Reddit Creepsplosion, Part Eleventy Billion and Two [UPDATED]

There’s drama on Reddit again, with a veritable army of Redditors rising up in righteous indignation to fight off those evil man-haters who’ve challenged their ineffable right to free speech to post creepy and intrusive and possibly illegal pictures of women and girls.

I don’t have the energy to catalogue the whole murky mess so let me just point out a few of the key events here, all of which have inspired multiple mega-threads full of sound and fury and lots of misinformation.

1) Reddit user Violentacrez, the founder of r/jailbait and r/picsofdeadkids and countless other skeezy subreddits, deleted his account after learning that Adrian Chen of Gawker was working on a story about him that might include his real name.

On Reddit, where bullshit travels at the speed of light, Redditors convinced themselves that Violentacrez, who took pride in being Reddit’s “creepy uncle,” was being “blackmailed” by either Chen or ShitRedditSays, conceptualized by most Redditors as some sort of collective supervillain not unlike Star Trek’s Borg. (On the Men’s Rights subreddit, moderator Ignatiusloyola, a major purveyor of misinformation on the current controversies, even suggested that I might somehow be mixed up in all of this, which is of course not the case. ) Violentacrez has come forth to say that Chen was not in fact blackmailing him in any way.

Naturally, Redditors have risen up to defend the honor of Mr. Acrez, who despite because of his incredible skeeziness was a beloved figure amongst the Reddit masses. Indeed, the moderators of a number of popular subreddits – including r/politics and, of course, r/mensrights – have banded together to ban Gawker and Jezebel and all related sites from their alleged free-speech zones.

A few links if you want to explore this further:

Redditors Stand Up to Gawker to Protect Child Pornography (AtlanticWire)

[Mod Post] A tribute to Violentacrez, who was doxxed and was being threatened in real life, and an important message to ALL subscribers (please upvote this self post) (NSFW subreddit thread; unreliable information within)

2) The CreepShots subreddit, devoted to surreptitiously taken pictures of attractive young women (and possibly a few men), has vanished, apparently either banned by Reddit’s admins or taken down by the subreddit’s moderator after someone threatened to expose his name.

But this was not the only attempt to creep-shame the creepshotters:  A tumblr blog called Predditors posted the personal information of 20 or so Redditors who were active posters in r/creephots; all the info was gleaned from other Reddit postings of theirs. (Most of this information has since been scrubbed from the site.)

Naturally all this has inspired much indignation amongst Redditors, who are seemingly unaware of the irony inherent in their indignation about the invasion of privacy of those who ran and/or enthusiastically participated in a subreddit explicitly devoted to photographic invasions of privacy. (I don’t support revealing the personal info of these people, but at the same time I’m having a little trouble working up any sympathy for them.)

Rumors have spread on Reddit that one Redditor was physically attacked after being exposed as a CreepShot regular, but the only source of information on this is a user with the Reddit handle of POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS, so let’s just say that this is unconfirmed for now.


How to Shut Down Reddit’s CreepShots Once and for All: Name Names (Jezebel)

Internet Wars Over Women’s Bodies (Forbes)

The Internet War Over Creeps on Reddit (AtlanticWire)

/r/creepshots mod blackmailed into shutting down the sub a.k.a. The Admins Sure Doxxed The Ball On This One (ShitRedditSays thread)

r/creepshots has been removed due to doxxing of the main mod (SubredditDrama thread)

So it begins. Creepshots member beaten up following the Jezebel article which doxxed 20 Redditors (SubredditDrama thread)

There are naturally many more threads on the various aspects of all this on SubredditDrama right now.

Naturally, the good people of Men’s Rights have some thoughts on all this, many of them based on things that aren’t true.

/r/Creepshots and /r/violentacrez taken over by SRS by blackmailing with doxxing info. Apparently r/MensRights is next. (NOTE from DF: Nothing in this headline is true.)

Update on ViolentAcrez/Gawker/Adrian Chen/CreepShots (Substantially more accurate than the previous thread.)

Why does SRS feel the need to fuck with everyone? (Assorted SRS vilification based mostly on misinformation.)

Can the recent doxxing events be seen as an act of terrorism against this (or any) subreddit?

I’ll update this post with more info as necessary.

EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a giant list of links to media coverage of all this.

EDITED AGAIN: Chen’s article has been published on Gawker.

Meanwhile, the now-infamous Redditor POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS, the source of much of the dubious information discussed above, has been banned from Reddit; more importantly, he has been caught doctoring a screenshot of a conversation between him and a Reddit admin explaining why he’s being banned. So pretty much all of his claims, including the one about a creepshotter getting beaten up, are now suspect.

Also, here’s a screenshot that purports to be from Violentacrez explaining why he left Reddit.


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  1. And the abuser lobby strikes again. This was recently posted on Spreadheads “chinese feminism is sooo awesome post”. Trigger warning for violence against women:

    hmiggen mghow October 13, 2012 at 12:38
    Great article Welmer – and I love how this throws a bucket of cold water in the faces of the American feminist.

    Totally unrelated, but check out this uppercut. Bus driver decides he’s had enough and puts the smackdown on:

    Like or Dislike: 0  0

    Yes she smacked him. I believe it was after he started talking about slicing up her face. And smacking anyone in the face is wrong unless you’re in immediate danger and trying to get away. He could have called the cops. Instead, he gives her an uppercut to the head. You know, to show her what a man he is, because women shouldn’t get mouthy like men can.

    The post is recent. Its’ had one comment in reply to it. I wonder how many of the boys there are getting off on it?

  2. Owly, I sure as fuck hope that what I do is harrassing to the abusers lobby. I hope they run away from their computers and cry into their pillows when they realize that their abusive bullshit will not be tolerated by society at large. I hope they get so upset about what people have to say to them when they spout their bullshit online that they stay away from online communities until they learn how to keep their bullshit to themselves.

  3. That video is popular on r/mr too.

    I just want to highlight Owly’s math from the previous page:

    Actual number of rapes* for detroit over the course of a lifetime** is 0.57 out of 1000. Or about 1 in 2000. Number of rapes in college over a four year period is 500 out of 2000***. If a woman has a chance of being raped for 60 years of her life, that’s 15 x as long as 4 years**** of colloege. 15 x 500 = 7,500. A womans chance of being raped in college is 750,000% greater than in the most dangerous city in the US. May I suggest hunkering down in an alley in the most dangerous city in the US.

    * i.e. reported rapes
    ** one year. Actually, since 1999, the rate of reported rapes per 100K of population in Detroit has ranged from a low of 36.4 to a high of 87.7
    *** Actually, that’s sexual assault (including rape), I believe, and I think the number is more like 1 in 5, but I don’t have time to look it up — gotta go to the market, and cry in the aisles until some man buys my groceries.
    **** Percentages, how do they work?

  4. Since Slavey is bad at math, I’m going to crunch the numbers on the one city that bothered to test some of its rape kits for him. Testing 153 rape kits turned up 21 serial rapists. Since “serial” by the nature of the word has to mean that each of those men committed at least 2 rapes, we have 21 men committing nearly a third of the 153 rapes that they bothered to look into (at a bare minimum – could have been a much higher percentage). Now, this supports academic studies on rape, which have shown that men who commit rape tend to do it both deliberately and more than once. It also supports the idea that the problem with rape is not that all men are rapists, it’s that the men who are rapists get away with it and are therefore able to cause harm to a vast number of women, with society’s tacit consent. If you’re a man with an actual interest in countering the (totally not real, but apparently a thing that many MRAs believe) idea that feminists think all men are rapists, it would be in your best interests for serial rapists to be identified. But for some reason you don’t like that idea. Hmm, I wonder why?

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Wetherby – the Savile news has been in the papers here every day.

  6. Oh, and BTW, in New York City, where they’ve adopted a policy of testing every single rape kit that is collected, the arrest rate for rape is 70%. They’ve also discovered exactly what Cassandra says just above — they’re finding that guys who rape tend to have multiple victims, even in acquaintance rapes.

    By ARMEN KETEYIAN / CBS/ November 9, 2009, 2:11 PM
    Exclusive: Rape in America: Justice Denied
    / Shares/ Tweets/Stumble/EmailMore +
    This story was written by CBS News Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian and Investigative Producer Laura Strickler.

    CBS News Nearly 90,000 women reported they were raped in the United States last year. It’s estimated another 75,000 rapes went unreported. But while rape convictions are up – a five month CBS News investigation raises questions about just how many rapists are actually being brought to justice.

    Valerie Neumann says she didn’t expect her 21st birthday to end in rape.

    “He stuck his hands down the sweatpants and was touching me up, like my shirt as well, so I kept telling him, ‘no,'” she told CBS News Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian.

    It started at a bowling alley in Erlanger, Kentucky. A man she just met, a friend of a friend, bought her drink after drink. Later that night, she threw up, and passed out. Then, Valerie says, it happened.

    “When I woke up the next morning, my panties and the sweatpants were down around my ankles and my bra was undone,” she said.

    Get Help
    Get Help from Rape Abuse Incest National Network
    National Domestic Violence Hotline
    Safe Horizon

    Valerie said she realized she was raped. Reporting it the next day – a classic charge of acquaintance rape. Nearly three years later still no arrest in the case.

    “I feel like, I almost fee like they’re calling me a liar. That they don’t believe me,” Valerie said.

    Rape in this country is surprisingly easy to get away with. The arrest rate last year was just 25 percent – a fraction of the rate for murder – 79 percent, and aggravated assault – 51 percent.

    “When we have talked to victims, they very much so doubt that it was worth it for them to go to the police,” said Sarah Tofte, US Program Researcher for Human Rights Watch. “They’re incredibly disillusioned with the criminal justice system, and that sends a terrible message.”

    The suspect’s attorney told police his client never had sex with Valerie. Yet an exam revealed “evidence of forced sexual penetration.” Semen found on her underwear. Nurses took a rape kit- a collection of swabs and clothing that provide DNA evidence. The suspect provided a sample. But the DNA was never tested.

    “Testing the kit is one way to affirm a victim’s story,” Tofte said, “and discredit the suspect’s story.”

    A five month CBS News Investigation has found a staggering number of rape kits — that could contain incriminating DNA evidence — have never been sent to crime labs for testing.

    At least 20,000 untested kits: 5,600 in Detroit. 3,800 in Houston. 5,100 in San Antonio, 1,100 in Albuquerque.

    Rape Kit Data, by the Numbers

    Many untested for years. And that’s not all. At least twelve major American cities: Anchorage, Baltimore, Birmingham, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Oakland, Phoenix, San Diego said they have no idea how many of rape kits in storage are untested.

    (FBI, Justice Department)
    Police departments told us rape kits don’t get tested due to cost – up to $1,500 a kit — a decision not to prosecute, and victims who recant or are unwilling to move forward with a case.

    Psychologist David Lisak from the University of Massachusetts has spent twenty years studying the minds of rapists.

    “Somehow all we can do is take the statement from the victim. Take the statement from the alleged perpetrator and then throw up our hands because they are saying conflicting things,” he said. “That’s not how we investigate other crimes.”

    Valerie was told her rape kit wasn’t tested because they didn’t have the money. But when we caught up with Kenton County prosecutor, Rob Sanders, he told us something else.

    Keteyian asked, “Why wasn’t the rape kit tested in the Valerie Neumann case?”

    “The results of the DNA test would not have made the case one way or another,” Sanders said.

    Sanders said his office made a “judgment call” the case was unwinnable in court — claiming there were issues with Valerie’s memory and the alcohol involved. A practice, says Lisak that often plays right into the hands of rapists.

    More about Non-Stranger Rapes from Psychologist David Lisak

    “Predators look for vulnerable people and they prey on vulnerable people,” Lisak said. And if, as a criminal justice system, we’re going to essentially turn from any victim who was drinking or any victim who was in some way vulnerable – we’re essentially giving a free pass to sexual predators.”

    Worried they were doing just that, CBS News has learned the Oakland California Police Department is now plowing through 489 untested rape kits from stranger rapes dating back six years, looking for evidence in what they believe to be “solvable cases.”

    The Los Angeles Police Department is testing a backlog of nearly 3,000 rape kits. LAPD’s new Chief Charles Beck says efforts to reduce the backlog have “resulted in 405 hits” in the FBI DNA database.

    In New York City, prosecutors are even more aggressive – testing every rape kit, even in cases of acquaintance rape – over 1,300 last year alone.

    “You never know what you’re going to find,” said Mecki Prinz of the NY Medical Examiners Office.

    The results are stunning. Today New York City’s arrest rate for rape is 70 percent – triple the national average.

    Prinz says testing kits in acquaintance cases can tie suspects to other attacks, “We have lots of situations where a domestic situation or an acquaintance situation is actually an indication of the male involved responsible for other rapes,” she said.

  7. I totally fucked up that copy/paste job. Sorry, people.

  8. NWO, please stop trying to do math. I am the worst person in the world at math, and if I can figure out your math is pants, you should just look at kittens until the urge to play with numbers passes.

  9. @hellkell
    “NWO, please stop trying to do math.”

    You do the math. Find me a college with 1 in 4 rapes. I’ve asked repeatedly. Go to any college site and they have a section that lists the criminal activity. They also list the population of that college. It should be the easiest thing in the world. Now go and do it.

  10. Owly, you nincompoop, so many people have tried to explain this to you. Why do I bother?

    (A) It’s one in 5.
    (B) It’s rapes or attempted rapes/sexual assault.
    (C) Most rapes aren’t reported.
    (D) Colleges under-report criminal activity so that people will continue enrolling.
    (5) You are a nincompoop, and you need to take remedial math. And deal with the numerous posts above about untested rape kits, and what is discovered when they are finally tested. Like the fact that many of the offenders have assaulted multiple adults and children. I know you don’t care about women being raped, you’ve made that abundantly clear — but don’t you want people who assault children taken off the streets? Are you so invested in hurting women that children are acceptable “collateral damage?”

  11. they’re finding that guys who rape tend to have multiple victims, even in acquaintance rapes

    Not surprising, given that these undetected rapists admit to having an average of 6 victims a piece (of the ones who have more than one victim).

  12. NWO: If it’s only harassment when someone fucks you, then you don’t get to say it’s feminist oppression unless a man goes to jail, so shut up about it; because no one is; by your rules, oppressed, least of all you.

    Call me when you get arrested, then you can say you are oppressed.

  13. Guys… NWO isn’t going to face the truth, ever. He thinks women should be property. He thinks rape, at root, isn’t a crime against a person, but a crime against property; but if you are a woman, it’s (at most) petty theft, like shoplifting. Because you asked for it, strumpetting all over town, letting men see you.

    If you are a man, and it’s your woman who was raped… that’s bad; if she didn’t just lie to cover up the evilness of her nasty female ways, cheating on you, and shit like that.

  14. @cloudiah
    “Owly, you nincompoop, so many people have tried to explain this to you. Why do I bother?”

    “(A) It’s one in 5.”
    Then show me 1 in 5.
    “(B) It’s rapes or attempted rapes/sexual assault.”
    Then show me 1 in 5 of all of those combined.
    “(C) Most rapes aren’t reported.”
    How could anyone possibly even guess at what isn’t reported? “Most” aren’t reported? For all you know every single one is reported. Ridiculous.
    “(D) Colleges under-report criminal activity so that people will continue enrolling.”
    What would make you come to this conclusion? There is no evidence that this is true.
    (C) & (D) are excuses where a number of 1 in 5 is stated as a fact. In order to reach that gospel number you must assume that “most” assaults aren’t reported and colleges under-report. Why not 1 in 2? Why not ten times a day? All of them are equally ficticious numbers plucked from the sky.
    Show me one in five using actual “known” numbers. Not numbers based on feminist dogma. If it’s 1 in 2,000 then it’s 1 in 2,000. You can’t just say only 1 in 400 assaults are ever reported.

    This isn’t feminist family feud, where Richard Dawson says, “Show me the #1 feminist answer for the assault rate on campus.” Survey says, 1 in 5 and the feminst audience goes wild.

    Show me actual numbers. Not conjecture. Not what you want it to be. Actual numbers.

  15. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Cloudiah – given Owly’s fondness for complaining about those eight-year-olds in swimsuits (or was it capri pants?) being all slutty in front of him at the beach, I doubt he really thinks rape is a thing where children are concerned, either. Unless that, too, is property damage, as Pecunium pointed out.

    Basically “man shoving his dick into someone who doesn’t want him to” is not a crime at all in Owly’s world, unless perhaps it offends another property-owner, or it’s one of Teh Gayz doing it.

  16. NWO, there is no math TO do, because the study said “1 in 4 sexually assaulted since the age of 14.” You can’t fucking read, and I’ll thank you not order me to do a fucking thing for you.

  17. @hellkell
    “NWO, there is no math TO do, because the study said “1 in 4 sexually assaulted since the age of 14.”’

    And Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Sacharin is good for you. And let’s not forget.

  18. Whatever, NWO, ya still can’t do the math. Don’t you have some crackpottery to slaver over somewhere else?

  19. Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. NWO pays attention to facts. Mars needs women.

    One of these things is not like the others.

  20. For all you know every single one is reported.

    I didn’t report being raped, so, as we used to say in high school debate, EMPIRICALLY DENIED!

  21. I could actually believe that at one time, more doctors smoked Camels than any other brand.

    But then, unlike NWOaf, I actually have paid attention to history.

  22. And on that note:

    My mother never reported being sexually assaulted, nor did she report her rape.

    My aunt tried to report her sexual assaults and rape, and was called an outright liar and a seducer(she was just a little girl)

    My grandmother never reported the rapes she went through.

    Many of my friends have been sexually assaulted (and some of those assaults I witnessed) and did not report them. Nor was the attempted rape at a camp site reported, although I can tell you both my friend(who the guys were really after because she was blind drunk) was very lucky that I was sober and able to get both of us to safety.

    I have been sexually assaulted several times in my early teens. I didn’t know what to call it then and believed the much older men when they told me they were just horsing around. I was left on my own because it was afternoon hours (and slow business) to serve coffee and donuts. Later, strange but painful accidents started happening when these “jokers” started messing around. Plausible denialbility works both ways.

    And it the idea of “plausible deniability” that makes it so hard for assault and rape vitims to come forward. Because NO ONE wants to believe they know a predator.

  23. You know, I’ve been reading through the comments on old Manboobz posts for fun, and what the hell happened to you, NWO? You used to show up in every thread and spew new, absurd conspiracy theories or misogynistic rants. Now you’re barely ever here and when you are it’s the same tired old talking points over and over.

  24. Yeah, Owly. You used to be cool, man.*

    *Not really.

  25. @lauralot89:

    You know, I’ve been reading through the comments on old Manboobz posts for fun, and what the hell happened to you, NWO? You used to show up in every thread and spew new, absurd conspiracy theories or misogynistic rants. Now you’re barely ever here and when you are it’s the same tired old talking points over and over.

    I bet he’s two-timing us, the cheating bastard.

  26. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    LOL Amused!

    I was thinking he was one of those trolls who burns with a hard, gem-like flame for a while and then … just burns out. All that early promise, gone.

  27. I say only this, and say no more: If any harm should come to Michael B******’s person, Mr. Chen will have blood on his hands.

  28. I say only this, and say no more


  29. Your idiocy and stupidity, have no place in this thread, cloudiah. This is a man who was outed, humiliated, and endangered by a morally berift, piss-drinking, taint-licking mangina. It is a subject of substance, and I’d ask you to treat it as such.

  30. Bullshit, Steele. Brutsch made his bed, he can roll around in it. I have zero sympathy for this guy and zero patience with YOU, skidmark.

  31. Yeah. All that valiant man did was heroically promote the heroic practice of taking sexually suggestive pictures of non-consenting children and swapping manly stories of sexually abusing his stepdaughter. And now, for all the good that this man has done for the world, he’s risking bad publicity. Oh, the horror.

  32. It is a subject of substance, and I’d ask you to treat it as such.

    Says the guy who just called someone a “morally berift[sic], piss-drinking, taint-licking mangina”.

  33. Butthorn, you mad? To quote PZ Myers (just to make steam come out of your ears),

    Brutsch made a career of violating other people’s right to privacy; he’s known for his “jailbait” and “creepshot” subreddits, in which he encouraged people to post photographs of half-naked children taken without permission — the special thrill of these photos was specifically that they did violate boundaries.

    You know who is responsible for the fallout from public exposure about Michael Brutsch’s actions? The person who committed those actions: Michael Brutsch.

  34. I especially liked how Steele brought up morals, of all things. I just love it when defenders of child-rape talk about morality.

  35. B****** acted as a troll on the Internet, albeit on a large scale. The vile disgusting feminist-arsehole-licking mangina Adrian Chen has taken it upon himself to apply his M-feminist principles universally; this is one step away from totalitarianism in its attempt at crushing dissent.

    This is an attempt at silencing, nothing more. Standard feminist procedure. As if I needed more insight into feminists’ character.

  36. Amused: Amen. And let’s not overlook the delicious irony of Steele harping on idiocy and stupidity.

  37. My heart pumps purple piss over the plight of a predator being “silenced.” Steele, you win Jag of the Day.

  38. Cloudiah, and the rest of the Boobzers defending Chen, are frankly evil, and indirect enablers of all the suppression and oppression that led to the Holocaust, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and virtually every other horror known to humankind. Because all wrongs can be traced back to suppression of those who would point out its evil. Which is what Chen is doing. And you’re on the wrong side of history.

  39. No one “silenced” Brutsch. Adrien Chen has the right to free speech, which includes the right to out Brutsch — which should be understandable to someone who believes that the taking of photos of non-consenting children for the purpose of distributing them to pedophile rapists is protected speech.

  40. Which evil was Brutsch pointing out, exactly, by aiding and abetting child rapists?

  41. I think the fact that I “indirectly enabled” things that happened centuries before I existed is actually kind of awesome. ALL MORTALS MUST FEAR ME, EVEN THOSE WHO ARE LONG-DEAD OR NOT YET BORN. MY EVIL POWERS KNOW NO BOUNDARIES IN SPACE OR TIME!!!

    Steele, you are so dumb.

  42. Cloudiah, and the rest of the Boobzers defending Chen, are frankly evil, and indirect enablers of all the suppression and oppression that led to the Holocaust, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and virtually every other horror known to humankind. Because all wrongs can be traced back to suppression of those who would point out its evil. Which is what Chen is doing. And you’re on the wrong side of history.

    Is this the dumbest thing Steele has ever written? I rather think it is.

  43. Cloudiah, and the rest of the Boobzers defending Chen, are frankly evil, and indirect enablers of all the suppression and oppression that led to the Holocaust, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and virtually every other horror known to humankind. Because all wrongs can be traced back to suppression of those who would point out its evil. Which is what Chen is doing. And you’re on the wrong side of history.

    A sense of proportion, you do not haz it.

  44. hellkell, are you saying my evil powers are not limitless? I was feeling so potent, but now I feel kind of flaccid.😉

  45. Oh, looky, Steele has a sad. If it’ll make you feel any better, Steele, let me assure you that the Holocaust, the Dark Ages, the Crusades and the Inquisition all provided “real men” like Brutsch with plenty of opportunities to rape children.

  46. Cloudiah: so many jokes, so little time.

  47. Dude, Chen did not cause Brutsch to go to jail. He did not cause him to lose his job. He took widely available information (through Reddit) and made it even more widely available, that is all. Brutsch is still free to (should he so choose) continue to spew his vile bullshit. It’s just that now he is being held accountable to his statements.

  48. Brutsch has apparently lost his job:

    How much do you want to bet that some Reddit “hero” offers him a new one?

  49. Let one of his fellow scumbags hire him. Still can’t work up any sympathy for him.

  50. Oh, wow. His “woe is me” routine is too much. Shoulda thought of that sooner, dude.

  51. I am not saying that outing B****** and the Inquisition are the same thing, you disingenuous scumbags. I’m saying that they both stem, at their core, from the same evil impulse that seems endemic to humanity- the desire to silence and suppress. Free speech would have stopped the Holocaust, the Reign of Terror, and the Crusades, because there are always some people who see evil for what it is.

    Adrian Chen did not carry out the Reign of Terror, it’s true- but in fact, he and Robespierre are of one mind. Disingenuous manginas

  52. I’m saying that they both stem, at their core, from the same evil impulse that seems endemic to humanity- the desire to silence and suppress.

    Really? I always thought things like the Holocaust and the Inquisition and the Crusades stemmed from the evil impulse defined as the desire to dominate other groups, by, among other things, violently possessing and humiliating women, but I guess I was wrong. Glad you mansplained it to me.

    Also, lol, wut? Robespierre was a “mangina”? Do tell.

  53. Brutsch’s firing is unsurprising- anyone could have predicted it. It seems that- as was wont to happen eventually- the manginas and feminits have finally reached their rotting maggot-infested tendril out into the real world, and destroyed a family. B******’s life has been destroyed because of the disgusting revenge fantasy of one vile mangina.

  54. Losing one’s job does not destroy a family. Having sex with one’s stepchild, however, tends to have that effect. Pretty sure “manginas” and feminists didn’t hold a gun to Brutsch head to force him to fuck his step-daughter.

  55. Disingenuous Manginas is the new name of my Jedward cover band.

  56. This upstanding citizen moderated a subreddit with pictures of dead children?


  57. Steele. Dude.

    Do you condemn the prosecution of sex offenders or distributors of child porn because they ‘destroy families’? Are you really commuting guilt that far?

    Guess who is REALLY destroying Brutsch’s family?

    HINT: his name starts with a B and sort of sounds like ‘wretch’.

  58. I am not saying that outing B****** and the Inquisition are the same thing, you disingenuous scumbags.

    Actually that’s exactly what you said, because you’re a piss-poor writer who’s convinced that he’s not.

  59. Amused – More distortions and lies, mixed in with the meaningless shaming word, “mansplain”, which might affect cringing lickspittles but has no effect on one who has not “drunk the Kool-Aid”, as it were.

    Robespierre, so far as I know, wasn’t a feminist. However, again as you’ve ignored, I am saying that in point of fact the impulse to silence is the same in both Chen and Robespierre (and Hitler, and Stalin, and so on).

  60. I am immensely disheartened to see that PZ Myers, who I respect immensely, is laying down his support for this little piece of totalitarianism.

  61. You, you mean “mansplain” is meaningless whereas “mangina” is not? My, my.

    If you believe in the freedom of speech so much, why on earth do you want to silence Chen?

  62. Also, where is the lies? Are you seriously saying that the Crusades happened because of an impulse to silence? That’s a new one in the study of history. All those thousands of people trekked all the way to the Middle East not for booty and not for spoils, but in order to silence. Yeah. Riiiight. As I’ve said before, thanks for mansplaining.

  63. Totalitarianism generally requires that authority be exerted over someone.

    Your desire to conflate ‘silence’ and ‘expose’ is really telling, dude.

    Oppressors seek to dehumanize, and those marginalized by anonymity fear it.
    Reporters seek to humanize, and those privileged by anonymity fear it..

  64. Excuse me. I’m going to take a look at the Reddit thread. I may even offer to send a little money B******’s way, if he’s taking donations, and he’d be a fool not to. The oppressors can by no means silence everyone.

  65. Amused, could you perhaps school our good friend Steele on the finer points of totalitarianism, since you lived it? I’ll make the popcorn.

    Steele, admit it. You are so dumb, you are really dumb. For real.

  66. By all means, send Brutsch all your money. He needs to buy kiddie porn.

  67. I may even offer to send a little money B******’s way, if he’s taking donations, and he’d be a fool not to.

    Well Steele, you know what they say about jester’s fools and their money…

  68. Hey, at least he had enough sense to use “cringing lickspittles” rather than “manginas” in his whinge about shaming words. For Steele this is progress, even given the painfully awkward “as it were” at the end.

  69. I wonder how many of the MRAs wringing their hands over this (I’m looking at you, Steele) have breathed a word of objection to Register-Her?

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