Charity Begins at Home: A Reddit Quiz

Here’s a quick Reddit quiz. Take a look at these comments, found this afternoon on Reddit:

To whom are they directed?

a) A Redditor known as Help4Yew, long-time moderator of the Help4RapeVictims subreddit, who recently lost her job.

b) A Redditor by the name of CouchSurfer666, a guy trying to make a trip around the world sleeping on the couches of different Redditors, but who was injured while hiking in northern India and unable to afford a plane ticket back to the US.

c) The Redditor formerly known as Violentacrez, the man behind many of Reddit’s most notorious subreddits, including Jailbait, Chokeabitch, Niggerjailbait, Rapebait, Hitler, Jewmerica, Misogyny, and Incest, and who lost his job after Gawker revealed his real identity.

Do I even need to tell you the answer here?

It’s C, by the way. I made up the other two examples. There are threads soliciting donations in the following subreddits, among others:  c1rclejerkersc1rclejerkers again; ImGoingToHellForThis; mensrights; legalteens. (These are links to the threads, not the subreddits; don’t read the comments in c1rclejerkers if you want to retain any faith in humanity or at least Reddit.)

For more on Violentacrez, check out the media coverage linked to on the front page of SRS’s Redditbomb subreddit at the moment.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon,, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Pear Tree- registerher collects crimes committed by women, and it isn’t a very big list. The women on there would be easily outnumbered by male dictators and war criminals listed on Wikipedia alone… my point was: if you want to read about crimes and atrocities committed by men there are literally millions more to choose from, with the few hundred worst ones committed on a grand scale, affecting more people and having far more severe consequences than, say, an actress making a sexist joke about castrating men. The reason no feminist has attempted to make registerhim is the fact that it would break the internet.

    Attribute all the great accomplishments of some men to every single individual man, thus proving male superiority over women? Seems legit.

    Dare to even tiptoe around the fact that most of the atrocities are also committed by some men? OMGRARGHMISANDRYFEMINAZIARGLEBARGLESHITSTORM!!!!!1

    Your MRA “logic” in a nutshell. Men are individuals when if comes to the bad. Men are a collective when it comes to the good.

  2. Wow, he was on CNN? Adrian Chen was on “All Things Considered” yesterday night. You’ve scooped them all, David!

  3. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Not to mention that any bad thing done by any woman is hugely magnified AND attributed to all women, while any good thing done by any woman is minimised or mocked or ignored completely, and even if they can’t manage that, it doesn’t reflect on women as a whole.

  4. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    You’ve scooped them all, David!

    Careful, you’ll attract a wall of text from schtickytwit because JOURNALISM!

  5. Wasn’t he sock puppeting on another thread earlier? Maybe that counts as one of his three posts.

  6. and… <a href = has been "re-invented"

  7. Here’s Vengeant Hectares or whatever his name is’s interview on le cnn:

  8. @skeptifem, true, but he also claimed that he stayed married to her for ten years after that, so, clearly, no biggie.

    Though apparently in his CNN nonpology, he admitted the stepdaughter thing was a lie. I’m sure his stepdaughter is thrilled to know that he’s been telling everybody that she gave him a blowjob. I hope she sues his sorry ass blind.

  9. And the stepfather of the year award goes to…

  10. The hubs really, really doesn’t like Romney, but he also doesn’t think Obama has really done enough to warrant a second term.

    Arrrrrgh! Voting is not like shopping! You don’t get to leave them both at the store if you don’t like them; either Obama or Romney will be elected. In the United States, your vote is picking between the two. End of story.

    (ideas blatantly lifted from Echidne)

    Plus, the most important thing the President will do in the next four years is appoint a Supreme Court Justice (and lower court judges). If Obama does nothing else in his whole term but appoint jurists who aren’t batshit, it will have been worth it.

  11. @Nepenthe – Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. Election season is the only time I want to kick my husband in the butt. He didn’t even vote when he was in the Army, and the dude sitting in the oval office was the one who’d decided if he got to, y’know, live or die. We sat down about a month ago to run through both the party platforms, and he did admit that Obama’s was technically more appealing. He’s just still not convinced. And Jesus wept.

    (What makes all of this voter apathy especially rich? He grew up in a communist country!)

    BTW, my son loves your avatar. He’s sitting in my lap right now and pointing and giggling. Yours and the Bewilderness’ are his favorites.🙂

  12. Ah, Amerika, land of the free and home of the brave … not! And women wonder just where have all the cowboys gone? The ones that weren’t really gay to begin with, that is …

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