The Man Boobz Bingo Card Project!

I’d like to announce the start of the Manboobz Bingo Card project!

I’m going to use a custom bingo card generator to produce personalized Bingo cards to add to your enjoyment of Man Boobz threads and general Manosphere browsing.

And if you all are into it, we could even use them for a sort of Man Boobz Bingo scavenger hunt – that is, threads in which we all arm ourselves with bingo cards (or maybe all share one Bingo card) and search the web for examples to fill up our own cards.

Here are some of the cards I’d like to generate:

Man Boobz Troll Bingo

MRA Bingo

PUA Bingo

Evo Psych Bingo

What I need in order to do this is to generate some lists (let’s say at least 50 items long) of things to put in these various bingo squares.

So I thought I’d invite any of you who are interested to do some brainstorming with me. In the comments below, paste in any ideas you have for any of these lists, and I’ll collect together the best ones to use in the cards.  (One idea per line, please, though as many as you want in any particular comment.) Please specify which bingo card your idea would work best on; there may be some overlap.

And if you have any ideas for other Bingo Cards, let me know!

Oh, and here’s The Fall, with Bingo Master’s Breakout.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Fortunately I’m not being graded on blockquotes. ><

    I knew they used arrows, I'm just on another forum that uses brackets a lot more now. Darn habits.

  2. I’m not caught up on this thread yet, but I figured I’d throw up a quick link to the bingo card I made for Owly a while back:

    Some of his squares are pretty Owly-specific, but some might work for MRAs in general, too.

  3. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Mollyren – you just got marks anyway for getting the darn arrows to show up! They went all invisible when I tried to in that earlier comment.😛

    Polliwog – great Owly bingo card!

    (That sounds like something out of Batman, or maybe Superman … “Great Owly bingo card, Kent!”)

  4. If it’s not on the bingo card yet:

    Men are stronger than women because women are raped in higher numbers by men than men are by women.

    Men are smarter because IQ.


    I vote for the banhammer too. It’s not like most MRAs thoughts on rape aren’t odious to begin with, but point blank saying (and repeating!) rape = proof of superiority is total grounds for banning IMHO.

    Also, I’m sure this is proof of my delicate, squishy, awful ladybrainz being stoopid and all, but I tried to take an online IQ test once and didn’t have the patience for it. Anyone else ever run into this problem?

  5. Be fair. He’s not just saying that rape = proof of superiority.

    He’s saying ALL forms of societal oppression = proof of superiority.

    Basically the way to be awesome is to be part of a demographic that historically shits on people in every conceivable way. WHITE MALE OPPRESSOR PRIDE, y’all. Literally.

  6. Societal oppression is proof of superiority, and superiority justifies societal oppression. I can has circular logic?

  7. emilygoddess: Circular logic with special pleading. People who aren’t white, and male, who are superior to white males; in any category, don’t count.

    He has engaged the shields of Impervium; which as you know are powered by Handwavium, and manned by the people of Damnfoolium.

  8. Funny how Otis started calling them chin-ups rather than pull-ups once Pecunium thoroughly debunked his bullshit claim that he could do a pull-up to Marine standard. But of course, even by his weak, non-Marine standards, they’re still the ultimate proof of male superiority!

    I had my IQ tested in April while I was undergoing an autism diagnosis. I scored 113. I’m not about to start wailing and gnashing my teeth because Lex’s bumbling henchman has a higher number than me. His idiocy toward gender, race, and everything else he says ever in this thread alone demonstrates that he is an idiot and will always be an idiot no matter what number he scores And even if he were smarter than me, I’m still a decent human being and he’s a waste of oxygen. Not feeling at all inadequate over here.

  9. When I was a kid, my IQ tested at 185. That’s not a typo.

    I would trade at least two standard deviations’ worth of that for some halfway decent social skills. For realsies. I’m 35 and only just now figuring out how to people. (Also not a typo.)

  10. Karalora, I feel for you. My brother is going through pretty much the same thing (though I think his IQ is “only” in the 160’s😉 ). He’s way smarter than me, but he’s had a much harder time in life because his social anxiety is so bad. He’s started getting some help for it, but it’s early days AND it’s slow going. I feel awful that something that’s easy for me is hard for him – but I’m sure that he feels the same way about me and calculus, too.

  11. Speaking as someone with a decently high IQ (and tested into my twenties, so it’s been pretty consistent) for me it was more a case of how class/interests/social support, interact. I never had a huge problem from being smart; but I did have other anxieties (we moved a lot, and I was often “different” as well as, “new”).

    Once I was settled, I’d find groups where I fit in enough to have a social network. It was the times I didn’t get that chance which were hardest.

    Had I been in some place where being smart was a detriment, I’d have been a lot more unhappy (the times I was in such a place were miserable). I was lucky enough to have people outside of school (adults, mostly) who had some understanding, and took me on my own terms, pretty much.

    That, of course, has it’s own problems. I was too young for the one group, and had understandings/attitudes which were “too old” for the other. My 20th reunion was interesting. Lots of us had similar problems, and the reminiscing was eye-opening. That’s the really hard part of being young… one doesn’t yet realise everyone has problems; and lots of those problems are the same.

  12. All y’all’re making me want to get an IQ test.

  13. inurashii: Why bother? It’s not really a useful datum. “g” is a myth, the tests have biases, and unless administered repeatedly, and with good practice, they vary widely.

    Moreover, as Asimov pointed out, they don’t mean shit, when all is said and done. If you are good at the things you do, and you are happy doing them, you are well off.

    If you are really good at them, you are a situational genius. I can’t do computer programming. Doesn’t make me stupid. I am a good cook, doesn’t make me smart.

    It means I am better off, if those are my only two choices, if I’m a cook than a programmer.

  14. All y’all’re making me want to get an IQ test.

    They’re honestly kind of pointless unless you have some specific purpose in mind (e.g. joining Mensa). I mean, finding out your number is sort of interesting, but real IQ tests cost a fair bit of time and money that could be better spent on things that are way more useful.

    I’m not one of the people who’ll say that IQ is completely useless as a measurement, but it’s very limited, and has almost no application for real life beyond what you could have deduced without ever taking the test (“Gee, it seems I have a high IQ score! I’m probably fairly good at taking tests and such in school, something I never could have realized from taking tests in school!” :-p ) And, to be clear, I say this as someone with a sort of ridiculous IQ. I don’t think I took anything away from having an Official Number declaring me to be Officially A Smart Person that made my life any better than when I was going along just being a fairly smart person.

    (And that’s not even getting into all the problematic elements of IQ testing re: race, class, etc. – that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.)

    That said, if you do want to get tested and don’t want to shell out cash for it, you might find out where your local university’s psych department posts requests for experimental subjects. Volunteering for a psych study involving IQ was how I found out my IQ as an adult (I’d been tested as a kid, but my parents didn’t tell me my results until after the aforementioned study, when I called them to say, “Was my IQ score like this when I was 6, too?”), and psych studies are often fun to participate in, anyway.

  15. Heh. Yeah, ok, fair. I’m down with spending time on a test, but not money.

  16. inurashii, if you’re curious you can take an online one. I’m not sure how accurate they are, but there are a ton of them out there and most of the ones that pop up on Google are free.

  17. inurashii, if you’re curious you can take an online one. I’m not sure how accurate they are, but there are a ton of them out there and most of the ones that pop up on Google are free.

    Online IQ tests have about the level of scientific rigor of “Which My Little Pony Are You?” quizzes, I’m afraid. (They’re pretty good if you just want a self-esteem boost, though – a friend investigated a few of the popular online IQ tests as part of a sociology project and discovered that several of them actually set their minimum possible score at 100. D’oh.)

  18. @ Polliwog – another fine example of “you get what you pay for,” then🙂 Disregard, everyone.

  19. I will say that the IQ test I took was fun, if not especially informative. I was expecting something like an SAT test and ended up doing much more interesting things, like reciting strings of numbers backward or hearing the tester stammer “gruh ah nd mo thuh er” and say “That means grandmother!”

    All of the tests were pretty fun, actually. I especially liked the one in which I have to look at pictures and make up stories, Thematic Appreciation Test, or something like that.

  20. Yeah, psh, I already know which My Little Pony I am.

    I’m Pinkie Pie.

  21. The Fall: “The Arabs have it made, all their women in veils…eyes glazed”

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