Ferdinand Bardamu: “Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps.”

We talked a bit yesterday about pick-up artists and domestic violence – specifically, Heartiste’s suggestion that aspiring alpha males look to Chris Brown as a role model. So today I thought I would take the opportunity to write about one of the skeeviest and most notorious posts the manosphere has generated thus far – Ferdinand Bardamu’s “The Necessity of Domestic Violence.”

Bardamu took down his blog In Mala Fide some months back – I found the text of his post up on Manosphere Copies, a blog set up by the even skeevier MRA who goes by the name Jeremiah (aka JeremiahMRA, aka Things Are Bad) to host posts from manosphere blogs that are no more. In Mala Fide, which combined elements of PUA, Men’s Rights activism and “Human Biological Diversity” style racism, had a great deal of influence in the manosphere in its day. Bardamu published reprehensible things  with regularity – see here, here and here for examples – so his defense of domestic violence is hardly unexpected.

The post is a sprawling, disorderly mess. Much of it is devoted to telling the allegedly true story of the time Bardamu “smacked [a girlfriend] across the face” – and was, he says, rewarded for this bit of alpha behavior with what he describes as “the most intense make-up sex I’ve ever had in my life,” sex so intense it literally broke his bed. Allegedly.

The rest of the post is devoted to a rather convoluted – sometimes frank, sometimes weasel-worded – apologia for domestic violence.

He starts off by suggesting that those concerned with violence against women are hypocrites who aren’t truly feminist:

I have absolutely zero sympathy for women who are the victims of domestic violence, for a multitude of reasons. … If women have all the same rights and responsibilities as men, if denying privileges to someone because of the shape of their genitals is morally wrong, then that means there’s nothing wrong with bashing a woman’s face in — or, more accurately, it’s no more wrong than bashing a man’s face in.

Uh, there’s a lot wrong with bashing anyone’s face in, except in self-defense.

Then he argues – well, asserts – that women who are abused bring this abuse upon themselves. First, by deliberately choosing to be with abusers:

Women are masters of refusing to accept the consequences of their own behavior. Girls who habitually end up in relationships with abusive men do so because they are attracted to men who abuse them. … If you paid attention, you could have seen signs that your man was an abuser, but you ignored them because unconsciously, that’s what turns you on, what gets you wet.

And second, by egging them on:

I have no sympathy for most abused women because a great many of them deliberately incite their men into attacking them, if not by being physically abusive themselves, then by creating drama. Extreme cases of this are diagnosed as borderline personality disorder, but a great percentage of the normal female population engages in this behavior as a matter of course.

Still, despite this, and despite his own proud confession of abuse, Bardamu doesn’t advocate domestic violence explicitly – if only because it might get his readers arrested.

Despite all this, I do NOT recommend you start hitting the girls in your rotation, mainly because the risks are too great. For every one girl who’ll pounce on your dick after a good backhand, there are three more who’ll dial 911 without a second thought. I got lucky. But unless you exclusively fuck single moms, cougars and spinsters, you’ve likely had girls either try to physically hurt you or bait you into hitting them.

After a brief defense of corporal punishment for children, Bardamu suggests that similar “discipline” can help to keep girlfriends in line:

Slapping a girl across the face isn’t just about hurting her, it’s a kind of neg. It says, “I can crush you like an insect, but you aren’t worth the effort.” It’s a tacit acknowledgment that she’s weaker than you, beneath you, and if she crosses you again, you’ll put her in the hospital. You treat her like she’s a child throwing a temper tantrum, not an equal.

And then we come to the money quote:

Like I said already, you should NOT hit women, not unless you want to end up in jail. But the principle still stands. Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps.

Let me repeat that last sentence for emphasis:

Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps.

He ends by suggesting that “far too many” female victims of domestic violence are

conniving, manipulative cunts who wear their men down for the gina tingles, then trick bystanders into squirting tears to their sob stories. They are slapped, punched, and kicked because they inflict emotional violence on their husbands and boyfriends, fueling a never-ending cycle of drama and pain. They are just as abusive and twisted as the thugs and jerks they get wet for.

They deserve each other.

No, Ferdinand, no one deserves you.

In the comments, JeremiahMRA manages to do Bardamu one better – by which I mean one worse.

The truth is that sometimes it’s best for a man to hit his woman to get her to behave, just like Sean Connery said. There are two main problems today: 1) Society has taught men to be ashamed for disciplining their women, and 2) Men with guns are always at the ready to take men away who dare discipline their women. So the actual effect of this is that women have become more abusive, more controlling, more crazy in relationships, because few men are willing to lay down the law with them. So they keep going on in their lives, entitled, never being called on their bullshit, never being disciplined like they need to be. Just as you must discipline a child, you must sometimes discipline a woman. When a man is not able to discipline his child, the child misbehaves, he loses control of the household, and he is not respected. The same happens when a man is not able to discipline his woman. Instead of just giving her a slap when she’s being ridiculous, you have to play fucking mind games nowadays, and they are never as effective. You have to remain the alpha male if you want her to respect you, and it is a pain in the ass to do that when you can’t smack her even when she KNOWS she’s being ridiculous. Just another example of politically correct “progressive” bullshit ruining the relationship between men and women and replacing the man as head of household with government intrusion into our lives.

Tomorrow, I will take a look at one of Bardamu’s unexpected defenders on Reddit.

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  1. Every now and then I let the laughable pickup tactics make me forget how hateful these people are.

  2. Didn’t we all learn “don’t hit” in Kindergarten? It wasn’t backed with “unless she mouths off to you.”

    I wonder if they’re in favor of hitting men who talk back to them, or if the thrill is in picking on someone they see as weaker.

  3. Uh… I’m pretty certain you can’t actually, in real life, outside of cartoons, destroy your bed by fucking, unless it was already broken and you fucking in it was the last straw that completely made it fall to the floor.

    And you know, if a woman has sex with a man who hit her that does NOT prove that abuse makes her horny. A more plausible explanation is that she’s trying to please him because she’s scared. Or it’s simply a case of rape, but the man doesn’t see it as such because his definition of rape includes “stranger in a dark alley”.

  4. “Didn’t we all learn “don’t hit” in Kindergarten? It wasn’t backed with “unless she mouths off to you.”

    Actions speak louder than words. The majority of mothers hit their kids as discipline.

  5. captainbathrobe

    Abuser logic! The abused are always responsible for their own abuse!


  6. Of course, the thrill is in weak-beating. That’s how they convince themselves it is not they, but “others”, who are weak.

    There are, of course, female hybristophiles… Laura Wood, I’m bettiing, is one. Ayn Rand and her worship of a murderer who had sawn a little girl in half is another. The secret agenda of such an hybristophile is that since she believes she herself is inherently “weak”, she wiill keep one of the “strong” by her, the way some pipsqueaks keep vicious dogs to terrorize other people, and are willing to accept that sometimes the dog will bite them. Because of the vicious nature of hybristophiles, they do end up hurting and destroying their “dogs”. Hybristophiles are a tiny percentage of women…or men. I’ve known two. But guys like this one probably help create them.

  7. Instead of just giving her a slap when she’s being ridiculous, you have to play fucking mind games nowadays, and they are never as effective.

    Shorter Jerimiah: talking about and working out problems like an adult is too hard!

  8. Farmers treat cows better the these guys treat other humans. But I guess I should be thankful for guys like this, the more they blog the more irrelevant the “movement” becomes.

  9. I don’t think the sex was bed-breaking because she was so into it, but because that’s how forceful he was.


  10. I see that the MRAs are still ignoring the fact that 44% of murdered women are killed by intimates. I know, I know, more men die every year from murder. That’s the true tragedy. How could I even spend a minute thinking about the fact that every day in America three women are killed by their partners? (I don’t suppose the MRAs would understand if I tried to talk about violence against transgender individuals with them, would they?)

  11. I hope TAB comes back to drop a pic to prove how totally right he is. That was classic.

  12. Uh… I’m pretty certain you can’t actually, in real life, outside of cartoons, destroy your bed by fucking, unless it was already broken and you fucking in it was the last straw that completely made it fall to the floor.

    Oh I do not know about that. According to David McCullough, Harry and Bess Truman broke a bed when he was President one time after the President returned from a trip.

  13. The constant references to “their women” and comparisons to disciplining misbehaving children make my stomach churn a little.

    Just in case there are any guys reading who are confused on this point: You do not have authority over the women you date/sleep with/marry. You do not own them, you do not have the right to “discipline” them, they are adults and not children. If you don’t like the way a woman behaves toward you, you are free to refrain from dating/sleeping with/marrying her, but making her feel “terrorized” in an attempt to control her behavior is ABUSE in the purest sense of the word.

  14. Most cases of “bed-breaking” mean (a) the wood frame either had dry rot, was meant to be a single, or both; or (b) the box spring got displaced and fell through the frame. Fornication is not necessary to either of the foregoing.

  15. There is so much wrong with this blatant advocacy for DV that I don’t know where to start. Truly horrifying.😦

  16. Holy fuck. Before today I thought I’d seen “politically correct” used as a pejorative by some pretty stupid people to defend some pretty repugnant shit. But this fucker is on a whole new level. He’s the Usain Bolt of hateful vomit-inducing arseholery.

    I mean, you can’t even slap your wife around these days. It’s political correctness gone mad.

  17. ^ ditto.

    if a man ever laid a hand on me (or a woman) I would take the appropriate self defense measures, not hop into bed with them. I have a theory that this is another reason they obsess over younger women with petite body types…easier to intimidate and physically abuse without retaliation and less likely to cause damage than if a woman their size or bigger actually fought back.

  18. The part where he praised child abuse is also very bad. He said (tw for child abuse)

    Ever wonder why spanking is the preferred form of corporal punishment for children? If the sole purpose of hitting a disobedient child is to inflict physical pain, why not just uppercut the little shit in the jaw (assume we lived in a society where physically beating your children was acceptable)? Or why not just smack the brat with a two by four plank of wood? Why go to all the effort of yanking his pants down and wearing your palm out on his dirty ass-cheeks? The answer is that corporal punishment isn’t merely about pain, it’s about humiliation.

    I hope he never becomes a parent if that’s how he feels about children.

    BTW, there are a lot of ways for parents to punish a child without resorting to corporal punishment. The time out is one of the most popular ways, but you can also take away privileges, or let someone face the natural consequences of bad decisions. I think that taking away the X-Box or TV is the most effective punishment in my home, even though my kids think it’s cruel. For an example of natural consequences, if your child won’t get ready in time for school, don’t make an excuse note for the teacher. Let the child get a tardy slip at school so they’ll learn that their parent won’t always smooth over things when they make mistakes. You don’t have to be a permissive pushover parent just because you are against spanking.

    As for disciplining a partner, though, that should never be necessary. If an adult doesn’t behave the way you like, then don’t date them. It’s easy as that.

  19. …but the MRM is nonviolent and respects women. Fuck, I wonder if there’s anything that can be done to help that woman.

  20. As usual, mras earn their nickname ‘abuser’s lobby’.

    These people shouldn’t be allowed near any woman. Or any child, for that matter, as they think violence and abuse against children are okay. Don’t beat anyone, don’t beat women, don’t beat kids.

  21. Well, that’s new, I’ve finally found a person out there whom I hate more than myself. How the fuck do these guys get off on this shit, I swear if I ever met that man in the street, I’d probably not be violent to him, but I would make every single effort to drill it into his mind just how horrid he is, and why.

  22. So, DV is okay because men and women are supposed to be equal! Sauce for the goose, good for the gander, etc! Yet simultaneously, DV is good because it’s inherently a reminder that the woman is weaker and “beneath” the (male) abuser. Also, women are to blame for being abused because they secretly want it, but also abuse is a ‘neg’ and in principle women should be abused until they are “terrorized”. Do I have that right?

    (Not that having logical consistency would improve the post – ugh, ugh, ugh – but I prefer to nitpick because how do you discuss the meat of a post with the thesis: Women should be abused? UGH.)

  23. Maybe hate is too strong a word, perhaps I should say this is a man who inspires anger in me, the likes of which my own incompetence in day to day affairs has never brought forth.

  24. I have never understood why they paint themselves as helpless unless they can beat on someone. Even beating and slapping children who misbehave is far less likely to lead to compliance unless we are talking about compliance-until-you-can-escape. It also does not make them respect you. The anger and disrespect might seem reduced, but that is only because abuse puts people in survival mode, which is basically on the very lowest tier of the hierarchy of needs.

    My parents physically and emotionally abused me. Their behavior made me disgusted at them once I could get away from it, but when I was in it, I rationalized it by telling myself that they weren’t sexually abusing me or breaking bones and besides, I had clothing, a bed and got regular meals. The LEAST I could do was endure my mom’s irrational anger and spankings. She made sure to tell me detailed horror stories about how much worse foster care would be to drive home the point.

    In order to survive, I learned to manipulate and gaslight my mom because she was constantly doing the same to our family and threatening to kick us out for things like talking in a snotty tone at ten years of age or hitting us with a solid wood paddle on the butt when we would not comply with how she viewed reality.

    Abuse may make the abuser happy, but all the rest is bullshit. If you were really tired of your bitchy manipulative girlfriend, you would simply get your ducks in a row and get the hell out. There is no good justification for abusing someone else.

  25. @aworldanonymous, that you find this asshat’s words disgusting proves that you don’t deserve to be hated by anyone, especially yourself. From what I’ve read here, you’re quite a good person. Everyone has periods of time where they aren’t satisfied with themselves, but try to think of yourself in more positive terms.

    You’re not like those guys. At all.

  26. What really shocks me is actually the apparent values behind this reasoning and Roissy’s the other day: getting laid is so important that if you need to turn yourself into an awful person to do so, do it. (Of course, that’s not true, but they claim it is.) I mean, if I had to chose to go through life a virgin or become an abuser, I’d chose virginity.

    Of course, it all makes sense when you realize they want to abuse women and then they rationalize that women want to be abused… which makes the “hamster” just part and parcel of the MRM’s gold medal in projection.

  27. First of all, @aworld, it sucks to feel bad about yourself. If you want my opinion, you have nothing to feel bad about! You seem cool and interesting and I like reading your comments. I know sometimes hearing that doesn’t help, because I feel pretty bad about myself most of the time too, but I just thought I’d throw in my two cents.

    Okay. Second of all. Women and children are not possessions, they are people. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is despicable.

  28. That crap about spanking was weird. There is a lot of evidence that spanking just fucks kids up and that any obedience that results is short term or conditional. SO basically it doesn’t even work on kids, why praise it at all as a model to modify adult behavior?

  29. Thanks to everyone who’s offering consolation, I’m hoping to get my anti-depressants changed, so hopefully that’ll help me feel better about myself.

    Also @Nanasha, hugs if you want them, nobody should have to be put through that in any stage of their lives, let alone childhood.

  30. @aworldanon

    My parents convinced me that how they treated me was normal and good. I think that is what really fucked me up for the longest time. I was shown and told about all the far worse abusive parents who burned their kids with cigarettes or got violently drunk or raped them or locked them in cages and forced them to drink their own urine. In comparison, I saw the abuse I endured as being acceptable or even preferable to the stated alternative.

    That is one of the facets of abuse that is rarely addressed. Many abuse victims breathe a sigh of relief when they escape a more abusive situation and will accept a less abusive but still abusive situation and feel that they are “lucky” because they have no non-abuaive frame of reference.

    Which is why I dated a guy who forced me to do humiliating and unwanted sex stuff. Because he let me hang out at his house and escape. And besides whenever he disn’t have an erection, we would just laze around and eat tasty food and watch anime. I felt that enduring unpleasant sex stuff that mostly did not hurt was an acceptable price.

  31. Way to take massive shit all over DV victims Noms, you bullying little coward.

    Anyone else feel this warrants a banning? Because I sure fucking do.

  32. TIL that beating up people you think are smaller, weaker, more vulnerable, and less intelligent isn’t gross, it’s honorable.

    Also, women are stupider than men but regularly out-think them and use Emotional Terrorism. Remember: upsetting someone LARGER than you is WRONG, but BEATING someone SMALLER than you is RIGHT. Especially if you beat them because they’re smarter than you and using it against you.

    Because BIOTRUTH.

  33. Monsieur sans Nom

    I am not MOCKING DV victims, Dracula. I am being provocative though as usual!😉

  34. ESAD, Nom.

  35. Seriously, banning. I’m tired of this little shit smear using us for his attention fix.

  36. I agree with the ban… or at least moderation. MSN is just in it for the to hurt people, and he isn’t even consistently entertaining. Annoying, yes.

  37. I am not MOCKING DV victims, Dracula. I am being provocative though as usual!😉


    Seriously, why? What do you get out of this? What is it you hope to accomplish by spending your days seeing if you can vaguely annoy or hurt strangers on the internet? How is it possible that you can’t find anything better to do with your time?

  38. Nom, you’re not provocative. That implies a challenge to established thinking. What you are being is a childish little twit begging for adult attention. Sod off. Adults are talking here.

  39. MSN, fuck off. That was completely and totally over the line.

    Apologize for existing, you little shit.

  40. I’m also on the Bannination Express.

  41. Most cases of “bed-breaking” mean (a) the wood frame either had dry rot, was meant to be a single, or both; or (b) the box spring got displaced and fell through the frame. Fornication is not necessary to either of the foregoing.

    Certainly isn’t, when I was a little kid my brother and I decided to use our parents’ bed as a trampoline and caused the box spring to fall through the frame. I believe we lost TV privileges for a couple weeks for that.

  42. Monsieur sans Nom

    That video really isn’t about domestic violence, it’s about S&M. Chill out.

  43. *patiently waits for trolls to claim “but he isn’t ADVOCATING abuse! Just noting an observation!”*

    Also, this

    I am not MOCKING DV victims, Dracula. I am being provocative though as usual!

    Ha, no. You’re being an attention-seeking piece of shit. As per usual.

  44. MSN, you’re not provocative. You’re a tedious asshole with delusions of grandeur.

  45. howardbann1ster

    MSN admitted the other day that he was in it for the lulz. Pointing to our lack of commenting on his “Rale kewl” octopus video as why he would continue to troll the site. (combining victim-blaming with an admission of a near-pathological need for our attention)

    So I’d go for a ban.

  46. Delusions of adequacy, actually cloudiah.

  47. MSN has never even said anything amusingly stupid. Show him the door.

  48. School starts in two weeks. Nom will go away on his own then; he’ll be busy with Intro to Algebra.

  49. Good point, Bostonian.

  50. @ MSN- Remember on the other thread I talked to you about how there is some humour that is just like that asshole kid in class that sneaks up behind you, punches you in the kidney, and then laughs at your crumpled body because your pain amuses him? That’s the kind of joke you just made. People use the word provocative when they mean thought provoking, not provoked feelings of hurt and anger because they find other people’s pain funny.

  51. MSN: No, that excuse doesn’t fly. I love BDSM but I wouldn’t inject that into a discussion on DV because it’s not appropriate and is hurtful.

  52. I’ve removed the video MSN posted, which was wildly inappropriate in this discussion.

    MSN is going on permanent moderation for posting the video and for generally being an asshole.

  53. Cool, thanks.

  54. Oh, thank god.

    Of course, NWO being on permanent moderation doesn’t mean we don’t have to put up with his whining.

    Ooooh I said a bad word

  55. “The constant references to ‘their women’ and comparisons to disciplining misbehaving children make my stomach churn a little.”

    Somebody ought to let these guys know that the burden on them isn’t as huge as they think it is. Even granting the proposition that women sometimes behave badly, it doesn’t follow from that that men are responsible for women’s bad behavior. They aren’t obligated to notice it or react to it or to aid and abet it or to fix it or correct it. If you are dating or seeing a woman, and if you’re a man, and if the woman is acting in some actually blameworthy way, your best move is to distance yourself from that, not to entangle yourself in it further by smacking her around. (Which will only work to propagate drama, not reduce it.) Your lady friend’s problems are her problems, not yours, unless you invite yourself into them by attacking her. That’s the point at which you’ve given her a basis to start pointing the finger at you. Not the smartest set of tactics, to my way of thinking.

    No woman should ever have to make the observation I just made. Men should let other men know these things. But what you mostly see in the manosphere is a bunch of male display, chest-thumping, foot-stomping, that stuff. I expect that most of the guys who read it read it for entertainment and don’t take it seriously as advice. I hope so, at any rate, because as advice it’s pretty sucky.

  56. Well om Nom did something naighty, if I can see the responses to his shitlording but not what incited it.

    Speaking as someone else who suffered childhood abuse… You have roughly a fifty fifty chance of gaining anything more than seeming compliance. And God help you if you end up with a particularly strong willed child.

    The only reason I stayed in my parents house was because I knew there was no hope of surviving on my own. I had one guy try to raise his hand to me as an adult. I told him that it would end one of two ways if he didn’t do it right the first time. Either I would pick myself up and hed have four generations of feminine rage coming right back at him (all the women in my family having been abused as children and a couple as adults). Or I’d call the cops. Either way, he better start packing, because as an adult I don’t have to put up with that bullshit and I won’t.

  57. Sorry to come back in so late. Just wanted to offer hugs to aworldanon. God but that state of mind hurts. I ought to take my own advice sometimes really – luckily I have wonderful friends to help me – but please understand how clear it is that you are at least decent enough to know what a jerk Bardamu is, clever enough to make insightful and original remarks and conscientious enough that you care when you make mistakes. You deserve the same respect and love from yourself and from others as anyone does.

    And Nanasha, I’m glad you managed to fight back. No-one should ever have to go through that. Hugs to you.

  58. @Pillowinhell: He posted the music video to Mellencamp’s “Hurt So Good.”

    So, you know, not terribly egregious when the subject is not domestic violence, but pretty damn far beyond the pale when it is.

  59. Surprisingly,* Monsieur Sans Nom is a giant bag of dicks.

    *What’s the opposite of this word, again?

  60. The conflation of discipline with punishment is common in our society.
    When I was abused as a child it was supposed to teach me discipline, or so said the adults who beat me.
    Instead, it taught me to think the same thing these abusers think. If someone smaller or weaker than you does something you do not like you are entitled to punish them the same way you were punished.
    When I learned the difference between discipline and punishment it was an epiphany that changed my life, and my children’s lives.

    I can only hope that these men are either incarcerated or learn that important lesson before they do more harm than they already have.
    This past Saturday, in my neighborhood, a young woman took action against the two men who practiced this kind of beat you before they rape you “discipline” on her. She shot them.

  61. You are a good obedient mangina, when the system collapse these strong and independant women on your blog will be there to help. I guess your blog ist popular. Only 61 comments after ban MSN, not much

  62. “I swear if I ever met that man in the street, I’d probably not be violent to him, but I would make every single effort to drill it into his mind just how horrid he is, and why.”

    That’s a very bad idea. He can have you charged with assault which doesn’t require any bodily harm like battery. Aggressively yelling in someone’s face is assault under the law.
    Or suppose he just smacks you and claims you assaulted him and has you arrested? Or yu may get some real violent person who sticks a knive in you.
    It’s best to avoid any sort of confrontation or argument on the street for your own safety.

  63. Er, lawgirl, no. Assault is the threat of imminent violence with the apparent ability to carry it out. All the same, unless it’s necessary to intervene to save a third party from mean people or nuts people, it’s better not to attract their attention.

    I would point out that the camera and recording devices available on many cell phones these days can be most useful.

  64. @justaloser

    What? Try being coherent.

  65. @Aworldanonymous and Nanasha,❤ to you both. I admire the both of you from what i've read of you and how you handle yourselves.

  66. justaloser, I think we’ll manage to carry on without MSN’s brand of stupid. You’re here, but I thought you were done with this place.

  67. I would point out that the camera and recording devices available on many cell phones these days can be most useful.

    It may or may not be admissible as evidence. Perhaps some security cam that recorded the whole thing and was running before and after but some cell phone grab which may not have recorded everything is not. And these cell videos usually just show pieces and after some commotion is in progress not what led up to it because people wouldn’t have realised something was going on and ccaptured it until it was well underway.
    Yelling in someone’s face and invading their personal space is assault. Someone who is that close and behaving aggressively is a threat. Being in someone’s space when it can’t be avoided and acting normally is a different matter and of course not a crime.

  68. This past Saturday, in my neighborhood, a young woman took action against the two men who practiced this kind of beat you before they rape you “discipline” on her. She shot them.

    It’s better to just call the cops if you can.When someone gets shot there’s going to be an investigation and even if you’re right you’ll waste a lot of time and aggravation.
    She may even end up being arrested herself.

  69. Thank you so much for telling me that. I would never have effing known that it was better to call the cops than to be beaten and raped for years.
    She was arrested. She did not know much about guns and thought the revolver would have six shots. The last one for her. It had five, of course.

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