Greatest thing ever: Men’s Rights sites, with the graphics replaced by kitties!

Esteemed Man Boobz commenter Cloudiah has pointed me to a wondrous site called Meowbify, which takes ordinary web sites and replaces all their graphics with kitty gifs.

So as a service to you all I would like to bring you The Men’s Rights Movement, Meowbified.

Let’s start with A Voice for Men and its sister site

Alas, most of the bigger MRA sites are pretty light on graphics,  but here are a few that look pretty good Meowbified.

Bernard Chapin


MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way

And, in the interests of fair play, here’s Man Boobz, Meowbified.

For added entertainment, the links on all these Meowbified sites are also Meowbified.


About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I’m sure this is the best website altering app since i found the bronry one that lets me change all slur’s in to ladys/gents/eloquent person

  2. And, in the interests of fair play, here’s Man Boobz, Meowbified.

    Er, isn’t that redundant?😉

  3. Not exactly redundant, but it is the height of decadence.🙂

  4. Argenti Aertheri

    “Er, isn’t that redundant?”

    No, assuming it’s random and we aren’t all seeing the same thing, the donate link on mine is being replaced by a tiny kitten being bottle fed. And all of our icons in the recent comments sidebar? Cats…NWO is a kitty!

    So sure, it’s probably replaced cats with cats, but it’s also replaced idiocy with cats, eg —

    Here one commenter explains the “logic” behind the poster:

    Redundant, maybe; hilarious, definitely.

  5. Ha! meowbify is awesome! + the GIFs are hilarious

  6. I absolutely love that it paired this with “AVFM radio”:

    …and this with “JtO’s in-box”:

  7. A stroke of genius. I consider myself fortunate to have lived to see this.

  8. That’s a great thing.

  9. I’m sure this is the best website altering app since i found the bronry one that lets me change all slur’s in to ladys/gents/eloquent person

    Link please?

  10. CassandraSays

    Even the kitten rolling around at the top of the page is white. I wonder how many times “white” had to be mentioned on the page in order to make that happen?

  11. CassandraSays

    Also, black kitty looks sad. Big surprise there.

    (Meowbify is clearly the work of a genius.)

  12. CassandraSays

    Check out what “Lifetime Members” links directly to.

  13. @CassandraSays

    I think the gifs are random. I’ve got this little kitty, one of my favourite cat gifs of all time, up where the stormfront logo goes.

  14. CassandraSays

    Aw! The one I got was a cat aggressively punching a dog that was just standing there not doing anything in particular.

  15. Awesomeee! Actually, I think this is how I’m going to look at all websites from now on.

  16. I thought the cats would make it bearable. I stopped reading one sentence after “Let’s think about this logically.”

  17. Crumbelievable

    I guess the gifs change at random, but the one I saw for the “Fuck Their Shit Up” article was a cat repeatedly swatting at the camera. An absolutely perfect metaphor for Elam’s empty threats.

  18. Ooh! Can Meowbify handle YouTube clips? Because if so, I want to see kitties fighting to that cheesy “fuck your shit up” lite rock, um, anthem.

  19. It recently struck me that the reason that a lot of MRAs hate cats is that cats are exactly like what they imagine women to be like. They lie around the house not doing anything productive and get by on being soft and cuddly, even though they don’t really care one whit about you as long as you keep feeding them and scooping their poop. They don’t really understand things on a human level, but they’re cunning enough to endear themselves to humans. And MRAs have SEEN THROUGH THEIR MEOWS OF FALSEHOOD.

    (I was waiting for a cat-related post so I’d have an excuse to bring this up. As expected, it wasn’t a long wait.)

  20. Oh, also speaking of, the head of my Library Science grad program recently made a podcast of advice for the incoming students from current students. One of the pieces of advice was “Learn to talk about cats. If you don’t like cats, learn to pretend you do.” His comment was, “Pretty much–welcome to the library world.”

    I told a friend of mine I thought that meant I would fit in really well because it would probably be a field dominated by cat ladies, and his response was “Yeah, or 4channers.” Hmm…

  21. Of course, the people who think women are like cats tend to think men are like dogs. But dogs are even more of a hassle to care for because you have to take them for walks twice a day and actually pick up their poop with a plastic bag unlike cats where you can just dump the kitty litter in the garbage and leave them to hang out and sleep or whatever all day. Maybe they just don’t think the comparison through well enough.

  22. I think it’s fairly common for misogynists in general to think cats=female=icky, and not bother to break it down any further than that.

  23. CrazyLadyBlues

    The meowbified “Fuck their Shit Up” article shows me a sparkly kitty. It’s actually cheered me up considering it’s 7.15am & I’m off to work. 

  24. CassandraSays

    I occasionally get the urge to spam places where sexist dudes hang out with photos of men cuddling cats, just to confuse them. I can think of several rocker dudes who’re famous largely because so many women want to bang them who’re total cat guys, so it might be funny to watch the dudes get all “well he must be gay or a mangina then” about it.

  25. I’m not even a “cat person” and this is totally epic. Well, maybe I am the “lucky” person who adopted the one cat that doesn’t act like the adorably endearing cats on the internetz. Boo.

  26. creativewritingstudent

    Kitty kitty kitty kitty!

    Kitty, kitty! Kitty kitty!

    Kitty kitty awwwwwwwww kitty! Cute!

  27. Cloudiah you’re the best❤❤❤

  28. Now all we need is a browser that does that to every website, plus the thing fished mentioned and we’ll have a safe-ish web!

    Manboobz with cats is kind of confusing, it replace pictures of cats by other random cats. But the picture beneath “SCENTED CANDLES ARE MISANDRY” is a kitty massaging a pug, and that’s priceless.

  29. Check out what “Lifetime Members” links directly to.

    Cats are feminine, dogs are masculine, this cat is punching that dog for no reason, this is a safe image exploiting the themes of domestic violence in our country which ALWAYS ONLY AFFECTS MEN EVAR, and since this is the internet it’s a FEMINIST OVERLORD GYNOCRACY CONSPIRACY NEW WORLD ORDER MISANDRY MISANDRY MISANDRYYYYYYYY!!!!1!!

    Also, penguins are whores and little girls should take my boner as a compliment.


  30. At AVfM, I get the kitty at the top of this post over the headline “The value of male sexuality.” LOL FOREVER.

  31. It appears we’re nearing the feminist goal of all men are rapists. 1 in 5? 1 in 4? Not good enough. Now it’s 1 in 2. Listen to the woman speaking. Women never lie. Get your rape whistle. NOW!!!

  32. For “Activism” I got a tiny kitten meowing which I felt was quite appropriate.

  33. This post has been noticed:

    Some good suggestions for sites to meowbify in the comments.

  34. NWO, I don’t whether or not this statistic is correct but:
    1) this stat isn’t about rape alone, they say “physically or sexually abused”
    2) A% women abused doesn’t mean 100-A % male abusers, even counting only men on women abuse. Especially for rapist, IIRC, they’re very likely to recidivate.
    3) do you have the actual number, if you claim this one is false? Again, it’s for physical or sexual abuse, not just rape.

  35. thebewilderness

    Rush Limbaugh, the MRAs MRA, ‘splained how he approaches the learning curve.

  36. If I were to learn about women from my cats, this is what I would know:

    1) Women love greenies.
    2) Women love sunny spots.
    3) When women roll onto their backs and expose their bellies it likely means they want to attack your hand. Unless they’re in a sunny spot.

  37. Aw, he looks so handsome in his tux.

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