The Lighter Side of Tom Martin (the repulsive British MRA)

Not Tom Martin

The other day we took a look at some of the more reprehensible opinions of Tom Martin, one of the UK’s most prominent Men’s Rights Activists and a man who evidently believes that child prostitutes are taking the easy way out to avoid having to get real jobs. He returned with even worse stuff, which I highlighted in my previous post.

Happily for all of us, not all of Martin’s views are this reprehensible. Many are merely ridiculous. So, today, let’s look at the Lighter Side of Tom Martin, as evidenced by some of his recent comments here on Man Boobz.

Martin apparently spent last Sunday working on a video project which involved him buttonholing passers-by on the streets of London and asking them questions in order to “prove” his various crackpot theories about gender. Here’s how he explained one aspect of his video research:

After shooting my video experiment tomorrow to discover who is more sexist on the street, women or women, I will be shooting another short, investigating if there is a correlation between unfunny women and prostitution ethic. I believe women could be as funny as men on average if they tried, but instead, invest in whoring strategies. I have a reliable street experiment to investigate this hypothesis also  …

If I can establish that women can be as funny as men (in a zero prostitution environment), then this video experiment will be released in a news piece, and used as a springboard to pre-sell the feature-length documentary it will form a part of, on a related topic.

Good luck with that!

Martin also took on the contentious (to him) subject of male baldness, a topic of intense interest to him, due to certain factors with regard to gender and misandry … er, long story short, he’s  bald. Sorry, balding.

After one commenter here suggested that Martin’s ambition was to become a sort of “Ann Coulter … with less hair and more swearing,” he took umbrage – not at the comparison to Coulter but at the bit about hair.

Well Cassandra, there are five new baldness treatments in the pipeline, but no drugs for treating a receding personality, so what are you going to do?

In a followup comment, the man whose favorite word in the English language is “whore,” used as an insult, declared we were being a bunch of evil meanies for even mentioning the whole (lack of) hair thing:

Cassandra, thanks to your receding personality (for which there is already a cure – renunciation therapy), I have decided for my filmed experiment tomorrow to also measure the degree to which each sex is prepared to make physical insults about the other sex.

Even if you specifically were fat for instance, and it was all your own fault because you refuse to get a job, I would never mention it in a debate with you. I debated an obese woman once. She ordered a pizza whilst we were still on stage, but I did not refer to it at the time, because of the most basic standards of decorum.

This I believe was an attempt at a joke.

How many manboobzers are prepared now to concur that Cassandra was being a douche by picking on an involuntary physiological characteristic of a debating opponent? And then encouraging others to do the same?

Of course, in Martin’s mind, mocking women as fat whores  is totally cool, because:

Fatness is a choice, ladies, and so is being a whore. Going bald (currently) is not, due to poor efficacy of available treatments, including transplants. That will change, if Aderans, Histogen, Replicel, Allergen and Tsuji-Lab among others have anything to do with it. All you need to do in the meantime is shut the fuck up until they sort it out. The apparent acceptability of attacking the bald though, is a great example of the lack of equality men have. People do not generally attack or humiliate women who are going bald – but when it’s a man…

Uh, yeah, that’s why virtually every bald or balding woman wears a hat or a wig, while bald or balding men just comb it over or shave it all off.

Evidently Martin feels that even a mention of his lack of hair is some kind of hate crime. Here, prominent Bald Rights Activist Larry David tries to convince authorities to investigate a similar hate crime against him.

Note to Martin: Larry David’s show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is fictional.

(Note: Tom Martin has confirmed that this is indeed him posting comments here on Man Boobz by sending an email from the account associated with his website Also, he’s retweeted quotes from his comments here. Contact him via his web site if you are skeptical.)

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Steele: No, that’s not what we consider oppression.

    Did you notice that I can afford to do that because I have an independent income? I am, in effect, being paid to do it.

    If I hadn’t earned a pension, I’d be working 40 (or more) hours a week (and your life would be easier, because I’d probably not have the time to play with you).

    What we call oppression is the idea that what a housekeeping partner does is (to quote Tom Martin) “economically inactive”.

    If you want that oppression… nothing, but nothing is stopping you, all you have to do is what I did… spend twenty years in the army. You might be able to do better than I did, since I am not getting the entire pension; I am getting 80 percent of it, since I was retired out with an 80 percent disability; at 16 years.

    Then again, you’d need some self-discipline; the ability to assess yourself for mistakes/failure, and the ability to cope with stress, treat women as equals (and superiors), and generally face the world as it is.

    So you have a couple of handicaps.

    But the easy life is yours for the taking; put in twenty years of hard work (or 16, if you can manage the good luck to get a massive disability rating).

    Go for it. I’ll even write a letter of rec to your accession board (I assume that you will use your degree to apply to OCS, rather than bear the ignominy of being an enlisted soldier).

  2. captainbathrobe

    To quote Jack Palance, Steele, Pecunium craps bigger than you.

  3. Well, you have to be under 28 to go to OCS now. Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Buttpole was older than that.

  4. Argenti Aertheri

    “Is what feminists and manginas consider “oppression”.”

    Today in “obvious facts are obvious” we have a failure to grasp that choosing something, and having no choice but that thing, are not the same thing!

    I just finished an ice cream cone, but being either unable to eat ice cream, or only able to eat ice cream, would be quite annoying, and if legally sanctioned, oppressive (for irony? my lactose intolerant self should heed “unable to eat ice cream”, but the regret is so worth it)

    “or 16, if you can manage the good luck to get a massive disability rating”

    Ok I get your point here, but I still have to go o.O? at that (then again, not like I wouldn’t consider being done with fighting SSI as good luck…)

  5. As far as I can see, Buttpole consistently misinterprets nearly everything he reads. Whether committing fallacies or failing to understand jokes, he really is a complete failure at communicating. I can only imagine the hell his English teachers had to endure trying to teach him.

  6. Argenti: Yeah, I was being bitter,and sardonic. I am, for some values of lucky, lucky in my disability.

    It’s invisible. If I’m lucky it won’t cripple me, and it won’t kill me. If I’m not lucky I’ll end up a bent in several different directions, it will (again) hurt to walk, breath, sleep, etc., and I’ll, once again, shamble along at about 50 meters a minute; best pace.

    Or… I’ll just have a sudden heart attack, and wake up dead.

    So (as with so many things one can do nothing about), I, basically, ignore it, save to mock it.

  7. Argenti Aertheri

    “Yeah, I was being bitter,and sardonic.”

    I appear to only have very dark humor for replies currently, and will thus refrain. (I am well acquainted with “I, basically, ignore it, save to mock it.” but this is perhaps not the place for that.)

  8. Steele: No, we don’t consider THAT oppression.

    Oppression is when women were not given the chance at education, or working in anything beyond limited jobs (and often being fired when they got married or pregnant), and having CHOICES beyond housewifery. I remember when jobs wanted columns were men and women; my mother was one of the first to get a credit card in HER OWN name (my grandmother always voted because she remembered not being able to vote).

    THAT was oppression–and to the extent some of that still exists (things have changed), it’s still oppression based on the chance to have choices, not be forced into a single role.

    And more women working today isn’t even because FEMINISTS–but because ECONOMY (controlled by male dominated institutions)–the changes in the last few decades meant that anything resembling a middle class in the US was maintained only because of two-income households.

    If you want to be a househusband, find a woman who is making enough to support the family (I have a number of friends in English who are professors who are the primary wage-earners–their husbands tend to be artists or musicians, and who are the home and child primary care people). I have a cousin whose wife is high level executive at a corporation–and he takes care of the house and children (and it’s an important and tasking job).

    YOu want it, go for it–YOU HAVE THAT CHOICE (though some of my friends’ husbands are ‘teased’ a lot by men who get very nervous at the idea of a woman making more money than they do).

    Short version: it’s not the specific job, it’s the CHOICES AVAILABLE TO MEN AND WOMEN.

    Can you grasp that?

  9. Steele, you’re as efficient in your language as Mojo Jojo.

  10. Oh — cartoon violence and shenanigans.

  11. Here’s an MRA who is also a stay at home dad. Don’t worry, that hasn’t stopped him from hating on women.

  12. @Ithiliana

    Some men really come unhinged at the thought of their wives making more money. I know a young couple where the woman makes three times as much (he is in the Army) and it causes them a lot of tension. It’s a shame.

  13. Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Buttpole was older than that.

    personally, im shocked that he’s older than 17

  14. Oh, can I play Martin’s game? We should make old men do all the dangerous jobs, like cleaning radioactive places, because in average they don’t live as long as women so by the time they get cancer they will be long dead of old age! And since 80 yo men rarely father anyway, no real risk of passing it to the next generation! (maybe because they’re not as fertile as they were at 25, or maybe because they don’t have sex with 25 yo women, and in general because who want kids at that age?)
    Since men are supposeddly so much stronger than us, it makes sense, no?

  15. No.

    When push comes to shove – old women should be sent into danger’s way, because we already have a surplus of them.

    If and when there are equal numbers of men and women in their 70s and beyond, then we’re nearer equality, and send both sexes, but until then, it is women who have had the privileged lives, and have no chance of reproducing – so it is they ion bus-loads, who should be sent to
    the front lines.

    The other benefit, is that it keeps women interested in politics throughout their lives, as well as pacifism, as well as environmentalism, because they will want to reduce the risk of dying or becoming contaminated during there 12 months National Service at say age 70 – the only argument against it, is that grannies are too weak or nice to send – all the more reason to stop disregarding the niceness of grand dads, encourage them to do more grand parenting, and encourage old women to stay fit and strong, for their National Service and beyond.

    Old men are much more likely to kill themselves than old women, and it is partly due to poor contact with family or friends – we should be encouraging men to stay more involved with their grand children and communities – and encouraging old women to watch a few less soap operas on TV, and keep up with current affairs – because they’ll all be on call at the sharp end when they do their duty at last.

  16. Some men really come unhinged at the thought of their wives making more money. I know a young couple where the woman makes three times as much (he is in the Army) and it causes them a lot of tension. It’s a shame.

    …and it shows the damage that arises from people clinging to “traditional” roles.

    My wife earns at least three times as much as I do, and that’s fine by me. After years of trial and error, we worked out that I’m better at daily childcare than she is (I’m much less easily wound up), and I can also freelance from home in a way that she can’t. So we simply swapped roles, and have never been happier.

    But the crucial ingredient that makes it work is that we actually sit down and talk about this. Regularly.

  17. @Fembot; Oh, yes, studies have shown that most men do not handle their wives making more money than them–I can probably dig up linkz if anybody wishes them.

    And I imagine Steele would do worse than many–in fact, I would bet a million dollars he’d never be able to do it. But since he was ranting about wanting some of Pecunium’s “oppression,” I thought wtf, let’s call him on it.

    In one case where my friend is the primary wage-earner, there has been some tension recently only because he has not been able to build his career as he’d hoped, living in the rural area we do, and since he followed his wife, etc.

    However, he’s far outnumbered by the women I know who followed their husbands’ around for the guys’ careers and could never build their own–it’s back to that, nobody can have everything they want in life.

  18. In one case where my friend is the primary wage-earner, there has been some tension recently only because he has not been able to build his career as he’d hoped, living in the rural area we do, and since he followed his wife, etc.

    The moment we had kids was the moment that my life no longer became my own to control. I’ve had to say no to countless things over the last few years, including several writing commissions that included an all-expenses-paid trip abroad. But my wife had to put her career on hold for several years, so I reckon I got the easier part of the deal.

  19. Hey Steele, you know how sometimes someone who identifies with your group says something you think is awful, reprehensible, and embarrassing? Man, how you wish that person wasn’t part of your group.

    Your first impulse is obviously to cry “False flag! False flag!” and deny that the person is part of your group. That only leads to the True Scotsman.

    Here’s how to do it right. [ALERT discussion of rape, rape fantasies, men “conquering” women in bed, and slavery for garnish]. Call out the person for their egregious statements. Tell them they’re doing it wrong. Wonder what’s wrong with them, maybe, if you can do it without also attacking everyone everywhere who isn’t neurotypical. Deny that their statements reflect the general thinking of your group (it really helps if you have some actual thinking that your group does that isn’t, generally speaking, horrifyingly egregious. You may have to put in some effort on that. Groups generally do.)

    But DON’T deny they are who they say they are, or claim they’ve been paid off by your enemies.

  20. @Wetherby

    Good for you. It sounds like you guys have a good thing going.

    I actually took a two year leave of absence from my job while my husband serves out his contract in the Army. I haven’t been able to find a new job, and as a result he is the breadwinner. But when we move back home, I’ll go back to work, and it will be my turn to earn money. We are both fine with that because, you know, communication.

  21. Falconer wins this deep red, silk thread.

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