Dinesh D’Souza’s backwards future wife on the evils of Women’s Suffrage

Dinesh D’Souza’s future wife?

So good old Dinesh D’Souza — the right-wing culture warrior who hit it big this year with the film 2016: Obama’s America — evidently has a new fiancee. This has caused a big kerfuffle amongst some of D’Souza’s pals on the Christian right, because it turns out that he’s not quite unmarried at the moment, having only just filed for divorce from his current wife of twenty years. Oh, and his new gal pal – 29-year-old Denise Odie Joseph II —  is apparently also married.

Yesterday, D’Souza resigned his lucrative job as president of The King’s College, a small evangelical school in Manhattan (where he was reportedly paid a cool million bucks a year). His explanation for the whole adultery thing?

I had no idea that it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced, even though in a state of separation and in divorce proceedings.

Yeah, how could a family-values-loving, highly paid president of an evangelical Christian college possibly be expected to know that getting engaged to someone while you’re still married might not go over so well in evangelical circles?

As a result of all the controversy, D’Souza says he and his beloved are “suspending” their engagement.

But enough about Dinesh. Let’s talk about his (possible) future wife. Despite the whole adultery thing, Joseph seems to think of herself as a bit of a crusader for “family  values” against the evil forces of liberalism and feminism.

Indeed, in one blog post earlier this year on Smart Girl Politics, she argued, amongst other things, that women’s suffrage was a terrible mistake. Well, “argued” might be stretching it: the post is a long, barely coherent, free-associational rant laced not only with internalized misogyny but with racism and homophobia to boot. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Beginning with a highly ironic paean to Rick Santorum as the only Republican in the primaries “to acknowledge … that the family unit is the cornerstone of American society,” Joseph then launched into a confusing and confused attack on what she called RINO – that is, Republican In Name Only – men who in her view haven’t been doing enough to keep their wives and daughters in check:

RINO Republicans are analogous to fathers who proudly proclaim their conservativeness at dinner parties or perhaps during early afternoon phone calls to El Rusbo’s show, but let their “independently-minded” wives … pump their teenagers full of birth control and encourage their daughters to live the lives for which their bra-burning foremothers fought so valiantly. …

RINO Dads are those guys who will sheepishly to proudly, fill out Republican ballots on Election Day while their wives openly mark their support for things like, “freedom of choice” and “freedom from poverty.” What most people don’t realize, and indeed what I didn’t realize until I blocked out the “madding crowd,” is that these women and their RINO men are like a vast national living history museum, pictographically illustrating exactly why the 19th Amendment was never the best idea ever and in fact, more closely resembles the greatest show on Earth. Think Ringling Bros. …

When our men cannot even remember the principled widespread women’s opposition to women’s suffrage because they never even learned about it in the first place, but can instantly recall which American president freed the slaves without also recalling the importance of his most seminal quote—“A house divided cannot stand,” our society is in trouble.

She quotes anti-suffragette Madeline Dahlgren (1871):

We believe that God has wisely and well adapted each sex to the proper performance of the duties of each. We believe our trusts to be as important and sacred as any that exist.

It is our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who represent us at the ballot-box. Our fathers and husbands love us. Our sons are what we make them. We are content that they represent us in the corn-field, the battle-field and the ballot-box, and we them in the school-room, at the fireside, and at the cradle; believing our representation, even at the ballot-box, to be thus more full and impartial that it could possibly be were all women allowed to vote.

Evidently, while God doesn’t think women should vote, he has no problem with women writing barely coherent tirades about politics on a blog called Smart Girl Politics.

After a weird digression in which Joseph explains she will no longer shop at J Crew because one of the designers there paints her son’s fingernails pink, Joseph returns to her attack on the RINO dudes. She spices up her argument with some good old fashioned racism:

While RINO dads and men are often heard snickering about feminists around the water cooler, they do not realize that by virtue of being RINOs, they are complying with the same feminist/liberal system of social engineering they sneer at when manifested in more obvious forms like the black single-mother society. Believing themselves to be infinitely superior by virtue of being married and financially supporting their children, they do not realize that they are setting their own sons up to be the “playas” and their daughters up to be the “played.”

If they took a moment to actually listen to the music their children listened to, or a moment to look at the way their children dress, they would realize that they are going the way of black ghetto society. They would realize that by failing to do the job their foremothers cherished, their wives, who don’t even know enough to scoff at Madeline Dahlgren and who should be the proud, moral guardians of their homes, are leading their RINO (and real Republican civilization) to their inevitable demises.

This, for some reason, leads into an extended attack on the singer KeSha and the video for her song “Tik Tok,” after which she returns to the subject of RINO dads.

Apparently though her video father seems capable of amassing enough money to afford his family a comfortable lifestyle and manicured lawn, he is completely powerless against the will of his monstrous teenaged whore child. This video might as well be a Discovery Channel documentary on the behavior of that intriguing species known as the RINO Dad. Thank the Lord no man will ever expect Ke$ha to be the moral guardian of his home, seeing that her father’s generation seems to be the last marrying generation. And who can blame them? With Ke$has or watered-down versions to choose from, what man would want to voluntarily impregnate a woman? …

Perhaps Ke$ha’s father learned along the way that if he beat the hell out of Ke$ha like she deserves and then sent her to a convent, he would become a social pariah and end up in jail.

I guess “beating the hell” out of children is a family value?

After a bit more KeSha-inspired free association, Joseph returns to chronicling the coming apocalypse, and manages to produce this unholy muddle of a sentence:

From extreme vanity sizing to demands that magazine models (anorexic and unattractively thin models notwithstanding) look like the “real” (cuz I guess the rest of us don’t count) size 8 woman, who historically would measure in at a size 16 to 20, modern women of the West are on the apocalyptic “Wild Hunt” for the ideal and are leaving terrific characteristic destruction in its wake.

Then she follows up with this shorter but equally baffling sentence:

 As women spearhead the demise of the ideal, the alternative to hypocrisy, they spearhead the demise of social order as we know it and love it.

Then — perhaps unwisely, in light of her current situation with the still-married Mr. D’Souza — she returns to the importance of traditional family values, once again with a side order of racism:

Henceforth, all of us will be staring down the barrel of life in a hip hop video or government-funded project where no one makes pretenses about “what they be.” Where no one has to succumb to sin because sinning is the status quo and where no one need ridiculously pretend to be faithful because well, we would have wisely outgrown such primitive notions about nuclear families as individual economies. We would have outgrown capitalism itself because government entitlement spending would have to grow ten-fold to accommodate and assist the burgeoning hoards of single-mom children born of the scarred sons of divorce who accidentally inseminated their female sex partners, or couples who themselves participated in that modern American rite of passage we call divorce.

Huh. You mean that “rite of passage” that you and Mr. D’Souza will soon both be intimately familiar with?

After an extended  defense (I guess) of Sarah Palin, she winds up her attack on hypocritical “in name only” Republican dudes:

RINO Dads, the next time you see your daughter bounding (or sauntering) down the stairs in a pair of booty shorts with messages like “juicy” emblazoned on her backside, please stop her, turn her around, and force her to go upstairs and change.  As you march her room-ward, tell her why she can’t dress like this, school her on the consequences of her behavior.  Do it even if you were on your way to your man cave to watch x-rated content featuring teenaged-looking girls dancing around in booty shorts with messages like “juicy” emblazoned on their backsides. Do it for your daughter, yourself, society, the ideal, but most of all, do it because you now remember that hypocrisy has always been our last, best hope.

Apparently so.

Hat tip to Ed Brayton of Dispatches From the Culture Wars for unearthing this post from Ms. Joseph.

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I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Kapiche?

    Dude, you’re cruel enough to the English language. You don’t need to start mangling Italian, too.

  2. Oh… varpole: First, a bit of Latin. “quid pro quo” means, “this for that”.

    In English the best sense of the meaning is, “I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch mine.” I think you were trying to say, “ispo facto“, i.e. “in point of fact” (though to be honest, you might do better, when it comes to latin with using ipsum lorem. You are less likely to have your attempts at erudition show you up quite so much).

    If it makes you feel any better I don’t have any particular animus toward you. I don’t have any particular animus to cockroaches, nor raccoons, nor coyotes. In their proper place they are just fine.

    You chose to come here, and make sweeping claims. You chose to be an ass. At times you’ve chosen to be an asshole, and a liar, and a hypocrite.

    I’ve chosen to call you on it.

    You’ve also chosen to claim you know things about me. Things about my sexuality. I’ve chosen to ask you to support that (note that I’ve not chosen to make myself a laughingstock by pretending your insults are libels).

    You’ve chosen to ignore what you said (which is a course you’ve chosen to follow before). I’ve chosen to remind you of what you said.

    If you want to be treated like a grown-up, act like one. Own your words, defend your positions (again, if argumentation and rhetoric are giving you problems, most colleges and universities have tutoring centers, you might avail yourself of one; wherever it is your graduate program is located).

    The only quid pro quo you’re getting from me is that when you make an ass of yourself, I’ll feel free to point it out.

    Because I’m smug like that.

  3. Polliwog: Yeah, he can’t even spell capiche, which sort of loss the, “tough guy” aspects of it; much as his latin fails to impress.

  4. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III

    however I have a life to get back to; a girlfriend who just texted me and things to do, people to see. I don’t have all night, unlike you lickspittles.

    Good point. But on the other hand:

    Indeed it may be true that you’re a Mensch in the real world, as it were; however, given the fact that’s not how we are acquainted, it is to me irrelevant.

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “Lickspittles” quoth he who doesn’t get into [insert irrelevant Latin phrase of your choice] swapping of insults.

    Yeah, either a very good Poe or shit for brains.

    My money’s on the latter.

  6. Umm. Isn’t it capisci?

    This might sound like a stupid question, but it’s coming from a non-American with some Italian knowledge…

  7. @Ice

    I think it might have something to do with the gangsters associated with the phrase in the Anglophone imagination being Sicilian. I could be entirely wrong, or could Google, but it’s more exciting typing something and seeing how your prediction turns out.

  8. I did some googling, but I can’t get anything more definitive than Y!Answers. Wiktionary states it’s Ango-American of capisci (or capisce, if one desires to be more formal to the trolls), but beyond that I can’t seem to get anything that could stop me from correcting the trolls whenever they shoot “capiche” at me like that.😛

    (I was mostly asking ’cause you guys seem hell of a lot smarter/well read than an average internet troll we all run into here and there. And that’s why I was curious whether there’s actually anything behind this bastardisation of Italian.)

  9. Otis the Sweaty

    I don’t have any particular animus to cockroaches, nor raccoons, nor coyotes. In their proper place they are just fine.

    That’s how I feel about women.

  10. Their proper place is as full human beings with human rights, dipshit.

  11. Nobody cares, Otis.

  12. You know, in point of fact, I quoted this, and I was going to read and respond here. But then I thought, life’s too short to spend arguing with a smug, arrogant blowhard on the internet. TL;DR.

    An approximation of Steele’s thoughts while reading Pecunium’s thoroughly awesome and accurate takedown of his stupidity:

    How dare he suggest I’m a whiny, lying crybaby when I act like a disengenous petulant child?! That’s not faiiiiir! MOMMY MAKE HIM STOP. Wait, shit, I have to let them know that I’m a REAL MAN and I’m not phased by stupid shit like the truth. Well, I’ll just do the same to him – wait…I don’t have any argument to make besides the shit I made up before…aw hell. Well, I’ll just say I’m too good for this crap, then! THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM.

  13. Oh otis, so sad. Steele is getting all the attention and you come crying back to mommy. “What about meeeeeee!! I don’t think women are people either!” Your “insults” don’t offend me. Your’e behaving like a 6 year old calling an adult a doody-head. I just roll my eyes in response.

  14. Your’e behaving like a 6 year old calling an adult a doody-head.

    Which is funny because if anyone is a doody-head, it’s Otis.

  15. Umm. Isn’t it capisci?

    This might sound like a stupid question, but it’s coming from a non-American with some Italian knowledge…

    Not a stupid question! You’re quite right. I’m inclined to be somewhat forgiving on the final “i” because mobsters in American movies virtually always drop it, so “capisce” as a way of denoting capisc’ in print makes some sense. “Kapiche,” however, is just plain ridiculous.😛

  16. It’s not his fault, you guys. His Italian teacher was misandrist too.

  17. @Polliwog

    Let’s just all pretend that mobsters in American movies are actually very, very polite

  18. Holy shit, this thread.

  19. Says! Finally, a worthy opponent.

    Dude, CassandraSays is at least ten steps ahead of you, rhetorically.

    This was not in reference to that; I think we’ve all reached an impasse. It was a general response to Pecunium’s general animus, which I have quid pro quo let slide until now.

    Don’t use Latin phrases unless you actually know what they mean and you can use them in context.

    It’s about using a potent force, and a natural force (that is, male sexuality) for nefarious purposes.

    Male sexuality is not a force, but the fact that you think it is says a lot about you.


    Io capisco. Do you?

    And Unpaid Help busts out another one from the Catalogue: Projection. In fact, that may be the second oldest one in the book, aside from, of course, the slur “misogynist”.

    Hahahah, pointing out the fact that you’re projecting is not the same thing as projecting. Also, misogynist is not a slur.

    Unpaid Help, you know, you’ve exhausted the two most powerful tactics in the Catalogue, and it’s only been two days. Bringing out the “big guns”, I see. (Of course, since calling me a m***gynist merely makes me chortle, it’s a futile effort, but still – points for effort).

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ohhhhhhh he asterisk’d “misogynist”…. Hey Steele, can I have a copy of the catalog? I seem to have misplaced mine.

    Sexuality used for purposes of advancing feminism is a logical fallacy

    Let the record show that Steele thinks his own stance is a fallacy*.
    *It’s not actually a fallacy, but it IS wrong.

    Excuse me. I’d like to stay and deconstruct the Boobzers’ positions, however I have a life to get back to; a girlfriend who just texted me and things to do, people to see. I don’t have all night, unlike you lickspittles.

    Whenever you start to lose or run out of crap to say, you just ditch off back to your supposed girlfriend. Seriously, if you’re gonna troll, at least commit.

  20. I think it might be time for the Steele Style Guide, to go with NWOSlave’s Book o’ Larnin’ and A Biography of Christopher Pell. What does everyone else think?

  21. I don’t have any particular animus to cockroaches, nor raccoons, nor coyotes. In their proper place they are just fine.

    That’s how I feel about women.

    My proper place is far, far away from people like Otis.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist feeding the troll.

  22. Since the ‘quid pro quo’ comment I can’t help imagining Steele as a dimwitted parody of Hannibal Lecter.

    “Caveat emptor, Clarice. You help me, I help you.”

    “Uh… shouldn’t that be quid pro quo?”

    “Oh. Erm… well, let’s not parse hairs.”

  23. I guess that parsing hairs would be giving yourself split ends? If so I agree that we definitely shouldn’t do that.

  24. Wait, Pell’s got a biography? How did I miss that?

    Can Steele’s style guide be entitled “The Elements of Fail”?

  25. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “The Elements of Fail”! Perfect!

    Say, can one parse cat hairs? I kind of hope not, it’d be dangerous in our house. There are enough of ’em already without being parsed split.

  26. captainbathrobe

    Quid Pro Quo: a Latin phrase used by smart guys; use of the phrase automatically makes you the winner of any argument. Feminists don’t know what this phrase means, so feel free to use it whenever you like.

  27. Vile: Ancient Greek version of a comma. Probably.

  28. Why the fuck does Steele even care what kind of sex other people are having?

  29. I think it’s, “Any use of Latin wins the argument, so long as it’s used by a MANLY MAN.”

  30. Likely a CIA OP. Pay back for going after one of their own.

  31. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Speaking of commas, or their lack, I saw the funniest thing in the Hun (Murdoch rag) this morning, about a kangaroo who’d got into a multi-storey carpark. It said she was “caught using a tranquilliser gun”.

    I had an image of an armed and dangerous kangaroo …

  32. David K. Meller

    Patsy Kline, Connie Francis, Joanie Sommers, Marcie Blaine, even little Leslie Gore (before she went feminist on us)…

    Where have all the flowers gone?

    These young ladies weren’t perfect, but at least they had some idea of what being female was supposed to be about. Modern women, on the other hand, are absolutely clueless. Could you imagine what any of these lovely little ladies would have said to the thought of being e.g. a police detective, a lady mathematician, or a sportcaster? They would have understood that you manboobzettes were crazy for suggesting it, and that they would be even crazier for agreeing with you!

    Certainly those women(and others like them) had MUCH better things to do than get involved in politics, and their husbands would have been absolute fools for divorcing them, although a “right wing ” degenerate enough to have supported the likes of Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, and the Skull-and-Bones connected Crime family Bush I and Bush II, is composed of people capable of ANYTHING! D’Souza is just to much of a jerk to see what he was giving up. Oh well, there are Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Ann Coulter, isn’t there?

    Nevertheless, thanx for the retrospective of happier days. Perhaps manboobz isn’t womenbeinghateful all the time after all.

  33. Oh look, it’s Meller time again, time sure flies. It’s funny how you always try to slip in the last word in an old thread, Meller, almost like you’re afraid of the women here or something.

    Anyway, here’s your horrible comment saying an abuse victim was responsible for her own murder again

    Ithiliana–February 12, 2012 @2:31pm

    “graduate student “murdered” by ex-husband”

    Take post cited above. Could woman who talks like that (over the ‘net) have such an unpleasant, unfeminine, and just plain horrid personality that she could say something that MAY provoke an unpleasant response from a nearby man who may already be troubled about something else. Look at all of the cases you read about where a murder or vicious assault or rape was committed by a man whose entire life was coming apart, and the very person—his wife–whom he was relying upon to keep what was left of his sanity was turning on him…

    Did graduate student take her “how to handle men” or something like that from YOU?

    I was explaining that a man who loved his nearest and dearest would do anything to avoid the spousal abuse so often cited on feminuttery websites and blogs like this, because it wouldn’t get him what he wanted! I would rather be kind, gentle, and loving to a woman than beat,rape, or kill her, and so would most men, for obvious reasons!

    Gee, Ithiliana, for an intelligent woman, you sure have a lot of trouble understanding ordinary common sense, don’t you?

  34. Ah yes, the good ole days. When men had more control and ladies had very little. Back then, my grandmother had a fainting couch next to her at all times so if it was said “lady mathematician” she could have a soft place to land. Back then, when my mother called the police for her husband choking her, and the cops did nothing because of a boy’s club mentality. Good times. Patsy Cline would have been proud. Good times.

  35. Oh yes. Tell me what being “female” is supposed to be about. Gee Meller, for such an intelligent man I would have thought you meant to use the word “feminine”.

  36. Patsy Cline was horribly abused by her husband. I suppose it’s because she wasn’t feminine enough?

  37. ‘Police detective,’ ‘lady mathematician’ …

    Meller, you really ARE a misogynist time traveler, aren’t you?

    It makes me very happy that you consider this time to be worse than the past. It gives me hope for the future, may it prove even more hostile and unpleasant to you.

  38. No, Amused. Didn’t you know? Getting abused is “being female”. Taking a punch is paramount for femaleness. And being bad at math (unless it’s adding up the grocery list).

  39. I dunno, I think DKM may be partially correct here. I mean, not everyone can be a superhero like Lady Mathematician, and even if we all could, we’d have to come up with our own crime fighting aliases.

  40. Leslie Gore (before she went feminist on us)

    Given that Lesley Gore recorded “You Don’t Own Me” at the ripe old age of 17, and has explicitly stated more than once that she liked and agreed with its message, I’m more than a little creeped out by the idea that she was a proper woman “before she went feminist.” When? When she was 12?

    (Also, y’know, there’s the fact that Lesley Gore is a lesbian. Pretty damn sure that serving creepy old dudes was never terribly high on her personal to-do list.)

  41. @Chibi. It’s Lady Mathematician!! My new Halloween costume!

  42. Could you imagine what any of these lovely little ladies would have said to the thought of being e.g. a police detective, a lady mathematician, or a sportcaster?

    They probably would be okay with it because guess what? There were female police detectives and mathematicians when they were popular singers who had careers themselves.

  43. Ada Lovelace would have thought it was swell. Lady Whortely Montage did more to save people from Smallpox than all the physicians in London, combined.

    So Meller… why is it you, you vaunted bastion of the manly arts: possessed of the mighty intellect of the truly masculine man, don’t make your assertions in the broad light of day, but rather skulk through old threads, to make your necrotic croakings?

  44. Hi, Meller! Bought any new dolls recently?

    I know that the fact that you can’t just buy a woman the way you buy a doll upsets you, but still, this sneaking into dead threads to vent is unbecoming. It makes you look rather cowardly, and surely it’s contrary to the laws of nature and society for a man to be cowardly. It’s really most unbecoming.

  45. David K. Meller

    Nobody is “sneaking into” dead threads! I was expressing my opinion that a wife who was critical of women’s sufferage should NOT have been abandoned or rejected by a conservative (?) scholar like Dinesh D’Souza, unless there was a very important consideration that we aren’t privy to.

    Women who believe that law, business, and politics are primarily men’s work and responsibility are quite rare, and therefore quite precious nowadays, and I was making note of it here, because that is where such a comment was most appropos.

    I also took the liberty to praise some of the lady songbirds featured above. Even Leslie Gore admittedly slipped up on one song, but–lezzie or not–her other tunes displayed considerable sensitivity to the issues of caring, interest, and even love between men and women talk even where the romance went sour, she, and her contemporaries of the ’50s and ’60s, recognised that, for example, women could hurt other women as much as they suffered from men in their lives, and even when songs talked of hurt or breakup, they would show that women gave as good as they got!

    Contrast my posting on pages a few days (or even weeks) old, when womenbeinghateful here quite often go back many months,or even years, to selectively quote posts of mine that have little or nothing to do with matters under discussion, and that i may have even forgotten about.

    The responses above show that most womenbeinghateful here are INFERIOR even to women who were alive well within the lifetime of people living today, Those little ledies (even if they were lezzies like Miss Gore) were more feminine (happy, trix?) displayed more and better sensitivities to the needs of men in their songs than any of you show on these pages,

    As far as the ladies on the link campaigning for the big o-Bomber, I really don’t know if they like him, or I may be giving them credit for much more intelligence and judgement then they possess, since they may be simply voting AGAINST his opponent; a vile and corrupt “businessman” who shows every sign of being at least as much of a political and moral maggot as the current occupant infesting the Oval Office.Just ask any Ron Paul supporters in the last two years how Romney and the Central Committee of the GOP (on both the State and National levels) treated those who were trying to save our country, or at least what was left of it! .

    Even facing the razor-thin victory in ’08, Obama never treated rival Hillary’s supporters,nearly as viciously as the way that S**t Romney and his neocon goons treated the only Americans interested in establishing Constitutional Government in what was once the United States of America. It would almost be enough to campaign for O-bomber, although I don’t think that Leslie Gore and her comrades are Ron Paul supporters.

  46. @Meller

    Contrast my posting on pages a few days (or even weeks) old, when womenbeinghateful here quite often go back many months,or even years, to selectively quote posts of mine that have little or nothing to do with matters under discussion, and that i may have even forgotten about.

    That comment that you posted is always relevant when you’re trying to say you like women, because it shows that you clearly don’t. You may have forgotten it, but that’s a point against you, because it shows that kind of hatred is so normal for you that you can just say that kind of thing and forget.

    Nobody is “sneaking into” dead threads! I was expressing my opinion that a wife who was critical of women’s suffrage should NOT have been abandoned or rejected by a conservative (?) scholar like Dinesh D’Souza, unless there was a very important consideration that we aren’t privy to.

    Also, in your haste to sneak in the last word, which is what you were doing, because you’re a coward, you didn’t even read the post correctly.

    Dinesh D’Souza is leaving his wife, who he is still legally married to, and becoming engaged to Denise Odie, who is also married.

    Denise Odie is the woman mentioned in this post, she is the one that is critical of suffrage.

  47. Meller, just because you’ve forgotten your hateful bullshit, doesn’t mean we have. Fuck off.

  48. That was some mighty fine backpedaling and diverting, Meller. Your political tirade of mouth diarrhea has nothing to do with the post. Do you actually completely READ the post before you start mashing on your keyboard?

    And by the way, I want to know, very specifically, in which ways I am inferior to my predecessors. I want to know how my grandmother was more feminine than me. How have I NOT expressed sensitivity to my husband in the comments? Is it because I am not a songwriter? That is the only example you gave. Is that femininity? Cause I play the piano. Really, I want to know. I will patiently await your response.

  49. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Hey Mellerfuckwit – women have been in the police forces in your own country for over a century. You may look at this article for references. To quote from it (emphasis mine):

    “The first police matrons appeared in the nineteenth century and, in 1905, the first documented appointment of a woman with police powers took place (Peyser 1985). Shortly thereafter in 1910 the first woman with full police power was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department (Melchionne 1976). “

  50. Meller, you disingenuous lump of rancid monkey spit, we say you sneak in because you’ve not addressed a single post which was still active in months. You come in, days after the last comment has been made; and when some other thread is going gangbusters, and make one of your declarative screeds.

    So you are a liar, a weasel, a slave-fetishist and a coward.

    Those are your more creditable qualities.

    Your less creditable are those you are upset to have kept in the light:

    Contrast my posting on pages a few days (or even weeks) old, when womenbeinghateful here quite often go back many months,or even years, to selectively quote posts of mine that have little or nothing to do with matters under discussion, and that i may have even forgotten about.

    We do contrast them. They aren’t selectively quoted, but repeated in full, so you can’t pretend anyone is “cherry-picking”, you woman hating, murder-condoning, abuse apologist.

  51. LOL, I love how easy it is to make Meller throw a screaming tantrum. I always picture him lying on the floor and flailing with both hands and feet, just like a toddler.

    We’re never going to forget about the awful things you’ve said in the past, BTW. One would think that a person of your age would have grasped the idea that his actions have consequences by now.

  52. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    No, no, no – it’s not men whose actions have consequences, only women. Y’know, being beaten up or killed by those kind, loving men for dreadful transgressions like speaking, thinking, breathing …

  53. Don’t forget the kitties! Which are by nature fluffy adorable “pettables”, but if they step out of line by doing normal cat things like, say, scratching, then they should of course be put down, because Meller is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

    (Seriously, he’s like pure concentrated evil. Who here draws well? He’d make a great comic villain.)

  54. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Meller’s even said kitties should be put down for scratching? Fucking oxygen thief.

    Right, I’m going to turn into a flying superdog WITH RABIES. And go bite him.

    ::concentrates really hard::

  55. Worse than that, he told a specific commenter that she ought to have her cat put down because the kitty in question is a bit wild/bitey.

  56. Sadly, I’ve heard people opine that they’d kill their cat for scratching them, or their dog for biting, because “you have to show them who’s boss.” So I’m kind of numb to hearing that Meller thinks cats should be put down for scratching the duvet.

  57. There really ought to be a way to prevent people like that from adopting pets.

  58. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    What I’d like to do to people who do that to animals would make me as bad as they are … if I was a deity I’d be running out of lightning bolts, I swear.

  59. People Who Should Not Ever Be With Animals Ever.

  60. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help


    And that’s animals of any species, including our own.

  61. People Who Probably Shouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Have Plants.

  62. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    At first glance I thought that was “People Who Probably Shouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Have PANTS”.

    But yeah, they’d probably burn a cactus for daring to have spikes.

  63. (Seriously, he’s like pure concentrated evil. Who here draws well? He’d make a great comic villain.)

    Myoo draws well — here’s evidence.

    I can give it a go, but I make no promises, and it’ll take a while to finish. I find people a lot harder to draw than animals.

  64. It’s misogynistic for a 21st century woman to have an affair if she chooses? go fuck yourself dipshit

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