The Hatred of Women: A new terrible anthem for the Men’s Rights Movement!

Look out, Jade Michael and the Fuck Their Shit Up Crew! Sure, your Men’s Rights theme song “Go My Own Way” was hailed by MRAs around the internet as a work of genius, and, in the words of one eminent critic angry misogynist dude,

a veritable anthem for the red pill crowd … replete with a great, purist rock sound, a touch of humor, attitude, and a ton of gut level, red pill honesty.

It’s Red Pill-riffic! But now  Jade and the one other guy who makes up his, er, “crew” now have competition in the Men’s Rights anthem business!

Without futher ado, here is Slumberwall, with a little song called “The Hatred of Women.”

Did any of you make it past the one minute mark? I couldn’t.

Happily, Slumberwall has transcribed the terrible lyrics to the song, so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing in order to appreciate its true Men’s Rightsy awfulness. Here are the best bits, by which I mean the bits most likely to make you want to puncture your eardrums with knitting needles.

Men have no doubt

Just what they’re for

We die at work

We die in war

We die at sea

As the lifeboats float ashore

Women & children,

all aboard

Never mind that, as I pointed out yesterday, “women and children first” isn’t really a thing.

Anyway, back to Slumberwall:

We take the strain

We bear the load

Build the bridges

Sweep the roads

Make the houses

That make the homes

Pay for others

But live alone


And the more that it happens

The more I see

The hatred of women

For men like me

Well, if by “men like me” you mean “men who write and sing the shittiest music that has ever been made by human beings,” I have to say that I kind of understand this hatred.

Nonetheless, on YouTube the Men’s Rightsers are cheering this song as a brilliant work of social criticism.

Wanderer5200 enthuses:

I haven’t had a favorite song in a very long time. But I think this is it.

TheAetherspeak declares

 Awesome Song. The voice all purveyors of patriarchy theory remain ignorant of.

Gamenode explains:

Women have never been oppressed but through their reproductive monopoly have exploited men and seen us butchered and enslaved for their own privilege. Fuck ’em all.

KellyJones00 adds,

Don’t fuck them at all. Just leave them alone. Don’t even donate sperm.

Time for a little bit of a musical palate cleanser.

Make sure to listen to all ten hours of that for the full palate-cleansing effect.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. troll is running out of troll power

  2. Happy equal pay day!

  3. Like the Green Lantern, I have a troll power ring that needs re-charging.

  4. @ Holly Pervocracy — Please offer me an opinion.

    Um… almost every food can be improved with either garlic or chocolate. But usually not both.

  5. B_____oid is just wasting time til David finds his proxy. *shrug*

    Blastoise, could you just try to be a little amusing? It’d really make some of us regular’s day after the nice-guy bullshit in the other thread.

  6. He’s…literally saying nothing. He’s admitting to saying nothing. His existence is adding nothing to the universe. He’s even duller than Ruby; at least it was entertaining trying to get her to reply.

  7. @ kirby warp — My attempt at humor has been failing miserably. Its not easy being a troll. There’s really not much more I can do than accept my fate as an uninteresting troll who’s about to leave for happy hour. Let me leave with dignity and honor you with a feminist anthem —

  8. troll spouts random crap
    troll flounces (1st time)

  9. Aww, sorry you’re having such hard time amusing people, Blastoise. It’s actually not terribly difficult, if you are an intersesting person.


    I’ve got it! Why not write some limericks? Those always work well for amusement!

  10. You could also stop talking, B. you don’t have to troll.

  11. The irony here is that misandrist songs from supple female artists are flooding the market. Lady Gaga’s “Scheibe” being just one example.

  12. Oh, yes, Shade 47, misandry in popular music is SUCH A THING. Only, y’know, NOT.

  13. omg another troll? I like how he specified supple female artists.

  14. Yeah, jumbofish, “supple” was nice touch.

  15. Beyonce- “To the Left”; “If I Were A Boy”
    Lady Gaga- “Scheibe”
    Kesha- “Grow a Pear”
    Taylor Swift glorifies stalking.

    Need I continue?

  16. @Shade47

    Need I continue?

    Yes, I think you do.

    *adopts condescending Jon Stewert voice*

    Go ooooon. 😀

  17. To the left is misandrist?!!! o.O

  18. How about you quote your source for the 65% figure? And then go on attacking the misandry of popo songs, I really don’t care about that.

  19. SheiBe is misandrist?!!! o.O

    It’s mostly german-ish gibberish.

    What… because it mentions the phrase “strong female?”

  20. Ohhh, just heard the rest of the song. ^_^ Feminist. Therefore misandrist. Gotcha.😛

  21. To the left: Um, no. Not even remotely.
    If I were a boy: Yeah, actually.
    Lady Gaga: No. Gobbledygook and feministic sentiments do not misandry make.
    Ke$ha: “misandry” via misogyny. I don’t count it for that reason. Denigrating a man by saying he has a vagina, of course, is something MRAs do every single day, so unless you repudiate the use of “mangina” I don’t think you get to count it either.
    Taylor swift: the only thing I can find is Taylor Swift going out of her way to track down a female fan in public, exactly one time. So, no, not stalking and not misandry.

    But hey, one out of five ain’t bad.* At a success rate of 20%, you would pass one whole test equivalent if you took five tests for a class or something. And that’s not nothing! (It is still, however, a failing grade.)

  22. And how is a song about how a guy is a mangina misandrist? Insulting a man by calling him a woman and complaining that he’s acting like a chick isn’t exactly misandry. It’s the MRM!

  23. @Tulgey:

    Very nice ninja!

  24. I’ve ninja’d twice today!

    I’m becoming quite the slithy ninja.

  25. @Tulgey:

    … Did I just ninja your ninja? Yo dawg.😄

  26. Blasteroid: 1. MRA’s / The Duke rape case: That was one isolated incident but some MRA’s blame all women for what Crystal Gail Mangum did. They think false rape accusations are common and often think every accusation is some how a lie.

    2. Feminists –. ‘Rape Culture’: A term that seems like a very convenient way to instill male guilt. While all men aren’t potential rapists, many don’t realize their ‘toxic’ version of masculinity contributes to a culture that normalizes rape. That’s communal blame.

    These two things are not the same.

    MRA’s say that “all women” do things (hypergamy, false accusations of rape, etc.) They say these are genetic traits, ineluctable.

    Feminists say the society we live in fosters a rape culture; in which women have to worry that they will be raped, and that if they are they will be subjected to any number of secondary harms. They further argue this is a form of passive social control, which has grown from thousands of years of received wisdom, and that it’s something most people are unaware of.

    They compare it to other such memetic functions, such as rich people living being thought of as not merely well off, but fundamentally better people, or the tendency of neighborhoods to be evacuated by the, “rich” when the merely well-to-do start to move in.

    The first is said to be an intrinsic trait of women. The latter to be functions of culture.

    The two are not the same.

    @ Kyrie — Male feminists exemplify chivalry. They think women are weak and need protection from patriarchy. Some of them also feel guilty which is the result of communal blame. Some men become feminists because they want attention from women.

    Pull the other one. I don’t think women need protecting from patriarchy. I think people benefit from it being dismantled, men, women and children alike.

    I don’t feel guilty for being a man.

    What I do think is men and women are equal beings, capable of thought, affection, hatred, love, grandeur, pettiness, and all the other glories and foibles that flesh is heir too.

    I think things which deny that are evil.

    Which is why I am a feminist.

  27. Blasteroid: Why is the profession I’m studying predominantly female? Female / Male biological differences must be a factor.

    Must? Then you ought to have some studies which explain the mechanism. At least one.


    Or, perhaps not. If you can provide one, then we will have to entertain the possibility, if not, then it’s just something you pulled out of your ass… i.e. a load of shit.

  28. hmmm, been a social worker for many years now and i’m pretty sure when i worked in mixed gender projects (as i have spent a looong time in women only ones too), that the gender balance was about 50/50. and what seemed to be the reason we all got into the work was not a chromosomal thing or gender thing, but a genuine belief that an ethical society has support mechanisms in place for people when they need them.

    My dad was the one who talked to me about social justice and responsibility, he’s the one volunteering, now he’s retired, in homelessness projects.

    Blasteroid, gender essentialism is very dull

  29. Seems like every few days there’s a new anthem for an oppressed group, like this one for attractive women:

  30. More trolls? Oh dear

  31. Huh. Jesse James here is the guy we once knew as Roscoe Coltrane. Is he MRAL? I’m guessing yes. Let’s see what happens, I’ll ban if necessary.

  32. Why does he do this? I don’t see the appeal of spending your free time trying to talk to people who think you’re a complete waste of oxygen.

  33. Jeez, David, it’s like you’re playing some absurd version of Whack-a-Troll.

  34. By which I mean, MRAL is forcing you to play an absurd version of Whack-a-Troll. I’m sure you’d rather do other things.

  35. Blasteroid, gender essentialism is very dull

    Perhaps that can explain the dull intellects of most people who subscribe to that.

  36. [belledame]

    At one point I’d have said Noxon was really being anvilicious, but after reading this site and its live MRA wanderers for a while, it…doesn’t seem like much of an exaggeration.

    Yeah, I also used to think that some of the misogyny portrayed in Buffy was over-the-top, until I found out about the MRM. I was familiar with the condescending-paternalistic sexism you get from social/religious conservatives, but this kind of straight-up hatred shocked me.

  37. Late to the party, but how adorable. Comfortably-off western white boys complaining about how war and backbreaking labour are killing them. Playing Call of Duty for 12 hours straight doesn’t count, sweethearts

  38. Holly Pervocracy: “Actually, it’s symptomatic of the fact that women need more education to get paid the same as dudes (And they don’t always manage). I’d rather we stop the bullshit bias.”

    Shade47: “Nope.”

    Shade47, did you actually read the article you linked to? I’m guessing that, as usual with MRAs, you did not. Here’s an actual quote from it:

    By almost every measure, women earn significantly less than men in similar demographics.

    Here’s another:

    Indeed, Catalyst found that not even an advanced degree wipes out the wage gap. A study by the organization found that recent female MBA graduates made $4,600 less a year than their male counterparts, even after experience, industry, and region were taken into account.

  39. David k. Meller

    What is this nonsense about Men’s Rightsers “hating women”? MRA people (along with the women who love us) only hate feminists and “modern women”, and those when they are being HATEFUL!

    Women who try to heal the extensive damage that feminism, along with its irresponsble and loony gender equality, has caused families, businesses, Churches, “publik skoolz”, and most importantly, the men and boys associated with those institutions, are loved and admired, not “hated”! Only those women who have tirelessly worked to create problems for the rest of us are–correctly–hated, and hateful!

  40. Aww DKM I’m disappointed. This is not nearly as vicious and bizarre (and long) as the comments I’ve come to expect from you. Step up your game please! We only have a couple horribly boring trolls at the moment, I was kind of hoping for something better from you.

  41. Fuck off, Meller.

  42. DKM, you only hate some women, truly you are a sweetie.

    You’ve been doing this “I’m a saint because I only wish horrible violence on some people instead of all people” shtick a lot lately. Mix it up and tell us about flouride or something.

  43. Hey DKM, approximately what proportion of women in your country would you classify as neither feminists, nor “modern women”? I’m expecting some Tom Martin-y numbers here.

  44. Viscaria the number is “WHORE.”

  45. So, according to DKM, there are MRA *people* and there are women. Women who can be loved and admired if DKM approves of their politics, but evidently still don’t rate being described as *people*.

    But that’s not hateful because… nope, I got nothin’.

  46. DKM : proudly updating gender relations to the level of your regular small town KKK member saying “leave him be, he’s one of the good ones”.

  47. “Well, I will say one thing for Goku. He’s quick! So far, according to his IP addresses, he’s managed to post from Pittsford, NY; Scottsdale, AZ; Saratov, in the Russian Federation; and from the middle of a forest near Gemunden, Germany. All tonight!

    Or maybe there’s something fishy going on …”

    Well, he’s supposed to be a great leaper, isn’t he? According to the mythology, I seem to remember him leaping from one end of the universe to the other. Goku was quite a monkey god.

  48. Slumberwall seem to have some kinda input by a dude named Merrick. Isn’t he a write for AVfM? Might just be a coincidence, I guess. There’s more on their website. If it’s the same guys, Slumberwall are an English band

  49. Meller: Nonsense?

    When you said women who get cancer make you smile?

    When you said a man who beats his partner needs to have the way she probably goaded him into losing his cool, because she, “chose to push his buttons” until he couldn’t take it?

    When you say that unless women are willing to become slaves to men they will have to be killed to make the world a fit place to live?

    When you said that a woman who was killed by her partner probably deserved it?

    When you say that any woman who doesn’t agree with you is “correctly-hated”?

    I can’t see why any reasonably intelligent person could possibly think anything but that you, and the rest of the vocal portion of the MRM don’t hate women.

    Because you admit it. You are proud of it.

    Until we point out that you hate women. Then it’s all, “how can you say that!”, with pearl-clutching swoons to your fainting couch.

    It’s almost as if you were ashamed.


  50. Please, please, someone do a cheesy 90s dance remix of this with liberal and gratuitous use of those female orgasm samples.

  51. When you get to understand them, you can’t like men. We really don’t need the tough, muscular stuff they do. We have over-built the planet and over-hunted it. Only a few men are worth loving and living. Men promote war and mostly men cheat in the business world. Some women mistakenly think it is right to imitate men. Men are too competitive and game-oriented. Men destroy the earth. Men are over-sexed bullshit. I wish I had known all of this earlier in life.

  52. Robert in Toronto

    Funny how all the idiots are all over the place on this one. My opinion as a MRA , guy, musician with 5 CDs of original music..

    I don’t like either tune mentioned. The first was poorly recorded, mixed& mastered. Too raw (for my own tastes). The second, it just drags, pick up the tempo & add a good quartet accompaniment.

    As far as the lyrical message of both tunes, it is spot on.. But I wouldn’t try to dance to either tune.

  53. Now go and try find a girl who can play guitar this well. Here is a message to all feminists – Shut Up.

  54. LOl so your argument is that all Men rights Equals Misogyny because this anthem is not fitting to your taste? You haven’t even provided on shred of legitimate evidence that any thing in this song or related to the MRA is Misogynistic in the least,on the contrary your ignorant ad hominems show your own personal misguided Misandry. How do you not realize how blatantly hypocritical you are being? you accused the MRA of generalizing, and in doing so you have generalize every one withing the A… think moron think!!! OMG!!!

  55. Hey MyCrappyPolitics, here you go!

  56. Aww man, my sister is a way better guitar player than that. She serenaded her husband at their wedding. I wept.

    Try Ani Difranco. Careful, you might catch the love of women from her.

  57. yeaaaah Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Nancy Wilson, Lzzy Hale. And there are many many others too. Gotta love how misogynists are so threatened by the fact that women can be just as good as men.,

  58. If he was going to try that particular men-are-better argument you’d think he could have at least picked a good male guitar player.

  59. Ten bucks says Emily Scott is a man.

    Mypolitics, here is a message for you: I will never shut up, and you can’t make me.

    Thomas: maybe you should read more of this blog before making such erroneous statements. There are numerous examples of the MRM’s misogyny highlighted on this blog. The MRM is fueled by misogyny. In your warped mind, “Misandry” is like a boogeyman hiding behind every bush, it is all you seek, therefore it is all you find. Here is some MRM misogyny since you are too lazy to look for it yourself.

    “Fuck Women, I don’t want to be around them anymore. Put them in their city and me in mine. Mine will be more fun. Lets’ do it.

    The more and more I get further into the manosphere, the more and more I have less and less problems with Islam. I have this theory that the reason Islam spread so fast in the Arab world was that women were hyergamistic bitches before its adoption in those regions and the men were all to receptive to the tenants of Islam. Mohammad said “I have seen the fires of hell and it is mostly populated by women”.

    Probably so.”

    These are only from The Spearhead. If you still want to assert the MRM is in no way misogynist, you are being willfully obtuse.

    And this blog is about MOCKING misogyny.

  60. heh exactly, sorry but that guitar playing in the OP was just not that great and was frankly pretty amature…I mean come on at least pick Jimmy Hendricks or Santana!

  61. Why can’t these guys just admit they’re misogynists? When the KKK says “I’m not anti-black, I’m just pro-white,” nobody buys that bullshit. And nobody’s buying yours either, MRAs.

  62. If women want equality, why don’t they protest against misandry and alimony?


  63. The increasing HATE of women is most likely another “operation” like Meme; created by the Elites to distract the idiot masses. Just like the women’s freedom movement, which was later co-opted by Male dominated CIA via trash like Gloria Steinem (who admits she was working with the CIA) with the goal of destroying the last vestiges of the feminine (wisdom, compassion, peace, cooperation)……the Men of today are being brainwashed (notice how they all have the same dialogue, always copied from man to man) and Directed into a course of action that will be on par with Hitler….unless men start connecting the dots.

    Scapegoating anyone that is “different” than YOU, is not cool…BUT the Elites benefit because the real reasons the U.S. and other Western Nations are collapsing is hidden and kept from public view when they can cook up some hate and divide the masses.

  64. Thanks, dcOlson, for choosing to spout absolute nonsense in this particular thread. It gives me an excuse to again ask if anyone thinks that the horrible poem in the recent post was written/spoken by the same person as this horrible, horrible song.

    Sadly, the actual content of your silly comment is not really worth discussing.

  65. the last vestiges of the feminine (wisdom, compassion, peace, cooperation)

    Gender-abolitionist feminism (NOT, by the way, the same as “gender-critical” radical feminism which is just a euphemism for trans-exclusionary radical feminism) has never focused on destroying virtues such as wisdom, compassion, peace, cooperation etc. All us gender-abolitionist radfems care about abolishing is the gendering of society, which has nothing to do with destroying certain virtues. Those virtues you listed will ideally no longer be associated with one gender or another, but in a radfem utopia those traits will probably remain valued by society.

  66. What is it with trolls and random capitalisation?

  67. Maybe I’m just starved for good trolling, but I like this one. Delightful conspiracy-theory vibe. Next he’ll be going on about flouride.

  68. Ah, the Big Book of Learnin’ and flouride. Best self-raising conspiracy material ever.

  69. Buttercup Q. Skullpants

    Has there been an unusual amount of chemtrail activity recently?

  70. If cat farts count as chemtrails, then yes.

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