A Father’s Day message from JeremiahMRA on The Spearhead [TW: murder threat]

Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone! Our old friend JeremiahMRA/Things Are Bad is celebrating the day with, well, it looks like a suggestion that divorced men with kids who don’t like their visitation arrangements should murder their ex-wives. Naturally, he gets upvotes for this lovely sentiment from the Spearhead regulars:

And a happy Father’s Day to you too, Jeremiah.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Oh, but I must note, my father didn’t make me think that all dads are bad. My cousins have great fathers who are all a huge, supportive part of their lives, and my step dad has worked his ass off to provide for me and my brothers (one of which is his). I have enough variety in my direct experiences with fathers to understand that some men are great dads, others are poor, others just don’t even try.

  2. my dad and i live in different time zones. australia has a different father’s day to the UK. so i write the UK father’s day on my Aussie calendar and put a note in my phone. i skyped with him on the day, made sure he had a card and a gift.

    My dad worked full time while mum stayed home. she got pregnant to him at 17, in the 60s. Thanks to no sex ed, my mum had no clue that what she was doing could make babies. She and my dad got married, because that’s what you did. Most of the family did not attend the wedding.

    47 years later they are still together and love each very much. But, fuck me, they worked hard at it.

    Dad taught me about feminism and social justice. he taught me to cook (he cooked all the meals from when i was about 10 as Mum told him she hated cooking. so he took over). he taught me about poetry and art and politics.

    My dad respects, supports and loves my mother.

    i love my dad.

  3. I’ve had three step fathers. The only person I didn’t get to see on father’s day was my biological father. My mother was an idiot about how she dealt with that breakup (to be fair, it was 1969, and the rights a woman had were less than they are now, and that’s immaterial to how badly she handled it).

    So on father’s day I’d have various sorts of visiting/phone calls.

    The thing is, none of the stepfathers had any legal claim/rights of visitation. One of them she decided she never wanted to speak to again. I saw him anyway. Why? Because I was 16, and there wasn’t really anything she could do about it.

    My father’s second wife and he got divorced a few years ago. He now has primary custody of my three half-sisters.

    Why? Because he wanted it, and the court decided he was the better parent. He’d been actively involved in caring for them.

    It’s not that my step-mother was a bad parent (and it’s not that he fought shared custody for the youngest; it’s that he fought to get shared custody, and when things changed he petitioned for a change in the status), it’s that he was the better one.

  4. Charlotte: These women exist. They are evil. One of them was my mother. Your refusal to understand that a small percentage of women SUCK HARD ASS undermines your whole argument. You have no problem acknowledging that a small percentage of men well and truly suck, but guess what? So do women.

    Nope, it doesn’t. (see above, re my mother; and some of the stupid [and destructive] shit she pulled). Even if we didn’t admit it (and we do), the existence of some women who do this doesn’t undermine the need to mock mysogyny in the least.

    Because the level of the one far outweighs the level of the other.

    Now, compare that (and I’ll bet I’m not the only one here who said something like this) with the,”all women suck and men are so oppressed and it’s all the fault of the evil sperm-stealing, money-grubbing, false-rape accusing whore and tramps and nasty sluts who won’t put out when I want them too, which inhabit the Spearhead, and AVfM, and In Mala Fide (when it was around) and all the rest.

    The places that say women who don’t behave need to get ready to be put in their place, or killed.

    Find where the people here are saying that, because I can sure as hell find where the people there are.

    You want to compare apples to apples, you are gonna drown in the sauce.

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