A Voice for Men: Say no to homophobia! And then watch this hilarious video bashing lesbians!

Well, this is … interesting. So JohnTheOther has plopped out another rambling diatribe about evil feminists. This time he accuses them not only of “attacking male sexuality” but also (if I’m reading him correctly) of being a bunch of evil homophobes jealous that some men don’t want to have sex with women. You read this and tell me what you think he’s implying here:

Male sexuality is of course both demonized and treated as a form of predation, but also strictly limited to a narrow set of acceptable expressions. Outside of sexual identities which place men in positions to benefit women as sexual gate-keepers, masculine sexuality is generally condemned.

JTO would love to compare these alleged gay-man-hating feminists to the proudly gay-male-affirming Men’s Rights Movement. There’s just one problem: As even JTO has to force himself to admit, there are more than a few homophobic dudes lurking around in the Men’s Rights movement. As JTO acknowledges:

[T]here is a thread of opinion with a growing currency among some MRAs which rejects the legitimacy of men whose self identity and sexuality is gay or bisexual, or I suppose, transsexual.

JTO doesn’t like this, and says so:

[There]  are men (and women) whose sexuality, either chosen or not, doesn’t conform to an acceptable standard – and some within the MRM would demonize them. Gentlemen and ladies – this is nothing short of stupid.

At what point does who an individual finds sexually attractive diminish their value as a human? How is it that a man whose preference doesn’t include vagina becomes less of a man? Conversely, are we going to pretend the sexual preferences of our female colleagues matter in the context of partnership in the fight for the human rights of men and boys?

So: JohnTheOther has explicitly decided to speak up in favor of “the gay agenda.” (Yes, that’s the phrase he used.) And he’s even included lesbians in the deal – something allegedly pro-gay MRAs often have trouble doing – even though he sort of suggests at the end that he’s only willing to accept lesbians who are also MRAs.

But, hey, baby steps, right?

Well, John, if you really want to toss the homophobes out of the Men’s Rights movement, you’re going to have to start with A Voice for Men itself.

If you go to read JTO’s whole post over on AVFM, you’ll see a couple of “featured videos” in the sidebar from longtime AVFM friend and contributor Bernard Chapin. One of them bears the intriguing title “Feminist Professor Gloats Over Lesbian Chic.” The description, presumably written by AVFM head honcho Paul Elam, reads:

Bernard’s on a roll here with this one. And you will be rolling to [sic] as he delivers another thorough fisking, Inferno style.

Watch the video, here or there, or as much of it as you can stand. As you’ll see, it’s basically eight minutes of gratingly “humorous” lesbian bashing from good old Bern – whose preferred term for “lesbian,” incidentally, is “lesbobo.” (Evidently adding an extra “bo” to the old slur “lesbo” is hilarious.)

Chapin has produced more than 1200 videos; this is one of the two that AVFM has chosen to feature.

You want to stand up to homophobia, John? Take down that video. Apologize for hosting it. Apologize for featuring it. Demand that Chapin apologize for it — or kick him to the curb.

Meanwhile, AVFM is helping the guy behind the website Artistry Against Misandry publicize and raise money for an upcoming event; Elam himself says he’s already sent along a hundred dollars. Here are some examples of the sort of “artistry” that’s featured on the site:

This second graphic is not only homophobic but confused: Chaz Bono is  a trans man, not a lesbian.

Speaking of transphobia, AAM also hosts several videos by “Creativebrother,” one of which is this not-hot transphobic mess:

John, I suggest you ask your boss at AVFM to get his money back from Artistry Against Misandry. Because, here’s the thing: if you actively support hate like this, people might just get the impression you’re a hate site.

EDITED TO ADD: In the comments, Elam proudly announces his own support of the “gay agenda” as well. Well, with 0.1% of it.

I don’t like most gay activists very much, and I oppose 99.9% of what passes as gay activism, but I don’t think it is very smart to forget that part of the reason they were led astray is because most “normal” men never gave them the dignity of being regarded as a man.

Forget gay marriage, forget bullying, forget AIDS: apparently the only real issue for gay men is evil feminist ladies calling them “fags” for not wanting to have sex with them.

Elam also has a most interesting explanation of homophobia, at least against gay men:

Gay men are bashed, when all is said and done, because they are not of utilitarian value to women, and because they are perceived as not having enough strength to be of utilitarian value to the elites.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

What about homophobia against lesbians? That’s easy: “lesbobos” are just naturally ugly and hilarious.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. That was the point! He wants to make good games you don’t want to play! It’s actually a twisted form of genius applied for what is arguably a hilarious reason.

  2. CassandraSays

    I don’t play games so I have no idea who this person is or what his games are like, but if he’s trolling his own fans for being tedious assholes? Bravo, sir.

  3. oh, yeah, i forgot there were two games before that. my abortive attempt at mgs2 was years after it came out and literally because it was just sitting there in my apartment, so i don’t think i was the target audience of that long form troll, but that sounds pretty awesome.

  4. So your mocking the MRA for having a difference of opinions from person to person. When even inside feminism (admittedly the more radical side) just being a gay male or being a transgender person is a cause for ridicule or abuse as well as the hate that is generally focused on any straight male simply for being straight and male.

  5. What, Simon? We mock the MRA for lots of things.

  6. We mock trans exclusionary feminists too, so I don’t know why you’re whining.

  7. Oh, and Radfems don’t really have a problem with dudes qua dudes, you idiots just can’t help but live in a fantasy world where they do.

  8. we’re mocking john the other for claiming that mras should ally with gay men on a site that gives a platform to gay bashers. if he wants to make the world better for gay men, he would start at home, but he doesn’t, he just wants to score rhetorical points. that’s what were making fun of. the mrm: all posturing, no doing anything.

  9. or, to use an example it’s harder for you to hem and haw over, paul-e is currently busy trying to claim credit for getting radfem 2012 kicked out of their venue over their transphobia (ignoring the facts that bigger, more powerful groups were also involved and that he doesn’t appear to have actually done anything) while also giving space for crass attacks on ‘lesbobos’

    like, it couldn’t be more clear that you guys only pretend to care about queer people when you think its to your advantage, but the hypocrisy is still worth pointing out, because, welp, it points to how clueless you all are about being a movement, and this is a website about making fun of that

  10. I am a gay man and have know that feminist bash us just as badly as they do straight males in articles such as” MISANDRY: Feminist Gay Bashing” &” Feminist need To Stop Stitching Up Gay Desighners.”

  11. I made it exactly two minutes and ten seconds into the lesbian video before having to politely excuse myself.

    I know that I’m just, you know, an actual lesbian, and therefore wouldn’t know what on earth I’m talking about regarding this particular subject, but I don’t think the reason behind women leaving their husbands for other women is quite what you think they are, sir.

  12. Girl Writes What is Bi. i see no gay bashing of her at AVFM

  13. JOE: So not seeing the bashing of a specific person(who is bisexual, not lesbian) means that there is no bashing?

  14. What an odd 2012 thread to necro. Anyhoo, JOE nice job hand-waving away all of the examples of homophobia at your favorite hate site. If GWW were to ever utter one word of criticism of her dear leader Paul E, you know they would turn on her like a pack of wolves, and the slurs would come out.

  15. Protagonists should always have some kind of weakness.

    In my favourite vampire story (which is actually a sub-plot of a wider manga series), the vampires’ only real weakness is that they have an increased susceptibility to cancer. Not a lot of practical use for anyone trying to escape from or defeat them, sadly, but at least it’s original.

  16. Ha, I thought the vampire discussion was from May 29-30 2013. Or maybe I thought it was still 2012…

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