Men’s Rights: There’s an app for that?

I’m sorry, but this is just hilarious:

That’s right, guys. That’s what you need. An app. Now you’ll be able to stop in the middle of a conversation and say, excuse me, but my phone has some crucial information that will prove to you my contention that men are the most oppressed creatures on planet earth. Excuse me while I fetch some random dubious factoid about false rape accusations that some dude found on some other dude’s blog and posted on Reddit. Wait, where are you going?

Yeah, it’s not that you guys are wrong about pretty much everything. It’s not that the vast majority of the tiny number of people who’ve even heard of your movement think you’re a joke. The only thing holding back the inevitable victory of the Men’s Rights movement is that you don’t have an app yet! Quick, someone, get on it! As soon as you recover from that Million MRA March on Washington you had last Sunday to protest the sinking of the Titanic. Oh, wait. That didn’t happen.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. ohhh responsible for her own rape. See. I had a theory about that. These women that do this feel more in control if they view things like that. She needs a good, compassionate, loving and tough therapist.

  2. The word you’re looking for is “ableist”.

  3. Did I spell it wrong? Apologies.

  4. The word I’m looking for now is…”petty”. Not Tom.

  5. Sorry Kyrie I may have misunderstood your intentions. I thought you were being petty about the spelling. But I realize that your comment could punctuate the fact that I’m “lame” on the subject of “ableism” to the point where I can’t even spell it right.

  6. No, I just noticed you wrote it “abelist” in all your comments in the last page, and it bugged the grammar Nazi in me. That had no hidden meaning.

  7. I wasn’t being careful, sorry. I might have been agitated.

  8. Snowy, no, the only thing I saw was helicat saying to Ruby that she uses the term moron and I said so does Ruby are we going to be consistent. NICE TRY. I am not up on the abelist stuff my own self so I’m not criticizing for that. So you can shove that straight up your ass. Is that direct enough for you?

    The thing I realize now is that what I was responding to had a context. I think he said that to Ruby because she was calling someone abelist? I’m not being passive aggressive by saying Damn, I said moron. What’s with all the fucking bullies around here?

    Excuse me, are you calling me a bully? I wasn’t aware that pointing to your actual comment that you made in which you called Rutee ableist, a comment that your were denying having made, and asking you to cut that out, was bullying in any way shape or form. Also, who is this helicat person you’re talking about? I assume you mean hellkell? Cute. You’re right, what you were responding to did have a context. I suggest you go maybe read that context again because I do not think it is the context you think it is. And it doesn’t change the fact that you called Rutee ableist. For whatever reason you thought that was appropriate when it is in fact totally ridiculous.

    And seriously?

    So you can shove that straight up your ass. Is that direct enough for you?

    I suspect if anyone had said that to you you would be screaming about what horrible bullies they were. Actually, I know you would because you already are screaming about what horrible bullies people are and no one has said anything close to that. Fuck off.

  9. indifferentsky: I’ve been not chiming in on this, becuase I know how hard it can be to keep one’s cool when lots of people are chiming in.

    But I’m seeing a pattern I don’t like.

    I wasn’t being careful, sorry. I might have been agitated.

    It’s not the first time, nor even the second, you’ve made such a statement. If it’s true, and you aren’t taking the time to think about what you are saying… you need to. You need to because if you don’t, you will not be understood as you wish to be understood.

    If it’s not true, if you are saying what you mean to say, then it’s going to bite you, repeatedly, until you stop, leave, or the people with whom you are interacting get so fed up with it they stop reading anything you say.

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