F*ck funnels, raw dogs, and garbage receptacles: Roosh on Romance

So, yeah, I’ve been reading some more Roosh.

Just a little FYI. It’s probably not a good idea to take dating advice from a dude who writes shit like this:

Your fuck funnel is the series of steps you take from the approach all the way to sex. Most girls will drop out as they go through your funnel by losing interest, declaring they have a boyfriend, flaking out, throwing up, or a multitude of other reasons that prevent sex. This means that for ever one girl you fuck, you have to approach a lot of girls. This is the basic law of averages, where no man fucks every girl he interacts with (even serial rapists have a failure rate).

Or this:

The best sex I’ve had was from mediocre girls who let me treat their bodies like garbage receptacles.

Or this:

I could probably have raw dog sex with 95% of all white girls, regardless of socioeconomic background. I only have met one girl that was super serious about using condoms, but I eventually fucked her without a condom too, so actually I change that to 100%. I could bang every white girl who lives in the United States without a condom if I desired, within three dates. I’m not kidding. I could do most of them raw dog on the same night. Here’s how to do it. ….

At this point our intrepid dating guru explains his clever Assange-esque (allegedly) method for convincing women to have sex with him sans condom, which involves repeatedly sticking his condomless penis into his dates until they stop resisting.

Note: He followed this post with another one about how terrified he was that he might have contracted HIV.

Oh, Roosh, is it entirely by coincidence that your name rhymes with “douche?”

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I don’t think having no history makes it less sexist. As far as I know, “mancunt” is an insult that has never been used before, but that doesn’t mean you should go about calling people mancunts.

  2. @pillowinhell:

    He called himself “loser” to get out of the “you’re a loser” insult scot free. “Yeah, I’m all those bad things you say, I named myself that so I don’t care. You’re all those things for even interacting with me.”

  3. but that doesn’t mean you should go about calling people mancunts

    Please don’t, or I’ll think I’m reading Weeping Cock and be confused about where all the jerks came from.

  4. I still don’t understand why Steele chose “dude” to get all huffy over. I mean, I get the huffiness, that’s par for the course, but why “dude?” “Kiddo” gets thrown around about as often, and that’s much more obviously dismissive.

    Honestly, Steele, can’t you at least manage to whine in a way that makes sense?

  5. Insulting men by calling them women has a very long history.

    You misunderstand the term. “Mangina” refers to a man who is completely deferent to women and feminism. In other words, he is a “man to the gina”.

  6. Wait wait wait. Dude is bad but “mangina” is A-OK? O.O

  7. Man to the gina?


  8. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

    @ Ozymandias – I don’t know how it would go as an insult “mancunt” puts me in mind of a 1970s TV cop show. “Now… Mancunt – in Colour!”

    “Well, well. If it isn’t the legendary Sgt Jack “Mancunt” Strezleki. Why do they call you…”
    “I really don’t like to talk about it.”

  9. In other words, he is a “man to the gina”.

    You’re reeeeaaaally reaching, dude.

  10. That was my point, Ozy.😛

    Using dude misandrously arguably has the exact same amount of history (far as I know). Usually it’s not “dude,” though, it’s “doodz.”


    You misunderstand the term. “Mangina” refers to a man who is completely deferent to women and feminism. In other words, he is a “man to the gina”.

    No, it isn’t. That definition is there, but it’s the only one that doesn’t have citations. Everything else is about men with female features. Again, calling them women.

  11. The only reason “mangina” is used to refer to feminists is because the MRM figures that only feminized men would consider themselves “Feminists.” Apparently, to them, it would be against a man’s self-interest.

  12. Extrapolating from Steele’s definition of “mangina,” I assume “feminazi” means “femme to the Nazi,” which I’m pretty sure was a sequel to “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.”

  13. You misunderstand the term. “Mangina” refers to a man who is completely deferent to women and feminism. In other words, he is a “man to the gina”.

    1. “Man to the gina” doesn’t even make any fucking sense.
    2. We already know that you sexist idiots think that a man being a feminist is lowering himself. It’s part and parcel of a culture that thinks a marriage where a woman keeps her name is ruled by the woman. http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/2007/03/11/faq-what-is-male-privilege/
    3. “Women and feminism” are not the same, and often contradictory things. I guarantee that no man you’d call a mangina would be at all deferent to Ann Coulter.
    4. Nobody’s going to get “man to the gina” from its common usage of “mangina.” I highly doubt that even the tiniest fraction of manospherians know its origin or alleged meaning.
    5. We understand it alright. Fuck off, shithead. We don’t need your “advocacy.”

  14. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

    BTW Steele – the word is “deferential”. Your writing tip of the day!

  15. Man… to the gina? What? This isn’t that cheerleading thing where you spell things like “V to the I to the S to the C…”

    Anyway. I would happily share a glass of this wine with all those folks who partake, but it has gone off😦 clearly I wasn’t storing it properly.

  16. Funny. Pretty much every tweet on the slang dictionary page thingy reinforces the idea that “mangina” is a thing that men have, not that men are.

  17. *noms all the snacks*

    Any care for some granola bars?

  18. No, no, it means “femi to the Nazi.” I’m not sure what a Femi is. Google suggests an Afrobeat musician, a gnome in RuneScape, or a particular charitable organization.

  19. *Anyone

  20. You know what this means? Maybe “mangina” is an old phrase after all. Perhaps the reason it was picked up by the MRM was because it reduces those femminine men to their (supposed) body part, which they were all too happy to do because women.

    And yet they take umbrage at the word “dick.” What a strange world we live in.

  21. Stallion to the gina?


    I think he’s trying to start an MRA 90s hip hop trend.

    You know, Like the M to the I to the ISANDRY.

  22. What about those of us who are agendered, are we manginas too?

  23. Oh, aworld’s back, good! I wanted to wish you good luck for September🙂. Going away for school, or staying home?

  24. There is also the fact that “mangina” has no history; it is a unique term coined by – I’m not sure – an early MRA, perhaps Angry Harry.

    *whisper* Should we tell him that the second half of the sentence is the history of the word?

  25. @katz:

    *whisper* nah, it looks like he already has too much to think about, or else he’s just sitting in front of his computer boiling in shame and anger at all the misandry being flung about. either way, I think he’d explode if you pointed that out.

  26. @Viscaria

    I’m going to be staying in residence first year, because I feel it’ll be beneficial for me to have the experience of living away from home. But after that I can’t really afford it, so I’ll either be living at home for second through fourth year, or moving to a house in the city.

  27. Man… to the gina? What? This isn’t that cheerleading thing where you spell things like “V to the I to the S to the C…”

    All that’s going through my mind now is Jesse Pinkman’s voicemail message on Breaking Bad.

  28. Nice! I lived in rez first year too.

  29. @Viscaria.

    Cool, I might have said before, but the biggest thing I’m hoping for with university is that my brain quirks are tolerated to the point where people see who I am in spite of them.

  30. Aworld: Good luck with university! I’m in college right now and having a lovely time; I lived on-campus for my first two years, but I’m getting a house now.

    I dunno, I’m classifying myself as an honorary mangina, despite being an androgyne.😀

  31. @Ozy:

    I have seen the word “mangina” refer to masculine folks with female bodies, so I think you might actually be good.🙂

  32. Thanks, I should be able to do better in Uni, considering the monumental amount of resources and help I’ll have available to me there that I didn’t have in high school. And socially I’m really trying to treat this as a new start, getting rid of the cobwebs of my MRA years back in 9th – 11th grade and finding who I really am.

  33. Mangina always makes me think of this:

  34. @aworldanonymous:

    I’ve seen that before actually. Is it supposed to be ligitimate? Because it looks kinda shitty to me… Like “accidentally-clicked-on-too-many-related-videos-on-youtube-now-I’m-lost-in-a-dark-and-scary-part-of-the-human-psyche.”

  35. @Kirby

    It’s an excerpt from a British surreal musical comedy TV series called The Mighty Boosh, a few years back, even before my MRA days, I found it utterly hilarious, and I’d still reccomend it, if you don’t mind an incredibly weird and slightly immature sense of humor.

  36. Kirby: That version makes way more sense anyway.😛

  37. Ewwwwww.
    I feel like my eyes caught crabs from just reading his comments.
    But I have a feeling Nanasha may be right about his true motivations. Anyone who writes that shit just out of spite and/or to get kudos from other anonymous misogynists probably can’t speak to a woman without her breaking out a cross and garlic. And women friends? Naw….he thinks we’re all dirty whores.
    These assholes actually think we can’t pick up on this vibe. Well, Roosh knows we can pick on his hater vibes, and that ugly little screed is his revenge. Pffft.

  38. @Ozy:

    That it does… Like manjaw. That was a fun one from highschool… I was honestly confused because it looked like all the women who my dorm-mates thought were hot had very strong, angular jaws and chins. So how was it also an insult?

  39. I prefer the term Teutonic when referring to masculine facial features, if only because most people with them can be traced back to Germanic ancestry at some point. Or at least that’s what I read somewhere.

  40. Re: mangina, I think Ke$ha has more say in the future of the English language than the men’s rights movement does.

  41. Kirby: I have no idea. I never realized that “manjaw” was a thing people said outside of Roissy, whom I just thought was doing his general “MY PREFERENCES ARE UNIVERSAL” thing.

  42. Re: mangina, I think Ke$ha has more say in the future of the English language than the men’s rights movement does.


    Anyway, aworldanonymous, yeah, resources! And probably tons of clubs related to your interests where you might find like-minded people, if you’re into clubs and stuff.

    My biggest advice, as someone who has seen undergrad from a couple of different sides: if you end up struggling a bit (knock on wood), be it academically, socially, whatever; ask for help. Oh, and finishing in 4 years is great for some people, and crappy for others, so don’t feel you’ve failed in some way if you choose another path. /speechifying

  43. @scrapemind:

    And surprise surprsise, the entire song is dedicated towards a man having too many feelings and acting like a chick. Literally “You’re acting like a chick all the time.”

    The joke doesn’t even make sense! There is nothing in the song that would lead you to think “pear” instead of “pair” when listening to it. No mention of fruit, all the mentions of genitals. It isn’t witty if you just change the spelling when you write the song out!

  44. Maybe she means “pear” as in uterus? That makes even less sense… And it already made no sense. Congrats Kei$ha, you’ve somehow made a non-negative quantity negative.

  45. Oh, that was a reference to a specific, on-topic song? I figured scrapemind was just getting bent out of shape because of modern expressions, or something. My bad.

  46. Comment on youtube.

    A Pear= a pair …. Ohhhh

    No. Bad commenter. No. Stop it. Stop destroying my faith in humanity. Bad.

  47. @Viscaria:

    Somehow I stumbled upon the video before, so I remembered the reference. That and I saw a couple references to it on the twitter feed on the dictionary link I had before. But yeah, this song is an actual thing. *cries*

  48. And now, the rapping stylings of DJ V-Pole

    I’m not a dude, not a guy, I’m an MRA
    And I am gonna put an end to the V.A.W.A
    ‘Cuz I know that it’s bad with its MISANDRY
    The mangina’ eyes will go all TEARY

    MAN to the GINA (WOOOO)
    MAN to the GINA (BOOOO)

    You better believe me ‘cuz I don’t LIE
    I was totally not that other GUY
    Except that I was but you’re all MISANDRIST
    Your belief in David is TERRORIST

    MAN to the GINA (WOOOO)
    MAN to the GINA (BOOOO)

    You can’t stop me ‘cuz I’ll go FOREVER
    Because I have the most noble ENDEAVOR
    If you say I was SOCKPUPPETING
    You won’t stop my ADVOCATING

    MAN to the GINA (WOOOO)
    MAN to the GINA (BOOOO)

    They stop my writing ‘cuz they’re MISANDRIC
    I know that I would be simply TERRIFIC
    I stopped my blog ’cause of M to the I to the ISANDRY
    And all of you *somethingsomething*ANDRY

    MAN to the GINA (WOOOO)
    MAN to the GINA (BOOOO)

    (Thanks to aworldanonymous for the inspiration)

  49. @Myooooo:


  50. @Myoo

    That is almost exactly what I pictured. Also, BEST. MRA RAP. EVER.

  51. @aworld:

    MRA rap has a pretty low bar, so actually you are completely correct.

  52. @aworldanonymous
    Thanks. Now it just needs a crappy uninspired melody and it could become the next MRA classic.

  53. I dunno, I’m classifying myself as an honorary mangina, despite being an androgyne.😀

    You’re an androgina.

  54. 😄

    Thank you Katz! Best insult ever!

  55. There have been MRA & anti-MRA rap wars here before.

    I think I will need to memorialize Myoo’s fine work too…

  56. So I once read this book of short stories called “Chick for a Day” that involved male writers talking about what they’d do if they were female instead of male. One of the stories involved this guy creating a special apparatus that he could tuck his penis and scrotum into in a specific way so that it actually looked like a vulva/vaginal lips. I am fairly certain that it was referred to as a “mangina”—is this where the term perhaps originated?

  57. I’m guessing “mangina” has probably been coined repeatedly over the past, I dunno, 25+ years either as a reference to certain real or hypothetical kinds of genitals or as an insult to men. I’m not sure it has a single genesis anywhere.

    Someone should ask Language Log about this.

  58. He likes to treat women’s bodies like garbage recepticles? Is he saying his sperm is garbage? Whatever. The guy is fucked in the head.

  59. ahahaha in my google searches for “mangina” I have learned that Buck Angel’s porn company owns the trademark for mangina:


  60. Kladle, you just made my day. Men’s Rights guys are using a word trademarked by a TRANS PORN STAR!😀

  61. :DDDDD

    Buck Angel is about ten thousand times cooler than the coolest MRA.

  62. I hope his dick drops off.

  63. Just when I think we’ve figured Roosh out he says something So Much Worse. I’m not even convinced that he understands that the women he talks about are actually human beings.

  64. Oh Varpole!: One of these things is not like the other.

    Dude, is just a word. The intent is to be sardonic, or friendly, or descriptive. It offends you, because you don’t like to be sardonicised. You think it’s because you are a man: this is not true. It’s because you are a douchecanoe.

    Mangina was made with the intent of being an insult. An insult meant to say that some men weren’t worth of being called men; they had failed their sex, they were like women.

    That’s the reason it’s a gendered insult.

  65. Aw… Kirby, you are more detested than I am. He can’t even bring himself to talk me anymore.

  66. it is a unique term coined by – I’m not sure – an early MRA, perhaps Angry Harry.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, maybe true under the bridge you call home, dude, but for the rest of us, that’s been around a long time.

  67. flip-flop-wearing sluts.

    I love my flip-flops, and if it keeps dudes like Doosh away, you can pry them off my cold, dead, feet.

  68. I would like to add my voice to everyone wishing you well, @aworldanonymous; you are a good person in word and internet-deed, so i’m predicting excellent things and hoping that you get everything you want out of the experience🙂

    Also, i love that Kirby (and others) have already begun the work on reclaiming the word ‘mangina.’ Perhaps Steele would like to take note and start reclaiming ‘dude,’ the vile m-feminist slur against all men everywhere.

  69. Steele reclaims “dude.”

    No one notices.

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