Meet the Kittens 4: Kittens in motion (barely)

I am sensing from the comments to my earlier post today that what everyone really needs right now is videos of adorable animals. So here are my kittens in action (well, awake, anyway).

In this video, Professor Murder, aka Pantz, wakes up her sister; cuteness ensues. Sorry about the poor image quality, but I think the cuteness shines through anyway.

Consider this an Open Cute Thread.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. awesome, shade!

    we will convert everyone to catdom eventually

    i hope this makes the MRAs irrationally angry and they attempt to make a bunch of shitty cat-based insults, because i love it when they do that

  2. thebionicmommy

    I switched my gravatar but my old didn’t work either. Let’s see if I can be a kitty, too. *crosses fingers*

  3. thebionicmommy

    Darn it, gravatar has foiled me again.

  4. thebionicmommy

    Wait, my kitty gravatar worked at Cloudiah’s site but not here. What gives?
    *throws up hands in exasperation*

  5. tbm, try clearing your browser’s cache. I am seeing you as a pretty purple-ish kitty!

  6. thebionicmommy

    Oh wait, there it is! Thank you for fixing my Internet, Cloudiah!


  7. Let’s see if this works…

  8. Huzzah! Kitty domination continues!

  9. The only thing better than mocking misogyny is mocking misogyny with KITTIES.

  10. yesssss two more :3

    welcome to cat land, please keep your paws and tails inside the car at all times

  11. and another one! your cat looks sort of like tom from tom and jerry, gametime

  12. I bopped over here to show off my kitty.

  13. It’s MBZ: the Kittening!

  14. I want to make the Comments bar all kittehs!

  15. They are all cute but I like Kendra’s the best.

    (I keep meaning to ask: Do you like Kendra or Bionicmommy? Or do you not have a preference?)

  16. thebionicmommy

    Everyone must be kittyfied. Resistance is Futrelle.

  17. thebionicmommy

    @Katz, I don’t care either way. For whatever reason, wordpress keeps changing my name back and forth. ??? At least the names are similar enough that it doesn’t look like I’m sockpuppeting.

  18. How do we get David to be a kitty?

  19. OK, I wanted to use Kendra because it’s shorter but I wasn’t sure if you’d stopped using it because you didn’t want your name on the internet.

  20. I want a kitty avatar!

  21. thebionicmommy

    Nope, go for it and use Kendra. That’s fine by me.

    Yeah, all the avatars on this page are kitties! We are winning the revolution, one gravatar image at a time!

  22. So many kittehs!


    fembot, you’ll be a kitteh soon

    My first thought was of this creepy Neil Diamond song:

    Dear all love songs sung by adult men with lyrics like “young girl” and “she’s only sweet sixteen” or whatever-the-heck else, you are gross.

  23. I can has kitteh avatar? (That is a pretty accurate representation of my Barlow cat. His eyes are *always* like that).

  24. movablebooklady

    I lurk, but kitty avatars haz lured me out.

  25. Ahhh… kittehs. Nice relief from a morning of stupid.

    I thought it was going to be an alright day.. then my mother started complaining about the people next door, again.

    And then there was something on the radio that made my brain just go “nuuuhhwhaaa” – a woman complaining that people today are getting more stupid (it was a segment about drug use, specifically cannabis) and are lacking in “logic and reason”… she was from the Daily freakin’ Mail.

    But kittehs.. kittehs. o.o

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