Anglobitch: “Misandrist women cannot distinguish between Nobel Prize winners and tattooed psychopaths – all are men and thus worthless brutes in their entitled eyes.”

Ladies love psychos — and Psychlos!

We hear again and again from the angry dudes of the Manosphere that women are status-seeking sluts, spending their twenties riding what has come to be known as the Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel and shutting out the hapless beta males who beg for their attention. Indeed, some Manosphere dudes are so convinced by this narrative that they devote their whole life to learning how to be (or at least how to pretend to be)  the the Alphas males that the ladies allegedly prize so much.

Rookh Kshatriya on Anglobitch thinks these fellows – PUAs and “nice guys” alike  — are all wrong about “Anglosphere” women. Far from preferring Alphas, he suggests, these women would rather hook up with smelly, butt-scratching losers. Literally. Here’s his, er, argument:

Because of the puritanical fictions  that prevail in Anglo-American society, Anglo women have become impossible to please by rational means. … the bar has been set impossibly high. The outcome is either misandrist spinsterhood or, more often, what we see around us: a female obsession with the dregs of the male sex.  …

Since no male is good enough for her, all men are flattened into an undifferentiated, priapic horde in the Anglo female’s mind. A king is a jack is a joker… a classical scholar at Yale is suddenly no better than a murderous baboon like Charles Manson. An illiterate tramp with a ring through his nose instantly acquires the same standing as an architect, physicist or surgeon.

Naturally, Kshatriya provides no actual evidence for these odd assertions, but in the wide world of misogyny that’s never a deterrent for a guy with a new dumb theory about the evils of women.

[T]his is what makes Game – so appealing to the logical male mind – so ineffective in the Anglosphere. Misandrist women cannot distinguish between Nobel Prize winners and tattooed psychopaths – all are men and thus worthless brutes in their entitled eyes.  And so all the Gamers’ striving for ‘Alpha’ status is pointless – they might as well stick rings through their noses, grow some dreadlocks and slouch the streets scratching their butts.  Indeed, as many North American commentators claim, their mating chances would probably improve if they did this. ‘Omega males’ doubtless confirm the Anglo female’s contempt for men in general. If she has to have a man, only the worst knave will do.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen “Anglo females” out strolling with men who are neither wearing dreadlocks nor sporting nose rings nor scratching their asses, but those sightings must be anomalies.

Kshatriya is convinced that social conservatives are equally wrong about the ladies:

Writers like Daniel Amneus consider female hypergamy to be the ‘glue’ that binds male consent to the social order. …. In the Anglosphere, however, rational female hypergamy has short-circuited due to our cultural bloc’s uniquely puritanical socio-moral conditions. While alphas and high betas trudge home to empty beds or divorce threats, tramps and mass-murderers wade through tons of female flesh without breaking sweat. And so the Anglosphere falls apart around our ears. Yet still David Futrelle exhorts us all to ‘respect women’ and be ‘nice’.

Woah, that was a bit of a surprise ending there.

But obviously I must be doing something  terribly wrong to merit such a mention. I guess I’d better start growing out some white-boy dreads and thinking awful things about women.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help


  2. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “Cool” was addressed to Cloudiah, obviously.

    Owly, dear child, a lewd joke doesn’t get someone kicked out of college, a job, etc. If a complaint is made and upheld it would get them a “don’t do it again” warning.

    ‘Fess up – you’ve never actually had a job, have you? Your total ignorance* of how workplaces operate suggests it.

    *Ignorance being the kindest interpretation. The more likely one is Owly’s default mode, lying.

  3. Hey owly, can you link to the site? I want to read more about this policy.

  4. @Polliwog: That’s pretty close to what my SO’s department looks like. He’s the closest thing to a white male working there, but he’s a Russian immigrant. Incredibly diverse environment, which is probably why they all enjoyed it. Plus, it was two hours where they didn’t have to do things like physics, engineering, mathematics and all of that kind of thing, which is always a bonus.

    And… white men can’t tell dirty jokes? Not a day goes by where I don’t hear a dirty joke at work, told by a white male, and… I do the appropriate thing: I either laugh or groan, depending on whether the joke was funny or not. And, the kicker, which may make Owly’s head explode. Sometimes the white guy telling the dirty jokes is my BOSS!

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Nova – “And, the kicker, which may make Owly’s head explode. Sometimes the white guy telling the dirty jokes is my BOSS!”

    Yup, mine too. I work with two white blokes. My boss is the likeliest of us three to send along a more-or-less dirty joke email. Amazingly enough, I haven’t used my magic wimminz power to sack him. I’ve either laughed or said “Yuck, that wasn’t funny!” depending on the joke. We all three make ghastly and often enough smutty puns.

    And I have never once felt sexually harassed in this place.

  6. So the question I ask, in the link I provided is…. Where the hell is all this diversity now? You go to any college brochure and the cover is diversity central. Yet the site is three evil white men. Where’s the damned diversity? Why not a lesbian assault? Hmmm? How about a black man, an asian man, a white, black or asian woman as the evil ones?

    Duder, that link you provided was to a law firm who will sue someone for sexual harassment on your behalf. It has nothing to do with any colleges. I agree it’s wrong to show three white male harassers and three white females being harassed. But the firm will sue any gender and on on behalf of any gender

    Also, all the students have to take the sexual assault awareness course at the University of Montana, not just the men.

    Reading comprehension.

  7. Needless to say, the “As a man you must admit you are violent swine, or at least answer correctly that you are violent swine in order to attend college” was NWO’s own invention.


    10 reason a woman should date younger men.

    The #1 reason, this is the mainstream medis mind you.

    “It makes you feel more in charge. “You just get to boss the sh*t out of someone all the time,”

    Hmmmm, I guess that’s a good thing. A woman said it so it must be true. She certainly won’t get in trouble for saying it. Will she? Therefore when a man says it’s grand to boss the shit out of younger women, remember to applaud.

    A man would probably get fired from his job for saying the like. Sexism and all that. Women are infants so they really can’t be held accountable.

    Anyway, I’m outta here. But before I go.

    Happy international day of the girl!!! You achieved being girl. Well done. Well done indeed. It’s quite an accomplishment. All those years of training and hard work have finally paid off.

  9. Oh, and Cloudiah, I can’t wait, post soon!

  10. Yes, NWO, ALL the students have to take this. Feel better now?

    Besides, NWOaf, if you had any awareness at all, you’d realized U of M is some seriously deep shit right now. The Title IX police didn’t just decide to start picking on the poor men at this school for no reason.

  11. NWO is making less and less sense. I’m not sure if this is amusing, terrifying, or some combination of both. I really think we’re getting the replies he posted from another dimension (Opposite World? Land of the Deluded Dumbfucks?), possibly via a machine designed by someone who doesn’t believe in pi.

  12. Um

    Do we have a link about this program from, you know, the actual university?

    Because my google-fu failed on this, and I’m in QA.

  13. themisanthropicmuse

    NWO is David Icke in disguise. It’s the only thing that would make sense at this point.

  14. Students who fail can immediately retake the quiz until they’re successful

    Yeah, they’re a veritable Gestapo over there.

  15. NWO:

    I do believe you have no reading comprehension skills whatsoever.

    Nothing you have said said anything to my point: that everyone I know would have complained about it. Furthermore, they were not kicked out of school. Everyone I knew graduated, so they were allowed to attend. Ergo, I do not believe that they had to take any kind of class like that, certainly not required in order to attend.

    So, that leaves the question: when did these classes start? When did they become a requirement?

  16. Here’s the actual link:

  17. themisanthropicmuse: Yeah, that does actually make sense. I actually tried to read one of Icke’s books, but gave up about halfway in. I did find out, though, that a catholic school in my hometown has been a front for some kind of sex slavery/devil worship ring. The people I know who attended and taught there would be shocked…

  18. @drst:

    If women are never pressured to be “on” why do all these assholes (mostly male, always strangers) come up to me in public and demand that I smile*? Why is it I never in my life have seen this happen to a man?

    On occasion while I was in high school and middle school, I’d have girls tell me that I should smile (this would happen while I was deep in thought about something, as apparently the “deep in thought” facial expression is very similar to the “mildly unhappy” expression). However, my experience was an exception, and also didn’t happen with nearly the frequency it does for girls and women.


    Didn’t you say feminists didn’t generalize about all men?

    Awwww, you’re so cute when you pretend you can’t understand sarcasm. *pinches cheeks*

  19. Okay, these are all from Ernest Belfort Bax’s The fraud of feminism (1913):

    “… until the present state of things, by which the whole power of the State is practically at the disposal of woman to coerce and oppress men.”

    Let me just remind you this was written in 1913.

    p. 18:
    “All the advantages of an academic career have been opened to [women], with the solitary exception of the actual conferment of degrees at Oxford and Cambridge.”

    Such a minor little detail…

    p. 18-19:
    “The sentimental side of Feminism, with its practical result of the overweighting of justice in the interests of women in the courts…, and their practical immunity from the operation of the criminal law when in the dock, has advanced correspondingly; while at the same time the sword of that same criminal law is sharpened to a razor edge against the man even accused, let alone convicted, of any offence against the sacrosanct majesty of ‘Womanhood.'”

    Owly, how old are you? Did you write this?

    p. 23:
    “Public opinion has hitherto recognised the average of women as being intellectually below the voting standard, and the average man as not. … The latter is not affected by the fact that it is possible to find certain individual men of inferior intelligence and therefore less intrinsically qualified to form a political judgment than certain specially gifted women.”

    p. 24-26:
    “An initial difficulty exists in proving theoretically the intellectual inferiority of women to men, or even their relative unsuitability for fulfilling functions involving a special order of judgment. … The Feminist driven into a corner endeavours to save his face by flatly denying matters open to common observation and admitted as obvious by all who are not Feminists. Such facts are the pathological mental condition peculiar to the female sex, commonly connoted by the term hysteria; the absence, or at best the extremely imperfect development of the logical faculty in most women; the inability of the average woman in her judgment of things to rise above personal considerations; and, what is largely a consequence of this, the lack of a sense of abstract justice and fair play among women in general. The aforesaid peculiarities of women, as women, are, I contend, matters of common observation and are only disputed by those persons — to wit Feminists — to whose theoretical views and practical demands their admission would be inconvenient if not fatal. … In this matter I only deal with the male Feminist. The female Feminist is usually too biased a witness in this particular question.”

    But men who want to deny Feminists rights? Not biased at all, no sirree.

    p. 27:
    “The truth in question consists in the fact, undeniable to all those not rendered impervious to facts by preconceived dogma, that, as I have elsewhere put it, while man has a sex, woman is a sex. Let us hear [Otto] Weininger on this point. ‘Woman is only sexual, man is also sexual.'”

    Didn’t Owly say almost exactly this at one point?

    p. 29:
    “The recognition of the necessity of admitting greater latitude in this respect [i.e. in re: sexual morality] to men than to women is based clearly on physiology and common-sense. With men sexual instinct manifests itself locally, and at intervals its satisfaction is an urgent and pressing need. With woman this is not so. … Any successful attempt of social purity mongers to run counter to physiology in enforcing either by legislation or public opinion the same stringency on men in this respect as on women could but have the most disastrous consequences to the health and well-being of the community.”

    Okay, this quote above was basically written by a composite of every r/mr commenter ever.

    p. 30:
    “All authorities on the physiological question are agreed that woman is less well-organised, less well-developed, than man. Dr. de Varigny asserts that this fact is traceable throughout the whole female organism, throughout all its tissues, and all its functions. For instance, the stature of the human female is less than that of the man in all races. As regards weight there is a corresponding difference.”

    Wait, our spleens are less well organized?!!?

    I’m only up to p. 30.

  20. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Don’t you love the contradiction between how men “have” a sex and women “are” a sex, and about nothing but sex, BUT at the same time men have this pressing neeeeeeeed for sex and women don’t.

    This is proof of the theory we had the other day about the time-travelling doctor. It sounds like he brought all his mates with him and they formed the MRM.

  21. mildlymagnificent

    Does Slavey get a redacted version of this site, where large blocks of text are blacked out?

    Doesn’t need to. Seeing the way he misses important parts of what’s right in front of him reminded me of a job I had *mumble* years ago. A big part was doing the ‘cuttings’ from newspapers. Had to read 3 or 4 broadsheet newspapers in the morning then the tabloids and late delivered papers in the afternoon. I read at least 6 and, on Mondays, up to 12 newspapers/periodicals a day.

    And at least once a week someone would surprise me by saying “did you see that terrible/wonderful story about floods in China/puppy rescued from drain?” No, I never did. “Reading” all those papers should have made me the best informed person ever. But I wasn’t.

    I was so focused on scanning for keywords and specific topics that I completely overlooked anything and everything that wasn’t part of the task.

    I’m not willing to imagine what slavey thinks his ‘task’ is and I’m sure he’s self-taught rather than explicitly trained as I was. But I’m pretty sure he’s entirely capable of missing sentences wholesale as well as any sarcasm/humour/nuance in what he _does_ read, and fairly oblivious to the fact that he’s doing it.

  22. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    mildlymagnificent – and Owly has a pre-set response to all his keywords, as well. If someone here says something like “I like men,” he’d just see “men” and automatically start his feministshateallmenRAGEARGLEBARGLE ranting.

  23. First of all, I’ll assume everything you’ve said is a lie

    Oh, Owly, Never change.

  24. First of all, I’ll assume everything you’ve said is a lie, because this is a house of lies and hatred.

    I laughed so hard I farted.

  25. But I’m pretty sure [NWOslave is] entirely capable of missing sentences wholesale as well as any sarcasm/humour/nuance in what he _does_ read, and fairly oblivious to the fact that he’s doing it.

    Personally, I think he’s a troll who’s perfectly well aware of what he’s doing.

  26. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    khymchaur – which makes him an even bigger loser than he appears.

    Unless of course he’s developing a weird new line of comedy, ie. “act like an arsehole on internet to get people to laugh at me”.

  27. Kitteh’s Unpaid Help: If he’s doing that… he’s just a troll. On the internet we are what we present ourselves to be.

  28. Creative Writing Student

    First of all, I’ll assume everything you’ve said is a lie, because this is a house of lies and hatred.

    Clearly the introduction to a reasoned and logical debate.

    Here I’ll copy and paste this from the site.

    Following recent federal investigations over the university’s policy in handing sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints, students must now enroll in the small class, which constitutes viewing seven videos and passing a quiz with a score of 100 percent before registering for second semester courses.

    As a man you must admit you are violent swine, or at least answer correctly that you are violent swine in order to attend college.

    I know he’s just pants with his formatting, but it really looks like the bit about the violent swine actually came from the site… well, apart from the style and words used. They look like NWOslave.

    Of course, this could mean that NWOslave writes for the university website. They probably have to wipe the argelbargle off his keyboard at least once a week.

  29. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Kitteh’s Unpaid Help: If he’s doing that… he’s just a troll. On the internet we are what we present ourselves to be.

    LOL I did say weird!😀

  30. Wow…. I have a Galtian following me on Twitter… the mind reels.

  31. “House of Lies and Hatred” should be the new site motto. Or at least the motto of the commentariat…

  32. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Would that be to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun”?🙂

  33. There is a blog on the internet
    They call the Manboobz site
    And it’s been the ruin of stupid MRAs
    Who somehow think they’re bright.

    Their mothers must sigh deeply
    While they scrub their skidmarked pants,
    For each MRA’s a strange sad man
    With incoherent rants.

    Now the only thing a sexist needs
    Is a blog to spout his “thoughts,”
    And there is no way that he’ll be satisfied
    Until he has sexbots.

    Oh mothers, tell your children
    Not to act like awful bores –
    Spend your lives on whining about girls
    And how penguins are whores.

    Dave’s got one tab open to Manboobz,
    The other one’s on Reddit;
    He’s going back and forth between
    To post their latest shit.

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, there is a blog on the internet
    They call the Manboobz site
    And it’s been the ruin of stupid MRAs
    Who somehow think they’re bright.

    *organ solo*

  34. @Polliwog
    Well done.

  35. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I thought all men in the community were bitter, damaged,and filled with nihilistic rage. I have been proven wrong.🙂

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