Batman and cats, man

Here in the Man Boobz offices we are hard at work on a new post. Well, most of us are hard at work. One of us is eating cat treats off the floor. (Found the pic here.)

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the world’s first BMGHOW (Bat-Man Going His Own Way). Found on Tumblr via the Shevilfempire.

Consider this an open thread. (Wait, aren’t they all?)

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Holy Cat’s Batman, Ma99ie is first.

  2. Half of the cats in the top picture are completely still. It’s kinda freaking me out.

  3. I wanna work in that office.

    BTW, I was serious about watching paint drying being interesting. It’s not gripping, but it is interesting.

    My achievements for today: Picked up an ace bandage for Seanan. Started a sourdough starter. Gave Terri information on how to use the champagne yeast starter to make bread. Hafted an axe; worked some on filing a new point onto same. Bought a watering can. Practiced some pennywhistle.

    Did some reading on the 95 Rifles.

    All in all, not the most productive of days, but not the least.

  4. Batman gives good flounce.

  5. @hellkell

    He’s the god-damn batman, he can do anything well.

  6. Tulgey, the real question is, does the Goddamn Batman STICK the flounce?

  7. With the possible exception of coping with grief.

    Also that drawing makes him look like he doesn’t have a left hand.

  8. Oh yeah, I read two papers on cognitive science.

  9. Aw, Batman. How I love you.

    That’s the best flounce of his I’ve seen since Oracle said that all 18 year olds hate their parents and he said “I wouldn’t know” and stormed off, pouting.

  10. Also that drawing makes him look like he doesn’t have a left hand.

    Maybe Catwoman cut it off, and that’s why he’s so pissed! I’d probably say “friends-off” after that.

  11. Awww, cute kitties. Damn Batman!

  12. I think Batman is about to stomp his foot and start crying. Quite a feat for a dude swinging several stories high, but he is a super hero after all.

  13. I’m wondering how he’s already off the ground when his grappling hook hasn’t connected to anything yet.

  14. So the dude who did the /mr post about the “Manhating tweet” is so brave. He had 1,74 upvotes when I checked just now.

    But he deleted his account.

    Me, I was willing to make a comment and lose lots of my karma. Not that I expect an account I use to tell /mr things to have great comment points.

  15. crap. I am typing will less than usual acuity. I think I need to trim my nails. He had 1,704 upvotes.

  16. pecunium, do you have a link for that?

  17. The comments are vile, in a way that lots of the comments on things like age of consent aren’t.

  18. Apparently someone faked a screenshot of a tweet Ghitis made and posted it on r/mensrights. And then a bunch of mra’s angrily tweeted a confused Ghitis about how cowardly she was to delete her tweets, calling her all sorts of pleasant names. Now that they know about the whole faked pic thing they are blaming trolls for making them look stupid and congratulating themselves on being so terribly right they need to be trolled by the enemy.

  19. Speaking of DC manboobz, I was playing DCU online today and fought Dr. Psycho, and holy shit he is THE DCU poster boy for MGTOW types.

    He’s this self-pitying egomaniac who is insecure about his looks, so he takes it out on women. Also he’s psychic. Because comics.

    He’s a great villain I wish more people knew about, but he’s in Wonder Woman’s rogue’s gallery, so he’s doomed to obscurity.

    (I admit my other motive in this comment is to find more people to play DCUO with. I already have one Manboober on my friends list.)

  20. And here’s Dr. Psycho’s cut scene from DCUO. I dig the voice acting.

  21. Interesting how they are blaming SRS, and saying all the negative attention the journalist got was the fault of non-MRAs. No willingness to say, “we were unjustly foul to you.”

  22. @Vitamin D

    BLESS YOU!!! I needed a pick-me-up after tonight’s game, and that thread is comedic gold!!!

    My favorites are

    [–]YadaYadaYada2 6 points 5 hours ago*
    No secret that /r/mensrights is heavely trolled by SRS and Jezebel feminists. They troll for of love equality and fairness. /s.
    I suspect that they fear this sub’s growth and generally positive reputation on Reddit. I take it to be a compliment.


    –]MattClark0994 5 points 6 hours ago
    You guys need to get a life, I mean you waste time trolling a reddit you dont agree with…but I guess when you have no life to begin with trolling is the high point of your day.

    so sad

    From an MRA! LMAO!!

    These dudes must think that irony is science fiction

  23. These guys are like lambs to the slaughter. It’s like, they just need one whiff of something to rage at and they will incriminate themselves. You’d think they’d have learned by now not to be so reactionary. It just makes me laugh how illogical they keep proving they are.


    Oh my…

    BinaryShadow 7 points 5 hours ago
    What do you mean the new “cis” trend? The actual word is just a label attached to non-transexuals. It’s also quickly becoming the equivalent of n**ger for SRS trolls (eg cis-straight white guys are disgusting! LOL).

    Deadeyeguy 3 points 4 hours ago
    Ooooh, thats why I hate the usage of the word, I could never quite put my finger on how it till you used this comparison. Definitely not an equal comparison, but I’ll agree, it’s going to.

    Bartab -2 points 3 hours ago
    Srsly, what?
    It’s just a word. Like all words, it either communicates successfully, or it doesn’t. Because it’s a relatively newly coined word, it mostly fails at communication, but whatever.
    What it’s not is a slur. Anymore than “black”, “latino,”, “white”, “male”, or “trans” is. Because called “cis” doesn’t ‘damage or insult’ anybody.
    The word does get used by bigots, SRS and LBGT reddits primarily, but they’re bigoted against lots of things, and that bigotry doesn’t really make what they’re bigoted against bad. It just makes them bigots.

    BinaryShadow 7 points 3 hours ago
    Fair enough. That’s why I worded my response the way I did. I didn’t say cis = n**ger, I said it is a tool used by SRS the way white racists use words like that.

    (I really hope I formatted those block quotes right)

  25. If they seriously believe that there is something seriously wrong with them.

  26. Even more.
    I can’t do the block quote thing again so I’ll just link to the individual thread.

    ChaosLFG 3 points 2 hours ago
    This shit pisses me off to no end. The use of “cis” as an insult, or claiming all men are “pigs” or something else derogatory, or the way the non-neurotypical community thinks neurotypicals are somehow lesser for not going through the same struggles. Because as a transgendered, biologically female person with ADHD, this shit is part of the reason so much misinformation is still out there. And I’d really love it if people would stop assuming that I’m taking Adderall because I’m a “lazy piece of shit,” rather than to stay a life-consuming disorder.
    At some point people get caught up in us vs. them, forgetting that we’re all fucking human.

    WHAT? This is just, what? Nobody ever said another person is “lesser” for not having gone through the same struggles. What the hell?

    a_weed_wizard 1 point 1 hour ago
    the vast majority of people who use the term use it as a means to stifle discussion

    How so? By making you “feel bad?” If you “feel bad” it’s an indicator of your own personal problem. Because the use of this label is to describe being born with the same sex organs as the gender you identify with, and is not a good nor bad thing, it just is. I think people who feel bad when they are referred to as cisgendered are people who would rather continue to be called normal and continue to call transgendered people different. HOW DARE YOU LABEL ME?! Wow.

    If anything, this comment about stifling discussion is probably due to one time when someone said to stop talking OVER someone who had actually been through an experience that the OP had not.

    And those who play oppression olympics and score these things, would agree with you. To these people, you’re a bad person for being male far more than being a good person for being gay.

    In what world are people overwhelmingly calling men bad people and gay people good people? I mean, I see people hating gay people every day just for the fact that they are gay, yet man hating? Not so much. These people are officially on another planet.

    I can only take one thread in that place before wanting to rip my hair out. Never again.

  27. I want a macro for lots of the Manosphere; scrolling with sparkles, in 72pt type: Citation needed.

  28. (If this doesn’t work, sorry, still figuring out which html I can use on here)

  29. LOL, didn’t work, here’s a link to it then

  30. Oh, that’s brilliant Jessay!

  31. I shall have to use that as a link when I need to bang someone upside the head with their lack of citations.

  32. And after she gave him that cool robot grappling hook hand and everything. I’m sure that’s the last time she’ll offer a favour like that to someone.

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