Return of the Sexy Robot Ladies, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Our glorious future

The sexy robot ladies are back! Not so much in real life, where they are still more scary than sexy, but in the fervid imagination of dudes who hate real ladies. Like Eric here, on The Spearhead:

When I first came to the MRM, there was a story in the news about a Japanese robotics engineer who had made a female android. It really wasn’t much more than a fairly realistic-looking doll; although there was quite a bit of discussion at the time for the potential to improve on the design. The main thing was that it’s invention caused a fury from the feminists. Even at that early stage in my MRA days, I could see the reason: for the first time women were looking the very real possibility that they could become expendable.

Well, “expendable” only if you view women as little more than support systems for their vaginas.

Personally, I’m more into foreign girls than virtual sex. But the same principle applies: as long as there are alternatives to feminists, the feminists are expendable. They don’t have the power to convert every woman on the planet; and even if they could they can’t stop men from building robots.

Please, build those robots, and lock yourselves away with them forever, and leave the rest of us alone.

Elsewhere in the same thread on The Spearhead we get some examples of why it’s a problem when Men Who Really Should Be Going Their Own way … don’t. A fellow calling himself Rmaxd apparently suggested that men who feel themselves to have been mistreated by the courts should: “Lynch a judge as you would any traitor or dictator.”

His comment was deleted, and heavily criticized — apparently for not being circumspect enough in his threatening language. After all, our dear friend JeremiahMRA got mostly upvotes on The Spearhead for a similarly threatening remark just the other day. And elsewhere in the very same thread as Rmaxd’s now-deleted comment we find a fellow called freebird suggesting that men who have allegedly suffered because of women should

share this pain with those inflicting it.
cue up “blood on the plow”

Meanwhile, again in the same thread, a commenter called walking in hell brings up the example of Thomas Ball, the MRA who self-immolated on the steps of a Keene, New Hampshire courthouse a year ago in hopes that his dramatic death would inspire other men to (quite literally) burn down police stations and courthouses using Molotov cocktails. (You can read Ball’s manifesto, complete with its call for MRA terrorism though without the specific instructions on how to make effective Molotov cocktails, on A Voice for Men, in its “activism” section; search the page for “burn” to go directly to his advocacy of terrorism.) Walking in hell also thinks family court judges should be “punished” for their alleged “crimes,” by which he means denying some fathers visitation.

[R]esponsibility for such heinous crimes against children can behold an individual to a special kind of punishment.

We see the nervous squirming by judges in the Australia case marked by the judge issuing an apology. We also see nervous squirming in the UK with the evildoers trying to issue fake political gestures to angry people.

The evildoers must smell something besides fire and brimstone. The sooner they get to the fire and brimstone, the better off children and fathers will be.

Apparently this vaguely threatening language was vague enough to pass muster on The Spearhead; this comment got more than a dozen upvotes.

The sooner you fuckers build those sexbots you like to talk about so much, the better for all of us.



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  1. Like Pecunium pointed out, RealDolls are over100 pounds of dead weight. They’re not real easy to casually carry around.

    I think the only practical way to take one around on your daily errands would be to strap it in a wheelchair. So hey, there’s something else for Fallacy to get furious about potentially theoretically happening–what if all the wheelchair seats in a theater are filled with RealDolls?

    Oh nooooo! We’d better hate and ostracize doll owners harder to protect ourselves.

  2. Argenti Aertheri

    “So hey, there’s something else for Fallacy to get furious about potentially theoretically happening–what if all the wheelchair seats in a theater are filled with RealDolls?”

    Maybe we could use that as an “excuse” to put in more wheelchair seats? Unexpected good things could result!

  3. “This city needs more bus stops accessible for wheelch… I mean, for RealDoll chairs.

    If RealDoll owners who want to take their dolls everywhere really are hiding all over, this could lead to big changes!

  4. The question is:
    If it should be socially acceptable for men to take their RealDolls out in public, should women also be permitted and not socially sanctioned for walking the streets carrying their dildoes?

    Bonus question: If a women takes her dildo to the theatre and buys it it’s own ticket, would you have a problem with the dildo sitting on a seat by itself? If not, why not? If you are concerned by possible transmission of bodily fluids from the dildo onto the theatre seat, why aren’t you similarly concerned about the ass of the ReadDoll and what’s been left in it?

    Well I’m assuming the real doll is wearing clothes which are covering the sexual bits, have these women bringing their dildos around knit cozies for them?

    I mean, we’re comparing apples and oranges here. I could hump a stuffed bear and bring it out in public and nobody would associate that bear with being humped at home. You’re associating the real doll with sex because that’s how you would use it, but someone who is bringing it around is obviously bringing it around because they have more attachment to it than just sex, that being what makes it different than a dildo. If I go out with a significant other on a date, people could be thinking, “I bet they have sex sometimes.” Do you think people can’t handle that idea?

    And your assertion that we are not the norm is not exactly backed by facts. You’d be surprised what people think when you actually ask them questions in a non-accusatory way. If you preface the question with, “if you answer a certain way I’m going to call you a freak,” odds are people are going to shy away from answering honestly. For all you know, the majority of people might not be phased by real dolls out and about at all.

    Lastly, if someone wants to buy an extra seat in a theater, that’s their choice. I have bought concert tickets and people backed out last minute and that ticket went unused due to scalping being illegal. I’d say that’s more a crime than people who have an attachment to an object wanting to buy a ticket and treat the object like a human. And I’m sure the theaters would be thrilled with it on a slow day.

    I have never seen those shows or heard of them. People either marry inanimate objects due to a mental health problem or for legal reasons completely unrelated to the concept of marriage e.g to save a building from demolition. In either case, what they are both engaging in is nothing but ceremony, it has diddly squat to do with the actual marital concept. It shouldn’t be allowed either, otherwise you’re just debasing the meaning of words and concepts to something other than what they are, resulting in a loss of authentic meaning.

    I think that Britney Spears marriage in vegas, the divorce rate, and people’s overall lax attitude about marriage EXCEPT WHEN IT’S GAY PEOPLE TRYING TO GET MARRIED OMFGG NOOOO, do way more to harm the institute of marriage than someone marrying a building. Are they forcing you to marry them? Then how does it affect you?

    The RealDoll might be wearing a dress and maybe the owner has another kink where he prefers she doesn’t wear panties in public and also he doesn’t wash her. It’s a public safety issue that doesn’t arise with male ReadDolls because they’d be wearing pants. RealmaleDolls don’t wear skirts. It’s unmanly

    Buuuuuut sometimes women don’t wear underwear either… are you trying to make that illegal?

    …do you know what people do on those seats already?! Do you get that bodily fluids dry fairly quickly? Do you ride the bus? (I mean seriously, avoid the wet seats in the back, that could be piss)

    This is why no street clothes sit on the couch or bed in my apartment. I shudder when I see people sprawled out in the clothes they just wore out on their beds. Ewww.

  5. You make people change before they sit on your couch?

  6. Hahaha I have company once in a blue moon so it’s really not an issue. I don’t make them change, but I have to kinda pretend like they didn’t sit there in dirty clothes to be ok with it after. I have weird germ issues. Me and my roommate both change immediately when we get home though. I always wore pjs around the house but I picked up the not sitting there in unclean clothes as a rule and a reason to be grossed out from him though.

  7. ShadetheDruid

    That’s what gets me actually, the idea that someone could be so worried (well, if they weren’t a complete troll just making up reasons to be intolerant of something harmless to annoy us) about something that would be super unlikely to happen when there’s so many disgusting things that actual living people do every single day.

    Excuse me while I “worry” more about people who don’t wash their hands after they go to the toilet (worry in quotes because, while i’m not germ-phobic, it really annoys me when people don’t think about what just touched and what they might touch next.. washing your hands isn’t even hard, just do it! Rarrrrr!), and things like that.

  8. ShadetheDruid

    Oh good, I was waiting for the formatting to explode in my face, but it worked! Go italics!

  9. To go on a bit of a tangent here: So I’m on the autism spectrum and for whatever reason, maybe related to that, I don’t really have a sense of the Uncanny Valley. I also really like mannequins. Not in a sexual way, I just like them, particularly the ones with faces and hair. I know people can find them creepy because they just stand there with the same dead expression, but I actually find that comforting, because unlike real people, they aren’t constantly moving, changing expression, and trying to hold a conversation with me. They also probably appeal to me because I only see them when I’m shopping for clothes, which is always sensory overload unto a panic attack where I’m concerned.

    The point being, if I’m stressed in a mall, I like to stand by mannequins until I’m less freaked out. When I was a kid, I used to talk to them. Sometimes, I’ve held their hands, provided there isn’t anyone around to stare. Am I a threat to the children? After all, can kids really differentiate between a sex doll and a mannequin? Am I a dangerous sicko who needs to be stopped? And if not, then why not? Because there’s no risk that I’ll start fucking a mannequin in public? Well, what if I got really stressed and (gasp) hugged one? Think of the children! THE CHILDREN!

  10. CassandraSays

    @ lauralot

    I’ve heard the idea floated that a significant percentage of the men who’re into RealDolls are on the autism spectrum and prefer the dolls because they don’t trigger anxiety the way people do. Not sure how I feel about that – it feels like an attempt to use autism as an insult and call the guys weird, when some people say it. On the other hand, I’ve seen a couple of documentaries about guys with RealDolls and the ones who didn’t freak me out did read like they were probably on the spectrum, whereas the guys who owned dolls and didn’t seem like they were autistic just read as being too sexist to deal with actual women. Which is part of why trollfallacy’s arguments are so pointless – I think there are at least 2 different groups of men who own those dolls, and that their motivations for doing so are probably quite different.

  11. Those documentaries sound really interesting. Do you remember their names?

  12. CassandraSays

    Here’s one from the BBC – I think YouTube has all of it if you look, this is the first part.

    I’ve seen one of the guys (DaveCat) in another one, but can’t remember the name of it.

  13. I found the TLC show that covered a man who considers his real doll his life. Amazingly for a TLC program, they handled the subject matter with far less sensationalism and more open-mindedness than Trolly McTroll here.

    Watching that footage just reinforced my belief that I really don’t care what people do with their dolls as long as they aren’t fucking in public or trying to force other people into their interests ( a la Meller telling us women should be more like his Madame Alexander dolls). I do find it interesting that he mentioned originally being interested in store mannequins – if I weren’t asexual, I wonder if I’d have developed similar interests, considering my own feelings toward mannequins.

    I don’t think I’m about to become interested in mannequin sex, though. The last time I saw a depiction of doll relationships in fiction, I found it pretty squicky, and usually I’m not repulsed by sex. Granted, though, that depiction came straight the hell out of nowhere in a superhero comic book, and the mannequin was dressed up as Batman for no adequately explored reason, so I don’t think that was the best introduction to the subject matter.

  14. CassandraSays

    The thing about trollgirl’s babble is…OK, so she finds it weird that people want to fuck dolls. I find it a bit weird too. But so what? They’re not hurting anyone except possibly themselves, and even that’s arguable. Even if we knew for a fact that they were hurting themselves, people are allowed to do that as long as they don’t hurt other people in the process. If we’re going to start banning everything that might potentially allow people to hurt themselves, increase their own social isolation, etc, then that would be a pretty long list, and would end up banning a lot of stuff that some other people can indulge in with no negative effects at all.

  15. This is why no street clothes sit on the couch or bed in my apartment. I shudder when I see people sprawled out in the clothes they just wore out on their beds. Ewww.

    I just figure there’s a certain background level of bacteria you just live with when you live in a city, and your immune system pretty much takes care of it. I don’t lick the subway seats or anything, but I don’t worry about secondhand contamination. I’m going to get exposed to strangers’ germs and I’m most likely going to be perfectly healthy anyway.

  16. Isn’t there something about how being exposed to germs actually makes you healthier because it gives your immune system more practice or something? [/vague recollections of health headlines]

  17. Yes, Ozy. Exposure helps boost your immunity. It’s also why the current craze for anti-bacterial everything isn’t such a hot idea.

  18. Plus the fact that things that kill “99.9% of germs” are whittling the population down to the top 0.1% most antibacterial-resistant.

  19. and soap does better; because it’s method (breaking the membrane) is one that they can’t adapt against (the membrane would have to get too thick to work for a single celled organism).

  20. Well the documentaries you have provided have backed up everything I have foretold. Davecat’s last words were that he wished he could take her out of the house because she’s couped up inside all the time (second doc). In the first it is clear that he is having conflict with his father all the time about the doll in his place of residence. Why these men don’t just visit brothels or hire escorts is unclear. I remain firm in my convictions that this is a perversion I do not wish to be coming across in my practice, because I will not indulge the fantasy and would be doing some serious object-relations repair work with these people. Of course, they wouldn’t want to do the hard yards anyway, much easier to just to drop 4k and fuck a plastic hole. Don’t worry, I will decline all such referrals as I’m ethical like that.

  21. More like you lack the professsional qualifications to handle it Fallocy. Like being able to set your own feelings aside, or compassion.

  22. @Fah Lo Suee

    Davecat’s last words were that he wished he could take her out of the house because she’s couped up inside all the time (second doc). In the first it is clear that he is having conflict with his father all the time about the doll in his place of residence.

    Yes, and I’m guessing the problem here is that either they’re to unwieldy to get out of the house OR it’s because judgemental fucks like you keep giving them the stink eye or worse. If they weren’t treated like freaks by other people, there wouldn’t be a problem.

  23. ShadetheDruid

    Seems like a recurring theme for Fallacy that it’s the person’s fault for having a harmless fetish than the fault of the people who judge them. And yes, it is harmless, any harm that comes from it is purely on the part of the people being judgemental and treating them as some sort of weird alien, not the person themself.

    If Fallacy really is a professional, I feel sorry for their patients.

  24. ShadetheDruid

    Damnit Myoo!😛

  25. They want to *gasp* leave the house with a doll! The horror! Someone get my salts, I do believe I have the vapors!

    So remember, kids, never leave the house ever if you are in any way “abnormal.” You are probably as dangerous as a suicide bomber, and even if you aren’t, you might inspire someone else to go crazy. Just stay inside and fuck your jackets with the doors locked and the shade down.

    Hey, Fallacy, you never told me if I’m a dangerous monster or not. I must know! I was thinking of leaving the house today.

  26. True story, sometimes I actually do feel like I shouldn’t leave the house because of my abnormality! It’s sure nice to have that confirmed for me. Next time I’m all “but I really need groceries…” I’ll remind myself: nobody deserves to have my weirdness inflicted on them. I can just live off of delivery pizza.

  27. Telling me I’m a shit professional and then asking my advice.
    It’s like I’ve never even left my consulting room….
    No matter where you go, everyone is mad.

  28. You do know the people asking for advice are mocking you, right?

    Or is that just me? Shit, maybe I’m too abnormal to communicate properly online!

  29. and Fail-to-see can’t see when she is being mocked. Must make for some great therapy sessions, when the patient is treated as if all metaphoric, or stylistic language is meant at face value.

    Then again, Fail-to-see has Rick “box-turtle” Santorum’s level of understanding of human sexuality, so perhaps this isn’t much of a surprise. She’s probably be popular in the “Train ’em to be straight” circles. After all, if they were smart enough to not look gay, no one would hate them, or try to kill them.

  30. …She’s trolling for teh lulz now, right? There’s no way she thought Lauralot was asking in earnest.

  31. She was trying (I think) to be clever. To counter-mock Lauralot by implying Lauralot was inconsistent.

    It’s completely in keeping with her general rhetorical flair, skill, and panache.

  32. Ozy: My understanding was that exposure to bacteria was mostly important for children, so their immune system can get primed, and that not doing so is linked to allergies.

    I may be wrong!

  33. Oi, Fallacy. I snuggle with and sometimes talk to my stuffed animals; I also collect My Little Pony toys. Should I stay inside forever, or because I don’t have a boner for them it is okay?

  34. @Cassandrasays: I don’t think either that we should start banning everything that might hurt the agent zirself; TREAT, on the other hand, if the agent asks for treatment, is a different matter.

    I do think it’s probably often unhealthy to pretend that a dead object is a person. I think people do have social needs, and an agent might pretend an object is a person because these needs aren’t met (like zie’s terribly shy or socially awkward). And interacting with a dead object might be better than nothing in terms of meeting the agent’s social needs, but it’s probably much better still if zie could learn to interact with real individuals.

    The problem with Fah Lo Suee isn’t so much that she says these people have a problem, but the judgemental and blaming attitude which certainly would be counter-productive if a, er, doll-sexual (is that a word?) person came to her asking for help.

  35. I don’t think everyone has social needs dvar but I think most people do. There are hermits and monks and such who are perfectly okay with living on their own with no social interaction. I have social anxiety and while its true it prevents me from forming relationships I really don’t seek out people that much because I don’t need much social interaction. There are lots of people like this and they are called introverts…

  36. Jumbo: Um, as an introvert, I do have social needs, I just have fewer social needs than most people. But I’m still deeply unhappy if they’re not met.

  37. Not saying introverts don’t have social needs (most do) some don’t have any though.

  38. I do wonder how hermitty hermits actually get. Are there any entirely self-sufficient ones about? Do the other ones treasure the people who bring them food and suchlike every so often?

  39. I’m one of those introverts with very low needs in social interaction. But then, I score on the extreme end of that scale. Most folks are closer to the midway point.

  40. There are truly hermity hermits out there. Some have people to stop by a couple times a year. And if they were truly alone, how would you know.

  41. May not be clear: that was me saying “Oh, hey, bit of knowledge I do not know!”

  42. The worst part is I can almost believe Fallacy is a real therapist. A therapist who secretly resents her clients and thinks of them as “crazy” and figures her job is to make them “normal” and they’re hopeless jerks if they don’t normal up for her.

    God knows there’s enough of those out there.

  43. @Jumbofish: I should have written “most people”, there are always exceptions. But it seems to me that if you were completely fine on your own you wouldn’t really need to pretend there was another person around.

    @Cliff: You’re right, and that’s pretty scary. I also wrote somewhere higher up in the thread that she didn’t seem like a therapist, but perhaps it’s more accurate to say she doesn’t seem like a good one. There are all sorts out there.

  44. “No matter where you go, everyone is mad.”

    Please please be lying about your job.

  45. This will sound a bit weird, in a messed up sort of way, but thanks (:D) to the people talking about their introverted ways. I’m the same way, and sometimes I feel like i’m abnormal or doing things “wrong” by not being social.

    It makes me feel a little better about myself to read that people are perfectly happy like that (or have the possibility of being so, without forcing socialness to meet expectations). Even though I don’t know if I have the right balance of “social” and “non-social” to actually be 100% happy, but I won’t go into that because it would be super boring and no one wants to read that.

    Also, yay for tangents!😀

  46. I remain firm in my convictions that this is a perversion I do not wish to be coming across in my practice…

    Spend a lot of time worrying about hypothetical perverts showing up at your imaginary practice do ya? Really though, if you are telling the truth about your profession, then good. Keep right on thinking like that. The best possible thing someone like you can do for these people is not treat them.

  47. I will not indulge the fantasy and would be doing some serious object-relations repair work with these people

    I wonder if she knows that “object relations” doesn’t literally mean having relations with objects.

    …Sad thing is this still doesn’t rule out the possibility that she’s a real therapist.

  48. Ah, a psychiatrist who doesn’t want to see mentally ill people. I mean, seriously, what are all those mentally ill people doing getting mental health services? It’s like all those sick people who are always at the doctor’s office! Doesn’t it ever occur to them that doctors might want to see people who aren’t sick?

    (Also, duh, owning a Realdoll doesn’t make you mentally ill.)

  49. I do wonder how hermitty hermits actually get.

    It’s a great way to meet people.

  50. Going to a doctor doesn’t mean giving the doctor carte blanche to fix whatever they think is wrong with me. The same applies to therapy. If I go to a therapist to deal with my anxiety, and they spend all their time concentrating on whether I’m having normal anough sex, that therapist is doing it wrong.

    Any therapist that resents their patients for wanting treatment with the things that are hurting them, instead of wanting to be remade into the therapist’s vision of normality, is a shit therapist.

  51. Viola: Any therapist that resents their patients for wanting treatment with the things that are hurting them, instead of wanting to be remade into the therapist’s vision of normality, is a shit therapist.

    I think you have one word too many in that comment. 🙂

  52. Argenti Aertheri

    “In the first it is clear that he is having conflict with his father all the time about the doll in his place of residence.”

    You do know some parents are assholes, and some abusive assholes, right? Want to know what causes conflict with my father? Where to start…not waking up as early as he does, not doing chores the moment he says (and I mean “I ate ice cream, go wash my bowl, NOW!” here), food too hot, food too cold, food to slow, food ready during his show…daring to mention how he’s drunk…daring to question him on anything really…

    My last conflict with this lovely piece of humanity? He insisted on picking what I could have for Thanksgiving dinner, to the point his father pointed out that I’m an adult these days, he thinks I can serve myself and pick my own food.

    But yeah, sure, conflict with parents must be the kid’s fault…please tell me you are not actually like this in clinical practice? Seriously, you do call CPS as needed and not tell the abused to just be more normal right?

    “Telling me I’m a shit professional and then asking my advice.”

    We weren’t asking your advice…

    “No matter where you go, everyone is mad.”

    Ever stop to consider maybe it isn’t them but you? I mean…a firmly held belief in contradiction to all evidence…*shrugs* just noting that…

  53. Imagine if someone with a RealDoll did go to Fallacy’s hopefully fictional practice.

    She’d start shrieking about perversion, throw things until the poor bastard ran away, and then spray down every surface with Lysol. Because she’s a professional.

  54. Argenti Aertheri

    “Of course, they wouldn’t want to do the hard yards anyway, much easier to just drop 4k and fuck a plastic hole.”

    …um wait, how much do you think is spent annually on mental health per person? Math time!

    Using US data, start with CDC data — we’re using 2009 as it’s the last year available.

    Page 435 (table 147) — “Medicaid beneficiaries and payments, by type of service…Payments per beneficiary…Mental health facility…22,172”

    But yeah, that 4k RealDoll is such a waste of money…(and that’s just medicaid because their data was damned easy to find)

  55. Argenti: And of course everyone has the money to drop 6K in a lump (6K being the present baseline model cost, per the Real Doll Website).

  56. Argenti Aertheri

    Oh and they appear to be 6k btw, and goddamned are these thing life like…and weigh 65-80lbs it looks like, so really not that impossible to cart around either. (And yes, they have RealMaleDolls too, and amazingly, they also start at 6k…I am now done researching RealDolls😄 )

  57. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium, we were both checking that apparently, lol!

  58. @Lauralot

    The important thing, though, is that she wouldn’t be cruel enough to let dude think that there’s nothing wrong with him. That’s what seperates her from bastards like us!

  59. CassandraSays

    You know, a therapist is certainly free to refuse to see any particular patient because they don’t think they can handle that patient’s needs (in this case it is good etiquette to refer them to an appropriate colleague). However, a therapist who’s responding to patients they don’t want to treat by shrieking NO, YOU’RE WEIRD, GO AWAY, I DO NOT DEAL WITH THE LIKES OF YOU is being almost comically unprofessional, and should probably find a new job.

    (Not that I believe this person is a therapist, but in theory.)

  60. Argenti: from the FAQ, it looks more like 100-125, since the shipping weight is ca. 200 lbs. I find a 120 lb. shipping crate a bit unlikely.

  61. ShadetheDruid

    O.O These things weigh more than I do.

  62. Argenti Aertheri

    Pecunium — I was going off what they say the dolls weigh, except I hadn’t yet found the specs for the original line (NSFW but specs) — I have no idea how an 80-115 lb doll requires a 200 lb box though.

    Cassandra — “…shrieking NO, YOU’RE WEIRD, GO AWAY, I DO NOT DEAL WITH THE LIKES OF YOU is being almost comically unprofessional…” — comically unprofessional or actually harmful, the latter is what worries me (if Fah Lo Suee isn’t lying that is).

  63. Hell, they weigh about what I do.

    I, however, am animate, which means I can be stood up outside the bathroom when my partner needs to use it.

  64. Argenti: Ah… I’d not found that. The box then, is about 100 lbs. Oy.

  65. Argenti Aertheri

    Ok I’m bored, bored enough to have just run the math on those heights and weights. Assuming they’re intentionally those weights and it isn’t a byproduct of production, the average BMI on them is a mere 16.4 — they aren’t just thin, they’re dangerous thin. So great, even RealDolls can’t manage to remotely represent real women (I’m not particularly surprised or anything, just had to note that). A couple are as low as 14.7, which is just absurdly unrealistically small (exactly 2 make it into the normal range, 3 and 10, D and DD respectively >.<).

  66. I think they make them small to save material; the website actually says they’ve gotten requests for plus-size dolls but not made them because they’d be harder and more expensive to produce.

  67. CassandraSays

    I think the dolls are lighter than people because of the materials they’re made of more than a desire to make them super thin (they don’t look super thin to me, in fact they look less thin than most models). Also I think part of the reason they tend to be small overall is that less weight = easier for one person to move around by himself.

  68. I think the structural elements are less dense than bone. They say they can’t make really curvy dolls because the silicone won’t take the strain.

    I’d also guess (as Cassandra Says), that being able to manipulate them is the overiding factor.

    BMI is a null-factor, BTW, mine isn’t 16.4, but it’s low enough that I get people who tell me I need to gain weight. It’s a pain in the ass, because fighting with them about my being healthy isn’t how I like to spend my time.

  69. Speaking from experience in moving live people who were unable to move themselves…limp bodies are not easy to pick up or move significantly. Even men have some difficulty with it.

    Do they send the dolls out with accessories? And if the crates are wood, that would account for the packaging weights.

  70. Argenti Aertheri

    Cliff — yeah I kind of figured it was at least partly a byproduct of them being silicone. Somehow I doubt anyone paying 6k+ for a sex doll is going to care about the extra cost of a plus-size doll, but idfk, maybe they get expensive fast or something (eg 3x costing 3x would be a nearly 20k doll O.O! )

    Cassandra — they aren’t quite model small, no, ignoring the weight and just looking at the bust-waist-hips measurements they’re definitely not the half-starved model sizes — they’re proportioned more like petite women with large breasts. Which is a start I guess, real women could have their measurements, if not their weight (and yeah, there are probably good reasons for that).

    Like I said, it was bored-math😄

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