Should dating advice be a boys-only club? One self-described Omega Virgin says “yes.”

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The Men’s Rights blogger behind The Black Pill – formerly known as Omega Virgin Revolt – has made it his life’s mission to bring down the Pickup Artist movement, or at least the part of it that overlaps with the Men’s Rights movement online. Not because “Roissysphere gamers” are misogynist assholes who preach a mixture of manipulation and date-rapery to their readers. But because, in his estimation, these guys are promoting a “Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction (MDAD)” that convinces poor oppressed men that they can solve their problems by manipulating drunk hotties into sleeping with them – thus distracting them from the much more important goal of destroying feminism.

No, really.

The MDAD is especially insidious because it turns self described anti-feminists into feminists without those anti-feminists being concious of the process.  …

I am declaring complete and total war against the MDAD.  My goal is nothing less than COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the MDAD so that whenever feminism is being fought in the future any discussion of dating advice is regarded as useless or a feminist trick and ignored.  The MDAD is what is blocking the progress of mens rights more than anything else right now. 

In his latest attack on the evil MDAD, Mr. Black Pill takes aim at the notion that women should have any influence over dudes who give out dating advice.

One of the ways that feminism controls everything is by making it so that everything needs female approval to be taken seriously. …

Dating advice is also held hostage to female approval.  In fact, it is held hostage to female approval to a greater degree than almost anything else.  Why is that? 

Perhaps because if someone is giving out dating advice, rather than raping advice, to straight dudes, female approval has to be part of the package? If the idea of women offering opinions on dating advice makes your head explode, I’m not sure you understand the concept of consent well enough to be dating, much less giving out dating advice to others.

Mr. Pill continues:

Dating advice should be evaluated based on a scientific analysis of its results, on whether it works or not.  If a dating strategy works, it doesn’t need female approval.  Female approval doesn’t make a dating strategy work or work better.  It’s completely irrelevant to dating advice.  This is why no form of dating advice, including game, can be trusted.  All forms of dating advice are currently held hostage to women for the benefit of women.  Currently, every form of dating advice exists for the purpose of benefiting women not for helping men get more and better dates.

Yeah, “game” is a giant gift to women. Clearly the women of the world – especially the feminists – should be grateful for the opportunity to have more creepy manipulative dudes hitting on them.

Roissyite gamers are constantly trying to get female approval for game.  They say that game is about “what works” for getting women, but if that were true they wouldn’t care about getting female approval for game.

Mr. Pill’s evidence for this? That some “Roissyite gamers” have tried to convince the slut-shaming, chart-making dating guru Susan Walsh that “game” is great for women. And that some male gamers are fans of a female game guru by the name of Kezia Noble.

Noble is bad news for men, Mr. Pill explained in a previous post, because dudes should

never ask women for advice about women.  No matter what women will give you bad advice about women even if it’s unintentional.  I am certain every man reading this has had the experience of their moms giving them bad advice about women.  Knowing this gamers should avoid and denounce Kezia Noble but they don’t.  They love her proving that gamers are nothing but mangina sycophants.  Gamers can’t even hold themselves to their own ideas.  If they can’t do that then game doesn’t exist and gamers are nothing but feminist manginas looking for new ways to kiss women’s asses.

Given that someone as allergic to female opinion as Mr. Pill is unlikely to fully understand or appreciate the notion of consent, I’m thinking it’s just as well that he remains a virgin.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. @Pecunium – I have to say, it’s good to have someone else with more experience and time in service verify that that situation was fucked up. My husband is a twenty-two year vet, and he’s always told me that what went on in that unit wasn’t right. He’s extremely biased when it comes to anything that affects family, though. So it’s hard to tell the difference between “that’s wrong because it’s against common decency and Army values,” and “that’s wrong because it happened to my wife and I don’t like it.”

    Still, I have a hard time sometimes discerning the difference between outright bad practices and the whole tearing-you-down-to-build-you-back-up mentality. As I said, it took me years to realize the whole toilet paper thing for the power play that it was. My rationalization at the time: “Well, we really should be responsible with our supplies, and if this is the only way…” It never occurred to me to question why I never encountered that kind of behavior in regular basic training, or in AIT, or in my unit later on. I guess that’s the whole “institutionalized” mindset at work again🙂

  2. It shouldn’t be a tear you down, that’s a terrible presentation.

    Basic (in all it’s forms) is meant to do a lot of things, but “tear you down and remake you” isn’t really the idea.

    1: Aculturation.
    2: Group identity
    3: Improved level of self-discipline.

    Those are done by making a group the center of existence. The isolation, the stressors, etc. are meant to make the company; and the squad, and the battle-buddy team, the primary support network one has.

    While all that is going on one is given a set of people engaging in oversight, and training; who have a huge amount of control, and some scary aspects of power. It’s why Drill Sergeants/Instructors need lots of oversight. The recruits in their charge are structurally powerless. Allowing them to exploit it is terrible.

    It’s one of the reasons a good church call is so handy… it lets the recruits mix with other recruits, and with individuals who aren’t in the power structure. Given that the present culture will never have a group of 100 people who are completely areligious the atheists/skeptics/unchurched/agnostics get herd immunity.

    The rehab/pt platoons need to have more oversight, not less; because they are more vulnerable; because the needs of those recruits is not the same as those who are in active training. That shouldn’t be drill-sergeant behavior, but TAC (Training and Counselling) Sergeant behavior.

    It was really fucked up, and lots of balls were dropped if it was as bad as you describe it.

  3. Pangolins! I want a giant one I can ride like a horse, that would be epic.

    (Also, must resist the urge to turn everything into a D&D/game reference and bore everyone to death endlessly… Resssiisstttt).

    Wouldn’t bore me! As soon as you said you wanted one to ride on, I was trying to work out how to size one up enough to work as a mount (probably for Halflings or Gnomes, like a Riding Dog). It’s got natural armor and everything!

  4. and pangolins are cute. They just are. A mammal with scales, who can resist that?

  5. Well I do like the riding pangolin idea, but they’ve got a few disadvantages.

    First, those armor plates are shaped that way for a reason: they’re sharp. When the pangolin curls up, it can shift its muscles to move them in a sawing motion, seriously hurting any predator’s mouth trying to get past them. This means that you’d need a really good, STURDY saddle.

    Second? Um, they’re slow. Like, super duper slow. Their claws are so curved that their feet don’t really touch the ground completely while they’re walking, meaning that they have this sorta awkward stiltwalk style of movement.

    They might make a decent mount for royalty, but probably not cavalry.

  6. If Vegas gave odds, I doubt many would take the over for Jabba the Fut scoring attractive mid-20′s women.

    Troof, you pathetic little man-child, women are not actually objects to be scored. Nor is our “value” diminished by age or fat or whatever shallow bullshit you try to use to rank us so you can feel better about yourself.

  7. emilygoddess: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. Maybe like a group of drylands-dwelling Halflings who domesticated the local dire pangolins (think of the natural armour bonus they’d get from pangolinishness and being dire O.O).

    Also, an insight into how my mind works: That was only one of three references I had in my head when I saw the pangolin conversation. The other two were the armadax in Torchlight 2 (actually giant armadillos, but they look pangolin-ish before you knock their armour off), and Pangolin, the energy shield manufacturer from the Borderlands games.

    It’s like everything I see gets pushed through a Geek Filter in my brain and I have to resist the urge to spew up everything i’m thinking about at any given time (and risk everyone thinking i’m “that guy who talks about D&D/video games all the time”).😛

    inurashii: The idea is too cool to be ruined by defects in the animal! I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride a giant snail into combat?😀

  8. @inurashii the saddle thing might be solvable if you had a really cooperative pangolin, like if it was your Animal Companion. And yeah, it wouldn’t exactly be racing into battle. But it’s so cool!

  9. Also, “Dire Pangolin” is my new band name

  10. Hahahahahah, I juuuuuuuust realized that Jabba the Fut was supposed to be Futrelle.

    I thought it was a typo.

  11. captainbathrobe

    I’m thinking that most men in their 40s would have trouble hooking up with attractive women in their 20s. And, really, that’s as it should be.

    \guy in his 40s

  12. Dammit, Pecunium, you made me tear up a little. So much for my military bearing (though I guess I haven’t needed that in about nine years – probably time I let it go anyway).

    I have a lot of conflicted feelings about my time in PTRP. On one hand, some shit went on there that was just wrong. People with lower-body injuries had to stand or sit on the linoleum floor during the day because A) we were confined to the barracks unless we were going somewhere with a drill sergeant, and B) we were not allowed to sit or lie down on our bunks during the day and there were only five chairs/camp stools in the bay. We had to abide by the basic training rules on allowable media, so we couldn’t have anything but certain religious books. That sounds petty, but when you’re stuck staring at four walls for ten hours a day you’d give a lot for any kind of distraction. We still had to pull fireguard (though we did get a pass on roving guard). Personally, I got no physical therapy beyond a biweekly doctor’s appointment to measure my progress and a Xeroxed list of exercises to do on my own time. If we were anywhere else on post, we were anybody’s verbal punching bags. While we were at the big post gym one day a permanent party soldier stood a few of us at parade rest and lectured us about how we were a waste of taxpayer money; one of the drill sergeants stood off to the side and watched. And certain drill sergeants did love them some reindeer games, even if Donder had a torn meniscus and Blitzen’s hoof was in a cast. I would include my favorite, but it’s so hard to pick just one.

    At the same time I think most of these issues were due to a shoestring budget and no training of the cadre. The PT office wasn’t neglecting me because they didn’t care, they were just overwhelmed. Most of our drill sergeants came from down range. They were told to maintain a training environment, and that’s what they did. Many of them did care about what happened to us, and wanted to help. They marched us to the post gym so that we could work out, made sure we went to the doctor and were allowed phone calls once a week. I still think it’s sucky that the well intentioned ones stood quietly by while the megalomaniacal jerks did their thing, but no one is perfect. There also didn’t seem to have much leadership from the top. That last one’s a theory of mine, but I think it’s pretty sound, since we got a new CO and first sergeant two weeks before I RTD’ed and standards improved almost overnight (the first sergeant in particular was LIVID when she found out about our personal hygiene situation). I can’t speak about leadership above company level. We had the battalion commander walk through once, but it was mostly a “smile for the Colonel, kids!” type of a visit.

    The good news about all that is that was in 2002. From little I’ve been able to find online treatment and therapy both seem to have improved greatly. The unfortunate part is that the changes seem to have come because there was a suicide in the Fort Sill program six years ago.

    TL;DR – Things in that little corner of the Army were pretty fouled up back in 2002, but it seems to have gotten better. I just wish that they hadn’t been so fouled up in the first place.

  13. Also, pangolin = amazing. I’m going to be disappointed in every armadillo I see from now on.

    And I seriously need to get my husband into the PUA advice giver market. We got married when he was 38 and I was 24, so he totally has alpha cred, amirite? There’s got to be an untapped world of older dudes who are dying to know the secrets of meeting and marrying women fourteen years their junior. Unfortunately, they probably won’t like the whole part about how he actually listened when I talked and treated me with the respect and consideration due to another human being. That’s too much work.

  14. captainbathrobe

    My wife and I started dating when I was 33 and she was 25, so I guess I’m an alpha minus? Of course, I don’t think it was my alpha traits that attracted her–which is good, because I don’t really have that many alpha traits.

    So, yeah, far be it from me to disparage age differences in couples. There’s certainly nothing wrong with older man hooking up with younger women, or vice verse, all by itself. But guys in their 40s who consistently chase after women in their 20s, with the intention of “scoring” and nothing else, might want to take a good hard look at their lives. Just sayin’.

  15. Oh, I wasn’t snarking at you, captainbathrobe! Please forgive me if you thought I was.

    I was just taking a shot at the “let us hold up having a twenty-year-old girlfriend/wife as the ultimate luxury good” ideal. And your’e right, the older dude who seemed to think “bagging” a very young woman will get him a crystal chalice of water from the Fountain of Youth always grossed me out when I was in my 20’s.

  16. Fitzy: Command Environment is the achilles heel of all militaries. I’ve beenin bad units,a nd good units, and units that went from good, to bad to great. I’ve had Commanders who weren’t safe in a combat zone (one who was transferred out to keep him from being killed by his troops. If I’d been in his compnay I’d have shot him; and called it self defese, because ‘d been in his platoon, and seen him as XO when I was the training NCO. He was a menace.

    What you describe is a terribly dysfunctional unit. At a guess the TACs were abusing you because they wanted to be with a Basic Training company, ad were frustrated. It’s not comfort, but If I’d been there, or seen any of it (e.g. the permanent party troop) I’d have done something (just what would have been rank dependent).

    Because by then Drills were far from Gods. If I had to I’d have seen the provost to file a formal complaint, because what you describe is against regs; and people ought to have been punished.

  17. @ Pecunium – Thanks. Denial and idiot optimism tend to be my default M.O.’s, so I was able to rationalize away a lot of that stuff with “Oh, it’s just Basic! What do you expect? It’ll get better!” Even now I’m sitting here going “Oh, it couldn’t have been that bad! Why did I just complain so the entire world like that?” I rationally know that was a fucked up situation that I would denounce for anyone else, and I just wrote down all the reasons why that’s so. Still, I keep feeling like I’m throwing a bunch of NCO’s and an officer under the bus because maybe there are REASONS I don’t understand for structuring the company that particular way. Maybe letting things get softer would have encouraged self pity. Maybe they kept the creature comforts to a bare minimum so that we’d want to GTFO and get back to training. Maybe I have a touch of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Anyway, I survived it, and they’ve changed things for the better since.

  18. @ Fitzy

    I keep wanting to tell these guys that youth is not an STD – you can’t catch it by fucking people who still have it.

  19. NOTE: Omega Virgin Revolt does not in any way reflect the views of the manoshpere or the dark enlightenment. He is an embarrassment and should be treated as such. He is a liberal, an egalitarian of the schizophernic variety. It pains me that you give a voice to this troll, putting him in the blog roll alongside great voices of the dark enlightenment.

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