Men may not be from Mars, but A Voice for Men wants them to get all the credit for that Mars landing

It’s a proud day for the dudes over at A Voice for Men, which is celebrating the landing of the Curiousity rover on Mars by giving dudes everywhere serious dude credit for the event, which apparently involved no women at all. Well, maybe a few. But it certainly didn’t involve any of the women in the women’s studies department at Columbia University!

Actually it would be rather difficult for that to be the case. Impossible, really, as there is no women’s studies department at Columbia. Instead, Columbia has an Institute for Research on Women and Gender, an interdisciplinary center that works in cooperation with the Barnard College Women’s Studies department.

In any case, that once sentence is the entire text of the post, which linked to a live feed of the landing.

But to make sure everyone understands the MAN-significance of this MAN-vent, the AVFM dudes promoted it with this MAN-tastic blurb on the front page. (I mean the blurb on the right, of course, celebrating MEN and their UTTER MASTERYof technology. Just ignore that bit on the left about the technical glitches that AVFM has itself been having lately.)

The comments are more or less what we’ve come to expect from the AVFM crowd. I especially liked these two, from a manly fellow calling himself ActaNonVerba.


His followup is a bit Anthony Zarat-esque in its utopian grandeur:



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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Hey, cloudiah! San Fernando Valley here!

  2. @pam

    for that matter, how does working class hero owlslave know about ‘the greatest chefs in the world’

  3. red_locker: Try the late 50s/60s. He was born in 1947. Let’s just say his appreciation of race relations was a bit different from NWOs, esp. his understanding of MLK.

    He was lucky he didn’t get drafted. Managed to get out of “the ghetto” by learning to run mainframes. That was a good thing, but then PCs came in, and the available jobs in that field were reduced and suddenly he wasn’t getting work anymore.

    Diabetes killed him, at 64, because he didn’t have the sort of healthcare he needed; because white guys were somehow better than he was for a job he had decades of experience in, to their not. Maybe it was just they could be paid less, but funny how it works out that way, that the black guy is extra, and the white guys are needed.

    So yeah, I’m less than fucking agreeable to NWOs shit. Christ on a pogo stick, but his cluelessness, casual racism and active sexism are annoying.

    His almost complete inability, in the past year, to come up with a new idea in his attempts at vitriol is just the icing on the cake, it’s no longer aggravting, just pathetic.

  4. @hellkell
    “Jesus tittyfucking Christ,”

    Good job ridiculing the faith of one billion people. Feminism is a hate movement.

    Oh, ooh, can I play!?

    Ok, lets see …

    @Rutee “A woman wants a husband, not an infant.”

    Feminism desires that all men be infantilized. Feminism is a hate movement.

    How’d I do?

  5. I just skip over NWO’s comments nowadays.

  6. My Calif. history:

    Bell Gardens, 1975-1978
    Paramount, 1978-1979
    Bell Gardens 1979-1981
    Brief stint in the Mojave Desert, Summer of ’81.
    San Fernando Valley 1981-1993 (Sepulveda, Granada Hills, Reseda, Encino)
    Alta Dena, 1993.
    Monterey 1993-94
    Cotati 1994
    San Fernando Valley 1995-1999 (Sun Valley)
    Arcadia 1999-2002
    Pasadena 2002-2004
    San Luis Obispo 2004-2006
    Pasadena 2006-2008
    East Palo Alto 2008-2011.

    I got around. For those who care (NWO, this means you, you sadsack) EPA is something of a ghetto. Routinely in the running for most murders per capita in the US. Occasionally holds the title. We had a murder happen 50 yards from the front door while I was there.

  7. I only respond to NWO when someone else has seen fit to reply. It’s not worth my time to try to find some scintilla of the entertaining in the midst of the godforasaken crap.

  8. I think he might also be trying to out-do Steele in the Olympic Copy-Paste event.

  9. for that matter, how does working class hero owlslave know about ‘the greatest chefs in the world’

    I dunno, but I’m constantly in awe of the vast amount of knowledge that he has acquired, despite the feminist conspiracy to keep him down. He’s an evolutionary “Super Dog”, of sorts

  10. @precunium: Oh, I see. Huh, knew my place had some history, but that? Learn something every day from here. And sorry for your death.😦 That’s shitty.

    @Sharculese and @howardbann1ster: …Star Wars and bell hooks. Never thought I would see those two in the same sentence.

    @Cloudiah: Oh, hey, more LA-based peeps. Cool.

  11. “Women dominate in teaching these days and our schools are a joke. While I’m sure everyone’s well trained in gender theory, the reading, writing, math and science is the pitts.”

    Spelling is also the pitts.

    (NWOSlave, did I ever mention that I love you? And that just when my love starts to wane, you dive down deep and surface with yet another gem. And then the magic is back.)

  12. @pecunium
    San Fernando Valley 1981-1993 (Sepulveda, Granada Hills, Reseda, Encino)

    No effin’ way–I grew up in Granada Hills during that time period. Maybe we met before? I would have been the little white girl with freckles and straight light brown hair, always reading.

    I currently live in North Hollywood, just shy of Sun Valley.

  13. Unrelated to the post, but you wanted feedback about any dubious ads: I’ve just been shown an Agent Provocateur ad featuring sexy underwear pictures. Not the end of the civilization but probably not ideally placed on a feminist site either.

  14. I mean, for your stepfather’s death*

    I can’t believe I messed that up.

  15. Has Owly been eating acid on his Cheerios again?O_o

  16. So what your commenters are saying is, is Men are Weak? Yeah. Makes sense.

  17. So what your commenters are saying is, is Men are Weak?

    Wait, what? That didn’t even make any grammatical sense to me. Could you re-phrase, please?

  18. Not inherently violent means “weak”.

    Yeah. Whatever that means.

  19. Karalora: It’s a small world, and only about 500,000 people lived in that part of it.

    I went to Monroe, and Pierce. My folks owned a used bookstore. I know North Hollywood. I spent a lot of time at the LASFS, which was (I think it’s moved) on Burbank, between Lankershim and the Freeway.

    red_locker: I knew what you meant. Thanks.

  20. @Micheal

    Because feminists don’t wear lingerie? Oh yeah, right, we only wear itchy burlap sacks and birckenstocks.

  21. @pecunium

    It was worth a shot. You never know.

  22. fembot: My burlap is old,and soft. I can’t wear birks, so I have tevas.

  23. A burlap thong — now there’s an idea for an instant bestseller.

  24. OMFG Pecunium

    You lived in San Luis Obispo from 2004-2006? I probably know you🙂

  25. Monsieur sans Nom

    I love how men are credited with every achievement but none of the bad.

    And I love how everything bad that happens in this world is blamed on Men. As if women had nothing to do with it. Remember the bitch of Buchenwald? Or Erzsebet Bathory? In the case of the Nazi’s, women were as much to blame as men.

    And yes, it’s true: If it weren’t for the dreams and dedication of MEN, there would be no robotic probes on Mars. Twas another great accomplishment by mankind. Score one for the Y chromosome.🙂

  26. Nameless: And the computers to run… well, pretty much everything, including Curiosity, wouldn’t exist if not for Ada Lovelace and Admiral Grace Hopper.

  27. Oh, but I forgot. Inventing computer programming only counts as a big deal if a man does it, right?

  28. @Monsieur

    Don’t you dare take credit for the moon landing because you have a Y chromosome. You are still a worthless crybaby piece of shit, like all other MRAs.

  29. Men = other people who are not you. So shut up.

  30. @KathleenB: Now, to be fair, Babbage would have contributed more if the street buskers had just upped stakes and left London entirely. /silly

    Remember the bitch of Buchenwald? Or Erzsebet Bathory? In the case of the Nazi’s, women were as much to blame as men.

    Okay, three examples. Two of them are from Nazi Germany, one from 17th Century Hungary. Is that the best you can do?

    From Wikipedia:

    Ilse Koch (née Köhler; 22 September 1906 – 1 September 1967) was the wife of Karl-Otto Koch, commandant of the Nazi concentration camps Buchenwald (from 1937 to 1941) and Majdanek (from 1941 to 1943).

    Let’s just erase the men from your examples, hmmm? A lampshade made of human skin is the epitome of the Holocaust, and let’s forget that plenty of male Nazis kept interesting tattoos from their victims as memorabilia.

    Bathory may have been the most prolific female serial killer in history. But of course, her being a woman erases all of the male serial killers in history.

    And we’ll end up by blaming WWII on Eva Braun. Classy.

    But your argument is countered by this: No one here is saying that women are all angels, or can’t do anything wrong or evil. There are plenty of wrong or evil women. I’ll happily concede that Koch, Bathory and $NAZI_WIFE were all wrong and evil (saving the debate over the whole concept of evil for another day).

    Now you have worn yourself out (poor dear) by saying we all say women can do no wrong. That is a straw man (as we are sick to death of telling you by now).

    We don’t deny that men had plenty of hands in the creation of the space program. What we are doing, is demanding that people recognize the contributions of women, and that people realize that the space program is the dream of many people, not just men.

    But you’d rather sit in your corner and be bitter that women won’t give you the time of day, and it can’t possibly be because you spit venom at any who happen to venture near, can it?

  31. fembot: We were in Grover Beach. My Partner was at CalPoly. I did aikido (very good dojo there) and we attended the local Friends Meeting. I get back there whenever I can. The Hostel San Luis Obispo is wonderful.

    But, yes, it’s a small town, so we’ve probably passed each other, at the very least.

    Here are some photos of the best part of California

  32. @Pecunium

    Those are some awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. I lived mostly in the North County, but I did go to Poly between 01-05.

  33. @Pecunium

    OMG those pictures took me back! I grew up on Ft. Hunter Liggett. I live in Marin County, now (*gasp* we moved because my mom got a job, and my dad is such a mangina, obviously–despite being a cop, which is why I grew up on Liggett, where he worked–that he moved when she landed a church up here), and I feel lucky to have lived in what I think are the two most beautiful places in CA. And if I manage to make it up to Humbolt State for school, I think I’ll have sampled all the best spots.

  34. I just finished watching a documentary, on the National Geographic Channel, about the Mars rover Curiosity. Women most certainly worked on it. One of the scientists commenting was Jen Eigenbrode, an astrobiologist with a Bachelor’s in Geology, a Masters in Geologic Sciences, and a Ph.D.
    She’s definitely qualified for her job.

  35. EEB: Ah.. Ft. Hunter Ligget: I’ve been there a few times (more time at Cp. Bob). I love the Coast, from SB to SF (N too, but the Golden Gate marks a real change in the structure, the same way the turn to the E does at Pt. Concepcion).

    If I had the money, I’d want to keep two house, one on the Central Coast (probably more like Santa Cruz), and one near New York.

    The smell of sagebrush in the morning, and the whiff of dust in the afternoon, and the sprawling oaks, with the small, sharply edged, leaves. Poppies and wind, and the salt air, and the ocean being where the sun sets.

  36. Monsieur sans Nom

    Nameless: And the computers to run… well, pretty much everything, including Curiosity, wouldn’t exist if not for Ada Lovelace and Admiral Grace Hopper.

    Well, actually, they certainly would not exist if hadn’t been for Al-Khwarezmi, Charles Babbage, and John von Neumann.To be fair, Grace Hopper certainly did help a lot as she was the first to write the first compiler. And unlike Lovelace(who has been shewn to be a fraud), she was not a breeder.😉

    Rockets, on the other hand, are products of the genius of MEN.

  37. Men are from Mars…
    Women are from Venus…
    MRAs are from Uranus!

  38. Babbage was brilliant, but a dead end; since his machine wasn’t practical. The women who labored, unsung, in the classified departments of the Dept. of War, doing the computational work for Oak Ridge are the women who made a huge amount of modern computing possible. But no one talks about them; because they were hidden from view.

    No women, no Bomb. But it’s Oppenheimer, and the other theorists; as well as the engineers who worked on the larger physical problems, who get the glory. Not the women who were doing the computing; and shaping the first computers.

  39. The point being, it was a joint effort of men and women. Neither gets to claim all the glory, but the men are given pretty much all the credit, see above.

  40. Diogenes The Cynic


    Interesting you mention Babbage, because he did invent an impractical machine, but it was lady Ada who made it work.

    And Lise Meitner was in on the Manhattan Project.

  41. The point about Ada Lovelace is that (unlike babbage), she saw the theory of how to use the device of which he saw the mechanism. The theory worked, even in absence of the device.

  42. I was at work thinking today about Varpole’s declaration of his Objectivist ideals. It completely destroys most of his complaints, esp. about things like women expecting men to pay for dates.

    If, after all the Prime Duty of a person to look after that person’s interest (as that person sees it) then a woman trying to get her date to pay isn’t being Misandrist, she is, Objectively, deciding it’s in her interest to see is she can get another person to pay.

    One could argue it would be immoral her to not make the attempt, as she needs to know if the person she is dating is morally strong enough to stand up for himself. She might, quite reasonably, not want to further date a person to whom she isn’t morally superior. In a more limited sense she could argue she is making him pay as a recompense for her time. The more interesting he is to her, the lower the bill. Not so much because her present time is valuable, but to inhibit those whom she finds tedious from attempting to further waste her time in the future.

    This is, of course, the underlying failure of Objectivism. If one is being truly, Objective, one can’t object to someone else treating oneself as means to an end. Because the real root is that the Randian Objectivist isn’t being objective about the world, but rather reducing all other people in it to objects.

  43. Crap, wrong thread.

  44. Monsieur sans Nom

    Interesting you mention Babbage, because he did invent an impractical machine, but it was lady Ada who made it work.

    Not true. It was impractical, but its basic design would be used a century later in working machines. Her theory was not entirely original either.

    However, I give full credit were credit is due: To Madame Curie and Sophie Germaine.

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