“This is female privilege” is comedy gold! [UPDATED with links]

This doesn’t ever actually happen.

My new favorite terrible Tumblr blog is this is female privilege, a blog that posts user-submitted examples of, well, female privilege. It’s a pretty MRA-adjacent idea for a blog, seemingly designed to be appreciated only by those who can use the word “misandry” without giggling. The woman who runs the blog seems to be fairly MRA-adjacent type herself; she recently responded to one critic with a sarcastic “Wow waahhhh it’s so hard to be a woman wahhhh!” (Literally; that’s an exact quote.)

So it’s hardly surprising that many of the posts seem to have been cut and pasted straight from the Men’s Rights subreddit – at least figuratively, if not literally. (Click on the pics to see the posts in context at this is female privilege.)

But a lot of the alleged privileges are a bit, well, odder than that. The blogger says she posts everything she gets, so either a lot of people have pretty cockeyed notions of just what privileges are, or some feminists are trolling her blog by sending along the dumbest non-privileges they can think of to make the blog even more ridiculous than it already is.

Some suggest that biological differences are “privileges.”

Some of the so-called “privileges” are the results of traditional gender roles that box both men and women in:

Dude, if you want to shave your body hair, shave your fucking body hair. There are lots of guys who shave or wax.

Some are comically delusional:

Chance this last one was submitted by a guy: 110%.

Some are just kind of whiny.

You know, there’s an easy solution to this: wait for a fucking stall, like women do.

Some are kind of weird:

And some are just, well, beyond hope:

Seriously, if you see these things as female privilege, you really, really shouldn’t be talking about privilege in public on the internet. You’re just making a fool of yourself.

The one redeeming thing about the blog: people argue back in the “notes.”

EDIT: Another redeeming thing: It’s inspired the response blog Actually This is Male Privilege.

EDIT 2: Amanda Marcotte riffs on the one about women having the wonderful privilege of sex any time they want!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @CassandraSays,

    Perhaps he is eying him as competition for this year’s Troll of the Year Award.

  2. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

    I think this may be Steelepole’s problem – he’s latched onto the MRM as a way of making friends. Bad call. It’s like going into that one pub in town where the bitter angry loners gather to drink silently because you want to use the jukebox.

  3. Now that ‘Your Baby Can Read’ went belly up, we should start a new company for MRAs, I’ll call it ‘You Can Read, Dude.’

  4. You don’t know what a joke is, do you Steele?

    it’s hard to joke when everything is something to throw a tantrum about

  5. Come to think of it, you haven’t complimented me either, Steele. I’m beginning to have my doubts about men and their constant compliment-giving.

    Please make friends with NWO. You will have so much fun together.

  6. Excuse me? Why would I compliment you? I don’t know you. The feminists and manginas notwithstanding, I am under no obligation to compliment every vaginaed person who crosses my path. I will not be browbeaten by Boobzland; compliments are given to those who earn it, not handed out to the privileged gender.

  7. holy shit its like hes never heard of jokes before.

    he’s so fucking cute, but still, can we not keep him? i thought he had a super important project that made him too busy to freak out about a blog anymore, anyways.

  8. “vaginaed” ahahahaha

  9. Vaginaed😀

    Every once in a while, Torvus Butthorn justifies his presence here by providing some real entertainment. Vaginaed! That was worth reading all the other boring crap you posted today.

  10. Crumbelievable

    I like how you were concerned that Martin was making your movement look bad. Because using frat-boyish insults like “mangina” makes the MRM seem totally legitimate.

  11. Hey Steele, I noticed you have yet to call out all the racists in the MRM. What happened to all that high faluting equality and inclusivity talk you were talking oh so many comments (yet suspiciously few days) ago?

  12. Argenti Aertheri

    Vagina is a noun Steele, but hey, I’m bored, so I just bothered fixing it, you want “omnis qui vaginae habet” for “every person who has a vagina”.

    Note that I do not want to see vagina ending in -ae unless you are using the possessive form of the word (of course, English has that it’s/its issue, so idk why I think English has a sensible genitive case…and no, that is not a pun…)

  13. Holy shit, Steele, you are the most appallingly literal-minded, boring, unimaginative, humorless troll I’ve ever encountered in my entire life.

  14. Of course now I fear we’re in for an 800 comment long argument about how the word “troll” could not possibly be logically applied to the esteemed Torvus Butthorn-Varpole-Steele, and we’re all of us vile slanderous feminist manginas for believing so.

  15. Vaginaed?

    Vagina is pluralised as vaginae (unless you are actually using Latin, which you ain’t), so you are saying Shaennon has more than one vangina?

    English, you have problems with it.

  16. Argenti Aertheri

    “unless you are actually using Latin, which you ain’t”

    Plural nominative would still be -ae actually, English didn’t go an invent that (plural possessive would be vaginarum though😄 )

  17. Argenti Aertheri

    Lol, I can spell in Latin, but missed the d in and, nicely done!

  18. I have three vaginas, but one is just for weekends.

  19. I have three vaginas, also. One is my every day vagina. It’s kind of drab, and a bit stretched out. Then I have my prim and proper Sunday vagina that I wear to church. And my fancy diamond studded vagina that I wear to formal events and other special occasions.

    Okay, I don’t really go to church.

  20. I considered investing in one of those fancy, sexist dude pleasing vacuum-sealed vaginas, but then I figured, what’s the point when you only get to use it once?

  21. compliments are given to those who earn it, not handed out to the privileged gender.

    So not only are compliments supposed to make up for (and vastly surpass) biases in hiring and promotion, widespread throughout the working world, as well as the pay gap, slut shaming, doing the housework and child rearing in a relationship (Even when both participants work full time jobs), and a thousand other things, but you won’t even give them out.

    Man, that’s hilarious. But not as much as your flipping out over Shaenon’s joke at NWO’s expense. I guess not only is your ability to write destroyed by misandrist feminazis, but so is your sense of humor.

  22. I think, actually, Varpole and AntZ would be a better match. AntZ can talk about how everything adverse in his life was arranged by Futrelle and his Evil Feminist Minions, and Varpole can tell him about how Futrelle edits screenshots and alters comments to make people look bad, and tried to dox him by asking permission to post his IP address.

    Of course, then Varpole would “learn” that his teacher Mandrake the Magician was part of a time-travelling David Futrelle’s campaign to silence him.

  23. NWO:

    I’m neither a misogynist nor do I have a bad attitude towards women.

    This is the complete opposite of your *actual* worldview.


    NWOslave – Great post!

    This is why you are mocked. Not because we nazis hate your pee pee, but because you’re an idiot.


    [NWOSlave’s] posts that I have viewed seem cogent, reasonable and intelligent.

    This is the REAL reason you shouldn’t be writing. You’re not cogent reasonable or intelligent, but you think that you are. Your lack of self-awareness is sad.

  24. …he’s latched onto the MRM as a way of making friends. Bad call.

    This reminded me of an insightful comment that someone left at “The Atheist Experience”. It was in a post about the (not so) Amazing Atheist and his bizarre meltdown, which is sorta-relevant to the MRM anyway.😀

  25. And good ‘ol Tom Martin shows up in the thread! More relevant to the MRM than I previously thought…

  26. Although some of the points of female priivlege are pretty pathetic, I don’t see what makes them any more hilariously absurd than some of the points on more accepted privilege checklists. When I read The Invisible Knapsack I really thought she was scraping the barrel when “flesh coloured plasters” were part of your white privilege, and actually laughed out loud.

  27. Is that so? Because that really is a perfect example of white privilege, having your particular skin color be considered “flesh” colored instead of just calling it beige. But have fun laughing it up with all the other racist douchebags out there! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  28. “he’s latched onto the MRM as a way of making friends. Bad call. It’s like going into that one pub in town where the bitter angry loners gather to drink silently because you want to use the jukebox.”

    For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my battle brother eternal.- Warhammer 4000

  29. “Because that really is a perfect example of white privilege,”

    Well, I’ll agree with you on that, and yes I will have fun laughing it up with my fellow racist douchebags, we certainly have plenty of material. Cheers!

  30. Well, I’ll agree with you on that, and yes I will have fun laughing it up with my fellow racist douchebags, we certainly have plenty of material.

    thanks for giving us a really good example of how having privilege works, i guess!

  31. Sharculese,

    I think the last time I infested your pages with my awful racist filth, you took some umbrage at me saying that if leftists were consistent they’d point out how the average Jewish white outperforms the average regular white, but naturally they don’t because that would make them sound like Nazis. I mean, Jewish privilege?! What are you, a stormtrooper?!

    I don’t begrudge Jewish people their success, I just like popping people’s bubbles. I also like things that help show I’m right:


    Anyway, here’s a drink to all the wealthy, lovely privileged whites, and the even more privileged white Jews! I can’t afford the fine vintages they can, but I’ll honour them in my own humble way.

  32. Oh, look, it’s an HBD-er. Pthbb.

  33. Am I the only one tempted to go there and post even more ridiculous examples? This could be fun!

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