The Spearhead’s W.F. Price uses the death of 22-year-old Marina Keegan to argue that “after 25, women are just wasting time.”

Marina Keegan

A talented journalist, playwright and activist died last weekend in a car crash shortly after graduating from Yale. Marina Keegan was 22. Before she died, she wrote an essay for the Yale Daily News urging her classmates to keep alive the sense of possibility they brought with them when they first arrived at college:

We’re so young. We’re so young. We’re twenty-two years old. We have so much time. There’s this sentiment I sometimes sense, creeping in our collective conscious as we lay alone after a party, or pack up our books when we give in and go out – that it is somehow too late. That others are somehow ahead. More accomplished, more specialized. More on the path to somehow saving the world, somehow creating or inventing or improving. …

What we have to remember is that we can still do anything. We can change our minds. We can start over. Get a post-bac or try writing for the first time. … We’re so young. We can’t, we MUST not lose this sense of possibility because in the end, it’s all we have.

Over on the Spearhead,  W.F. Price notes her death, and quotes these words, and more, from her essay. His point? That she was wrong.

By the time you hit 25 or so – just three years out of college – your life is pretty much set, he argues, and “your future can be fairly well predicted by your life at that point.” And this apparently goes double for women. Price titles his post: “After 25, Women Are Just Wasting Time.”

And why is that? Because if they’re not married to a good earner by then, or at least with the guy they plan to settle down with, they’re fucked. While an “average girl,” as Price puts it, should have snagged her future husband by age 21, non-average college girls buy themselves only a few more years.

As Price explains it:

Four years of college buys women precious little time in the mating market. … I’d guess … about exactly as much time as it takes for them to complete it, because their pool of future mates tends to go through the same process … That’s to say that she has her best shot to land a good match up to perhaps 25.

There are a few, well, let’s just call them plot holes in Price’s story here, but let’s hear him out:

The problem with young women today is that they internalize this “anything is possible” attitude and don’t lose it until it really is too late for many of them. They think they can do better at 30 than at 22, which, in most cases, is simply wrong. Some might say that family and men are not a priority for these girls, but women for whom this is really true throughout life are an insignificant minority. In fact, most women are holding out precisely because they think they can get a better man later, perhaps when they have a better job and work with more powerful men.

But these girls are not going to change fundamentally, and in their early 20s are at the peak of their beauty while still retaining an innocent charm. Nothing about their looks or personality is going to make them more appealing at 30 than at 22, and the men available to them are not going to get any better, either….

The point is that neither men nor women change fundamentally past a certain point, and the same guys young women have available in their early 20s are generally the same guys that will be available at 30, only they will be older and, due to marriage, there will be far fewer of them.

Yep, we’re back to the hoary old story of the bad boy cock carousel once again. Better grab hold of a good hearted beta while the getting is good, ladies – because by the time you finish off your slutty dalliances with the bad boy alphas your looks will be gone and no man (alpha or beta) will want to have anything to do with you.

Price continues, cranking the melodrama up to eleven:

Time tends to accelerate past a certain age, and the 25-year old woman soon finds herself 30, and then 35, and at that point she’s got precious little of it left. Perhaps at 22 she was laughing about the “comical” notion that it could ever be too late, but after a certain point it is no longer comedy, but tragedy, and her laughter turns to tears.

Now, none of this is original, and none of it is true. What’s interesting is just how badly misogynistic manospherians want it to be true. They must, because they tell this same story to themselves over and over and over, like small children requesting their parents to read their favorite bedtime story “again!” They (the misogynists, not the children) love the idea that the women who turned them down – or who, at the very least, rejected their brand of patronizing patriarchy – will get their comeuppance in the end, the more humiliating, the better.

Price at least pretends to care about the women he’s trying to scare straight (into marriage). But some of the commenters on his site can’t be bothered to contain their glee at the notion of spurned thirtysomething women collapsing into tears.

The Contrarian Expatriate turns on the sarcasm:

But why shouldn’t women feel this way? Women “can have it all.” They are “fabulous.” Women rule. Women first. Women are 20 when they’re 30, and 30 when their 40. Women, women, women.

Screech, crash, halt! (Then comes reality when the cuteness wears off and the pounds set in….).

Eximio shares a “shit that never happened” story of a high school reunion he went to:

[M]en do age better than women. I looked around at the women and they all just looked old to me. I could not imagine myself with any of them. They had lost whatever charm they had and I found attractive the last time I had seen them. Almost all of the men that were there with their spouses were with younger women. …

As for the women specifically, while they all seemed old, I noted that the happiest of the lot talked about their family. Some of them were married, some of them divorced, but in both cases they talked about their kids. They were clearly the most fulfilled. Many of the other women than I knew had pursued consuming careers were not at the reunion. Those that were, and who did not have children, had a whiff of pain on their faces. They seemed to be looking around and suddenly forced to face the consequences of their choices.

Or maybe they noticed that a patronizing douche was giving them the once-over, and shot him a dirty look.

Ode apparently finds it all so hilarious he is unable to maintain his balance:

The problem with college today is that it teaches a woman that she has an IQ of 115 so naturally she spends her time chasing after men who she perceives to be her “equal”, the top 15% of the men within society. Or to put it another way, a college educated woman thinks she’s better than 85% of everybody else.

Sorry honey the only thing your degree in liberal arts or communications tells me is that you have IQ above 100. Which means you’re better than the bottom 50% of society. No other conclusions can be made. Of course most women will never understand this. They will spend the rest of their bitter lives believing the reason why they couldn’t get Mr. Right is because men are afraid of a strong and smart women.

Falls over laughing!

Rmaxd offers a somewhat different explanation for Marina Keegan’s optimism; I’m not quite sure I even understand it.

What Mira [sic] is expressing, her not needing a man, that precisely because she doesnt need a man she can get everything she wants, well into her 50′s …

She’s accepted her feminist brainwashed idiocy & tried to turn it into a social norm

Her fantasy entails her getting an education, & competing in cut-throat environments designed for men … which require a male intolerance for anything not rational or logic

All the while her fantasy involves a child as an accessory & strong alpha thug, who’ll rescue her instead of pumping & dumping her to kingdom come …

Her vagina also gives her magical powers to screw over sex hungry beta’s without game, as a backup plan, if the jamaican thugs from her sex tourism never get round to playing captain save-a hoe, when she hits 30 …

Beta’s, a deranged feminists insurance policy, for when her vagina no longer cashes cheques she cant write …

Our old pal JeremiahMRA (a.k.a. Things Are Bad) suggests, in a series of comments, that we should push the whole timetable up a few years, forcing girls to get married to whomever their fathers say shortly after puberty. No, really, that’s his actual argument:

Honestly women shouldn’t be going to college at all. It’s a complete waste and takes away from people who can actually get something from education: men. The only reason they do it is to inflate their egos….

[I]t’s more accurate that after puberty, women are just wasting time. Wasting time slutting around, going to school, working, when they should be getting married to whomever their fathers say and having children, which is really all women are good at.

Today women choose mates based solely on lust and greed. Women don’t love, the only thing they love is getting fucked hard and being provided for by a man or the government. This is why in any sane (patriarchal) society a girl’s father decides who she is to marry.


Most of these comments got dozens of upvotes, with only a handful of downvotes. Jeremiah’s comments, a bit reactionary even for The Spearhead, got more than a few downvotes, but still only a fraction as many as the upvotes they got. Only Rmaxd got more downvotes than up, perhaps because his comments made no fucking sense.

So nice that The Spearheaders have taken the time from their day to honor the memory of a promising writer whose life was cut short.

This post contains some:

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  1. Emma: Wow, can’t believe the rage… You shouldn’t rage so much, it’s bad for you. He used her writing, not her death.

    Right. Her dying, and so the writing being more widely seen, and the sad irony of her death’s juxtaposition to her essay’s content was completely immaterial. He’d have written that anyway.

    Well then, he could have done it without mentioning her.

    He used her death, to make a point. He’s a callous asshole. That, of course, was plain to us some time ago. I can’t believe the denial… You shouldn’t deny so much, it’s bad for you.

  2. My favorite scent is Spermjack Jasmine. Alimony Aloe is a very close second.

    Really, all the False Accuse Fragrances can’t be matched, except by each other.

  3. I think my favorite is, “Easy Money”, a delicate combination of soiled diapers, baby-puke and Johnson’s “No More Tears” to remind us all of the easy life which comes from getting that monthly child support check.

  4. LBT — my minor was in studio arts, and having seen your comics, I don’t really think a university art degree would teach you much anyways, you’re good already (always fun to pull easy As though). Depending where you are you might be able to find non-uni “classes” at art studios and the like though, a way to waste a Saturday, not competing for grades. Up to you of course, my art minor and I just wanted to note that you’d probably get easy As in an art program ^.^

    My incomplete art minor (somehow I missed the ceramics requirement) has proven rather inconvenient to me when I try to make comics. I find I have to fight past all the fine-art, life-drawing training and let the frakking line define the volume.

    Plus I wasn’t taught all that much about dynamic poses or layout. Perhaps I ought to have looked out for a sequential art course at another college or uni.

  5. My deep intellectual contribution to this discussion:

  6. I’m turning 57 in a few months, and having the time of my life (well, except for these five program assessment reports which won’t write themselves which is why I’m at work today sigh).

    I can remember being young and ignorant to think that anybody over 21 was over the hill and should just retire to some alternate universe……..

    Now, I cackle gleefully to myself when people spout off this sort of ageism because one thing I know, they’re all going to get older which beats the alternative all to hell.


  7. Who is this dipshit?

    Obviously, he was more critical of women’s theorized thought processes (it being a piece of speculation from a man),

    Why “obviously”? Is it really such a given, in that wacky world in your cranium, that men and women are necessarily adversaries, and are perpetually contemptuous of other’s thought processes based solely on gender?

    And by “women’s theorized thought processes”, you mean “what this dipshit imagines that all women (who are, according to the voices in his head, an incomprehensible monolith) think and believe”. Talk about a recursive process of dumb.

    but who can honestly make the argument that women actually increase the chances of meeting the man most of them want by waiting until their thirties to settle down?

    Absolutely every woman who, by definition, waited until her thirties to settle down is happier than she would have been in her twenties. Because THAT WAS HER CHOICE. To WAIT. And, yes, you often make better choices when you’re older and know more about what you want in a partner.

    Women who didn’t wait? Some are still happy. Some regret not waiting until they knew themselves better. Guess what? Some MEN regret not waiting, if they didn’t. Some men are glad they did. Again, this is about human beings who decide not to find a permanent partner NOW NOW NOW the minute the hormones say so. With their brains.

    (But most women who didn’t wait and are unhappy are unhappy because they listened to a bunch of bullshit about how they’d never find anyone they really wanted, ever, so they’d better settle for a guy who was handy).

    And if the author is wrong about his theory that these women are deluding themselves, what does explain this phenomenon?

    What phenomenon are you talking about? The one where the author is wrong and deluded? I’d say that head he lives in need a flush. I can’t explain why that’s the case, though. I could speculate, and extrapolate from the world we ALL live in, that women are magically to blame for every-fucking-thing, all the time, so he feels justified in indulging in lazy thinking and saying, “gurlz r dum, y dun they want meeeee?”

  8. Oh. And this nonsense. Sheesh.

    We objectify you. Always have, always will. That doesn’t make men villains.

    Dude. You are not “we men”. You are you. Men are men.

    You (since you include yourself in the subset “men”) are ONE man (unless you’re a cheeto-eating 12 year old, that is). Out of between 2-3 billion of them.

    And objectifying people might not make you a “villain”, but it sort of makes you a sad, stupid shit who’s missing a lot in relationships.

    It’s hard for me to believe most of you read this article. If you did, it only was while wearing your reactionary feminist reading glasses on. All the author had to do was make one line about a majority of women wanting a family and it’s a stream of gripes how men are being oppressive and disrespect your work life.

    Again, kiddo, the voices in your head are blocking the message and mistranslating it for you. Also, speaking of reactionary, I think you are your own AV squad.

    Can you concede an obviously true premise ever?

    It’s obvious to my two-year-old that the lawn mower eats the grass. But that’s not what really happens.

    Or does every single word a man says about work, sex, and family just have to be combated with feminist talking points?

    That depends on whether the man’s words are bullshit or not.

  9. Quick somebody tell me how the fucking way to tell a man’s theorized thought processes from a woman’s!

    And does he fucking mean the WRITING?

    Because, shit, there’s scholarship on people not being able to tell the sex or gender of an author from the text (once the name is taken off).

  10. I mean, who works this hard to try to convince other people that life ends at age 25? It makes me feel badly for them, because I have so much, relatively speaking, and they have so little.

    But then I’m like, screw it, that scented candle rant was comedy gold.

    Ha! I know, Shaenon. Who knew that scented candles were such a blight on the world?

    I agree, their lives must be pretty awful. But how much of their pain is self inflicted is anyone’s guess.

  11. Because, shit, there’s scholarship on people not being able to tell the sex or gender of an author from the text (once the name is taken off).

    My casual survey on the subject found that people were slightly worse at identifying the gender of the writer than if they’d guessed at random.

  12. We have weakened society as a whole by building on women’s weaknesses in attempts to make them the equal of men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths.

    Translation: Let’s play Calvinball, where anything women do is automatically a weakness, even if it’s something men point to as “manly”, like working. You’re a woman, you lose, now go make me a sandwich so I can complain that you didn’t put the mustard on the right side.

    Tl;dr–Uncle Elmer, you’re a moron.

  13. RE: Argenti

    One of my buddies is a studio art major. We write and make comics together. I give him storytelling advice, he helps me with art. It’s neat, because while I do feel I’m studying art perfectly well on my own, I can SEE the difference in how he perceives art and how I do. It’s obvious that his studies gave him a different skill set than mine did, and sometimes I envy him that, because he knows shit about color and layout that I can only dream of. But like I said, my days are over.

    Also, speaking of comics: just finished a new one last night! It’s gonna be published in an ANTHOLOGY!😀 (So not educational though)

    RE: Katz

    From what I understand, I had a singularly miserable college career. I loved what I was learning, and I loved the access… but between slamming through the whole undergrad mess in two years, coming out, dealing with rape issues, and being completely isolated all at the same time, that love was pretty thoroughly beaten out of me. I’m done. I now have a loathing of formal education that I would never have imagined as a teenager. To think that I put myself through all that pain for poverty line and food stamps… well. I be a bitter bitter bastard.

    RE: Pecunium

    That sounds like a modern art piece that would look wicked cool on tumblr.

  14. Argenti Aertheri

    Falconer — “Plus I wasn’t taught all that much about dynamic poses or layout. Perhaps I ought to have looked out for a sequential art course at another college or uni.” — IDK? I wasn’t either, too much work for the human models?

    LBT — the color and layout course of my minor made me want to pull my hair out. I might be biased here but I don’t consider looking for golden rectangles in my current utterly abstract paintings to be a good thing, ymmv though. Basically, I know what you mean and it drives me nuts.

  15. This is very sad

  16. IDK? I wasn’t either, too much work for the human models?

    I think the kinds of dynamic poses expected in action comics would be almost impossible in real life.

    Here’s a collection of superheroes in some very energetic poses (well, except for Superman and Spider-Man, although Clark Kent is very expressive) which are highly exaggerated, but pretty much the kind of thing you find in superhero comics.

    Even in non-supers comics it is good to express emotion through body language, and a lot of life-drawing classes just had the model strike a pose (generally lying down or standing pretty much erect) without emotion. But I guess those are more about forming volume and anatomy study, really.

    I don’t consider looking for golden rectangles in my current utterly abstract paintings to be a good thing, ymmv though.

    Pfft. Golden rectangles went out the window the first time Pollack laid his canvas flat.

  17. Argenti Aertheri

    Only one of our models laid down at least, and that was a 10 min long session, so I can’t blame her for wanting to be comfortable for it. The rest were very “strike a pose” though, and the few not just standing there ones were, of course, your stereotypical “sexy pose” >.<

    "Pfft. Golden rectangles went out the window the first time Pollack laid his canvas flat." — tell my intro to composition professor that! Or that Mondrian kind of proved that a large red space will not inherently overpower a small yellow space (Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, or what I call “let’s break color theory!”)

  18. RE: Argenti and Falconer

    …I actually would like to know a golden rectangle when I see it. <.< I'm only just now starting to figure out Western perspective and the dynamics of color and lighting.

    And I tend to do all my modeling myself, these days. I make LOTS of stupid faces in the mirror or webcam–FOR ART. Scott McCloud also has some useful things to show in his book 'Making Comics.' (My hero!) I'll also do image searches for random athletes, because often a photographer will catch them in mid-motion, giving me more of an idea about the dynamics.

    One of my system members' goals is to life model before we kick it. We'd probably do lots of ridiculous yoga-like poses, and since we've had surgery and are on testosterone, I bet that our body type isn't a kind you encounter much in life drawing classes.

  19. Argenti Aertheri

    LBT — you can google a golden rectangle (which I’m sure you know) and kinko’s does transparency printing (which maybe you didn’t know) — and it was cheap the one time I used it. Print one and go find rectangles at the museum?

    “I make LOTS of stupid faces in the mirror or webcam–FOR ART.” — I’ll buy that, both my requisite self-portraits make me look like a stoic! The drawn one isn’t as bad as the painted one, but it’s clearly my “wtf why do I care?” face

    “I bet that our body type isn’t a kind you encounter much in life drawing classes.” — I had what seemed to be 100% cis women, so yep, you’d be unique…though um…college freshmen alert! Good luck if you do it in that environment, they can be clueless rude (eg “I’m freezing!” “you’re dressed, the model isn’t, STFU”) to just plain mean.

  20. RE: Argenti

    The best use for the crappy webcam we got (at the time, we were Skypeing with our folks overseas) was now we have a folder of us posing doing stupid faces and gesturing. It’s obviously not the best image quality, but the important thing is, we don’t have to hold the poses for long periods! GENIUS! (Of course, mirrors also work. Use them too.)

    Enh, visibly trans body? Going to get that commentary anyway. They don’t like it, they can draw the wall.

  21. David K. Meller

    Spearhead tells the truth about feminists and their “future”. A future (for the most part) of increasing loneliness, bitterness, and frustration, with nobody to blame but themselves–after all, it is absurd to continue to blame men for problems in your stupid lives when you haven’t had a relationship (or even sex) for twenty years–being either childless, or the fashionable one child (who probably hates you), and having long since hit the “glass ceiling” your kind of woman(?) has always been whining about.
    Mothing left but a coterie of goofy girlfriends who are even more unsexed and bitter than you are, along with the occasional cat, who will put up with you as long as you feed it, pet it, and clean its litterbox.

    Cat to feminist–“Mew, mew, meow…purr”– Translation: There, there, poor, lonely she-person. Even I will keep you company as long as you care for me, and nobody any better comes along…”

    Being a feminist is nothing to brag about, but being an AGING feminist must be AWFUL!

  22. Um meller, I don’t know how to break this to you but cats don’t talk…..

  23. Dolls, on the other hand…

  24. Tulgey Logger

    Haven’t seen you in a while, Meller! Blast from the past, in more ways than one this time.

  25. Meller, I hate to say that to you but… my life is getting better each year so far.

  26. How the fuck are we supposed to take taunts about “hahaha you’ll all grow old and lonely because you don’t want to think like me” seriously from you? I mean, c’mon son

  27. Gee, how dare you call us a hate movement? We don’t hate women, we just want EQUALITY! All we’re saying is that women who aren’t dependent on men or fulfilling traditional women’s roles are pitiable human beings who are sad, lonely, bitter, and stupid! All we’re saying is they’re a monolith who all think and act a certain way that we can all surely agree is sad and unproductive! All we’re saying is that women’s friendships are stupid, that their choices about family and children are generally ridiculous and based on fashion, that their critiques of unfair business practices are “whining,” and that they will get old and be worthless with no one to love them but cats! (Though even the cats are humoring these pathetic women!)

    I mean, it’s not like men ever age–well, I mean they DO, but when MEN age they’re becoming better somehow and they aren’t losing the only valuable asset they have (youth and beauty, obviously).

    Honestly, we just can’t see how you paint us as a hate movement when we’re just saying you’re useless and ridiculous and that we laugh at you and consider you beneath us.

    . . . I really need one of those blinking “sarcasm” gifs.

  28. In the meantime you can try to master the html quotes:


  29. (i tested it before posting)

  30. I know about . I still want a gif. They’re pretty.

  31. Oh hey Meller! About your little rant?

  32. Meller, I hate to say that to you but… my life is getting better each year so far.

    For realzies. I know my opinion is not valid by default of my being a woman (a 27 year old, unmarried feminist woman at that) but in a lot of ways so many things are so much better for me now than they were in my early 20’s. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I’m miles away from the angst of my younger years. And feminism is a huge part of why I’m so much happier and more at peace with myself. Hell, I didn’t even become sexually active with anyone until I started identifying as a feminist. Feminism made sexytimes sound fun instead of terrifying to me. Feminism is what made being single actually pretty good for me, instead of the supposed miserable state of cat-hoarding it’s supposedly supposed to be. And feminism is what made me realize I have a right to my standards, without which I wouldn’t have held out for my current boyfriend, a wonderful guy who makes me deliriously happy.

    So, yeah. Anyone who thinks unmarried women over 25 and/or feminist women are unhappy by default, and if they aren’t now, they sure will be (dun dun DUN!) can go lick a frozen metal pole. My only regret is not realizing that at 25, my life was only just getting started.

  33. Meller, what about bitter old men with extensive doll collections? Somehow I think they might be the unhappiest.

  34. @LBT, Argenti — Well, admittedly I’m not so hot at spotting golden rectangles, but they’re basically a rectangle with proportions such that, if you remove a square section, the remainder is itself a golden rectangle and I just stop thinking about it at that point because fractals make my head hurt.

    They’re supposed to be aesthetically pleasing when used as the basis for design layout. Lord knows why. Last time I checked I had a monkey brain, not some anal computer brain thing. And I know that because there wasn’t anyone else at the Cylon meeting who looked like me🙂

    My life models were a mix of men and women. It was the first time in my life I had seen a naked woman in person. I dropped my box of charcoals a couple of times. Not a great memory😦

    Taking reference photos is a great use of a camera.

    I’ve got Making Comics. I’ve also got some of Will Eisner’s books about the art form. McCloud is mostly theory, Eisner is mostly practice.

    The how-to-draw-comics books from DC are actually interested in teaching sequential art. There are some how-to-draw books from Marvel but they’re all “here’s how you draw our characters” and are practically useless for the more complicated stuff.

  35. RE: Falconer

    Three-dimensional shapes in general are really tough for me; it seems to be a system-wide issue. We were those kids who went NUTS trying to figure out how to drive a car in reverse, because the mirror reversed our view of everything, which meant backwards car AND backwards view so our brain had to keep it all straight and ARGHLEBARGHLEHEADSPLODE.

    We are also possibly the world’s rottenest players of Portal, and rely more on the level design than actual understanding of 3D space.

    Yeah, some of the DC ones are all right. I’ve heard great things about Eisner, but haven’t had a chance to yoink any of his books. McCloud remains my little tin god.

  36. Oop. Early key hit.

    Generally, I’ve found that the most valuable thing for me has just been observation. It took me a while to be able to see in 3D (one of my more spatially adept friends taught me a kindergartner’s finger-pointing trick and I was like ZOMG THIS IS AMAZING), and color also required a bit of a change in how I observed, but so far, that’s helped me most as far as drawing things.

    Comics layouts and stuff, of course, are kinda a learn-as-you-go, far as I can tell.

  37. Howard Bannister

    Meller seems to think that male feminists don’t exist. Or maybe don’t matter.


    You know what made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life? When I finally let go of all that reality-denying patriarchy-think. Then suddenly I could be me, and screw stereotypes. I could just be me. And I was free to find a partner in life who liked me for just me. And, most importantly, I was free to not find a partner in life either. Any choice I made was suddenly okay–it was my choice! I didn’t have to conform to norms or ideals or any bullcrap gender lens!!

    I could love cats. I could achieve as much or as little as I wanted to.

    I mean, whoa! The matrix fell away and there was reality and it was FUN.

    Mothing left but a coterie of goofy girlfriends who are even more unsexed and bitter than you are,

    And part of that fun was it suddenly being all okay that I had a coterie of goofy girlfriends.

    ‘unsexed’? Um… yeah. Because feminism is totally anti-sex, and I totally didn’t find out what sex-positivism was from feminists, nope. Never happened.

  38. after all, it is absurd to continue to blame men for problems in your stupid lives when you haven’t had a relationship (or even sex) for twenty years

    My future sex life is being forecast by a dude who doesn’t even have sex with PEOPLE. We are amused.😀

    Also, I don’t really see why my ability to have sex will just END in 20 years. I mean, dude, there’s always gonna be stuff like Craigslist.

  39. Howard Bannister

    Also, I don’t really see why my ability to have sex will just END in 20 years. I mean, dude, there’s always gonna be stuff like Craigslist.

    Also, the literature at this point is rife with studies showing that people who get into long-term relationships tend to have more and more sex as they get older. (although for those who are not in a long-term relationship there may be drop-off) Apparently all those couples in their sixties and eighties are…. well… practice makes perfect, right?

  40. Argenti Aertheri

    Falconer and LBT — golden rectangles are supposed to be “pleasing” because they’re fractal and nature is full of fractals (I think).

    “Taking reference photos is a great use of a camera.” — seconded, I’ve then converted them to B+W digitally before, for charcoal and pencil drawings — auto flatten and color zap in 2 easy steps without my brain having to work!

    And you can’t be worse than me at Portal, I’m generally fine-to-great at spatial shit and I’ve never beaten that game.

    DKM — so, pray tell, what is the ideal state for women then? Real flesh and blood women Meller, in your world how can they be anything besides miserable, do tell!

  41. RE: Argenti

    Fractals make my headsplode. NATURE WHY YOU SO CRAZY NATURE.

    RE: DKM

    Just for you, I promise the next time I bang my husband, I’ll tell him (while wearing a monocle, no less!) “Sweetie, or sex did not exist. DKM says so.”

    I’ll probably be banned from the bed for a while, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

  42. Howard Bannister

    I’ll probably be banned from the bed for a while, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

    I split my gut laughing.

  43. RE: Howard Bannister

    My husband and I have a tradition of saying really ill-advised things in bed on a lark.

    I think the last one was, “Drop your pants! This is for SCIENCE!”

  44. Howard Bannister

    Ever read the webcomic The Devil’s Panties? (not actually Satanic porn)

  45. @Meller- You do realize that, thanks to the magic of birth control, we ladies get to have sex and not necessarily have babies? And that some of us are doing that RIGHT NOW?

    @ Howard- What Not to Say in the Bedroom is genius.

  46. RE: Howard

    Alas, I have not!

    RE: M Dubz

    You’re having sex and typing at the same time? Man, how’d you learn to be so versatile, I can’t even keyboard-smash in that situation…

  47. Howard Bannister

    Re: LBT

    Regularly recurring feature: what not to say in the bedroom. I suspect you’re already familiar with much of the advice.

    Re: versatility. Practice, practice, practice…

  48. RE: Howard

    I am lucky. My husband has a very gracious sense of humor.

    (Though sometimes he does laugh so hard that the sex is ruined sheerly by that. But we don’t consider that a loss, necessarily.)

  49. Argenti Aertheri

    “I split my gut laughing.” — seconded

    “Re: versatility. Practice, practice, practice…”😄

    “Fractals make my headsplode. NATURE WHY YOU SO CRAZY NATURE.” — idfk, but that that cannot possibly be intelligent design and actually work as an organism is basically what broke my fundie-ism (I’ll post a proper post on that in the forums once I’m done fuming, probably tomorrow given I’m a nocturnal insomniac)

  50. Meller seems to think that male feminists don’t exist. Or maybe don’t matter.


    Oh, he knows we exist, we’re just not the ones he has the most interest in hurting.

    He’ll still play Prophet of Doom when a male feminist challenges him. But he mostly ignores us when he’s on the attack.

  51. Although in truth, he does seem to forget there are men here sometimes. Or pretends to forget.

  52. Howard Bannister

    we’re just not the ones he has the most interest in hurting.

    … that has the stink of truth about it. I mean, DAMNATION and SUFFERING, that explains so much of his approach.

  53. He knows male feminists exist. He doesn’t understand it, men are all the same, and want what he does.

    So we are brainwashed, or something.

  54. @ Meller

    MRAs will have “A future (for the most part) of increasing loneliness, bitterness, and frustration, with nobody to blame but themselves–after all, it is absurd to continue to blame women for problems in your stupid lives when you haven’t had a relationship (or even sex) for twenty years–being either childless, or the unwanted one child (who probably hates you), and having long since lost your woman(?) because she was tired of being controlled and abused.
    Nothing left but a coterie of creepy manosphere buddies who are even more unsexed and bitter than you are.”

    I fixed it for you.

  55. Howard Bannister


    It makes so much more sense with the projection part taken out.

  56. RE: Howard

    Last night, I got to hear ALL about DKM and how he disapproved of what we were doing. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to time it so we could scream in his name in the throes of passion.

    Probably just as well. “DKMMMM!” is really hard to scream.


  57. You could make it a word… D(i)K(uh)mmmmm!

  58. I find it hilarious that people think that you stop changing past your early 20s. On my degree course we have a female student who’s 66 years old. Her life has changed completely since she retired from her job as a primary school teacher and decided to get another degree. My own mother changed careers dramatically in her late 40s.

    You keep learning, keep growing, and keep changing as you age. Those who don’t just stagnate and rot.

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