Tom Martin, UK MRA: Child prostitutes should be prosecuted for “preying” on pedophiles

[Trigger Warning: Child rape]

Tom Martin is doubling down on his own reprehensibleness. You may recall the utterly repellant things the prominent British Men’s Rights Activist – he’s the guy who sued the London School for Economics for “misandry” and got his case thrown out – has been saying in the comments here about child prostitutes, and which I highlighted in a recent post.

Now he has returned with some even worse comments. Here’s his “solution” to the problem of child prostitution. (Emphasis mine.)

Pedophiles should be removed from society and given compassionate treatment for their illness.

Child prostitutes should be put back in school, or if repeat offenders, prosecuted for attempting to profit by preying on the mentally ill pedo population.

Pedos have an incentive not to re-offend – to keep their liberty, and avoid a secure treatment unit.

Child prostitutes should face a choice between their freedom (apart from when at school), or, if they continue avoiding school to go whoring, then incarceration and school.

In another comment, Martin suggests that child prostitutes are economic free agents just maximizing their profit potential:

The child prostitutes say they’re not victims.

And the fact they take money off a punter for sex, says it’s not really rape.

Pimps are not controllers, they are in truth merely agents for the prostitute, so don’t blame them exclusively either.

I’m calling manboobzers human whores. A trait shared with animals, but one humans have the cognitive powers, awaredness, and choice to transcend.

If your 10 year old doesn’t know what a whore is, but is one, then something’s wrong with that kid’s education. Perhaps they’ve been reading manboobz articles and taking Cuntrelle literally in between poundings.

Tom Martin: Worst person in the world?

(Note: Tom Martin has confirmed that this is indeed him posting comments here on Man Boobz by sending an email from the account associated with his website Also, he’s retweeted quotes from his comments here. Contact him via his web site if you are skeptical.)

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. RE: CassandraSays

    Screw nine. I knew someone with precocious puberty. Age of six, I think. My ma had a similar issue.

    Anyone who thinks puberty = ability to consent obviously hasn’t thought very hard.

    Also… WTF fertility? That’s bollocks. If it was all about fertility, there’d be no gay people. There’d be no kinks for latex. People would be unable to have sex, because contraception would be such a buzzkill.

  2. Tom Martin is NOT an MRA. David is lying here. Notice how he didnt show anywhere that Tom Martin called himself an MRA. Tom Martin is a feminist, he identifies as a feminist.

  3. Calling for the arrest of prostituted children is “feminist”? Making apology for men who prey on children is “feminist”? Letting pimps off the hook is “feminist”? Calling a man a cunt (or anyone else for that matter) is “feminist”?

    Wow, PC4, you have a bizarre idea of what feminism entails.

  4. kittehserf MOD

    LOL LOL a Tom Martin fanboy necros a thread to talk shit?

    Yeah, right, sonny. Tell you what, go ask Tommy boy what happened to his famous video project.

  5. Actually he may not be a MRA, as in Paul Elam tier MRA. He is what we call an “equalist” or “egalitarian”, a guy who thinks that in any given oppressive or abusive situation both sides are equally at fault. When it’s not the case (and it’s nearly always the case), the equalist insists that people must pretend that both sides are to blame, in order to avoid hurting the oppressor’s feelings. The logic behind Martin’s brainfart is that of a tumblr egalitarian.

  6. Oh … My … Dear … God … This guy is so out of his mind. It scares me that people harbouring such sick views are walking the earth.
    I would Want to See what *choice* Tom would make when he would be one of these starving taiwanese street children … Yeah go on! Comfort that poor seduced pedo who needs Therapy (or at least childsex for free) and throw that EVIL 10 year old into jail for seducing and taking Money from this poor pedo sap. Let the prison guards rape her to death and rule it as suicide /homicide. Thank you Tom for Teaching us to hate men like you!

  7. check out his twitter. been goin to town on the poor lil guy. it’s pretty hilarious fucking with him. he prides himself on not knowing anything lol

    also re: ytsuken

    That’s not what egalitarian actually means. Feminism is egalitarian. People who think the dictionary is a good source for understanding complex concepts have misconstrued what egalitarianism actually means. It’s pretty annoying to watch ignorant bigots destroy the language:\

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