of love. Let’s try ten hours of Haddaway instead:

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I’m sad… B-dogz only has about three or four actual comments…😦

    Luckily, his last one was classic “I’m gonna do what I want and you don’t have a right to stop me.”

  2. It’s Old Troll Week, apparently.

    Quackers, I don’t know why I engaged with Sigil1, or anyone else, on r/mr. Especially since Sigil1 is actually …. the long-banned-from-MB-troll Eoghan. Yep. r/mr is his home now. And he hasn’t changed a bit.

    Not sure if Brandon on Feministe is OUR Brandon, but he could well be. But Sauron is def. MRAL.

    Man Boobz has become a net exporter of banned trolls.

  3. @David:

    That’s kind of weird considering that those are practically the *only* banned trolls Man Boobz has. O_O

    It’s a small internet after all.

  4. Hey, did anyone listen to the Haddaway? I just put that on while I was working on the post, and later discovered I had been listening to it for 43 minutes.

    When that song was first used in the SNL skits I thought it was hilarious that they’d picked such a completely generic medicore song. But it’s sort of grown on me. I mean, it’s terrible, but … so catchy.

  5. Okayy…I was sort of gone from this site for a while. What the hell happened with MRAL?

  6. haha you don’t even want to know alex😄

    tl;dr I forgot why specifically but he was banned at last. He kept sockpuppeting in order to comment and troll but we caught him each time. He has one “I am sorry I will not return” breakdown only to return later claiming he was biploar then proceeding to have another “I am sorry I will not return” break down again. He also has been trolling other sites and making up a different persona each time and even trolled voice4men. He also claimed he never lied to us.😄

  7. Hey, did anyone listen to the Haddaway?

    I do not need to get that song stuck in my head again. I had quite enough of that from watching My So-Called Life in high school.

  8. Wow. The Feministing thread was only had a hundred or so comments when I looked at it.o_O

    We also spotted him on PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula as “matriarchy” and on the blog of Brian Nolan, a journalist in Boston who wrote a piece featured on ManBoobz a little while back. When felixBC discovered “SauronsContactLens” was obviously Mr Al and started speculating on the thread here at MBz, it had the effect of outing another of Mr Al’s socks – “Scooby Doo on Zombie Island” – since it was terribly upsetting for Mr Al to be talked about in that way. You know, speculating he was doing dishonest things and trolling. e_e

  9. I’m listening to it right now!

  10. Oddly enough, I’ve always liked that song.


    I didn’t even click on it, though. Dear god, how is youtube letting them get away with that?

    I’m glad they are, though.

  11. Found it! The original article was this, on the Boston Daily website, and the response on ManBoobz here. (The second link goes to the first page of comments; the Scooby Doo/Saurons Lens/Mr Al meltdown occurs on page 2.)

  12. Wow. The Feministing thread was only had a hundred or so comments when I looked at it.o_O

    We also spotted him on PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula as “matriarchy” and on the blog of Brian Nolan, a journalist in Boston who wrote a piece featured on ManBoobz a little while back. When felixBC discovered “SauronsContactLens” was obviously Mr Al and started speculating on the thread here at MBz, it had the effect of outing another of Mr Al’s socks – “Scooby Doo on Zombie Island” – since it was terribly upsetting for Mr Al to be talked about in that way. You know, speculating he was doing dishonest things and trolling. e_e

    The reaction of an MRA troll being told off.

  13. Thanks, jumbofish and Xanthe! *off to catch up on MRAL drama*

  14. kirbywarp – a sarcasm font would lower internet misunderstanding IMNSHO.🙂

    It’s funny…even when male appearance has never been reduced to the type of objectification and strict analyzing that women’s appearance is, I still feel guilty going on about how hot *insert guy here* is around other men. I don’t want to make other men feel bad about their appearance so I keep it to myself

    Quackers – of course, women are taught not to do that around men. It’s the flip side of the coin that we’re taught it’s totally normal to talk about women that way (for anyone) and to make judgments but that women must not talk about men that way in front of them, only in secret with other women. There may have even been a “Sex and the City” episode about this, but the show definitely emphasized “this kind of talk is for your girlfriends only.” I don’t advocate turning the tables either, as I agree it wouldn’t actually make things better, but just this semester I put a class into a situation where that kind of naked (heh) evaluation of men was happening and it freaked everyone out, guys and girls. Got the point across though! *evil laugh*

  15. D’oh. This, on the Boston Daily website…

    Where’s a preview or edit button when you need one?!

    Also, the Feministing thread.o_O

    And no, I didn’t look at all 400 comments. I’d rather spend that time reading high literature like Blood Meridian or Bossypants.


  16. And of course in feministe there was a ” men think that’s the highest compliment because wed love to be looked at that way!”

    Well, my experience …no. No you wouldn’t doodz. I’ve given a few men a taste of their own medicine a few times and they never find it complimentary. Gee I don’t know why… Hell, half of them can’t take a good leer.

  17. 𝓭𝓻𝓼𝓽, 𝔀𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓴 𝓪𝓼 𝓪 𝓼𝓪𝓻𝓬𝓪𝓼𝓶 𝓯𝓸𝓷𝓽 𝓭𝓸 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴?

  18. “Hell, half of them can’t take a good leer.”

    Just pretend like you don’t notice. Works for me.

  19. Mags, I can ignore the occassional idiot. But I’ve worked in environments where leers, ass pinching, groping and outright sex fantasies were lovingly detailed to me day in and day out for eight hours a day. Since I was the only woman about, I solved thre problem my own way and the men who were prone to those behaviors got the point.

  20. What ever happened to the scarcrow guy?

  21. 75 minutes of “What is Love?”

    and it’s still not enough.

    I may listen to this whole thing.


  22. Xanthe, I don’t speak box. Translation?

  23. I’m sure someone has already said this, but doesn’t the ‘women aren’t capable of love’ argument contradict the ‘women are emotional and irrational and can’t be trusted and shouldn’t work or vote because they’re emotional and obsessed with feelings’ argument that is often used? And doesn’t the ‘only men are capable of love and hold emotional scars for years’ argument contradict the ‘men are programmed to want to fuck every 16-22 year old woman they see and then move on to the next one’ argument?

  24. p’bee, don’t count on these guys to be able to make valid arguments any time soon.

  25. @xanthe/katz It seems you can use other fonts in Wpress but it depends on every viewer at the other end having those fonts installed, or else they get the BOXES OF DEATH. I run into this problem alot with Ethiopic magic scrolls (learn how to fly!!!) and Inuktitut AIDS posters. You can fix it on your computer but not on everyone else’s computer, unless you can push the fonts out to them.😦

  26. @p’bee: It looks to me like they’re trying to divide it into “women have superficial emotions they switch like masks”, vs. “only men are capable of profound, selfless passion.”

  27. Or: “our emotions are better than yours.”

  28. It’s sad to see how obvious it is that some of these guys have been deeply hurt in past relationships, and now have gone of the deep end.

  29. p.s. for those who couldn’t read Xanthe’s post, it was in another font (which you may not have installed, in which case you saw boxes) and said:

    drst, would this work as a sarcasm font do you think?

    There should be a universal font library that anyone could link to, but since people assert rights over their fonts I don’t think this can work in our current environment.

  30. It was an experiment: I’ve got a nice Greasemonkey script for Firefox which converts text into some of the additional alphabets that are encoded into Unicode. Here’s the same text:

    Fraktur: 𝔡𝔯𝔰𝔱, 𝔴𝔬𝔲𝔩𝔡 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔨 𝔞𝔰 𝔞 𝔰𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔞𝔰𝔪 𝔣𝔬𝔫𝔱 𝔡𝔬 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔨?
    Blackboard: 𝕕𝕣𝕤𝕥, 𝕨𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕜 𝕒𝕤 𝕒 𝕤𝕒𝕣𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕞 𝕗𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕕𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕜?

    Of course, those of you who couldn’t see the first message, probably won’t be able to read either of these. cloudiah gave a correct quotation of it just above.

  31. @soren

    I don’t think it’s sad at all. Everyone has been hurt in relationships before and don’t go off the deep end like MRAs do. They just think they’re special little snowflakes because they’re entitled pricks. If a person has a bad experience with a minority does that give them the right to paint all minorities as evil and join stormfront? no it doesn’t. But that’s basically what MRAs do. They have a bad experience with women and join the a male supremacist site like the spearhead. Where its regularly discussed on there how women are useless and should have no rights. My theory on these types of guys is they didn’t think that highly of women to begin with. The excuse that they are lonely or have been hurt in the past is just that, an excuse.

    Apologies if this came of a bit terse. I just think that this lonely or previous hurt excuse lets them off the hook to easily. People who have been hurt don’t generally call for the subordination of the entire group the person they have been hurt by belonged to (be it race/sex/sexual preference )

  32. It’s definitely “our” B_____don – the style and preoccupations are identical, right down to starting sentences with “Ya”, which for some reason always got me irrationally wound up.

    (Note to David – I’m not a sockpuppet, but I’ve had no end of trouble logging in ever since I took on a Gravatar so I’m using an email alias.)

  33. look at the words they use…submit, be “loyal” equating women with children…children who must be controlled and saved from themselves because they are too emotional and unreasonable. These aren’t men who are hurt, these are men with the sick need to control another human being. Well adjusted men (and women) do not have such a desire to control and force another human being to submit to them.

  34. And does anyone else find it disturbing how much MRAs talk about “programming?” its disturbing because it denies people, especially women, control of their actions and gives MRAs the belief that because women are “programmed” a certain way, thus men must control them so they don’t get out of hand.

    Similarly when they talk about men’s programming it denies them the responsibility of their actions. Like when they say “sorry but I’m programmed to catcall when I see a chick in a lowcut top.’ Yet they never allude to anyone controlling men or removing men’s rights to save them from themselves. They never allude to locking men in the house if they can’t help harassing women on the street. Instead the force women to wear burquas and bear the consequences of their actions.

  35. “Lesbian gender feminists”? Ahh, I love it when MRAs make up nonsensical terms to talk about things they don’t understand.

  36. But don’t you see, Quackers! Obviously it is we women who are always irresponsible and must be prevented from our own worst instincts lest we destroy white male civilization.

    /I had a very big sacrasm

  37. I don’t think it’s sad either. My guess is these men started off life with high, if simple expectations, but little ability to deal with the contradictions and complex realities of life. They ended up deeply disappointed and now they want someone to blame.

  38. I guess wondering if these guys could judge emotions in an equal way for men and women was a bit naive of me.

  39. Ha. So it was MR’ers. After someone early-ish said that the feministe post had been linked on reddit I already braced myself for the MR onslaught. Which promptly came.🙂

  40. @ Quackers re: treating women like children… man, controlling and dominating children is the fastest and easiest way to end up with some fucked up kids. They do better when you treat them like people, same as women. These dudes are just fucking ABUSIVE.

  41. I keep waiting for Jim Carrey’s head to sync back up with the beat, and it just won’t do it.

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *sobbing*

  42. I have no sympathy for the “oh, they were just hurt badly in a relationship” crap.

    Because if that were indeed the case, I would hate men atomically. Shock of all shocks, I’m able to realize that men are INDIVIDUALS! Capable of coming in all sorts of flavors, including douche and awesome! WHAT A CONCEPT.

    (Also, when I broke my rapist’s heart and he declared that because of me, he’d never believe in love again, I DANCED AND SANG. I am obviously such a woman.)

  43. Jesus LBT, that is a world of fucking fucked up fuckness. I am so sorry😦

  44. RE: M Dubz

    Don’t worry about it. I think of it this way: I got a chance to make my abuser cry. I try to be a good person, but I’ve got enough evil in me to take pleasure and solace in that. Maybe I was unable to press charges, maybe I was never able to do anything concrete to him, but I made him bawl, and I got away, and that’s good enough for me.

    And now I have a very nice sweet husband who is awesomeness and beauty incarnate. So I say that the world has treated me quite well!

  45. @LBT: I say, good for you!

    He sexually assaulted you; you made him cry and broke his heart. I think the scales are tipped in your favor (although I can’t figure out if it should be the weight of his offense outweighs yours*, or the weight of your pain outweighs his).

    *Assuming for the sake of the metaphor that what you did was an offense. I’m inclined to not give him an inch, though, even to the point of denying that breaking hearts is an offense.

  46. RE: Falconer

    Meh, he was the sort of narcissist who saw everything as a story where he was the hero. I was the Manic Pixie Dream Girl who was rescuing him from mediocrity, and thus when I dumped him I had to become the Heart-Breaker for narrative convenience.

    Honestly, I mostly just hope he didn’t try and go for another underage teenager, using his broken heart as more justification to his narcissistic martyrdom.

    Gah. The best thing that guy ever gave me was a great template for a story villain.

  47. Oh, how I hate the idea of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl with the fiery glory of a thousand burning spools of film.

    It’s a heavy load to dump on someone, expecting them to be a MPDG for you, and thus denying them the full range of emotion and also demanding that they be constantly on the go.

    And then there’s the problems in seeing oneself as the hero of a story and casting everyone else in the other roles.

  48. @LBT

    Your experiences and decisions based on those experiences are all a testament to your strength. You were horribly abused but you don’t hate men just because your abuser was arbitrarily male.

    Our regular “pundits” on The Spearhead on the other hand…

  49. Meh, he was the sort of narcissist who saw everything as a story where he was the hero

    Jesus tapdancing christ. He must have been horrible to deal with even before the shit he did.

  50. RE: Falconer

    I too LOATHE the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I loathe pretty much any character type set up just as a tool for another (be it Magic Minority, Manic Pixie Dream, Ordained Love Interest, etc.) but since Manic Pixie Dream was what I used to get roped into a lot, I have a personal grudge. Luckily, it was easily solved: I discovered that breed of asshole mostly want a Manic Pixie Cis Femme Girl!

    RE: Maya

    It helps that I’m a man myself, and going on testosterone proved beyond all doubt that being an asshole is NOT a chemical requirement. Also, even when I was surrounded by assholes, there were still enough decent people of all sorts of genders to reassure me.

  51. RE: Rutee

    Oh god, was he ever. I have to give that guy credit; he gave me a very thorough early education in recognizing people like him at the get-go. And he inspired the most successful story villain I’ve ever written by supplying the exact mental framework to amp up to eleven, so there ya go. (Because at least he was pretty pathetic and completely dependent on his parents because he was allergic to responsibility. I can only imagine what someone with more of a spine and power would be able to do with his kind of thinking and behaviors.)

  52. Yes, but Mr. Al shows up towards the end and mansplainy FAILgasms all over the thread… setting the stage for this, which wins the internet, forever.

  53. aaaaaaaand, I commented at the bottom of a page that was apparently right in the middle of this thread.

    sorry for the random out-of-context blurt. apparently I am new to all this “internet” stuff.

  54. @PDA Well, I’m just glad that you posted the link to Caperton’s marvelous response. I say this as someone who is prone to random out-of-context blurting myself, which people here have been kind enough not to call me on so far.🙂

    @LBT So sorry you went through that, but glad you managed to get a great story villain out of the experience and also continue to be a decent human being, unlike our little MRA friends.

  55. even when I was surrounded by assholes

    Keep firing, assholes!

    … sorry, Spaceballs jumped to the front of my brain and started dancing about. I think I’m better now.

  56. @PDA,

    which wins the internet, forever


  57. What I really want to know: who would both to post a ten hour youtube clip of the same thing on repeat? At first i though it wasn’t even a whole song – then I looked up the lyrics…

  58. RE: Falconer

    “Who’s that?”


    “I know that! What’s his name?”

    “Asshole, sir, Major Asshole.”

    “Who hired him?”

    “I did, sir! He’s my cousin!”

    “Who the hell is that?”

    “He’s another Asshole, sir, General Asshole.”

    “How many assholes we got on this ship?”

    “SIR!” *all hands go up*

    “I knew it! I’m surrounded by Assholes!”

    (PS you’re forgiven)

  59. MRAL Learned Nothing!

    Last Sauronic comment at feministe

    I was going to write a big long post about how you’re basically all wrong, and if you look back over my posts I really haven’t been all that unsupportive, and so it’s really just my tone you all object to, thus making you an example of those evil tone trolls that the femosphere complains about constantly, plus also that the “welcomed male voices” are really just “men who agree sycophantically”, without challenging anyone ever and so what’s the point of that, I ask, seems a waste of time, which is why I suggested going women-only, and anyway “going women-only” in internet-feminist-speak basically just means banning any real substantial disagreement, so these “desirable” men could still post their stuff since they agree with the masses, only thing is, they’d just have to avoid mentioning their gender, seems easy enough.

    But I decided not to.

    Unless….could he be attempting irony?

    *pauses to think a moment*


    And he tried to tell commenters from manboobz that he wasn’t trolling, just engaging.

  60. MRAL really needs to get some help for his little trolling problem. For his own sake if nothing else – if he keeps it up for much longer he’s going to run out of blogs. How many has he been banned from so far?

    Also, I would like to buy Caperton a drink.

  61. Seconded! A big drink, maybe with a little umbrella and some fruit.

  62. @Cassandra- I dunno, I think the internet would be a better place if MRAL was banned from it.

  63. I think MRAL would certainly be in a better place if he was banned from the internet. It’s clearly not doing anything for either his self-esteem or his sanity.

    And for someone who keeps boasting about what an amazingly high IQ he has, he doesn’t half come up with some inane drivel. But there’s never been much correlation between IQ and common sense.

  64. The Spearhead commenters are disturbing. I was horrified at the defense of Josh Powell (and bashing of his missing wife). And here’s a gem from the most recent post about the end of feminism: “Geography Bee Finalist himself April 12, 2012 at 15:00

    “Presidential Election Suggests Climax of Feminism is at Hand”

    So when do men not at fault for alleged prior misogyny get to inflict payback on women (who may not be at fault for prior discrimination against men, but who cares)?

    I personally can’t wait for woman-bashing to go mainstream again. American men born since c. at least 1970 (I was born in 1981) have been discriminated against for misogyny that wasn’t their fault, so now it’s their turn to be vindictive, even if the target for vindictiveness is not at fault.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 18 2

  65. My favorite comment on “small boobs” is the one where some guy comes on and tells everyone about how much experience he has as a woman because he’s married to one…Then some other idiot comes on seconding that opinion and we should listen because clearly this man has FAR more experience.

    Strangely, the internet did not immediately combust.

  66. My favorite thing was the idea that what he says to his wife when he thinks she’s fishing for reassurance is totally applicable to feministy conversations about body image and how appearance affects, say, job prospects.

    And today in Unsolicited Penis Updates…

  67. Well you know, there might be women out there like me who don’t consult the penis update RRS feed each morning.

    It would probably blow these guys minds to hear that there are women out there like me who don’t give a shit about a) how attractive men percieve me and b) what the weather is like in their shorts despite being told incessantly how vital this information is. I haven’t gone fishing for compliments since I was in my teens because with all the unsolicited penis updates out there, it didn’t take me long to figure out that men have a wide variety of tastes. It really doesn’t really seem to matter what body type you have, some men wil find it attractive.

  68. pillowinhell:

    My favorite comment on “small boobs” is the one where some guy comes on and tells everyone about how much experience he has as a woman because he’s married to one…

    That reminds me of that bit in one of Nancy Friday’s books in which a man sends a letter to her about his wife’s sexual fantasies, signing it with her name.

  69. Wetherby….WHAT? What possesed him to do this and what book was it?? That has so many levels of strange and fail at first glance….

  70. I honestly can’t remember – the only detail that’s really stuck in my mind was the bit when Friday writes “He signs her name.” (The understandably outraged italics are hers).

    But I’ll see if I can find it and dig it out.

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