Man Boobzers Join the Poster Revolution Against Misandry and Mean Ladies!

One of Cliff Pervocracy’s outstanding contributions.

As I noted in my last post, the gang over at A Voice for Men have launched a veritable POSTER REVOLUTION against the evil gynocracy, by which I mean a couple of dudes have designed some posters and a couple other dudes have put some of them up.

Much like the web site they represent, these posters are dumb and ugly and incoherently angry. Feeling generous, some Man Boobzers have designed some more posters for them to use, trying their best to capture the unique qualities that make A Voice for Men posters so, well, special. Cloudiah has collected them together on her hilarious blog Artistry For Feminism. And Kittens. Check them out!

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. I’ve hit the big time! 😉

  2. Those are effing hilarious. The Orlando Bloom was is my favorite. Enter caption 3 here. LOL!!!! 😀

  3. fembot, I added your meme! Hilarious.

  4. No, no, no. The posters here drive traffic to *their* site. Drive traffic to *manboobz*. Change the urls on the posters and make the messages clearly pro-feminist. You’re shooting yourselves in the feet for crying out loud.

  5. Au contraire, A Voice For Men is the MRM’s best advertisement. Unfortunately for them.

  6. @speedlines, pfft, okay, as you were. I still say you’re drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die, though. Good luck.

  7. All the URLs point to except for one that points to the Pervocracy blog. ???

  8. @cloudiah: I saw a few that refer to “”, and no one will understand those without much contextual assistance imho. A few refer to ‘a voice for men’; one tells people to google a voice for men, (!!!!!!!!!!). Look at the one with the happy-faced Sharon Osborne; that one could’ve come from Paul Elam himself.

    Didn’t see *one* that had a manboobz url or even an effective and catchy message that would A) drive traffic to manboobz, or B) clearly destroy the message of Not one.

    I hope you don’t mind constructive criticism, because I’m really not trying to throw a wet blanket on your efforts. I just looked at the website ratings for manboobz and compared them to top MRM sites and found manboobz to be falling behind. Fix this.

  9. p00kah, I’m pretty sure these posters aren’t going to be, uh, printed out and plastered up around town. In fact… is anyone who doesn’t already know they’re satire going to see them? Considering the context they appear in on cloudiah’s blog, and all.

  10. Well, I can’t fix anything on the Man Boobz site, but I think David is doing a fine job with that. Since only a very few people visit my blog, I really doubt I am to blame IF is falling behind MRM sites on clicks.

    On my blog, at least with the last post, the links that count (i.e. that are embedded in the blog, that Google can “see”) are to or to the Pervocracy blog. The “links” on the posters are not links that any browser can interpret, since they are hidden within .jpg or .gif files. That is, no one can click on them so search engines don’t count them. All of the clickable links on that post are to pro-feminist sites.

    And yeah, the Sharon Osbourne one is so completely ridiculous that if you think it could have come from Paul Elam himself… Well, I’m not really sure where you are coming from.

  11. I’ve written on my cats with a sharpie, so that should drive more traffic here, at least from people in my apartment.

  12. Ah, got it. Complaining and patting yourselves on the backs isn’t going to cut it for too much longer imho. Guys I know are quickly adopting MRM and PUA attitudes and positions, and also in lieu of the web traffic stats, it seems to me that you’re quickly losing your ideological propriety.

    LOL, this reminds me of the conventional heterosexual relationship psychobabble which says that women just want their feelings to be validated and men err when actually trying to fix the problems…

    Oh well, cheers to tragic comedies!

  13. So, it’s Pell time already?

  14. That was the weirdest concern troll I’ve ever seen.

  15. They forgot to mention that Cloudiah hasn’t even registered the domain name for Such a grievous oversight should not be ignored.

  16. I’ve been busy. I will have to register tomorrow.

  17. @speedlines: I work at a college and grade a lot of papers. It used to be the guy who said stuff about men’s rights was the lone right wing weirdo everyone shot incredulous glances at. More and more, I’m seeing papers that echo MRM positions and attitudes. More and more, the guys who talk about misandry are getting thoughtful and approving nods. If you think I’m a “troll”, you better pull your head out of wherever you have it stuffed and wake up.

  18. p00kah, I’m pretty sure you are making that up.

  19. Oh no, a few college students are spouting incredibly stupid ideas, this is clearly the sign of an ideological revolution and not at all just what happens at every college in the world.

    (Also, I’m pretty sure the fact that MRM sites get more traffic than a single site mocking those sites doesn’t actually mean they’re gaining influence. They’d have to be overtaking prominent feminist blogs for that to be even remotely credible.)

  20. Yes, it is indeed Pell time.

  21. pookah is the very model of the modern concern troll!

    say hello to everyone at avfm for us!

  22. Lurkers agree with me by email guyz.

  23. @cloudiah: Well, I’d like to believe a lot of things too. I’ll see what I can do to help your cause, but I’m disappointed by what I’ve seen here. Perhaps the student who referred me here might have the time and knowledge to start a real anti-MRM site, because I sure don’t.

  24. P00kah, I work in my apartment and grade a lot of trolls, and I’m going to give you a “c.”

  25. @p00kah, you should definitely start your own blog. I’d love to mock it.

  26. Thank you for including me, Cloudiah. I am honored. 🙂

    LOL. This has to become a real thing.

  27. Beautiful. You guys rock🙂

  28. Well, good luck to you all. You’re going to need it from the sound of things.

  29. Well, good luck to you all. You’re going to need it from the sound of things.


    I think we’ll be just fine.

  30. I like this one already.

  31. Wut is going on even…This is like concern trolling x10

  32. Just to ease Pellpookah’s anxiety I am totally going to start a serious anti-MRM blog tomorrow. It will be moderated by my cat.*

    *Please note that moderation will consist mostly of whiny requests for laser toy playtime.

  33. creativewritingstudent

    I had to laugh at the anecdote about the R*n P**l supporter. Genius move, that.

    At least the MRM know to put actual links on their posters.😛

  34. The Hilary Clinton one is hilarious. So many exclamation marks.😄

  35. This thread has a high troll-hilarity to amount-of-comment ratio. Nice.

  36. Asking gay people to help overthrow feminism is pretty funny. “Just don’t gay up the place.” LOL

  37. P00Pell:

    1) We don’t consider Manboobz a serious social movement that requires outreach; it’s just a mockery website, not like The Face of Feminism

    2) Those posters are not a serious promotional effort

    3) Those posters aren’t going to be printed out or posted anywhere

    4) When I tell people in the real world about Manboobz, I always have to explain what a MRA is, because they’ve never heard the term before.

  38. @Cliff Pervocracy, regarding #4: right??? I wonder if Pookie makes the next logical step in hir head: a site mocking something is going to get more traffic the more people know about the thing being mocked. Otherwise, no one gets the joke and then you have to explaaaiiiin the premise and it’s like then the joke isn’t funny anymore…basically this site is kind of like, jokes for the balcony.

  39. …I wonder if, since opposition to feminism is the defining characteristic of MRAs, p00kie thinks opposition to MRAs is the most important part of feminism? That would make Manboobz a very important site indeed, and under-promotion of Manboobz really would signify a failure of feminism.

    Fortunately that is EXTREMELY Not How It Works.

  40. Oh p00’pell, why’d you have to turn a perfectly cromulent concern troll into one of your Alpha Man delusions. Next you’ll be an astronaut geneticist with a ton of MRA brosephs…

  41. Pookah, that’s funny because guys I know are deriving tons of self esteem from the MRM the more they look into them, and laugh their asses off, and then get concerned and pissed off… and then start laughing again.

    I can think of four guys quickly without even trying, in my own life that have realized how not mentally diseased they are by comparison.. A couple of my male friends love that I go to manboobz, and when I’m feeling down, I’ve had two of them say “HEY what’s on manboobZ, you should go check that out!”

    We’re all quite happy with it.

  42. I have never posted before cause I’m not half-way as clever as to come up with the brilliant things you do (seriously, that Orlando Bloom poster is incredibly hilarious in its deliberate badness), but even I know that those posters are supposed to be mockery and not actual activism.

    Not that it is too hard to figure it out, since all it took was to actually read the post (the first sentence of it anyway) and then click on that link and… well, read that.
    I didn’t realize that this was such a hard feat for college professors, but apparently it is.

  43. I want to know where this school is that has lots of dudes deciding to write about the MRM is praiseworthy tomes.

  44. I kind of hope some of those posters do get printed out and posted. Someone should film people’s reactions.

  45. Also, I’ve had over 1000 views since yesterday. Previous 2-day high? 47. It must be all that traffic from AVfM. 😉

  46. Is p00kah negging us? Zie’s all like, youse guys are waaaaaay behind these fringe sites where straight, cis white men go to complain about teh bit chuz, and we’re supposed to be like, OH PLEASE TELL US HOW TO SUCK YOUR DICK INCREASE OUR TRAFFIC.

    Oh, I know, we’ve got a troll who works in SEO, let’s ask him!

    But seriously, what the fuck? p00kah was a weird experience.

  47. Bravo, Cloudiah! I’m getting a huge kick out the posters over at your site. Congrats to everyone who did all those.

  48. thebewilderness

    P00kah is one of the best examples excruciating ignorance of the concern trolls that show up on feminist blogs that I have ever seen, and I have seen more than my share.
    1, you made a mistake
    2, I hope you don’t mind criticism
    3, I’m just trying to help
    4, you are doing it wrong
    5, if you won’t take my advice you will lose
    6, flounce

    If the concern troll is dedicated we may see
    7, return to set the record straight
    8, repeat flounce
    rinse and repeat

  49. thebewilderness

    The posters are excellent!

  50. @Pecunium, sadly, I think they probably are a lot more common than folks might think – heck, at a lot of colleges there’s still a lot of the victim-blamey “anti-rape” type of presentation given – I know I remember mine pretty well, and it wasn’t THAT long ago. It’s not too out there for dudes to have opinions that are along MRA lines when you have politicians saying stuff that isn’t too far from their “activism” and “rape prevention” folks basically feeding into the rape apologia the MRM espouses. Granted, I went to a predominantly conservative private Christian college, but I know even at larger, secular more traditionally “liberal” universities like the one at which I currently work, even when we’ve got brilliant, wonderful folks working to give students a better understanding of what rape is and how to prevent it (via calling out a culture that encourages rape or brushes it off as nothing, rather than giving out reasons to blame the victims) we’ll still have student’s who’ll say in the face of damning statistics “are you sure those are accurate? Hmm. Are you saying all men are rapists?”

    It’s unlikely these guys are getting their opinions from MRAs considering there are plenty more Reprehensible Akins both in the government and in plenty of other high profile private sector positions and it seems like MRM sites are sorta the Isla de Muerta of the internet – ya gotta be digging REAL deep to find that shit. I don’t see the way conversation about gender issues can be so far skewed as indicative of any gains the MRM has made, rather, it’s just indicative of a whole culture of victim blaming we still need to dismantle.

    That said, whining that mockery of these dudes just isn’t doing enough to dismantle their movement is hardly constructive either. I don’t see pookah rushing off to create “better”* posters that will drive traffic to David’s site.

    *Not sure really how you could make those posters better, I’m still giggling about the last one.

  51. Yeah, I forgot to say earlier, the posters are excellent.

    Are those oranges on the Legolas poster? Because it looked more like a pumpkin to me.

  52. Y’all are awesome.

    Now I have this stuck in my head.

  53. I only know that song because of Seinfeld. 🙂

  54. ostara: I’ve been back to school recently (the GI bill is my friend) and my previous partner was going to school (undergrad and grad) for all the time we were together.

    So I’ve got a pretty good sense of things; at least in Calif. Yes, there is a lot of congruence.

    But I’m not seeing papers about it. My ethics class had nothing like it. My critical thinking class didn’t have anyone try to bring it up.

    It didn’t come up in my cultural anthro classes (and we had someone do an observation of speed dating).

    Pookhie was telling us that I’m seeing papers that echo MRM positions and attitudes. More and more, the guys who talk about misandry are getting thoughtful and approving nods.

    And while I’m willing to stipulate they exist, I’m not buying the increase. I suspect confrimation bias, and a bit of hopeful interpretation.

  55. Just to ease Pellpookah’s anxiety I am totally going to start a serious anti-MRM blog tomorrow. It will be moderated by my cat.*

    Hey, I know a cat who blogs.

  56. Granted, she gets a lot of help from her people…

  57. So, I’m just learning about this MRA shit – my question is, what do they think of gay men? It appears that this group is all about sexual frustration of the hetero variety – so, if they were gay, all their issues would be invalidated.

  58. P00kah

    A nod of approval sounds vaguely plausible, since people don’t usually nod their heads when they disagree with something, but I have to say that I’m sceptical about the word ‘thoughtful’ in this context. How can you distinguish them from people nodding thoughtlessly?

    In fact I’ll go beyond scepticism and note that it’s simply an attempt to suggest that the people nodding have brains notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary given that they are apparently agreeing to manifest bullshit…

  59. David I am VERY CONCERNED by the dirth of knitting-themed posts ’round these parts. And Cloudiah, I’m seeing a lot of Artistry for Feminism, and not a lot of hints for beginner cooks.

    I’m just saying, you guys can do whatever you want. As long as you don’t care that THE ENEMY WILL WIN AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT.

  60. Viscaria:

    I am perfectly capable of creating knitting-themed derails if you want more of that🙂

  61. To be fair, it’s possible Pookah is a gender studies professor, because I imagine the subject would come up more in a class like that (at least, it would be more on topic) but papers, you’re probably right that there isn’t an increase in most courses (if any). But I don’t think that there’s a shortage of hateful dudebros who repeat misogynist memes at any college, unfortunately. I mean, heck, I remember there being a shitstorm a few years back about some dude ranting in I think the Johns Hopkins University newspaper about the supposed dearth of fuckable hotties or whatnot. That’s why I guess I should say I wouldn’t be surprised if an increase in MRA-ish papers were the case, but yes, the Tom Martins of the world who spend entire semesters whimpering about hard chairs are probably still pretty rare. Not to mention, I feel that’d be hard to measure anyway.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m cynical, or because I’m from a conservative background but anymore my general reaction to people saying “people are writing and saying and doing these horrible things!” is kinda “Shit, that’s awful, but doesn’t surprise me.” So an increase in MRA papers? Unlikely, but yeah, wouldn’t surprise me. Still, I don’t think anybody who isn’t a troll is silly enough to expect ONE person to singlehandedly shut down every MRA website out there.

    Even if all of pookah’s claims were true, I don’t expect David to be able to derail the entire MRM anymore than I’d expect any other sole feminist blogger to singlehandedly dismantle the rape culture or singlehandedly close the wage gap once and for all. I’d expect that’s why there’s more than one feminist blogger. And it seems redundant, again, to anyone who isn’t a troll, but just because someone might be fighting against something doesn’t mean they can’t take time to make some laughs every once in a while. Pookah seems to be under the impression that the only thing ANY feminist bloggers do is mock MRAs. Which, admittedly is fun, and admittedly most of what happens here, but is an assumption anyone who’d perused the feminist blog-o-sphere could disprove and is definitely something I’d expect a gender studies professor to know.

    That’s my general beef with concern trolls. Even if they ARE as concerned as they say they are and their concerns ARE totally valid, they’re generally not really doing anything with their “concern” other than derailing the conversation (at best).

  62. My response to this concern troll is to dredge up an old Owly faux pas:

    Snarking: It’s what I do with my lunch hour.

  63. So where is everyone getting these kitty avatars from?

  64. Kittehs as far as the eye can see!

  65. Am I a kitteh yet?

  66. It would appear so.

  67. You’re a pretty kitty.

  68. Kitteh kitteh! The transformation is complete. Thank you Cloudiah. I give you nose kisses.

  69. I give you head skritches.

  70. I should think a catvatar would be the opposite of an a(n)vatar.

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