The Man Boobz Street Team Flying Squad goes on a postering blitz!

Sorry to post so late today, but I’ve been super busy helping to coordinate the Man Boobz Street Team Flying Squad in its latest postering blitz. Here are some shots of the team at work in Cleveland, Ohio and Humpy Creek, Alaska.



And here’s the Man Boobz Misandrymobile we use to transport Street Team members to and from their targets. Don’t worry! As you can see, it’s driven by a man. (You know what they say about women drivers.)



Keep up the good work, gals!

NOTE: The Man Boobz Street Team Flying Squad is imaginary.



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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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    LOL. Yeah, people are still talking about that one 9_9

  2. Irrelevant facts:

    Omitted facts:
    1) He’s quite wealthy
    2) She said yes

    He’s an asshole. He’s a bigger asshole than the people (I’ve seen women do it too) who “merely” make a really over the top proposal in a public place, but he’s still an asshole.

  3. Fighter planes are, at best marginally unstable. Some (the F-100) were known as ‘active flyers” because they couldn’t keep level without constant input (the B-2 and the F-117 are both so unstable that if the computers adjusting the flight fail they crash). The Brewster Buffalo (Australian “Whirraway”) was notoriously unstable, and in the US was limited to being an advanced trainer (the Aussies tried to use it as an actual fighter, it didn’t last long).

    Rotary planes were dueced hard to keep steady, in part because they only had one speed for the motor, and that motor was spinning around the axle.

    The B-24 had something of the same problem, in that all four of it’s motors rotated in the same direction (the other bombers all had counter-rotating engines). The P-38 was counter rotating, in the US versions, but the British versions were right-hand rotation, so that they didn’t need two supply lines to keep them running.

    But things like the Fokker DVII, or the Taube, were very stable. Inline engines, not rotary. On the flip side both the Albatross and the Nieuport were infamous for losing the upper wing in a dive.

  4. Whup, forgot about the whole wings fall off, all die situation.

  5. He’s an asshole. He’s a bigger asshole than the people (I’ve seen women do it too) who “merely” make a really over the top proposal in a public place, but he’s still an asshole.

    But you are clearly ignoring the fact that this is PROOF that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IN THE WORLD is hypergamous. DUH!!!!


  6. Falconer: Still better than submarines. What goes up must come down… the reverse is not the case.

  7. Falconer: A talented Chief Justice can use the small perks of the office to great effect.

    1: The Chief Justice always votes last.
    2: The senior justice on the side chooses who writes the opinion.
    3: The Chief Justice is, de jure always senior.

    As a result the Chief Justice can, in a tie, side with one side or the other to set the initial decision (the actual decision isn’t final until it’s issued from the bench. There have been reversals).

    More to the point, by siding with a win for the position the Cheif doesn’t share who writes the opinion can be handed to the person the Chief thinks most likely to write a narrow ruling.

  8. @Pecunium — Yeah, come to think of it, I’m not sure which I would freak out over more: being up high and looking at all the down I could fall on, or being surrounding by tons and tons of crushing water.

  9. @Pecunium

    If you can find a (used) copy of it, you might enjoy Frank Talmann’s book Flying the Old Planes. He was a famous Hollywood stunt pilot who logged a lot of hours in WWI and WWII aircraft.

  10. Major Kong: I might look it up. I’ve read a lot of memoirs of WW1/2 pilots. Scary, and thrilling, stuff.

    The most amazing snippit I got was about the lubrication; it was castor oil, and the fumes gave them the runs. Apparently brandy helped combat it.

    Falconer: Parachutes.

  11. Zanana: I listened to Transatlantic. What a neat story!

  12. Magpie bro collects books about planes. My favourite title: “Submarine Aircraft”🙂

  13. Hi, I’m a typical Manboobz supporter & I don’t know the difference between the Suffragettes & the Suffragists, so I’ll look at old photos of women putting up posters with “Votes For Women” on them & assume “it’s all good”, not realising that the Suffragettes were a middle class movement opposed to working class women ( oh yeah and working class men, but hey they don’t count right? ) having the vote. Hey, but they’re women right? So “it’s all good”.

  14. @(Sic) Male
    a) [citation needed]

    b)from what I understand the difference between Suffragette and Suffragist is that Sufragettes were women working to get voting rights for women, while suffragist is a more general term that could apply to men as well.

    c)even if we assume that your definition is true, how do you know the women in the photos are Suffragettes and not Suffragists?

  15. Sic Dude: Google is your friend.

    Differences between different groups.

    I don’t know whether you’re talking about the movement in Britain or the United States — but as far as I know, men in the U.S. (including working class and African American men, but NOT men who were members of indigenous cultures) had the vote when the Votes for Women movement started.

    Frederik Douglass supported that: too bad that the racism in the white women’s movement (which was yes largely middle-class) led to problems.

    Too bad that people who are members of oppressed/marginalized groups aren’t magically perfect unlike the oppressing groups–there has been and is racism and classism among civil rights groups, sexism and racism and classism among glbt groups, racism and classism among feminist groups.

    In other words, sicktroll, fuck off.

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