The Men’s Rights subreddit: Fighting imaginary enemies, since 2008

To arms, Men’s Rights Redditors! Evil feminists are running riot on Wikipedia, deleting pages devoted to books by MRA hero Warren Farrell!


Oops. False alarm! Turns out WillToHave doesn’t quite understand how Wikipedia works. As one commenter pointed out several hours after the post went up, no pages about Farrell’s books have actually been deleted. The reason there are no pages about most of his books is … that no one has bothered to put any up yet.

D’oh! MRAs aren’t being oppressed by feminists; they’re being oppressed by their own laziness.

Of course, the only ones who know this are those who’ve bothered to actually read the comments. 15 hours after being totally debunked, the post, with its misleading headline, remains near the top of the Men’s Rights subreddit, with 142 net upvotes.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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    Oh, no,,, Call my number and ask for Patrica, my wife, she will then hand the pone to me.

    Really, why not let people, men, know who you are.

    I mean, you “guy’s” aren’t afraid of letting me know who you are, are you?

    Send me an email from an no name email address and I GUARANTEE it come back from “”

    Not a Gmail or Yahoo account.

    Come on, what do you have to fear from a nothing like me???

    Google my address and see my house an PT cruiser.

    You may have your beliefs, but the the intestinal fortitude to show yourselves.

    WOW, I’m calling you out with my personal information and you wont stand up to me by providing the same!

    I guess you don’t have the same intestinal fortitude as I do.

    Typical feminist’s!


    You may have your beliefs, but “NOT” the intestinal fortitude to show yourselves.


    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”

    Scared Pussy’s!

  4. Man, these fuckers are givin’ my state a bad rap. Lots of non-shitty people live in Mass too! I’m one of them!

  5. CassandraSays

    So Paul Hurteau, aged 55, is Mr Al’s dad? Poor guy – imagine knowing that your kid turned out like that, you’d be so ashamed.

    BTW, did anyone else see Russell Brand at that awards show recently? My gina failed to tingle. Maybe he’s just not tall enough.


    My Favorite Video:

  7. Okay, guys, don’t tell Paul but the librarians’ plan for world domination is in place. Most librarians are women. Many have cats. Paul better hope he doesn’t have any overdue books, or it’s UP AGAINST THE WALL!!!!! So lay in provisions and get ready — code word is “shush.”


    WOW, I guess I won!!!

  9. Rule by librarians is a system I could totally get behind. Librarians are awesome.

  10. Paul, I have redacted your address and phone #. If someone wants to confirm who you are they can do it via email. (Oh, and you were on moderation b/c you signed in with a different name and wordpress treats that as if you are a totally new person who needs approval to post.)

    Everyone else, might want to scroll up to see Paul’s comments.

  11. Oh, no,,, Call my number and ask for Patrica, my wife, she will then hand the pone to me.

    And… then what? What would we get?

    We don’t actually care what you think of us–not that anything we could do would change that, anyway?

    Say we let you yell at us on the phone–what the hell good would that do? It’s not like you’d go “I am impressed with your bravery, I shall now become a feminist, my checks to Planned Parenthood and RAINN are in the mail.”

    I guess you don’t have the same intestinal fortitude as I do.

    In a sense, that’s true. You don’t seem to know what it’s like to be truly afraid for your safety.

    I’m a woman. I do.

    Kinda puts a hole in your “I’m so afraid women will terrorize me!” bullshit, though, doesn’t it? I mean, I know the shtick here is “I’m afraid of women, but I’m super brave anyway,” but give me a fuckin’ break. If you knew what fear and bravery really were you’d know what a goddamn child you sound like.

  12. Why is this punctuation abusing fucknut shouting at us to give him our info? Paul, I’m not in the habit of giving my info to people who stamp and shout and act generally unhinged.

  13. Why the fuck would I want to have a phone conversation with a flaming asshole? You’re a dick. I don’t want to spend time with you.

    And I really don’t care who you are. So you’ve told us your name. So what? What the hell does that prove? That you’re not scared of us? Fine. Congratulations. You’re very manly and tough. But you know what? I am scared of you. I don’t trust you as far as I could kick you. I’m giving you nothing you could use to hurt me, because I think you would hurt me if you could.

  14. “We’d meet at a police station and do WHAT?”

    The same thing we are discussing here!

    What else?

    Then… why can’t we do it here?

    I mean, obviously I’m “real,” someone is typing this. Chat programs really aren’t that advanced yet.

  15. Oh yes Paul, you are the toughest of tough guys. Keep dancing, troll.

  16. Guy can’t even spell his imaginary wife’s name right.

  17. I’d be pretty peeved if I was Patricia.

  18. You know what, I’m putting him back on moderation, because I don’t know WTF his deal is, if he’s posting his or someone else’s info, and I really don’t want to have to think about it because VACATION.

  19. Dude still hasn’t posted a photo of himself tongue-kissing a papaya.

    I knew he didn’t have the courage to do it. I guess he isn’t a real MRA after all.

    …Obeying a stranger’s unreasonable requests is the true measure of courage, right?

  20. Yeah, internet sources on this guy say he’s 54, and the “I live in Worcester, I mean Auburn! Fuck!” mistake was a dead giveaway in my mind that this poster is not who he says he is. Unfortunately, someone else has put his personal information on the internet for someone else to mine.

    Really fucking gross, dude. Particularly for someone who purports to be all about men’s rights. Way to trample on the rights of one man who unfortunately happens to live close to you.

  21. Paul, if we call, and your wife picks up, maybe we’ll just talk to her instead?

  22. That’s goddamn horrible. Although I wonder what he thinks would happen if we talked to his “target.” I mean, we’re not going to OPEN with the false rape accusation, y’know? We’re going to have a conversation where it instantly becomes clear we’ve got the wrong guy and he’s never heard of this blog.

    Maybe he did it because he figured feminists really would open with a false rape accusation and/or terrorist act? That’s my only guess.

  23. Snowy: Paul was saying.. nothing much, and all of that was unrelated to anything in the post… well no: he is, as stated, fighting an imaginary enemy: The Pussy Pass.

    You know, the one that had a woman sentenced, yesterday, to 13 years for killing her child here in Canada.

  24. I just wonder what happens in Paul’s plan if he answers the phone.

    MBZ: “Hello, I’m an internet feminist, is Patricia here?”

    PH: “Don’t want to talk to a MAN, ey? Too used to talking to THE SCUM MANIFESTO while DIVORCING your CATS? Sounds a little MISANDRIST to me.”

    MBZ: “No, you asked me to ask her for her.”

    PH: “That’s because you have a MANGINA. Are you MARRIED, perchance?”

    MBZ: “That’s none of your business.”

    PH: “It became my business when you DELETED my WIKIPEDIA PAGE.”

    MBZ: “What?”

    PH: “Patricia, there’s a FEMINAZI on the phone who wants to talk to you.”

    MBZ:”…Is Paul there?”

    Patricia: “You were just speaking to him. He left just then to go to the police station. Y’know, just to meet up with some friends.”

  25. In what world do police stations host Internet meetups, anyway? They’re not going to just give you a conference room.

  26. I wonder, did Paul imagine any of were weak-willed enough that his childish posturing would lead us to give out our personal info, or was he just trying to fuck with his neighbor?

  27. Oops, just read Bee’s bit on the actual PH situation. That’s really awful. Is this someone trying to weaponise those hostile feminists who false-accuse everybody then? I can’t believe someone can manage to be both that willfully detached from reality and that vindictive. One would be bad enough.

  28. I know I have all my social functions at the local cop shop.

  29. Lowquacks – The scary part is that it suggests they actually believe this “false accusation any time you make a woman angry” stuff. I thought they just used that line to abuse rape survivors. Freaks me out that this guy apparently takes it literally.

  30. Cliff Pervocarcy:

    That’s goddamn horrible. Although I wonder what he thinks would happen if we talked to his “target.” I mean, we’re not going to OPEN with the false rape accusation, y’know? We’re going to have a conversation where it instantly becomes clear we’ve got the wrong guy and he’s never heard of this blog.

    Maybe he did it because he figured feminists really would open with a false rape accusation and/or terrorist act? That’s my only guess.

    I think the basic idea is, we call this man, who is probably a neighbor or an acquaintance, and regardless of what we say, “Paul” here will have a story of how deranged feminists called and harassed some random guy just because he is male.

  31. Man, I missed some complete bizarreness while I was away from the computer baking a pie for my dad. (I do these sorts of things because I hate all men, obviously. The pie tasted of misandry. Also key limes. But mostly misandry.)

    Kirby and Lowquacks, your summations of what an in-person or phone conversation with our little troll here would sound like totally cracked me up. Well done!

  32. The librarian revolution will be a democratic revolution. The people will rule; the librarians will simply make sure the five laws of S. R. Ranganathan are respected:

    Books are for use.
    Every reader his [or her] book.
    Every book its reader.
    Save the time of the reader.
    The library is a growing organism.

    (Just substitute whatever thing you’re into — comics, movies, photos, datasets, maps, posters, recordings of “Cielito Lindo” — for books, and you get the idea. Well, I guess sometimes you’ll have to change reader into something else. You get the idea.)

  33. The librarian revolution will be a democratic revolution. The people will rule;

    That’s only until the Dewey/Library-of-Congress factional violence breaks out.

  34. Oh and I’m not afraid of this dude. Here’s who I am:

  35. @lowquacks, So true, so sadly true.
    @Dracula OMG, that makes me want to GO THE FUCK TO THE LIBRARY!

  36. Okay, if I failed to notice you referencing the thing I just linked to, I’m going to be very embarrassed.

  37. No, no, I am literally linking to a site called GO THE FUCK TO THE LIBRARY (so I can check that out).

  38. Yeah, I got that. What I meant was I think that thing you quoted a few posts back is also quoted in Rex Libris, so that’s where my worry came from. Forgive my neurosis.

  39. I’ve never read Rex Libris, and it looks cool. (Ranganathan and Panizzi are my heroes.)

    I will forgive your neurosis, if you forgive mine.🙂

  40. Consider it done.🙂

  41. I’m imagining all the police stations in Massachusetts being full of random MRAs talking to people.

  42. I don’t know how to react to what I’m seeing!

    WOW, I guess I won!!!

    What a debater!!!


    Wasn’t there some MRA exhorting his comrades to introduce themselves and the MRM to the cops around them in an effort to protect themselves from false accusations from feminists? No matter how hard you try, you can’t out-ridiculous these dudes!

  43. Wow, that was weird. What was Paul trying to prove, that he’s an actual human (with a wife) and not a spambot?

  44. Paul: I have to ask, how many of you are married??

    No, you don’t have to. You choose to. I, for one, don’t credit you with any good intention to the question.

  45. What’s with the, “prove you mean it”? Really, what is the difference between you shouting incoherently here, and shouting incoherently at a police station in Edmonton?

    Why would I want to spend money to hear you blither? It’s not as if I’m actually hiding who I am. It’s not as if I’ve not crossed the country to talk about things I believe; but when I have the people who wanted to hear me paid me for coming.

    So, round trip tickets, hotel, food, and an honorarium. You’ll need to rent a hall, and advertise the event. Those are the minimum requirements for my appearance.

  46. WTF was that? Who is Paul? Why should I care? Why in the world would I want to call him? Why is he so unclear on just where he lives?

  47. Ahh, I see. In Paul’s mind, if you rant and rave on random topics in a forum, and you get moderated or banned, that means you’ve won! You’ve shown how your enemy silences opinions, and is generally evil and slimey and icky!

    Kind of weird that getting banned would be a badge of honor… Though Paul really could have just said from the beginning “I want you to ban me.” I’m sure Futrelle could have happily obliged.

  48. Argenti Aertheri

    Worcester is just about an hour from the center of Boston guys… (got lost there once leading to a wonderful conversation with my mother about how to get out of worcester sauce, was much funnier than fighting about how to pronounce Worcester)

    Don’t worry kirbywarp, it isn’t the water, my ex-fiance’s brother lives in MA, and he’s nothing like an MRA.

    “WOW, I’m calling you out with my personal information and you wont stand up to me by providing the same!”

    *shudder* or maybe we have reasons that have nothing to do with you? Like, idk, a stalker ex I don’t want finding me? Do you get that this is indexed and google searchable?

  49. Argenti Aertheri

    “Really, what is the difference between you shouting incoherently here, and shouting incoherently at a police station in Edmonton?”

    Oh there’s a difference alright, one of those might get him arrested, which is probably the goal because then he can claim he was arrested just because he disagreed with women.

    Hint Paul — yelling in front of cops is a bad idea (actually, questioning them at all is, but this is neither the time nor the place for that story).

  50. Worcester also has the Higgins Armory Museum, and a pretty nice Fechtschule.

  51. Argenti Aertheri

    Well, I’m bored, so I went digging, and it looks like our Paul could actually be who he claims (either that or they have remarkably similar views) — an example or two. And it would be against charter’s acceptable use policy to be impersonating someone…doesn’t mean he isn’t, but I think he’s legit (of course, great, now we know for sure who this asshole is, that matters in what manner exactly?)

    Pecunium — I’m sure Worcester is lovely if it isn’t where you happened to screw up the Mass turnpike. As it was I needed to be an hour away and this was before cell phones to explain that I’d be late, and before GPS, google maps, etc. And of-fucking-course my map didn’t have the directions back to the highway in any comprehensible fashion. This is basically the case every time my mother goes anywhere, she got lost in Hartford last time I was up there (twice, the second time nearly ending up in MA before she’d believe me that she was too far north and heading north >.< )

  52. There are a lot of sexists in MA, but I mean, there are a lot of sexists everywhere. I’m glad I’ve yet to meet someone who actually claims to be an MRA though. There are a bunch of libertarians around here too who all conveniently oppose programs which help women, POC, people with disabilities, etc, because they’re white, straight, cis, able-bodied men who don’t benefit from such programs therefore it’s easy to pretend they don’t matter.

    Worcester… ehh, the Palladium was really fun when I was younger. I saw a lot of bands there. But there isn’t a chance in hell I’m driving there to meet a 52 year old man to have a conversation when he can’t even seem to type a coherent thought.

    As for the actual points he was pasting from other websites, I think he’s confusing PMS with PMDD. Also, depression is a real thing. Sometimes men kill because of depression and other mental illness too. Using depression in court is not a gender exclusive phenomenon. A lot of people plead insanity.

    He also wants to pretend that men don’t get beaten into submission or beaten down until they do unthinkable things. I guess he’s never heard of women whose abusive s.o.’s track them down and drag them back home. Nope, never happens in Paul’s world.

    I’m sure if I had the patience and desire I could come up with at least 12 men who have beat murder charges and create similar reasons why as if there was some sexist conspiracy.

    Western women have no idea how rude they are because most of them have never lived in another country to see how other women act, and never been on the receiving end in the same way men have. Instead they say that men have an entitlement complex and just can’t handle not being worshipped. No, many of us are tired of women that act superior and assume right of way.

    You’re telling me a man has never been rude to me? Men have never called me fat or ugly? Men have never called me a slut or a bitch? Men have never laughed at me? Men have never use me, left me hanging, purposely hurt me? Dude you are living in a fantasy world if you think that men can’t/don’t dish out the same rudeness that women can/do.

    I get the feeling that this guy chooses to date women who are only concerned about their looks and holds women up to ridiculously high physical standards, and is then perplexed that they have nothing to say. Durrr, if you teach someone that their worth is in applying makeup, doing their hair, and going to the gym, they’re less likely to value their intelligence. But I also get the feeling that what he really wants is a submissive women who lets him do all the talking while she smiles and nods. He doesn’t actually want an intelligent woman, just someone who makes him feel intelligent.

    Regardless, any time I hear someone talk like this on a blog like he did about his wealth and looks and whatnot I always assume they’re referring to their Sim.

  53. Captain Bathrobe

    You know, I don’t give out my personal information on the internet for the same reason I don’t give strangers my wallet. I think it’s prudent,and it’s common sense. The fact the Paul has neither prudence nor common sense is nobody’s fault but his own. David is being kinder than Paul can imagine by deleting his information.

    I think his reason for demanding a meet-up is probably 1) he knows no one will take him up on it and 2) he imagines that, as unfuckable cat-women or effeminate men, we would undoubtedly present as such in a meet-up, thereby proving…whatever point he’s trying to make. Either way, boo-yah, he wins–which is really what it’s all about, amirite?

    Meanwhile, life goes on as before. Another day, another troll spouting the same tired old bullshit.

  54. Argenti Aertheri

    “The fact the Paul has neither prudence nor common sense is nobody’s fault but his own. David is being kinder than Paul can imagine by deleting his information.”

    Just for the record here, I had no trouble finding his address while trying to find other comments by him — I don’t think he understands internet security at all. As every geek knows, it isn’t the computer part of security that fails, it’s the human part — Paul is a PICNIC (problem in chair, not in computer)


    Oh, I understand internet security, I just have no fear of any of you.

    By the way,,, You should watch this:

    A woman exposes the entitlement mentality of feminists,,




    More of “I LOVE THIS WOMAN”!!!

  58. Argenti Aertheri

    “Oh, I understand internet security, I just have no fear of any of you.”

    Oh look who’s back, thanks for proving your a PICNIC…let me guess, you’re running vista? Or better yet, XP still?

  59. He doesn’t fear any of us. Nor anyone else who might read this.

    More proof the “fears” of the MRM are baseless.

    That, and more proof they don’t know what to be afraid of.

    If someone really wants to harm me, they can. All they need is enough information to find me. That’s why, when someone looks at my flicker stream, none of the photos I’ve ever taken within 200 metres of where I live, are located where I live.

    It’s why the most granular comments I make about location are the city I live in. The weakest link in that is my place of work, but if they have my name, there are ways to find that; and the only people really likely to want to harm me, are going to be able to find it.

    Then again, I don’t have a regular work schedule, so it’s back to professionals, and a pro is going to find me in any case; because there are public records, they know how to access.

    But he’s not afraid of us, because none of us are known professional killers.

  60. Argenti Aertheri

    I didn’t post the half of what was easily findable, since I was only looking for other comments to confirm/deny the consistency of his idiocy. He doesn’t need to fear us, but he should still probably fear the internets in general, who the fuck knows what kind of sick people are out there? (And Paul, if I’ve found the right Paul, your job will attract that type)

  61. To be fair Argenti… It looks as if that career is a bit moribund. He’s certainly got less than stellar taste (or perhaps skill) in poetry.

    But hey, he knows how to be rude on the internet, that’s gotta be worth something.

  62. The commentariat here are probably not a problem.

    You may wanna worry about fraudsters trying to pull some sort of identity theft scam, however, before you spew personal details all over the webotubes.

    Stay safe!

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