Ann Barnhardt, contemporary anti-suffragette: “As soon as the 19th amendment was passed, men were effectively castrated, and in many, many cases disenfranchised by their wives.”

Birth of a suffragette

As election day draws ever nearer – at least for those of us here in the States – I thought I’d devote a couple of posts to some of those who think that half of us should be prevented from casting our votes this November. I think you can probably guess which half.

The strangest thing to me about those who still think that Women’s Suffrage was a bad idea – aside from the fact that they exist at all – is that some of them are women.

Consider the strange case of Ann Barnhardt.

A right-wing blogger and the  founder of a now-shuttered commodities brokerage, Barnhardt has very strong opinions about a lot of things, including Presidential politics, and is not shy about sharing them. Indeed, when she went all Galt and shut down Barnhardt Capital Management last year, she declared:

I will not, under any circumstance, consider reforming and re-opening Barnhardt Capital Management, or any other iteration of a brokerage business, until Barack Obama has been removed from office AND the government of the United States has been sufficiently reformed and repopulated so as to engender my total and complete confidence in the government, its adherence to and enforcement of the rule of law, and in its competent and just regulatory oversight of any commodities markets that may reform.

(For the rest of her explanation, see here.)

Despite her strong political convictions, Barnhardt also believes, apparently with equal conviction, that she should not be able to express her opinions through the ballot box.

In a couple of posts she calls “Permanently Disqualified From Everything,” she presents her case against Women’s Suffrage.

Do you know when things really started to go – literally – to hell in this country? When women were given the right to vote seperate and apart from their husbands. What a flipping disaster. This is when the war against marriage and the family began in earnest – and it has taken less than 100 years for both institutions to be almost completely destroyed. And it all started with the damn suffrage.

Just a quick note: When most people say “literally” they don’t literally mean “literally.” When Barnhardt uses the word, she means it. She thinks Suffrage is literally pushing our country closer to H-E-doublehockeysticks. You know, THE Hell, with the heat and the fire and the brimstone and Satan and all of that. More on this in a moment.

In the meantime, she explains just what is so awful about women having the right to vote:

Here’s the deal. Up until women’s suffrage, a man was the head of his marriage and his household, and his vote represented not just himself but his entire family, including his wife and his children. When men voted, they were conscious of the fact that they were voting not just for themselves and their own personal interests, but they were also charged with the responsibility of discerning and making the ultimate decision about what was in the best interests of their entire family. Wow. Isn’t that nuts? Men being . . . responsible?

Boy, life must have been idyllic back when women couldn’t vote and men were proper patriarchs.

As soon as the 19th amendment was passed, men were effectively castrated, and in many, many cases disenfranchised by their wives.

Hey, at least she didn’t say “literally castrated.”

No longer was the man the head of the household. No longer was he responsible for his wife. Now the wife was a “co-husband” at best, or a flat-out adversary at worst. The notion of a man making the final decision about what was best for his wife and family per his God-given vocation as husband and father was now over. Now all he was good for was bringing home the bacon – but even that wouldn’t last.

None for me, thanks!

If men can’t lord it over women, they have no value except as providers of money?

Oh, but she’s just getting started with the God stuff. See who makes an appearance in this next bit. Could it be … Satan?

Women are made with a healthy, innate desire to be provided for and protected. …

Satan has used this healthy feminine dynamic, perverted by suffrage, to systematically replace men with the government as the providers in society.

Apparently Barnhardt thinks that she’s the only woman who works.

A woman no longer has any need of a man. Marriage no longer serves any practical purpose. A woman can whore around and have as many fatherless children as she pleases, and Pimp Daddy Government will always be there to provide.

… a tiny amount of money to keep the kids from literally going hungry.

Men have learned well from this, too. Men can also slut it up to their heart’s content knowing that the government will take care of their “women” and raise their children for them.

You know, it’s entirely possible for men, women and others to “slut it up” without any babies being produced at all. (Email me for details.)

I believe that the 19th amendment actually DISenfranchised more people than it enfranchised. Many, many married couples quickly found themselves voting against one another. The man would tend to vote for the more conservative platform, and the woman would vote for the more socialist platform. When this happened, the effective result was the nullification of BOTH individuals’ votes.

Disagreement is not the same as disenfranchisement. Using Barnhardt’s logic, you could argue that in most elections the overwhelming majority of votes “cancel each other out,” and thus are “nullified” in this fashion. Indeed, following the logic to its natural conclusion, the only elections in which most votes “count” would be elections in totalitarian countries in which the dude in charge gets 99% of the vote. Most of us are glad when our vote cancels out the vote of someone whose views we abhor.

What this did was massively reduce the voting influence of the married household, and magnify the voting influence of the unmarried – and the unmarried tend to be younger, and thus more stupid, and thus vote for big government. It was all part of the plan, kids. All part of the plan.

“The plan?” How can a conspiracy theory that makes no damn sense in the first place have been someone’s devious plan nearly a century ago?

I would give up my vote in a HEARTBEAT if it meant that right-ordered marriage, family and sexuality was restored to our culture. I would rather that my little female namesakes grow up in a world where they did not have the right to vote, but were treated with dignity and respect, were addressed as “ma’am”, had doors held for them, and wherein men stood up when they entered the room. … Oh, HELL yes. I’ll give up my vote in exchange for that any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Why wouldn’t you?

Because that’s a ridiculous imaginary choice? I too would happily give up my vote if the world were suddenly transformed to match my political and social fantasies. Heck, I would give up all my future wages if someone gave me a bazillion dollars right now. I’d give up my 14-year-old TV for a gigantic new flatscreen HDTV.

But that’s not how the world works. So I’m hanging on to my vote for now, and would encourage everyone else to hang on to theirs as well. Except maybe Ann Barnhardt, who doesn’t seem to appreciate hers.

For no good reason, here’s a great old song by Paul McCartney that mentions suffragettes (though, frankly, the lyrics don’t make much sense at all).

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Owly just hates everyone not-Owly, it seems.

  2. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Stonecipher – yeah, but have you ever been on a bus where the dunny overflowed? I have, on an overnight trip.

  3. Kittehs Help…maybe you and stonecipher were on the same bus😀

  4. *does the ‘Late To The Party’ dance*

    So here’s a series of covers a British men’s magazine ran for their ‘Man Of The Year’ awards: one of these things is not like the other and oh surprise it’s the one that’s coded female

    My first ‘history is cool’ moment was visiting the Occupation Museum in Latvia. They portrayed my family and showed what my grandparents escaped when they were teenagers to give themselves a full life. They fled to Germany in 1946 for a better life FFS. People went to death camps for singing traditional songs. When I was little, I used to run away from song-time during my Latvian-expat summer camp times. I felt so guilty when I realised.

  5. @stonecipher Our lad was once going for a piss on a two hour coach journey on a micro-budget route and opened the door to a guy jacking off. Is this recommended practice?

  6. @stonecipher Our lad was once going for a piss on a two hour coach journey on a micro-
    budget route and opened the door to a guy jacking off. Is this recommended practice?

  7. My browser got dogs in it and my comment posted twice. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  8. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Kittehs Help…maybe you and stonecipher were on the same bus

    So that’s who I should blame!😀

  9. Is it just me, or has American conservatism gotten way more brazen lately with the idea that people should be disenfranchised for voting ‘wrong’? I mean we’ve had this same “women’s sufferage was a mistake” bullshit from people who are on national television, and Florida trying to actually disenfranchise a bunch of minorities to keep them out of the presidential election. It’s getting scary.

  10. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    It certainly is. And I’m seeing it from the other side of the Pacific!

  11. Stonecipher Beadsman

    Well, I would think that situation is the jacker offer’s fault for not locking the damn door.

    But I’ve been thinking about my previous post and you know, I don’t think that recreational pooping needs to be limited to the bus. I’m remembering how when I was a little kid and my parents took me to church I’d go poop in the bathroom to pass the time during mass and/or other assorted Jesus stuff. I’d always come out just in time for snacks after the last amen, or if I thought it had been long enough that my mom would get pissed off. I remember that by the time I was in middle school I had the whole shebang down to a science. First Sunday School out back, which was kind of stupid and boring but tolerable because I was in an open space with a bunch of other kids, and we got to read books and draw and shit, as long as it was at least tangentially related to Jesus. My Sunday School instructor was this fat lady who thought science wasn’t true, but she was pretty nice and sometimes brought cookies and stuff, so again, I didn’t mind it too much. Then, though, she’d march us all in for the end of the service, when they say stuff like “forgive our trepasses as we forgive those who trepass against us”, and sing the same fucking shit every week. I’d give it a few minutes for my parents’ sakes before excusing myself. Actually, if I remember right “trepass” was one of the cues I’d use, since it meant we were something like 1/3 done. I’d go sit on the toilet with my pants down and stare out the little half-window with the big fat vine snaking across it. It was almost always bright on Sunday mornings, maybe that was God’s work. Even though I didn’t have to, I’d usually at least pee a little, because you’re sitting on the toilet, you know, and I think there’s a little Pavlovian conditioning going on there. And that was generally the second cue to get down and leave for snacks. Man I wish I was a kid again.

  12. Here’s what I don’t get: Instead of all this babbling about repealing the 19th Amendment (do they have any idea how difficult that would be?), wouldn’t it make more sense to just convince women not to vote? Voter turnouts are already pathetically low; so they’re halfway there anyway.

  13. That’s my main problem with these people; even if I agreed with them they still wouldn’t make any sense.

  14. PsychoDan: I recall reading Conservatives saying, in horrified tones, that Clinton wasn’t a very legitimate president because if it weren’t for the women, the blacks and the Native Americans Bill Clinton would never have been elected.

    One of the things the Republican Party has admitted is this is the last election they have any hope of winning with the white vote, and to pull that off they have to get 61 percent of it (which is more than Bush I managed to pull off against Dukakis in 1988. (How the numbers stack up).

    It’s a narrow thing, and the real question is turnout, but the sense that only the “right sort” of voters are “real” is longstanding. I really need to get a copy of Albion’s seed and see how well argued it is, and how the thesis ties into that idea, but I think the sense of “aristocracy” that the Cavaliers brought with them, and the secondary effects of that being magnified because of slavery have a lot to do with it.

  15. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Gawd. I just read that out to my boss. “Republicans – subtle as a brick” was his response.

  16. Somebody who thinks people shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they vote “the wrong way” have seriously misunderstood the very concept of democracy.

  17. ”Somebody who thinks people shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they vote “the wrong way” have seriously misunderstood the very concept of democracy.”

    That, or they don’t really like democracy to begin with, they just like to dress their bullshit up with bromides like, ”America is not a democracy, it’s a republic.” Just another distortion up there with, “America is a Christian nation.”

  18. From now on, all suffrage threads get a much-needed dose of Alice Duer Miller.

    Our Own Twelve Anti-suffragist Reasons

    1. Because no woman will leave her domestic duties to vote.

    2. Because no woman who may vote will attend to her domestic duties.

    3. Because it will make dissension between husband and wife.

    4. Because every woman will vote as her husband tells her to.

    5. Because bad women will corrupt politics.

    6. Because bad politics will corrupt women.

    7. Because women have no power of organization.

    8. Because women will form a solid party and outvote men.

    9. Because men and women are so different that they must stick to different duties.

    10. Because men and women are so much alike that men, with one vote each, can represent their own views and ours too.

    11. Because women cannot use force.

    12. Because the militants did use force.



  20. Why We Oppose Pockets for Women

    1. Because pockets are not a natural right.

    2. Because the great majority of women do not want pockets. If they did they would have them.

    3. Because whenever women have had pockets they have not used them.

    4. Because women are required to carry enough things as it is, without the additional burden of pockets.

    5. Because it would make dissension between husband and wife as to whose pockets were to be filled.

    6. Because it would destroy man’s chivalry toward woman, if he did not have to carry all her things in his pockets.

    7. Because men are men, and women are women. We must not fly in the face of nature.

    8. Because pockets have been used by men to carry tobacco, pipes, whiskey flasks, chewing gum and compromising letters. We see no reason to suppose that women would use them more wisely.

  21. You know, she may not be able to be legally disenfranchised now, but I for one am heartily in favor of her beginning her crusade for Ladies Stay Out Of The Politics by, you know, shutting the fuck up about politics. Just a thought.

    Also, I’m pretty sure ladies shouldn’t be talking about shooting men, either, collapse of civilization or no.

  22. Why We Oppose Votes for Men

    1. Because man’s place is the armory.

    2. Because no really manly man wants to settle any question otherwise than by fighting about it.

    3. Because if men should adopt peaceable methods women will no longer look up to them.

    4. Because men will lose their charm if they step out of their natural sphere and interest themselves in other matters than feats of arms, uniforms and drums.

    5. Because men are too emotional to vote. Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions shows this, while their innate tendency to appeal to force renders them peculiarly unfit for the task of government.

  23. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “Ephebe has been called ‘the cradle of democracy’ and it is true that Ephebian democracy could do with its nappy being changed. The Ephebians believe that every man should have the vote – providing he isn’t poor or a slave or foreign or disqualified by reason of being mad, frivolous or a woman.”

    – Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs, The Discworld Companion, 2003.

  24. @Shaenon: Thanks for the link!

  25. “Why We Oppose Pockets for Women” is my favorite from the entire book.

  26. @ Shaenon

    Thanks to that link I’ve finally figured out what Meller’s peculiar way of talking about women reminds me of! Anti-suffrage propaganda.

    Maybe he really is a vampire after all.

  27. @ Psychodan- From an outside perspective, the rhetoric coming from the United States has been getting scary for years. Since 9/11, pretty much. It seems like once you take a break on civil rights you just don’t start from square one again.

  28. Hey, I still remember one of the state congressmen screaming that Canada should be nuked because Canada was refusing to play along with some wanted element of the free trade agreement. It was a small print story buried in the middle of the newspaper.

    So, yeah sitting next door to the US is not a particularly comforting thing. The people might be nice, but the leadership leaves much to be desired.

    I wonder though if someone sat the congressman down and explained the Canada played a rather large part of giving the White House its name…

  29. @VitaminD: From inside the US (TEXAS), it’s fucking scary–and well before 9/11 though that just pushed everything into new levels of paranoia, torture, and abrogation of civil rights.

    I had a brief shining moment of hope when the Berlin Wall came down (I grew up ducking beneath school desks to practice for atomic bombs!), but yeah, that didn’t last long.

  30. Vitamin D: I wish it had started with 9/11, but it goes back a lot further, and a lot deeper. 9/11 just made some of the more blatant attempts to wrest all power a lot easier to manage, but idea of being in power forever, and making it impossible for anyone else to every be elected didn’t come ab initio after that.

    The shenannigans about who can vote… look at Rhenquist in Arizona. For hypocrisy, compare the rhetoric about Ukraine to the rhetoric about Ohio. Look at the voter suppression cases out of New Hampshire, and Arizona in the off year election in 2002, or the purge in Florida in 2000. Those weren’t the sorts of things one dreams up out of nowhere. They were the fruits of years of practice and thought.

  31. Pecunium: Totally agree that the beat-down on civil rights was a long time coming.

    I wish I knew how to stop the flood. From where I’m sitting (buckle of the Bible belt deep South) things seem pretty dire. I know that other places in the country are more progressive. That’s cold comfort though when you hear policemen using racial slurs in casual conversation and your car starts mysteriously collecting dents right after you put on your new Obama bumper sticker..

    They’re purging the voter rolls again in Florida. We have one party in the majority in both houses of the legislature and in the governor’s office. If I had an hour I’d rant and rave about what said charming gentleman and his cronies have wrought on our state, but I’ll spare everyone.

  32. ithiliana: Wow, if you’re in Texas, you have it just as bad as Florida does – probably worse. It’s hard to be a liberal in the South; know that you have somebody off the I-10 corridor sending you Jedi solidarity.

  33. @Fitzy: *solidarity fist bumps with ya*

    Yeah, there’s Florida. And Arizona is more and more horrible. But it’s the Midwest too: look at the mess in Ohio

    Lots of people don’t realize how powerful the KKK was in the midwest–it’s like the whole frakking center of the country, plus the South.

    seven years from now, we’re going to be back on the west coast, I swear!

  34. Stonecipher – yeah, but have you ever been on a bus where the dunny overflowed? I have, on an overnight trip.

    Wait — a toilet is a dunny? I’m never going to have the same Myst experience again (D’ni).

  35. @ithiliana – I’m not surprised that the KKK had roots in the center of the country. My husband’s people are in the Midwest, and I’ve met a pretty wide range of folks when we go to visit… and there are very few liberals or Rockefeller Republicans in the mix (Garrison Keillor LIES!).

    I have a love/hate relationship with Florida. I’ve lived here off and on since I was six, and there’s a lot to like. The weather is great (humidity doesn’t bother me unless it gets over 90%), the outdoors are beautiful most of the year, and there are a lot of great things nearby. So I’ll feel pretty good about home. But then a girlfriend will start up a monologue about how entitled black people are and how they need to just get over slavery already. And my church will vote to exclude openly gay members. And we have some jerk who buys a governor’s election and then commands welfare recipients to submit to drug tests (a leeeetle bit suspicious since his fortune comes from quickie clinics around the state that – surprise, surprise – process lab work among other services). I don’t hang out with the girlfriend anymore and I’ve given up on organized religion, but there’s not much I can do about the governor until 2014. I try to roll with punches and hope that if I don’t back down from an angry old guy spoiling for a fight over my politics, maybe some other closeted liberals will feel confident enough to stand up, too. I know they’re here; back in 2008 a woman tapped me on the shoulder in the library parking lot and whispered that she liked my Obama/Biden sticker. So far it hasn’t happened, but I can always hope!

  36. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Falconer – yup, dunny is good old Australian slang for a toilet (the room or the fixture). Seems to come from ‘dunnakin’ or one of its various spellings.🙂

  37. When my niece was asked what she would like to do on her birthday, she requested a day trip to Dunedoo, just so she and her brother could giggle at the name. 🙂

  38. This column was written by a castrated man (literally).

  39. This article from David Frutelle is quite ignorant. I wouldn’t say I agree totally with Ann barnhart but there is no doubt that she has a lot of understanding. David’s article is so dumb taht it’s so obvious he doesn’t get it. His comments are at best simple minded and at worst cmpletely ignorant. It actually takes someone with some spiritual comprehension to understand what Ann is saying.

  40. sarahlizhousespouse

    Thank you, Anthony, for that completely useless contribution to a dead thread.

  41. It actually takes someone with some spiritual comprehension to understand what Ann is saying.

    “…see, only the dogs can hear the dog whistles…”

  42. David’s article is so dumb taht it’s so obvious he doesn’t get it.

    Oh the irony.

    It actually takes someone with some spiritual comprehension to understand what Ann is saying.

    Spiritual comprehension? WTF is that? =S

  43. What is it with the thread zombies today?

  44. Wait is David actually castrated? Why would Raymond need the “literally”, is he trying to get him sympathy?

    Ally, he means a ouija board. Talk to dead anti suffrage dudes. I think.

  45. Aren’t MRAs supposed to care about castration victims, rather than trying to make them into some joke?

  46. To sum up Anthony: Nunh Unh!

  47. Actually, I have three balls.

  48. David, are you a pawnshop?


  50. a castrated man

    That’s not how you spell “ferrets” :S:S

  51. I wonder if all the necromancers mean Man Boobz was recently linked somewhere hilarious (in a laughing at, not laughing with, kind of way.)

  52. Oh that would be funny. David could check his referrers & search engine terms for today to see if we can form a hypothesis.

    One of the reliable search terms that brings people to my blog is “old boat” which is kind of hilarious, since I’m sure it takes them here.. Also “rush limbaugh cigars.”

    I am betting David’s search engine terms are even funnier.

  53. If anyone searched for “Rush Limbaugh cigars” and wasn’t looking for slash, well, they are young in the ways of the internet.

  54. My blog’s top search terms: puggle, puggles, baby puggle, hang in there cat poster.

  55. I don’t even want to think about “Rush Limbaugh” and “slash” in the same sentence.

    Hmm, my only search term (this is in the stats, yes?) is the name of the blog. Wotta surprise.🙂

  56. I dunno, kittehs, it’s pretty good. katz wrote it. It involves catfish noodling.

  57. Oh, if katz wrote it, that’s different! I thought she meant searching those terms would get loads of slash featuring Rush Limbaugh. ::hurl::

  58. Clickie clickie on the “rush limbaugh cigars” linkie and prepare to laugh your ass off.

  59. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh I just read it

    now I just hope nobody does that with Tony Abbott involved!

  60. What a dumb Pendeja! Funny, she’s against womens rights, but yet she still uses that right to vote, to have a job or own a business, to own/rent an apartment/house, even to stay single and not be married off to a complete stranger. If she’s sooo against womens rights she wouldn’t have any problem with not having those things. She’s not only anti-womens rights, but this Pendeja is homophobic, racist, anti other religions. So full of hate it’s no wonder why she lost her business/house. I guess Karma got to her.

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