MGTOWer: Women paid six-figure salaries “for flailing their arms about and making silly noises.”

Women are far more interested in posing all sexy than in assembling munitions.

Hey ladies! You know those “jobs” you have? That “work” you do? You may have thought you were hired because you had “skills” and “education” and because you’re “actually quite good at what you do.”

But over on MGTOWforums, the locals say “nuh-uh” to these delusions of yours. In a recent thread, “Experienced Member” Stewie explained that women only get hired because women run the world and the government does their bidding.

[E]verybody knows you [women] suck at working, voting and driving and are only there because the government forces us to let you in.

Maybe you do make less, it’s because you’re generally lazy shitty assholes and should make much less than you do.

Yeah gossiping all day,having temper tantrums and constantly interrupting productive male coworkers with obvious questions about how to do your job is soooo valuable.

Believe me if men were in charge you wouldn’t make tit.

NG85 offered a somewhat more nuanced view, noting that sometimes women aren’t forced on poor helpless companies by the evil feminazi government. Sometimes a male boss will hire women because they give him boners. At his last office job, NG85 explained:

I think that job had REVERSE sexism, in that only women were hired. One of the bosses was a huge womanizer and basically admitted once he only hired hot chicks. We had a lot of organizing/lifting of heavy boxes in this place, and I had to do most of it. I kept telling them to hire some male interns to help me out….Instead we get some hipster chick who’s 100 pounds soaking wet to sit at a computer and read Facebook while I’m re-organizing 100 pound boxes by myself.

I find your critique of Facebook fascinating, dude who’s made 957 comments on MGTOWforums.

Also, why were the women soaking wet? That seems dangerous, especially if they spend their day on the computer.

Mpav8r offered a solution to this kind of boner-centric hiring:

I think the logical thing is for the company to provide the male bosses with a prostitution expense account, so they can get their rocks off and then go back to focusing on hiring qualified people to do the work.

Please be sure to share this idea with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I am sure they will find it both ingenious and intriguing.

Then he compared women to children, yet another highly innovative “argument” on his part.

It renders the whole purpose of Take Your Kid To Work Day irrelevant, when you have children in the workplace EVERY day, being paid a six figure salary for flailing their arms about and making silly noises. For women employees there should be a life sized cutout of someone doing some actual work, with a hole for the woman’s face to appear in the shot, because a woman in the workplace nowadays is like a kid at Disneyland- it’s all magic, fairytales and make-believe. The difference is here no one is having any fun.

Yes, that’s right, a dude who thinks that women regularly get “paid a six figure salary for flailing their arms about and making silly noises” is accusing someone else of living in a world of make-believe.

If they weren’t protected by all-powerful corporate feminazi HR thought police, these chicks would be lucky to earn a subsistence living giving two dollar BJ’s to bums outside the fucking welfare office. Unfortunately nowadays, the women are those bums.

Wait, I thought women were all making six-figure salaries waving their arms around? Now they’re welfare-abusing bums in search of blow jobs? So confusing.

Also confusing: this alleged alliance between the “all-powerful corporate feminazi HR thought police” and dudes who hire women who give them boners. Strange bedfellows, I guess.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Can you ask him to tell me where these 6 figure job opportunities are for women who have no experience or education qualifications? I really could use one.

  2. This is how a lot of MRAs get their idea of “oppression.” “If I was a woman I’d be make 6 figures, no… 7 figures, because I am even MORE qualified!”

    A lot of their “oppression” is the belief that they are so talented, so qualified, so intelligent, so charming, and so skilled that they deserve twice, three times, or four times their lifestyle now and since they don’t have it, they are being unfairly treated. e_e

    (And the opposite being that every woman is a useless bag of breasts and butt and don’t deserve any job at all)

    The thing I don’t get is the MGTOW/MRA/whatevers have such a narrow standard of beauty in women, and as we all know, most of the workforce is not made up of women that fit that standard… do MGTOW just block them out in their workplace? How do they explain those women at all? -_o

  3. OverlordTomala

    Heh, so that minimum wage I’ve been forced to eat for the last 5 years has been six figures? Dayum minimum wage iz teh bawmz.

  4. OverlordTomala, you must not be flailing your arms enough or making enough silly noises.

  5. *looks at comments*

    *looks at my office*


    Warn somebody before you post shit that funny, would you? Between the deadweight employees who’ve been given chance after chance to redeem themselves, all to no avail (all of them male) and the people being paid way above the actual work they do (all male), and the people being given a disproportionate amount of the really tough work despite making less (all female), and my taking on the role of training new employees and interns because they’re thrown to the wolves without any training that is both useful and timely, my endurance isn’t what it used to be.

  6. OverlordTomala, you are ignoring the figures after the decimal point.

  7. I think that job had REVERSE sexism, in that only women were hired. One of the bosses was a huge womanizer and basically admitted once he only hired hot chicks.[…]

    Oh wow, yeah, that’s totally REVERSE sexism, it’s not the same old “women’s only value is their looks” sexism.

  8. Actually, I do, arguably, get paid for flailing my arms about and making silly noises, insofar as one of my jobs is teaching people to sing.

    I do not, however, make anything remotely approaching six figures for this. Most years, I don’t even make five figures. One time I quite literally got paid in baked goods. (Also, it’s pretty hard work that requires musical talent, a solid background in music theory, the ability to sightread and play a fair amount of piano, a large vocal range, some training in choral conducting, and all the skills of any other sort of teacher. But I definitely do make silly noises and wave my arm around!)

    Mpav8r, I sincerely hope you show up here to let me know where these six-figure jobs you say are so ubiquitous can be found. With my experiences in silly noises and arm-waving, I should be a lock for one of them, right? I can’t wait!

  9. Myoo – but don’t you know that hot women are the only women who actually exist? So it still benefits women overall. It’s not like there could possibly be any highly qualified homely women who would suffer under such a system. (Especially since women can’t be highly qualified in the first place.)

    I guess this is what they mean when they say misogyny isn’t as much of a problem as feminists say it is. They look at “only hot women get hired” and they only see it as misandry, they don’t see any of the misogyny inherent in it at all.

  10. This entry isn’t about porn?

  11. I’ll be sure to tell my boss come Monday that I should be making the same six figures he does. That’s going to go over REALLY well.

  12. “[F]lailing their arms about and making silly noises” is the best summary of “being a trial lawyer” I’ve ever heard. But you’d be surprised how many people (of any gender) make less than six figures when they do it.

  13. No misogyny here, nope. Move along, nothing to see.

    Sacred shit, where do they come up with this?

  14. Oh, almost forgot: Octopus:

  15. Assuming NG85’s account is totally accurate and not fabricated or exaggerated at all (which I frankly doubt)…

    How is that feminism’s fault, exactly? A womanizing boss hiring unqualified hot people so he can sexually harass them seems like plain-old chauvinism to me.

  16. Obviously, women all had the same guidance counselor.

  17. Where is my six figure salary?

    I know of two male administrators on my campus both of whom are paid in six figures who have totally fucked up, and are still being paid. I demand their salaries be turned over to me and my partner!

    *flails arms around like octopus*

  18. GT_GiantTurtle

    As a woman who earns close to minimum wage (while keeping and bringing in hefty clients based on my work), often works outside of schedule for 0 extra pay (of course), didn’t get hired for boners-sake because, if nothing else, is apparently butt-ugly; that, while fully providing for myself since I live alone, it’s nice to know the solution these fine MRA gents present is… for me to die on the streets of famine because I’m “stealing” a job from a man? Now, how can I answer to their concerns… Sorry about that, but I have to pay bills and buy food to fucking survive, perhaps?… Also, I like my job, despite everything. So, how about… no, screw YOU, gents?

  19. GT_GiantTurtle

    Ah well, when in Rome…

    *flails arms too*

  20. Damn the MRA have caught onto my plan to make 500k as a waking waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. It was such a profitable position too!

  21. Maybe these guys are confusing “women” for “this monkey” ––animal-practice–fall-tv-s-first-fail-.html

    Six-figure salary for flailing and funny noises, indeed.

  22. GT_GiantTurtle


  23. Ithiliana: That video is great.😀 It shows the true essence of cat-ness (ignore the shit out of anything humans do that isn’t annoying, edible or entertaining).

  24. Is it sad that this is the same argument that people use against having an open policy on immigration, I mean that’s basically what they’re saying is that “WIMMINZ/MEXICANS ARE EVUL CUZ THURR STEELIN’ EHR JERBZ!!” It’s frankly pathetic.

  25. There’s a Monty Python skit in here somewhere. Office of Flailing Women, can I help you?

  26. So now women can either cry in the street OR make silly noises while arm-flailing to get anything we want? It’s nice to have options.

  27. These (inflatable) men are stealing our jobs!

  28. cloudiah: Why not combine them? Or would that be too much?

  29. Well sometimes you don’t want to cry because makeup, and sometimes you don’t want to arm flail because wearing bangles, and sometimes you don’t want to make silly noises because… Actually I can’t think of a reason not to make silly noises.

  30. I could get paid 6 figures for flailing my arms and making silly noises?

    God damn it. Why have I been wasting all that time getting 3 degrees and working my ass off? FEMINISM LIED TO ME.


  31. Throw in some arm-flailing and this woman could be RICH, I tell you:

  32. I know looking for logic here is an exercise in futility, but sometimes you can find a premise in there somewhere. How, exactly, did these feminazi overlords acquire their power if women are incapable of working? Someone has to build the impenetrable fortress before it can repell armies, right? If there is an answer I assume it’s something-something mangina something pussy monopoly, but I’m still curious. Because I hate myself, apparently.

  33. @badandfierce

    The “boys at the top” set up the power structures, and then handed them over to women because they’re pussy worshipping white knight manginas. This system helps women steal everything from men, who must work in dark coal mines to earn money, which is then transferred to pampered women, who spend it on scented candles. True story.

  34. Some day I may get paid six figures for flailing my arms about and making silly noises, if we consider Hebrew a “silly noise” and competently directing a prayer service “flailing my arms about” (which, to be fair, proper davening does involve quite a bit of flailing). BUT! It is flailing and making silly noises that will require great time and expense to learn! NYAH!

  35. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

    You know, I’m starting to think that MGTOWs don’t actually pay a lot of attention to the world around them,

  36. creativewritingstudent

    You know, I’m starting to think that MGTOWs don’t actually pay a lot of attention to the world around them,

    Of course not, reality is a feminist conspiracy.

  37. …you have children in the workplace EVERY day, being paid a six figure salary for flailing their arms about and making silly noises.

    At first I thought, hello child labor laws? And then I realized it was simply the MRA rendition of HEY! You kids get off my lawn.

  38. ithiliana @

  39. AAAAH. The internet appears to have eaten my comment, and replaced it with ithiliana’s email address. What I wanted to say is that MRA’s are paying attention to reality, it’s just a different version than the rest of us are living in.

  40. So what you’re saying is that MRAs live in the Misandry Dimension, and the internet is a portal connecting it to our dimension?

  41. So what you’re saying is that MRAs live in the Misandry Dimension, and the internet is a portal connecting it to our dimension?

    Quick! The only way to send them back is to trick them into saying their names backwards!

  42. HAHAHA, this is a good one. The biggest overpaid children at my place of work are men, some of whom fuck up repeatedly with zero consequences. But who cleans up after them? Usually a woman.

    I clearly need a job where I get paid big bucks to flail and make silly noises.

  43. Flailing and making silly noises?

    Wait, I can get paid six figures for having panic attacks? WTF, and I’ve been doing it for free for so long!

  44. Does this mean all women are the robot from Lost in Space?

  45. Why does the MGTOW movement exist, I mean I know why they say they exist, but how can anyone legitimately be that bitter and ignorant?

  46. PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth

    gossiping all day,

    Plenty of men gossip-it is called “talking about sports” or “talking about cars.”

    having temper tantrums

    Because no man ever has had a temper tantrum:

    and constantly interrupting productive male coworkers with obvious questions about how to do your job is soooo valuable.

    See there is this thing called training. And if you know something that another worker does not, yes, they will ask what you assume are obvious questions. Sometimes they have to ask a few times because they do not understand right away. Especially if they are the type of person who is not a read and learn individual.

  47. and constantly interrupting productive male coworkers with obvious questions about how to do your job is soooo valuable.

    The person who does this to me at work is a man, and it’s extra-infuriating because he interrupts and tries to ‘splain like a mofo while you’re halfway through trying to help him with his question (arg, he came to me for help, not the other way ’round), getting things even more wrong. He is also notorious for not reading important things my boss or myself send out, preferring to ask questions that can be answered if he’d just open fucking Outlook. I have not seen him pull his helpless act with any men around the office.

  48. Horseshit.

  49. If they weren’t protected by all-powerful corporate feminazi HR thought police, these chicks would be lucky to earn a subsistence living giving two dollar BJ’s to bums outside the fucking welfare office.

    I don’t get the grudge MRA’s have against human resources. It seems so random to me. ARRGG!! How dare that evil HR department manage our health insurance and 401 K plans! It’s so diabolical!

  50. It’s simple – if you’re accused of sexual harassment, HR is the department that’s going to ask you to come to a meeting, sit you down, and read you the riot act about the company policy about creeping on coworkers and how displeased your employer will be if you’re responsible for them getting sued. That’s why MRAs hate HR – that’s who enforces policies that they don’t think should exist.

  51. @CassandraSays,

    Oh that’s true. I didn’t think about that. For them, HR is where all the mean, lying women go to falsely accuse male coworkers of sexual harassment. It’s also HR’s responsibility to fire people, and some of them may have grudges about that, too.

  52. It’s times like this that I like to ponder the thoughts of Mr. Douglas Adams:

    “This planet has — or rather had — a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much all of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.
    Many were increasingly of the opinion that they’d all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans.”

    -The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    When you look at things from far enough away, they seem pretty ridiculous.

    Little pieces of green paper, indeed.

  53. To add to that- I find it humorous that these men think that the problem is women- that they will be magically happy and not totally hate their lives if they can just get some more MONEY AND STUFFZ (TM). They’ve been suckered into this idea that your worth is directly attached to how much bad shit you can get away with because you have a lot of money to excuse your behavior. Take away the excuse of money and power to “get away with things” and you’re basically left with human individuals who are saying the following:

    “I want to act like a rotton, nasty, abusive bastard, and I want everyone around me to be FORCED to put up with my behavior and make excuses for me because I have the magic ITEM that makes it ok for me to act this way even though everyone will be miserable around me. Also, invalidate the worth of all other human beings because I hold the MAGIC BONER and the PRETTY WHITE SKIN which is conveniently something I have been born with but actually it just means that I am better or something.”

    These people don’t actually think that men are objectively better. They just think that they ought to be able to get to a point where their poisonous personalities will be tolerated and accepted by others because they’ll have enough power and status to get away with it.

    In short, these people are scum, not because they are male, but because they are scummy humans.

  54. @thebionicmommy

    For a group of guys who find the idea of women in the workplace offensive in the first place, and the idea that they’re not allowed to mistreat those women even more offensive, what could be more infuriating than the existence of a department that polices their behavior towards coworkers and has the ability to fire them if they misbehave, that’s often mainly staffed by women? It’s everything they hate about the modern workplace all in one neat little package.

  55. @Nanasha: Any time is a good time to ponder Douglas Adams.

  56. @Cassandra- Why not? It’s a better explanation than many for how they could be such gibbering messengers of hatey hatefulness.

  57. I read screeds like these and simply have another sip of coffee while I chuckle softly to myself. I doubt any of those soft-bodied bottom feeding MGTOW’ers would last a day doing what I do, let alone do it day in, day out 7 days a week the way I do. [Commercial/Industrial Cleaning Specialist. It’s damn hard physical work, often dangerous, usually working with noxious chemicals and dangerous equipment that require a ridiculous amount of safety gear and know-how, as well as more muscle than these keyboard warriors could ever hope to see in their lifetimes.]

    They’re angry that the stories their parents told them about working hard and getting everything they’ve ever wanted aren’t true. Of course, they totally ignored the “working hard” part of the story. They want everything handed to them and they’re getting all bent out of shape that people who actually work hard get ahead while they waste their lives behind a keyboard, whining about how unfair it is that they don’t also get the same thing for… nothing. Because penises, or something.

  58. I imagine a room of MRAs would sound basically kind of like this.

  59. @Nanasha

    But, referring to that episode of South Park, remember the solution to “they took our jobs?” I don’t think many MRAs would be into it.

  60. But when women aren’t working, aren’t they sitting at home on their lazy fat asses while a man works to support them? Can’t win either way, I guess.

    On women not being employed except when evil bosses or HR departments hire them: I’m self-employed. Clients hire me directly, and they don’t seem to be disturbed by the fact that I have ladybits. What’s wrong with them?

  61. @Linden:


  62. I’m kind of proud to be a wh*re actually. :3 All of my best friends are wh*res!

  63. Wrong thread, never mind!

  64. Ozy- That would be an interesting feminist band album – “All My best friends are W’s”.

  65. Is it sad that I’m temporarily in many of the same positions that the typical MRA complains about: I’m a dateless, unemployed, virgin who lives with his parents and argues with people on the internet. Yet I still don’t have the audacity to blame my problems on women, or anyone apart from myself.

  66. Women have less cause less car accidents than men…
    Also: Please get your definition of sexism and harassment right, MGTOW dude. If your boss sees women only as walking porn, that is not “reverse” in any way.

  67. These guys definitely don’t want to have to compete with women for jobs. There’s a lot they don’t “get” about the modern workplace. Hell, I have a recent Master’s, from a real university, in a technical field no less – where’s my six figure job? At least my silly noises would sound edumacated. About two jobs ago, I WAS hauling boxes. Yes, the economy sucks and their idea of competing is to shut us out. They just can’t see economic big pictures.

  68. By the way, where’s Steeledude? This post should be right up his alley.

  69. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

    @ aworldanonymous – rumour has it that he finally made a friend. Hopefully this means we won’t be seeing him again any time soon.

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