The Hatred of Women: A new terrible anthem for the Men’s Rights Movement!

Look out, Jade Michael and the Fuck Their Shit Up Crew! Sure, your Men’s Rights theme song “Go My Own Way” was hailed by MRAs around the internet as a work of genius, and, in the words of one eminent critic angry misogynist dude,

a veritable anthem for the red pill crowd … replete with a great, purist rock sound, a touch of humor, attitude, and a ton of gut level, red pill honesty.

It’s Red Pill-riffic! But now  Jade and the one other guy who makes up his, er, “crew” now have competition in the Men’s Rights anthem business!

Without futher ado, here is Slumberwall, with a little song called “The Hatred of Women.”

Did any of you make it past the one minute mark? I couldn’t.

Happily, Slumberwall has transcribed the terrible lyrics to the song, so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing in order to appreciate its true Men’s Rightsy awfulness. Here are the best bits, by which I mean the bits most likely to make you want to puncture your eardrums with knitting needles.

Men have no doubt

Just what they’re for

We die at work

We die in war

We die at sea

As the lifeboats float ashore

Women & children,

all aboard

Never mind that, as I pointed out yesterday, “women and children first” isn’t really a thing.

Anyway, back to Slumberwall:

We take the strain

We bear the load

Build the bridges

Sweep the roads

Make the houses

That make the homes

Pay for others

But live alone


And the more that it happens

The more I see

The hatred of women

For men like me

Well, if by “men like me” you mean “men who write and sing the shittiest music that has ever been made by human beings,” I have to say that I kind of understand this hatred.

Nonetheless, on YouTube the Men’s Rightsers are cheering this song as a brilliant work of social criticism.

Wanderer5200 enthuses:

I haven’t had a favorite song in a very long time. But I think this is it.

TheAetherspeak declares

 Awesome Song. The voice all purveyors of patriarchy theory remain ignorant of.

Gamenode explains:

Women have never been oppressed but through their reproductive monopoly have exploited men and seen us butchered and enslaved for their own privilege. Fuck ’em all.

KellyJones00 adds,

Don’t fuck them at all. Just leave them alone. Don’t even donate sperm.

Time for a little bit of a musical palate cleanser.

Make sure to listen to all ten hours of that for the full palate-cleansing effect.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Tinfoil hats! Get your nicelooking, mindreading ray blocking tinfoil hats here! Get them while they aren’t crumped yet!

    destroying the last vestiges of the feminine (wisdom, compassion, peace, cooperation)……

    Fuck “the feminine” and fuck “the masculine”, too.

  2. Everyone has taken on our lovely little tinfoil hatter here, but it seems we’ve forgotten about JohnDoe! Why DON’T we feminists fight against alimony, anyway? Is alimony even a common thing anymore?

  3. I can’t speak to anywhere beyond my own province, but here spousal support is generally only awarded after the breakdown of a relationship that lasted at least 15 years, during the bulk of which one partner was completely financially dependent on the other; and sometimes not even then. Misandry!

  4. Dcolson,
    Can we hear about how Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim now?

  5. destroying the last vestiges of the feminine (wisdom, compassion, peace, cooperation)……

    Yes, let us destroy these feminine vestiges… by telling men they could totally be those things too!


    Huh. So men are dumb, compassionless, warlike, uncooperative. And that’s how it should be.

    But it’s feminists who hate men, right?

  6. To answer Viscaria’s question, yeah, I think so. They’re both (the awful song and the awful poem) on Laudanum Byron’s YouTube channel.

  7. Thanks grumpycat! I don’t think he was calling himself Laudanum Byron at the time (I think in the comments someone identified him as “Merrick”?), and the band was “Slumberwall,” so I wasn’t able to actually connect the song and poem. He sure has a talent for picking pretentious, awful names.

  8. Secret Illuminati Lizard Overlord CIA-Supported Water Flouridation Emasculating Controlled FEMA Chemtrails Sheeple Control United Nations Depopulation..ARGHH nothing to see here. no no

  9. If women want equality, why don’t they protest against misandry and alimony?

    There is alimony in the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA, which is up to the discretion of the judge and follows these criteria:

    The law as written is gender neutral. Either spouse can pursue and be awarded alimony. I don’t have a lot of problems with gender-neutral laws. As for misandry, that’s not a real thing. My time is precious and I’m not about to waste it fighting against things that aren’t real things.

    BUT the Elites benefit because the real reasons the U.S. and other Western Nations are collapsing is hidden and kept from public view when they can cook up some hate and divide the masses.

    Funny, I had no idea the US was collapsing. I wonder what the “real reasons” for the collapse of Western Civilization(tm)? Some kind of unhy alliance between the Elites and ancient aliens? Mind control by hollow earth dwellers? Bigfoot?

  10. Moar trolls! Yay! And on such an old thread, too!

    If women want equality, why don’t they protest against misandry and alimony?

    Because misandry isn’t real, and alimony is not limited to Teh Menz? Just a random guess for our random troll…

    The increasing HATE of women is most likely another “operation” like Meme; created by the Elites to distract the idiot masses. Just like the women’s freedom movement, which was later co-opted by Male dominated CIA via trash like Gloria Steinem (who admits she was working with the CIA) with the goal of destroying the last vestiges of the feminine (wisdom, compassion, peace, cooperation)

    Whoa, holy Run-On Sentences! Time for some badly needed facts here:

    1. Misogyny is not an “operation”, it is just a fact of dudely life for some. Usually those who are bound and determined not to see women as people. It’s very old; so old, in fact, that it pre-dates the CIA by centuries. Learn a little history, already.

    2. The elites in charge don’t need “operations” to keep the underclasses in line; capitalism and bigotry generally do just fine. One of those elites, incidentally, happens to be the male sex. See #1.

    3. Gloria Steinem didn’t work for the CIA as a feminist, but during the 1950s, when she was a student. It was not her finest hour, as she herself later admitted. She was young and in need of cash. Lots of people are, thanks to #2. Particularly women.

    4. Wisdom, compassion, peace and co-operation are not “the feminine”. Virtues have no gender. In fact, if men don’t exercise those virtues themselves, society collapses.

    ……the Men of today are being brainwashed (notice how they all have the same dialogue, always copied from man to man) and Directed into a course of action that will be on par with Hitler….unless men start connecting the dots.

    You use too many fucking dots. You are starting to see spots where none are. Maybe try dropping less acid, mmmmmkay?

    Scapegoating anyone that is “different” than YOU, is not cool…BUT the Elites benefit because the real reasons the U.S. and other Western Nations are collapsing is hidden and kept from public view when they can cook up some hate and divide the masses.

    Loosen that tinfoil beanie, dude. You’re cutting off the circulation to your brain. And whatever you’re huffing, please stop.

  11. Wow! I wouldn’t have known about this great song if it wasn’t for you. Thanks for sharing it. It really resonates. I’m gonna go see what I can do to support the band.

  12. Dave: Wow! You have really bad taste in music!

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