Dinesh D’Souza’s backwards future wife on the evils of Women’s Suffrage

Dinesh D’Souza’s future wife?

So good old Dinesh D’Souza — the right-wing culture warrior who hit it big this year with the film 2016: Obama’s America — evidently has a new fiancee. This has caused a big kerfuffle amongst some of D’Souza’s pals on the Christian right, because it turns out that he’s not quite unmarried at the moment, having only just filed for divorce from his current wife of twenty years. Oh, and his new gal pal – 29-year-old Denise Odie Joseph II —  is apparently also married.

Yesterday, D’Souza resigned his lucrative job as president of The King’s College, a small evangelical school in Manhattan (where he was reportedly paid a cool million bucks a year). His explanation for the whole adultery thing?

I had no idea that it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced, even though in a state of separation and in divorce proceedings.

Yeah, how could a family-values-loving, highly paid president of an evangelical Christian college possibly be expected to know that getting engaged to someone while you’re still married might not go over so well in evangelical circles?

As a result of all the controversy, D’Souza says he and his beloved are “suspending” their engagement.

But enough about Dinesh. Let’s talk about his (possible) future wife. Despite the whole adultery thing, Joseph seems to think of herself as a bit of a crusader for “family  values” against the evil forces of liberalism and feminism.

Indeed, in one blog post earlier this year on Smart Girl Politics, she argued, amongst other things, that women’s suffrage was a terrible mistake. Well, “argued” might be stretching it: the post is a long, barely coherent, free-associational rant laced not only with internalized misogyny but with racism and homophobia to boot. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Beginning with a highly ironic paean to Rick Santorum as the only Republican in the primaries “to acknowledge … that the family unit is the cornerstone of American society,” Joseph then launched into a confusing and confused attack on what she called RINO – that is, Republican In Name Only – men who in her view haven’t been doing enough to keep their wives and daughters in check:

RINO Republicans are analogous to fathers who proudly proclaim their conservativeness at dinner parties or perhaps during early afternoon phone calls to El Rusbo’s show, but let their “independently-minded” wives … pump their teenagers full of birth control and encourage their daughters to live the lives for which their bra-burning foremothers fought so valiantly. …

RINO Dads are those guys who will sheepishly to proudly, fill out Republican ballots on Election Day while their wives openly mark their support for things like, “freedom of choice” and “freedom from poverty.” What most people don’t realize, and indeed what I didn’t realize until I blocked out the “madding crowd,” is that these women and their RINO men are like a vast national living history museum, pictographically illustrating exactly why the 19th Amendment was never the best idea ever and in fact, more closely resembles the greatest show on Earth. Think Ringling Bros. …

When our men cannot even remember the principled widespread women’s opposition to women’s suffrage because they never even learned about it in the first place, but can instantly recall which American president freed the slaves without also recalling the importance of his most seminal quote—“A house divided cannot stand,” our society is in trouble.

She quotes anti-suffragette Madeline Dahlgren (1871):

We believe that God has wisely and well adapted each sex to the proper performance of the duties of each. We believe our trusts to be as important and sacred as any that exist.

It is our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who represent us at the ballot-box. Our fathers and husbands love us. Our sons are what we make them. We are content that they represent us in the corn-field, the battle-field and the ballot-box, and we them in the school-room, at the fireside, and at the cradle; believing our representation, even at the ballot-box, to be thus more full and impartial that it could possibly be were all women allowed to vote.

Evidently, while God doesn’t think women should vote, he has no problem with women writing barely coherent tirades about politics on a blog called Smart Girl Politics.

After a weird digression in which Joseph explains she will no longer shop at J Crew because one of the designers there paints her son’s fingernails pink, Joseph returns to her attack on the RINO dudes. She spices up her argument with some good old fashioned racism:

While RINO dads and men are often heard snickering about feminists around the water cooler, they do not realize that by virtue of being RINOs, they are complying with the same feminist/liberal system of social engineering they sneer at when manifested in more obvious forms like the black single-mother society. Believing themselves to be infinitely superior by virtue of being married and financially supporting their children, they do not realize that they are setting their own sons up to be the “playas” and their daughters up to be the “played.”

If they took a moment to actually listen to the music their children listened to, or a moment to look at the way their children dress, they would realize that they are going the way of black ghetto society. They would realize that by failing to do the job their foremothers cherished, their wives, who don’t even know enough to scoff at Madeline Dahlgren and who should be the proud, moral guardians of their homes, are leading their RINO (and real Republican civilization) to their inevitable demises.

This, for some reason, leads into an extended attack on the singer KeSha and the video for her song “Tik Tok,” after which she returns to the subject of RINO dads.

Apparently though her video father seems capable of amassing enough money to afford his family a comfortable lifestyle and manicured lawn, he is completely powerless against the will of his monstrous teenaged whore child. This video might as well be a Discovery Channel documentary on the behavior of that intriguing species known as the RINO Dad. Thank the Lord no man will ever expect Ke$ha to be the moral guardian of his home, seeing that her father’s generation seems to be the last marrying generation. And who can blame them? With Ke$has or watered-down versions to choose from, what man would want to voluntarily impregnate a woman? …

Perhaps Ke$ha’s father learned along the way that if he beat the hell out of Ke$ha like she deserves and then sent her to a convent, he would become a social pariah and end up in jail.

I guess “beating the hell” out of children is a family value?

After a bit more KeSha-inspired free association, Joseph returns to chronicling the coming apocalypse, and manages to produce this unholy muddle of a sentence:

From extreme vanity sizing to demands that magazine models (anorexic and unattractively thin models notwithstanding) look like the “real” (cuz I guess the rest of us don’t count) size 8 woman, who historically would measure in at a size 16 to 20, modern women of the West are on the apocalyptic “Wild Hunt” for the ideal and are leaving terrific characteristic destruction in its wake.

Then she follows up with this shorter but equally baffling sentence:

 As women spearhead the demise of the ideal, the alternative to hypocrisy, they spearhead the demise of social order as we know it and love it.

Then — perhaps unwisely, in light of her current situation with the still-married Mr. D’Souza — she returns to the importance of traditional family values, once again with a side order of racism:

Henceforth, all of us will be staring down the barrel of life in a hip hop video or government-funded project where no one makes pretenses about “what they be.” Where no one has to succumb to sin because sinning is the status quo and where no one need ridiculously pretend to be faithful because well, we would have wisely outgrown such primitive notions about nuclear families as individual economies. We would have outgrown capitalism itself because government entitlement spending would have to grow ten-fold to accommodate and assist the burgeoning hoards of single-mom children born of the scarred sons of divorce who accidentally inseminated their female sex partners, or couples who themselves participated in that modern American rite of passage we call divorce.

Huh. You mean that “rite of passage” that you and Mr. D’Souza will soon both be intimately familiar with?

After an extended  defense (I guess) of Sarah Palin, she winds up her attack on hypocritical “in name only” Republican dudes:

RINO Dads, the next time you see your daughter bounding (or sauntering) down the stairs in a pair of booty shorts with messages like “juicy” emblazoned on her backside, please stop her, turn her around, and force her to go upstairs and change.  As you march her room-ward, tell her why she can’t dress like this, school her on the consequences of her behavior.  Do it even if you were on your way to your man cave to watch x-rated content featuring teenaged-looking girls dancing around in booty shorts with messages like “juicy” emblazoned on their backsides. Do it for your daughter, yourself, society, the ideal, but most of all, do it because you now remember that hypocrisy has always been our last, best hope.

Apparently so.

Hat tip to Ed Brayton of Dispatches From the Culture Wars for unearthing this post from Ms. Joseph.

About David Futrelle

I run the blog We Hunted the Mammoth, which tracks (and mocks) online misogyny. My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, including Salon, Time.com, the Washington Post, the New York Times Book Review and Money magazine. I like cats.

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  1. Typical Steelepole Butthorn/MRA bollocks: “attacking male sexuality is terrible bigotry, unless it’s the sexuality of a man who disagrees with me.”

    And no, Steele, this isn’t even remotely like saying that Sarah Palin isn’t a feminist.

    How clueless can you be?

  2. I am not going to parse hairs with you, Pecunium. Mixing political hatred with sexuality is not something I will support; nor respect; nor pretend to respect.

  3. How does one “service feminist dogma” with one’s sexuality? Does it involve a ceremony in which scented candles are lit and Indigo Girls music is played in the Wymyn Temple of Intellectual Humping as we all chant praises to the SCUM manifesto? Because, really, inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Mixing political hatred with sexuality is not something I will support

    This is particularly funny in view of the MRA fantasy about an underwater reform-via-rape camp for evil feminists that someone dug up a link to the other day.

    (Anyone have a link handy? You know Steele is about to throw a tantrum and insist that I’m making its existence up.)

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “Their desires are suspect” – you mean maybe the desire to treat women as human beings? Is that what really gets you all upset?

    Or maybe it’s just that you see men and women – not even men who are particularly feminist, just Not Raging Misogynists Like Yourself – having a good time together, liking each other as people, and presumably having enjoyable sex lives together. It really riles you MRAs, doesn’t it? Sheer envy and rage is at the bottom of your stupid attitudes.

  6. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    “PARSE HAIRS” omg have we a Steele vocabulary primer to add that to?


  7. If it involves the Indigo Girls or any use of the word “yoni” I’m out. The candles I will accept as long as they’re not close enough to the bed to get knocked over.

  8. I think what we have here is a classic case of moving the goalposts.

    Steele: Male sexuality is universally attacked by feminists.
    Manboobzers: But there are all these men and has a sexuality that feminists do not attack.
    Steele: But that’s not real male sexuality.
    Manboobzers: So are they not men, or do they not have a sexuality?
    Steele: They have a sexuality but I disrespect it because they are manginas.
    Manboobzers: ???
    Steele: And anyway by “male sexuality is universally attacked by feminists” what I meant was clearly “mangina sexuality is universally attacked by me”, you fucking idiots. Learn to read.

  9. I see that Unpaid Help has brought out the “you’re a misogynist!1” shaming tactic. Oldest one in the Catalogue.

  10. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    How about playing Enya instead? I bet her music pisses the MRAs off. Just because.

  11. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    For the simple reason, SteelyIncompetent, that

    1) you are, in fact, a misogynist, and

    2) it is something to be ashamed of.

    Oh, Mr Writer Extraordinaire, the term is “split hairs”. You can’t actually parse hairs.

  12. Enya would put me right off. I don’t think I could fuck to Enya even if I really tried. Can the official song for feminists to fuck to be this?

  13. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Hmm, maybe we’d better not have an official Feminist Fuck Song. One person’s “Oh yes!” is going to be another’s “Turn that crap OFF!”😉

  14. I see that Unpaid Help has brought out the “you’re a misogynist!1″ shaming tactic. Oldest one in the Catalogue.

    Ah yes, that old “2+2=4” canard.

    The old “Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, etcetera.”

    The old “if the shoe fits.”

    The old “privileged clueless douchebag jumps into a thread to whine about how teh menz inappropriately bringing up their sexuality is always to be coddled, otherwise it is sheer bigotry” shaming tactic.

  15. Varpole: I’m not splitting hairs. You said you respected all desires. Then you said there were desires which weren’t acceptable. You said them minutes apart.

    You were lying. Now you are trying to hide behind an accusation that I am being pedantic.

    But I’ll play along. You say that “mixing political hatred with sexuality” is something you won’t support.

    You’ve accused me of doing that. Tell me how I do it.

    BTW, what have you got to be smug about?

  16. If I could ask that Unpaid Help’s comment be deleted for libel as well?

    I in fact have a girlfriend, Ella, and have a great many healthy relationships with other females as well. In fact if you look back, you will find no misogyny in my posts at all… only righteous antifeminism.

  17. @ Kittehs

    And see, that’s OK! If you want to fuck to Enya and I want to fuck to Ministry that’s fine, and probably an authentic reflection of both our sexualities*! Because unlike Steele, feminists are smart enough to understand that there is no such thing as an Official Sexuality as determined by one’s political affiliation.

    *I will even happily tolerate other feminists talking about sacred yonis, as long as they don’t do it at me when I’m horny and thus harsh my buzz.

  18. In fact if you look back, you will find no misogyny in my posts at all…


    only righteous antifeminism.

    In other words, misogyny.

  19. I am not going to parse hairs with you

    Good, because that sounds…challenging.

    I am really becoming increasingly convinced that Steele is a remarkably dedicated Poe. He’s just too consistently stupid. My brain refuses to wrap itself around the possibility of someone who’d say things like “parse hairs” or “jester’s fool’s fool” or “poofplush” and not be fucking with us.

  20. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I’ll join you in the yoni-free zone, Cassandra. The word makes me think either of Yoda or of Ayla and Jondalar. Way unsexy for me.😉

    Come to think of it, I’d probably go for some Bruce Springsteen songs or, in a different mood, this. (Ignore the irrelevant picture, the music is from 1615.)

  21. Isn’t that the point of Poe’s law? It’s hard to tell the difference between “fucking with us” and “fucking idiot”.

  22. I in fact have a girlfriend, Ella

    Does she giggle when you spank her? Do you have sex in multiple positions? I’ll have you know this blog has a proud tradition of Hilariously Pathetic Bragging About Girlfriends Who Need To Be Identified By Their First Name All The Time For Some Reason, and just repeating that Ella exists isn’t quite living up to the standards of past ridiculously boring trolls.

  23. See, if I was going to pick classical music it would be something more like this. It’s the heavy metal of the 19th century!

  24. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    The very thought that occurred to me, Polliwog!

  25. Even upon close examination, it is impossible to tell the difference between a real, sincere Steelebutt and a simulated universe in which the text generated by the minute fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background spontaneously brings up vapid and insubstantial critiques in threads on wordpress servers. Poe’s law in action.

  26. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    OOOHhh that sequence scared the crap out of me when I first saw Fantasia.

    Then when I hit my teens it was the one I most wanted to see!

  27. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Tulgey – is the Cosmic Microwave Background the same as the Wonder Microwave that pillock on one of the other articles boasted about being able to use?

  28. I still remember the first time I heard that piece of music, aged about 10. It’s made of awesome.

  29. Varpole: If I could ask that Unpaid Help’s comment be deleted for libel as well?

    You can ask.

    Dave can ignore you (or make an affirmative response in the negative) and we can laugh at you.

    I see you have one thing to be smug about… you have a girlfriend,.

    I am so impressed. Had any books published?

  30. Mozart’s 40th.

    For more modern music, Mannheim Steamroller, Fresh Air IV.

  31. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    The Ballet de la Merlaison by Louis XIII. Sadly only fragments survive, but still …

  32. If that guy could use the Cosmic Microwave Background to cook his food, that would explain why he was so proud of being independent—from women, from civilization, from the laws of physics, etc..

    And if he could do that, just imagine the freaky shit his right hand could do in bed.


  33. If we’re talking in very general terms, vintage AC/DC is always a good option.

    (Tries to appeal to Kittehs’ sense of patriotism)

  34. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    If we’re gonna get patriotic I’ll take Men at Work – never was into AC/DC!

    Though I suspect MaW would get me giggling and singing along rather than in the mood. I said do you speak-a my language, and he just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich …

  35. Kitteh’s It’s a mistake… o/”

  36. Wait, there are people who don’t just stick Let’s Get it On on the turntable?

    /have never fucked to Let’s Get it On/anything vaguely classifiable as “slow jams” and would feel a little silly doing so, my turntable’s broken and I’m not into vinyl anyway

  37. Yeah, one of the reasons I prefer industrial to metal for fucking music purposes is the lack of unintentional giggle moments. MaW would have me giggling much too hard. Mr C is very fond of the Happy Mondays, and I had a hard time keeping a straight face sometimes with that playing in the background.

  38. @kittehhelp

    INXS for a sheeny synthetic (FEMINIST synthetic?) type of sexy? I listen to lots of Aussie music but can’t think of much that feels particularly sexy.

  39. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I’ve never been into industrial, or metal, for that matter; I suspect it’d get me into a rip-the-power-lead-from-the-wall mood. I stopped listening to the radio sometime in the 1980s and only got into listening to Springsteen (having known just the big hits like Born to Run and the ones from Born in the USA) in the last few months. Mostly I like medieval through Renaissance through early Baroque music, with a few side ventures into Celtic, but I can go for months at a time and not listen to music at all.

  40. @CassandraSays

    The lowquacks-iPod-on-shuffle method does take a lot of the choice out, and I’ve got a pretty broad variety of music to show off like that, but sometimes there’s a “guilty pleasure” or somesuch right after something credible/agressive/whatever.

    Only time I’ve ever actually got up and changed the music was with Meatloaf’s take Pandora’s Box/Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

  41. I’m not sure it would suit my particular sexual proclivities, but if we’re talking sexy classical music, this is hands-down the most beautiful song ever written about having lots of orgasms: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XITlmDJ9-Hk

    (It’s in Italian, but a rough translation of the final lines is “If in dying I felt no other pain than this, then I would be content to die a thousand times a day. With a thousand deaths each day, a thousand deaths each day, a thousand deaths each day, I would be content!”)

  42. I think INXS is perfect since lots of women found Michael Hutchence really sexy, and that’s hypergamy and thus totes feminist.

  43. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Yeah, INXS never did it for me, lowquacks.

  44. @ lowquacks

    Most hilarious radio moment – long ago ex and I were having weepy breakup sex and Love Will Tear Us Apart came on. If the ex hadn’t laughed too I would never have spoken to him again.

  45. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Oh drat, I never liked Hutchence – does that mean I’m not a feminist now?

  46. @CassandraSays

    And he was a skinny (so not manly and strong) drug-addicted rockstar (so degenerate/whatever) with acne scars and a ponytail (beta) who wore leather pants (effeminate), so that ticks off just about all the boyfriends-MRA’s-hate boxes. Tall, too, so would probably annoy the women-fixate-on-height-and-that’s-not-fair contingent too.

  47. I tried leaving iTunes on shuffle a couple of times in the past. It always, always ended like this:

  48. @Kittehhelp

    His group and The Oils are probably the most overrated things in Aussie music ever, so it’s not a problem from that angle.

  49. @Polliwog

    It is a method that requires a certain sense of humour, certainly.

  50. Most of the big time rock star babes I can are pretty much perfectly designed to make MRAs furious and ranty in terms of the women who go for them. Way too much androgyny, most of them too skinny, epic drug use, etc. IME it’s the super macho ones who have the hardest time getting laid. The pretty, eyeliner-heavy ones are absolutely drowning in adoring women.

    Actually, you could probably troll any MRA blog pretty effectively just by posting pictures of David Bowie.

  51. Can think of (lol typing fail).

  52. I think the absolute worst one for me, though, was – well, let me start from the beginning. I’m a classical musician. Two of my exes are also classical musicians. I own some of their albums. One of which is an album of love songs. You may see where this is going.

    It’s hard to think of much that could be more awkward than having hot, steamy makeouts with one’s new boyfriend, and then suddenly having one’s last boyfriend (whom, it should be noted, the new one had met and sung with) crooning sexily over the stereo.

  53. @CassandraSays

    I’m pretty sure just about everyone’s cool with Bowie though. There must be someone similar and suitable – someone visual-kei-y, perhaps?

    IME it’s the super macho ones who have the hardest time getting laid.

    Presumably not your experience I’m talking about here, but Lemmy goes alright by all accounts.

  54. The bit about the macho dudes having a harder time reminded me of this little number from bald-and-beardy Playboy cartoonist Shel Silverstein:

    And btw, Shel, I don’t think the rumours you heard about Elton John were true.

  55. Pretty much everything about visual kei would probably offend most MRAs (and other traditionalists), which is one of the best things about it IMO. Now that you mention it, though, I have seen macho metal dudes go into frothing rage over videos of Yoshiki doing various awards ceremony related things, with much gnashing of teeth about “effeminacy” and his tendency to whip his shirt off at any available opportunity.

  56. That’s a swell bourée. I’ve danced to pieces of that period. Lots of fun, if very different in the motifs/attitudes. Much more flirting going on, and lots of it very hard to see from the outside (assuming one doesn’t know the dances/manners).

  57. Though if we’re going for maximum likelihood to piss off MRAs I’m going to vote for this guy.

    Evil misandrist songs!

  58. @CassandraSays

    I’ve posted this here before, but…

    This story has no moral,
    This story has no end,
    This story just goes to show
    That there ain’t no good in men,
    He was her man, And he done her wrong.

    And the lady in it handles guns, drinks beer by the bucket, disrespect’s Johnny’s natural male instincts to cheat or w/e, and has a boy’s name!

  59. I know it is totally not on topic, but we just had a 5.3 earthquake here in CA.

    Everyone complains about how earthquakes are scary but if you live here the truth is that most are a little worrying but mostly nothing comes of it. At least we do not get hurricaines and floods every year like clockwork.

    Steele still has not answered my question. How indeed do we tell the difference between “real” sexuality and men-who-have-been-mind-controlled into political fake sexuality by those waskily feminists?

  60. And if they really dislike hip-hop for the lyrical content rather than the racial associations, they’d hate this, too:

    Probably counts as alpha from a white guy though.

    Also I know “gat” is a 1920’s term but it’s really weird hearing it in such an old song, particularly next to brags about cars and hats.

  61. I didn’t even feel the earthquake. My cat is chasing moths and banging against the window, figured any rattling was just that.

  62. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    5.3! That’s a bit of a shaker, at least by our standards (Australia’s not very earthquake-prone).

  63. I just noticed that name of the album is Wind Up Doll lol

  64. Peggy March at 15 in her scool uniform singing about running away with some guy

  65. She was about 17 but all she wanted was Bobby

  66. Otis the Sweaty

    This thread was supposed to be about my taste in women. Steele totally derailed a promising discussion.

  67. This one wants a good spanking from Johnny cos she’s a bad girl

  68. Dusty in her Twin Set. btw, she was a lesbian but it was keep on the downlow back then

  69. @Otis

    Is it women weightlifters?

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